Never Stood a Chance


Akina, Chiyoko, Keiji, Suterusu

Date: October 2, 2012


A town hires Sunagakure's Team Two to deal with a burglary turned into a hostage situation.

"Never Stood a Chance"

Neighboring Town

RP Room 10
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The mission had come to Sunagakure around dawn by a falcon with a message attached to it's leg. It was from a neighboring town about four hours by horse back. The town patrol had interrupted a robbery at a wealthy merchant's shop. Soon the robbery had turned into a hostage situation when the burglars took the merchant, his wife and daughter hostage. Now there was a stand off. The town had agreed to pay for a mission in order to prevent any blood shed of innocent life. Until the shinobi arrived, they promised to keep the burglars occupied with negotiations.
Due to the urgency of the situation, Sunagakure dispatched Team 2, though not complete with the absent Kazeodori. A member of the Jounin Council was also dispatched with the team. Chiyoko's official reason for being on the mission was to observe. If there were any other reasons no one else knew them. The team set out almost immediately, only gathering the supplies they might need right away that could not be found without a town.
Once the team had arrived, it was easy to spot the merchant's shop. The town patrol had closed down all of the surrounding streets and crowds of people had started to gather. The town patrol was using a small establishment that served drinks as a base of operations. A few of the top ranking guards were argueing about how best to stall them.
Keiji wasted no time approaching the drink bar. "Greetings. We are shinobi sent from Sunagakure to deal with your issue. Any and all information you can provide would be helpful to our cause." He then motioned for the rest of his team to take a seat. They had been walking a long distance and were no doubt tired from the trip.
The hood hangs low over her head as the pair steadily approach the skirt of the gathered crowd. With so many people at the front of the store Akina makes a careful note of the alleyways, her dusky eyes narrowing with a bit of thought while she silently follows Keiji towards the group of guards. From the look of the table and scattered documents, it was obvious they have been here for a little while. "Hm." Yeah, details would be good. Number of people and possible weapons would be nice information to know before going in.

That figure was indeed a bit worn from the trip, although ultimately it wasn't that bad. The figure gave a silent nod to Keiji and would pick a seat to settle on. He listened intently, red eyes studying those there. They were going to be going in and removing hostiles with potential hostages. It would need to be a precision strike, have the timing to remove as many of them as possible at once. This would be interesting to see exactly how well the team worked together. He studied Akina then Keiji, before waiting patiently for the information from the regular guards.

Along simply to observe, Chiyoko even lacks the Crystal Ball puppet as she follows the team into the bar. While she does wear her normal cowl, it doesn't do much to mask her identity, other than if someone is looking from the side. She remains silent for now, simply looking between the members of the team to watch their actions. Her main focus on Keiji, thus he receives longer gazes than the rest, though in an observant way, rather than a creepy staring way.
The captain of the town patrol begins to laugh as he spots the first three. "They sent chil.." His eyes then spot Chiyoko. "Ahh, obviously these must be your students miss." He states ignoring the rest of them. He then seems to come back to reality. "Our intel says that there are three hostages in the shop. We are guessing there might be as many as five burglars. As for the weapons we have no idea. Most of my men are simple guards. There are a few of us that are retired soldiers."
Keiji shakes his head as he was pretty much ignored in favor of Chiyoko. The Chuunin notices her stare for the moment. It was time to prove himself under this test. "Alright team. First we need to go out and get our own intelligence. Then we will compare it against theirs. Make sure that you are not seen. We do not want to ruin the advantage of surprise here. Once we have gathered that we will form a plan from such."
The little girl couldn't help but give the captain a mildly flat glance for but an instant before ignoring the comment. It would be bad business to damage the customer after all. At least it was a small comfort that this 'child' could kick his butt without breaking a sweat. Akina silently firms her jaw as she turns her hood to glance at the others, all of whom with the exception of Chiyoko she knew. With their skills combined, they should be able to resolve this situation in no time. Flicking her gaze to the building she murmurs, "We should check it from behind…"

The figure would glance at Akina and give a small nod. That was a very good point. Getting to his feet, the break over, a small bow was given to Akina and Keiji. Then he'd vanish, fading into those shadows to move around the building. He was fast, doing a search via those shadows of each building to try and check for any extra potential entries. Gather information, it'd be one thing he was good at for sure. Once he had full info, he'd come back to where they were at, raising out of the shadow of Akina, to report what he finds in short words.

As the man speaks mainly to her, Chiyoko looks over to him and blinks. She listens to his explanation, though says nothing in response to it. Instead, she simply gestures toward Keiji, saying, "He is the team leader for this mission. I am here only to observe and step in only if absolutely necessary. You will deal with him." The Councilwoman gives a nod in approval to Keiji as he takes charge and moves to take a seat at the bar. "See you all in a bit then." Seems she doesn't plan to do any of the work of the mission, simply observe as is her job.
The guard captain seems a little put off when Chiyoko states that Keiji is in charge. "Oh… umm okay." He then turns around and talks to another guard while he waits. It seems the guy is not use to dealing with apparent kids. "I had heard of children shinobi but this is a little bit out there. You really think these kids could do what we cannot?" he asks in a quiet voice, obviously not meaning to be heard by the shinobi.
There is a nod of the head as the others move to do their recon. Keiji places his hands together in a string of symbols starting with an earth sign. He closes his eyes and then nods his head. He stands up and points to the map. "There are eight people total inside the residence. Two here in the side room and the rest in the main room. I assume the hostages are in the main room. We will wait for the others to return before planning." Once the other two had come back, Keiji would show them the placement of the people.
Suterusu vanishes only a split second before Akina takes off after him, not quiet as stealthy as she jumps into the air and lands on the rooftop of the building next door. Nearing the edge, she narrows her gaze just slightly and nears the edge, kneeling just enough to give her a vantage point to see that her suspicions were correct. Everyone had gathered at the front and left the back of the building empty. Not necessarily unguarded however. Akina firms her jaw and turns away, pushing off to jump back to the street where the team is gathered still. Giving the map a brief glance, the girl lowers her chin lightly with a nod, "It does not appear that anyone is behind the building, but that doesn't suggest that they would ignore that side completely."

The figure showed up at that moment, a small nod given as he'd point at the back door on the map. "Trapped. Wire trap. Didn't do anything as requested." Pondering for a moment, it should be possible for him to manipulate the wire to stop whatever potential trap it was. Of course, if it was just a bell, then that would be also easy to end. Either way, his information was offered to the rest and he'd watch Keiji with unblinking eyes, studying him to prepare for whatever further instructions there might be.

"Tea please," Chiyoko says with a smile to the barkeep. A moment later, she is presented with a glass of green tea. She picks it up and takes a few sips before glancing over to the captain and smirking slightly. "I have no doubt." When the others reappear, she looks over his shoulder at them and listens in as they talk about the situation. She takes advantage of the map being shown to the others to study it quickly, gathering what information she may need in her mind so she can have it handy if the time comes.
The guard captain and his other officials look at the map in disbelief, though none of them raise any protest.
Keiji takes in the information. "Being as their are three in the main room, that will be our main point of attack. Suterusu, dismantle the trap and enter into the shop. Take Akina with you. I will travel underground and get into place to come through the floor boards just incase they are alterted to your presence. Be careful once the three bandits are taken out. The other two guards should enter the room if there is any commotion."
"There is only one thing that can throw a wrench in the plan. If the two in the side room are not both burglars we could be in trouble. If this is the case, I will attempt to take them out. Understood?"
Akina stares at the map for a silent moment longer as she listens before lifting her dark eyes up at Keiji. The plan of attack was simple and straight to the point, and she liked it. "Three in the main and two in the side room," she mumbles to herself quietly. Not too difficult at all. "Affirmative, Shippodoku-sensei." The girl lowers her chin with a hard knock, completely focusing herself on the task at hand now that they were on a real mission. And this time, nothing was going to go wrong.

Listening in on the formation of the plan, Chiyoko ponders it over then looks back ahead. She smiles a bit and starts to sip at her tea again. Perhaps she is satisfied with Keiji's deduction thus far. She will give them a bit of a head start before she peeks in on what's going on.

The figure would give a nod. Glancing to Akina, he'd hold up two fingers. "Two minutes. Then come to back and enter. It should be open. If it's not, then I didn't finish." The figure would shrug, before melting back into those shadows. Feeling that he worked better from hiding, he would once again head for that back door. Once there, he'd sit down long enough to go through those seals to control metal. His own wire would uncoil from around his body much akin to a snake. It would slither from his shadow to the door, going under it and coiling about that trip wire. Following it back to what it was connected to so that he could stop whatever it was suppose to be hooked on and once the trigger was jammed by his wire, he'd snap the other, giving that door now just needing an easy unlock and in point.

Keiji vanished into the ground. The young Chuunin moved quickly beneath the shop. Two minutes was more than enough for him to check out the side room. From the sounds, it seemed like it was two guards on break. One of them lighting up a pipe and mumbling something about hoping their leader had a plan. Once Keiji had assured himself they are not a threat, he moves onto the main room. He places himself beneath the guard farthest away from the back entry. The other two were on the side closest to where the others would enter. Luckily for them the sound of a girl crying would act as cover for any small noises they made.
Akina silently turns her head to give Suterusu a sideways glance as she listens before lowering her chin with a light nod. Two minutes. The moment he fades and disappears completely into the shadows she starts counting in her head, timing as she pushes off into a hard leap to land onto the closest rooftop, slipping over the side to seamlessly meld into the shadowed alleyway. The back of the building was empty still, indicating that Suterusu was already inside. Or at least she hoped so. From behind her mask the girl presses her lips together while she continues to silently count to herself, finally counting down to zero. With a calculated glance from one side of the alley to the other Akina quickly moves forward, following the wall of the building to near the back door.

The figure verified there wasn't anything else, before he would check then pass the lock. That door opened, he would slip inside silently. Within that stealth, he made it up to the corner of the room in the upper corner. Once there, he would wait for Akina coming in. If he caught her attention, he just held up three fingers, then two, then one and once they were in sync, he'd move. The wire would once again become alive, dangling down from atop to snake around the man's neck and with a hard pull upward, not only would he cut off any attempt at calling out, but he'd also pull the man out of view into the rafters of the room.

As the two breached the room, the one man is pulled into the rafters, Keiji then rises through the floor boards, smashing a pincer into the bandit. He looked towards the extra door and waited for the two men to come in. There was still one behind him that was left for Akina. That or Suterusu if he had time to get him.
Silently reaching up, Akina tests the door but for a fraction of an instant to find it unlocked, whatever traps there would have been gone thanks to Suterusu. No doubt already inside ahead of her. Pulling open the door the girl slips inside and closes it just as quietly, pressing her back against the wall as she catches her teammate's gaze. Behind her mask her eyes narrows while she watches him count down with his fingers. Three… two… one… The moment he moves she does as well, her arm moving too swift for the eye to catch as Akina slashes at the back of the bandit's neck, striking hard enough to effectively break his spine. The limp body begins to fall as she catches it, hefting the weight in her arms to carefully lower it to the wood floor rather than risk being heard by the two remaining bandits.

Now that team two stood between the hostages and the rest of the bandits, the other two could be heard calling out that they submit. Keiji turned around to his team. He pointed to Suterusu first. "Check the room for other traps. Make sure there is nothing left over that could harm anyone." He then turns towards Akina. "Please untie the hostages and lead them out the back." He decided to ensure the two burglars that remained were not making their escape.

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