New Arrival vs Turtle


Tatsuo, Daisuke, Yasuo

Date: October 2, 2015


Daisuke wants to test the new arrival in the form of Yasuo. Tatsuo somehow got volunteered to be the one Yasuo would test against. They spar, and the outcome is…interesting.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"New Arrival vs Turtle"


Shortly after the newest addition to Konohagakure's hospital was in recovery, a letter would arrive for him from the Hokage. He was given a day of rest before he was asked to meet the Hokage in the Toshiba Forest to discuss various things. Another letter would be sent to Tatsuo, this one asking him to come to the same location only a few minutes earlier. The Hokage planned to get two important tasks done with at the same time, as he was stupidly busy all the time with the general administrative tasks of the village.
It was around noon on this hot Land of Fire summer day and resting against a tree in the shade stood Senju Daisuke. He was currently eating, no, savouring every bite of an apple, like he hadn't had a chance to eat all day. His eating habits aside, he looked too be waiting patiently for someone, casually nodding and offering a smile to those few that passed by on the way to and from the Chuunin training area.

Tatsuo hadn't spoken with the Hokage in some time and, while he eventually expected to hear from him it was not the kind of word he had expected. The Chuunin grounds would be a foolish place to do bijuu training…one would think. So, well, maybe there was something else going on! Regardless, he left in plenty of time to arrive early and, when he did finally arrive, the boy would find the Hokage and bow in greeting. "Hello Hokage-dono."

Yasuo hadn't expected such a letter really, but it was only days ago that he even learned that the Hidden Village system existed or that members of his clan were still thriving. Still, an offer to do something besides sit in a hospital bed does sound good, and it's been about thirteen years since Yasuo was able to test his abilities outside a laboratory environment.
Stepping through the forest per the instruction given him, Yasuo comes to the training area, looking still rather like an apparition. He's obviously bathed and had his clothes cleaned and such, but he still looks rather disheveled and ghost-like in the way he carries himself. His eyes move between the other two here as he approaches, nodding to each of them. "…. I am Yasuo."

Daisuke looks over to Tatsuo and smiles. "Hello Tatsuo, how are you?" he asks his young protege. "I bet you thought that the next time I called you out would be for some more training, huh?" He chuckles to himself and looks towards the entrance again, as if he were waiting for someone else to show up. "Today will be something different, but still training, in a way." he says to the boy. "I want you to spar with a new arrival to Konohagakure. In order to get a good gauge on his abilities, I need someone to test him out. That's not to say you should go easy on him. In fact, you should try your best as you always do." he adds. "Ah…here we go."
Daisuke spots the new arrival before he makes his way over, offering him a welcoming smile. "Welcome Yasuo. This may have seemed sudden for you, but Yuuki-chan had been so kind as to inform us of a bit of your situation and, well, we would like to offer you a home amongst your people here in Konohagakure. Would that be something you may be interested in? If you are…" he says to the Hyuuga before grabbing Tatsuo around the neck playfully with an arm in a one-armed hug. "Tatsuo here would like to stretch his legs a bit in a spar to see just how well you've done for yourself out in the Land."

Tatsuo nods a little at the question from the Hokage. "Um, hai, I did think so Hokage-dono." As for what he was being asked to do the teen is a bit surprised but he nods again. "I'll do whatever you ask, of course." He doesn't seem nearly as timid as he used to be. When the Hyuga arrives he turns to give a small bow in greeting. But then before he can give any kind of proper introduction Daisuke is doing so for him, and also tugging him! Ack!

Listening to what Daisuke says, Yasuo cants his head slightly then looks between them. "I suppose staying here would be pleasant… You just want me to prove myself in combat then?" With that he moves out a bit and steps into stance, bringing his hands into a seal. While he doesn't pronounce the transformation as many people do, one might guess that he's activated his Byakugan in preparation for battle. "… Very well then."

"Thanks, Tatsuo." Daisuke says with a nod to the boy, removing his arm and letting the boy straighten himself out. He turns to Yasuo and hmms. "Not so much prove yourself, I am sure any member of the Hyuga clan is well adept at even simple combat. Think of it as an examination so that we know what kind of things would be moderately challenging for you to partake in but not well over your head or beneath you, ok?" he surmises, pleased with his answer. Once he's done, he steps back a few times before leaping back into the tree he was resting on, sitting on a thick branch and reengaging with his apple while watching the beginning of the spar.

So…Tatsuo was just supposed to spar with this new Hyuga while Daisuke watched? As some kind of evaluation for the new arrival? How…intriguing. Tatsuo watches first as the eyes change, the lack of speaking not making any difference in the fact that one can generally tell when a Byakugan has become active. And then Daisuke is gone, off in a tree eating an apple like some evil mastermind. Hmm. Well, he would do his best against this Hyuga then…Tatsuo prepared himself, taking in a deep breath as he focused chakra within himself to prepare for whatever this newcomer might be able to do.

Once Tatsuo has prepared himself, Yasuo rather quickly moves into combat mode. He moves in rather quickly for what seems to be a regular Juuken strike, except he moves his hand up to attempt to strike the boy under the chin and launch him up into the air before leaping up to strike him in the chest on a tenketsu point to send him back down to the ground.

Tatsuo hadn't really faught against any Hyuga since graduating from the Academy, and for rookie sure none of them were all that skilled at the time. They might've still beat him in taijutsu but he at least had them in ninjutsu…usually. But this…this Hyuga was different. For someone who hadn't been in the Village, they had sure done well. After dealing with that smack down the young Nara picks himself off the ground. When his eyes open they've changed from black to a deep red as he draws on some of that inner power. His hands move quick and water is drawn out to lash towards the Hyuga, trying to pin him with chains of liquid that were surprisingly strong.

Daisuke watches the Hyuuga take the initiative with a quick combo that is able to literally knock Tatsuo off his feet and on the ground. He reaches into one of his open sleeves and produces a scroll and an ink pen, with which he jots something down. The sickening feeling that most would get upon experiencing a Bijuu's chakra being released around them doesn't phase the Hokage, who isn't surprised that the fight has already truly begun after that first assault.

Yasuo is immediately ready for the chains of water, as he spins his foot and suddenly releases a large wave of chakra around himself that seems basically impenetrable that deflects the chains from reaching him. The moment it fades away, though, reveals that there's no time to breathe as he immediately comes in for an assault that would be familiar to anyone who's seen a Hyuuga fight. Not only is he striking tenketsu points, but he's also attacking major vital and pressure points with intent of robbing Tatsuo of his actual physical energy along with his chakra.

Tatsuo seems to take those hits…but then the teen devolves into water and splashes to the ground, showing the clone that he'd left behind. The real Nara is in a tree, preparing again. But he's also having an internal argument. He grimaces a bit as that argument doesn't turn out so well. "No…" he mutters under his breath, but someone isn't listening. With a cry of pain and surprise he drops to his knees, his hands going to his head as chakra starts to visibly bubble from his frame. A blue cloak quickly begins to form around him and two tails flow out made of that same chakra. It happens quickly, taking no more than a few seconds before the cloak is whole. Tatsuo stands, dark red eyes on Yasuo as water flashes out once more towards the Hyuga. It's faster and almost seems filled with…malice. A lance of water shoots towards the man, followed by those chains once again seeking him.

Daisuke looks down on the fight as he bites into the remaining piece of apple, tossing the core aside. It was clear that Tatsuo was having an issue with control, but the extent with which he had progressed was not unrecoverable by his own will power. Ultimately, Daisuke had picked Tatsuo to see if this would happen while under the pressure of an audience, but this also gives him a chance to see how Yasuo, a sheltered teen up until now, can cope with such an illogical power.

As the water lance comes his way, Yasuo spins his foot again, releasing another wave of chakra that spirals around him and grows even larger as he leaps and launches himself and the spiraling sphere of chakra directly at Tatsuo. Whether the first one hits or not, he turns his feet and launches himself back at Tatsuo once more to make a second pass at him with the sphere of chakra.

That giant sphere of chakra does nothing but meet up with a bunch of water. Each time it seems like the Hyuga might break through the wall of water to hit the creature on the other side more takes it's place to keep him at bay. A lot roar of anger comes from the…creature? Teen? Whatever he is right now. As soon as the spinning of the Hyuga stops the water reforms into a large wave that rushes at Yasuo in an attempt to send the Hyuga sailing…preferable into something hard!

As the boy-become-monster sends another attack Yasuo's way, the Hyuuga actually smirks as if he's enjoying this. Perhaps he considers a monster vs monster battle to be a bit of a thrill. As the wave comes his way, he creates another sphere of chakra around him that he uses to power through the wave and charge Tatsuo. Once it fades, he immediately steps forward with a series of strikes at Tatsuo's tenketsu and vital points once again.

Isobu is not pleased by the outcomes of his attacks. If the boy would only let him out a little more surely he would be able to smash this annoying little Hyuga into the ground. Yet Tatsuo wouldn't let him. Isobu may have snuck in control but Tatsuo still owned the body and was able to keep him back. After getting smacked around more by the Hyuga Isobu manages to throw another wave of water to intercept him. Another roar follows then as this time Isobu grips his head. A few seconds later the cloak dissapates and leaves Tatsuo there, falling to his hands and knees and sweating profusely after the mental battle. In the end it leaves him quite open.

As the wave comes his way, Yasuo creates another sphere of chakra, though he does actually get hit this time and send back into a tree. Still, he's not nearly as damages as poor Tatsuo. "Keep control… and hold still." The Hyuuga brings his hands into a seal before beginning a swift set of sixty four strikes to all of Tatsuo's tenketsu points. Rather than killing him or at least gravely injuring him like one would generally expect this particularly jutsu to do, it sparks healing through his body and a restoration of some of the chakra he's used in this spar.

Once the trees start protesting at the amount of water being thrown around, Daisuke figures it was time to end this. He hops down from the tree branch he was in and lands softly on the grass below. He walks forward as Tatsuo begins to struggle and grips his head, appearing behind the tidal wave of water in front of Tatsuo. The Hokage silently reaches into his pocket and rummages around before fretting about something momentarily. He turns to view Yasuo and motions for him to come over.
"Tatsuo's body will heal in no time, though you showed good judgment by stopping the fight and healing him when you did. Some people tend to get caught up in the moment, especially dealing with things they cannot understand." he says as he rummages around in his Hokage haori again, producing a fresh Konoha forehead protector to Yasuo. "The villages have created a universal ranking system from Villager, goes Student, Genin, Chuunin, then Jounin. After seeing both your combat prowess and ability to think quick, I'd like to offer you the rank of Chuunin within our village."

Tatsuo doesn't know what to expect when Yasuo comes near, but he's too focused on reigning in Isobu at the moment. The beast finally settles down just as Yasuo does his thing and the fear dissapates. Tatsuo stands, head hanging low in shame at his lack of control in being able to keep Isobu from being an annoyance…again. "I am sorry," Tatsuo says, indicating both of the others as he bows deeply in apology, where he remains for the moment.

"Just because you can't see my eyes doesn't mean I don't use them," Yasuo says with a shrug of his shoulders. "I can see quite clearly he has some sort of other chakra within him that tried to take him over for a bit when he was given a real challenge…. But that's not my business to share, and it will not part my lips." With that he glances down to Tatsuo, saying, "Don't worry about it." Turning to Daisuke then, he eyes the forehead protector for a long moment before reaching out to take it. "So this is what everyone wears these around here for… Thank you. I accept."

"While I was a bit surprised at how quickly you lost control, no one or thing was hurt and the trees got a good watering in this hot Summer season." Daisuke says to Tatsuo, the misty water vapor still clinging to the air in the immediate area from all the water that was just moved around. "Before we work on drawing more, we need to work on emotions." he adds with a nod to Tatsuo, tempted to assign him to hang out with Zori for a bit.
Turning back to Yasuo, Daisuke smiles as he takes the forehead protector. "I look forward to hearing about your progress. I feel you will do quite well. Maybe even help advance the Hyuuga styles with that unique healing method, there." he says with a nod. He then looks between the two teens and says, "Who's hungry? Lunch is on me." As if on cue, his own stomach growls. Guess that apple wasn't enough.

"It wasn't emotions Hokage-dono…um, no offense Yasuo-sama. He just has been very, um, annoying lately." Tatsuo says with a little sigh as he straightens up. But his eyes do remain on the ground since he had kinda, ya know, still lost control. Isobu was just an annoying asshole at times is all. "Thank you for the offer Hokage-dono, but I should probably train."

"It's something that was devised and taught to me by my captors, but they somehow didn't account for me one day using it to escape them," Yasuo says with a smirk. "I'm sure my… estranged family and I will have a lot to work on and share in the future." At the offer of lunch, he says, "I suppose I should be heading to my family's village soon, but I guess I can take a few minutes for lunch."

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