New Family, New Home


Ishino, Akane

Date: December 2, 2014


A reunion for the Doiharas.

"New Family, New Home"

outside kadomai

Akane sent a message to Ishino. She needed him in Konohagakure. The land of fire.

How in the world was he suppose to leave their kids to go get her?

Contemplating this, it didn't take long for Ishino to come up with a plan. The modifications to HARPS was fairly short, but essential, having two locations recessed within the core of the unit that the children could rest in, sound proofed as well so all that would be heard was the dull hum of the machine running and the vibrations of the unit in motion to help them fall asleep. The house was put into lock down, sealed in such a way that it'd take all 10 puppets that Ishino could do, plus, to get into it. Ishino included a warning of explosives if anyone pressed too hard on the defenses. The underground got key sections refilled. The scrolls that had the rock and such restoring it back to how it was, the tools and such stored within scrolls for transport. Ishino was bringing everything.. just in case it seems.

Finally ready to go, the old man cradling Ishino's son and Ishino carrying his daughter, he looked at Kirigakure's front gate. Some day he'd be back. One way or another. He knew that at least. With everything packed into scrolls inside Time Keeper, he left. Walked out much has he has done in the past.. and over packed as always.

The trip from Kirigakure to Land of Fire was short and fairly direct. The resources Ishino did have saw to that. The children didn't like the boat ride but Ishino managed as he could to get them settled for the travel. Now, outside of the sub village, Kadomai, Ishino used a disguise on a puppet to hire a messanger and get a message to Akane. Ishino has arrived. While he waited, a small hut was released from a scroll and set up, securing a place for him and the children to be at.. and to wait.

Akane had managed to slip away from the medical services in Konoha itself. She was a medic herself so it wasn't too hard. And whils she wasn't great on stealth, Kyoujin's way of moving got her out of the walls well enough. She had no expected the hut, but recognised it for one of Ishino's constructs. Something had gone very very wrong, however. Ishino would probably note it immediately. Her aura was off, her eyes emerald. But she moved more like she was in pain than Kyoujin's usual movements.
She stumbled over her own foot and caught herself on a nearby tree before she stopped altogether, a hand going to her temple, expression hard. Ishino… was near. She knew the messenger wasn't a fake.. No one had known she'd sent for him.. or had she? Had Kyoujin? Or Akane? She shook her head, her hair down in a long braid rather than it's usual configuration. She paused… and her knees gave out.

The gremlins would find her first. They were ranged out about the hut, a few buried in the ground. Afterall, they didn't need to breathe. So it was that a gremlin was there as Akane's legs gave way, catching her before she fell down. Ishino was immediately behind it, the children held by a different gremlin (the one in it's dress as normal) and the old man while Ishino would move to Akane and seek to sweep her off her feet fully and cradle her in his arms as he'd start for the hut. "Koi.. what happen? Something big obviously happen.. so I need to know what's going on.. why did you send for me?"

Akane blinked as she felt the gremlin under her. A moment later she was in familiar warm arms. Opening her eyes she looked up at Ishino as he brought her into the hut, reaching up to touch his face lightly with her hand. There was recognition in her eyes, Akane and Kyoujin both and both seemed weaker tha they should be. "A..a lot." It was a simple answer and so much had happened. She waited a moment before pressing her face into his chest and closed her eyes. Between Itami's triggering Kyoujin, what she saw Yuuma do, the close call with Konoha.. She'd even met with the Hokage.. Meruin would not be pleased.
She glanced around, spotting the children and she softened just a little. A second later guilt swept her face. "Koi.. I lost to Kyoujin's rage. Yuuma.. The Silence brothers.. Yuuma absorbed the crawler, Koi. I watched him do it…. We're all in a lot of trouble. I.. I went to that village he was going to destroy. Kyoujin fought off Konoha's troops and.. and was paid for it. I.. We were allowed to save one child. She's safe, she's nearby. I can't.. find the balance with Kyoujin. She's.. she's too angry. I met with the Hokage and diplomats from Suna and Kumo.. They're forming a threeway alliance… I doubt Meruin will join them but. I was not supposed to be back here. Meruin is not going to be pleased with me…" At least he hadn't had the chance to move on with his plan. She winced and her hand went to her temple again. Kyoujin's rage had no where to go and nothing to target…

Ishino takes a breath and lets it out, hugging her closer as he'd kiss her forehead gently. "shh.. take a breath. Relax.. I'm here." He'd hold her for a long moment, two gremlins, the subtle twitching of two fingers against her legs, had them move a chair up that'd let him cradle her to him as he'd sit in the chair. The children were offered to their mother as Ishino listened to the report in silence. Finally, he'd give a small shake of his head. "Don't worry about Meruin. He has stepped far enough away from the one we knew that I don't consider him to be in a good position anymore." He rubbed her back a moment as he thought. "We should put in to assist Konoha. The 6 months is a joke with them having the crawler. Every minute is a bigger army. We have to hit hard and now.." He'd nod slightly, then Ishino smiled towards Akane. "Once you're a little rested.. I'll talk with Kyoujin."

Akane accepted the children, one at a time, holding them close and whispering soft appologie sto them for being gone so long. Even Kyoujin calmed with them so close. After a moment she allowed the gremlins to take the baby again and she turned to look at Ishino, hands stroking both sides of his face as if in wonder that he was here. She smiled lightly when he said they should offer their abilities to Konoha. She nodded. "I met with the Hokage and offered my medical skills and fighting abilities to him personally. Kyoujin is… She doesn't like Councilwoman Itami. It was very hard to keep her in check and i know Hokage-sama saw me losing to Kyoujin. I should probably explain that…" She shook her head and looked up at him, eyes slowly draining to a deep jade color. "I only knew I couldn't withstand Kyoujin without you. I need her strength and she needs my calm but.. But the child. She's very protective of the child."
Akane shifted and looked into Ishino's eyes. "She doesn't talk but she is strong enough to make a chakra crystal glow briefly. Kyoujin kept her sedated until we were stopped here by jounin. One of the Uchiha picked a fight and Kyou kind of burned part of the forest down." She sweatdropped. "But Kyoujin kept her from witnessing the crawler or her village being destroyed." She didn't know how to ask for what she had in mind. She intended to raise the girl, give her the opportunity to learn chakra control or be a normal person. As long as she was given a choice and a chance….

Ishino mused contemplatively as Akane spoke, nodding slowly. He'd glance over at the other children for a moment, then look back to Akane. "So you want to adopt her? You and Kyoujin both, yes?" He chuckles softly. "It'd seem I'd be outnumbered even if I said no.. I don't blame Kyoujin for not liking Itami. The fall she set up for the villages is bad.." Ishino would hug Akane again, holding her for a moment in quiet contemplation. "Well.. I'm here now. I've put the workshop into storage. I carried everything with me I would think I might want. Including the pavillion for HARPS. We're here.. we can potentially set up on the outside of this smaller village and start our life with our three children.. I just hope she doesn't get scared by the gremlins.."

Akane smiled when Ishino said he would be outnumbered. She leaned up to kiss him lightly before speaking. "She is very protective of the girl. The girl hasn't reacted badly to Kyoujin or myself and seemed to … simply accept when we switched places in front of her. My biggest worry is that she won't speak." She sighed and sat up a bit more before looking over the hut, she frowned and flinched. A darker aura settled over her, enough to wake Kitaru, though the boy did not seem upset by it, just aware. Kyoujin looked up at Ishino… paused… and promptly kissed him hard and deep and furiously. Only pulling back when she was forced to breathe. "This One ….." She hesitated, looking to the side as if confused. "Missed? You?" She tilted her head oddly as if she wasn't sure this was the appropriate terminology. Then she shrugged and reached over to hover her hand over Kitaru's forehead, soothing chakra emitting from her palm making hte boy giggle then slowly put him back to sleep. Fighter or not, Rage or not, Kyoujin was a Mother as well. "AThis One wants to get Kit a nice toy. She only has a corn husk doll… The Medic was too busy with the Suna b…woman… To find one." Of course she was also under Jounin observance so…. But she did not mention that.

Ishino smiled softly with a small nod. "I'm sure we'll be able to work something out.." He'd kiss Akane back and hold her, chuckling softly, although matching Kyoujin's follow up kiss as well. A firm hug was given with a small smile. "I missed you too, One. I missed you both. I'm glad to see you're safe.. even if the rage is a bit much at the moment.. But that's something that can be worked on.. We find the balance and help you gain your strength of both, rather than swinging through either, hmm?" Ishino watched Kitaru get soothed back to sleep and would rub Kyoujin's back gently as she did. "We'll sort it out. I'm here. You know that means things will get better.."

Kyoujin had a reaction to his rubbing her back much like a cat might and ended up leaning against him with a soft sigh. His words made her nod, some part of her knowing that she couldn't continue with her rage with the children around her. And Ishino was right. She was stronger working with Akane rather than controlling her too. So she nodded.
But then she sat up and turned to him, seriously. "There is another problem… The Medic had a chat with one of the Uchiha Jounin. She miscalculated and he said that even if she was cursed with the sharingan once before she might need to speak with the clan. He /will/ figure it out or speak with someone sooner or later." She sighed and looked thoughtful. "Also, if We are to fight alongside the Konoha shinobi We will not be able to use Sharingan and keep Our secret. The Hyuuga or the Uchiha will see."

Ishino mused at the comment, nodding slightly. "That's a valid point One. We may have to proactively intercede in that situation to enable full capability to you in combat." Shaking his head slowly, Ishino looked towards the children, frowning slightly before finally giving a shrug. "We'll talk to the Hokage. I'm sure it's going to be an interesting situation to start with.. considering who I am and what I'm here to do. I'll also be turning in a temporary resignation to Kirigakure for the interm."

Kyoujin nodded then ran a hand over Ishino's shoulder before taking a breath and letting Akane move forward again. She rested against his shoulder and smiled softly. "I'll be fine as long as I have you, Koi. Living here or in Kirigakure, I'll be fine if I have you and the children." She looked worn and tired at mention of children and she looked at Ishino. "I can't stand the thought of someone taking my children…." She was thinking of course of what Meruin had planned to do once she had given Ishino children. It did not seem possible now, not if they were to leave Kirigakure as a family. She was sure they would want to hunt her down and Ishino too, but when she thought about it, Konoha might be happy to recieve them as well. Perhaps her time in Kirigakure was more of a vacation. She'd not worked against Konoha at least…. "The Uchiha I spoke with befor might be a good place to start. He was oddly quite laid back about the whole thing."

Ishino smiled softly with a small nod. "I know Koi.. You'll both be ok with me helping you to balance.. Although I really wish you'd stop sneaking off so much." He chuckled then before hugging her again. "Our children are fine.. and it would take a lot more than Kirigakure would be willing to give, to get them Koi.. I'm watching them. Remember that."

Akane nodded and smiled. Her aura had settled and with the children so close, she seemed to find that accord with Kyoujin where she could function on a more steady level. After some time passed she stirred., sitting back up again and looking to her husband. "Should I go get the girl now or do you want to wait? The farming community I left her with can be trusted. There should be homes for sale in Kadomai if not Konoha itself, though I think we'll be better suited in Kadomai or in the country. Shall I go get the girl?"

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