New Konoha Medicine: First Aid Classes


Taiki, Atsuro, Daisuke, Soren

Date: April 28, 2014


Pursuant to the Hokage's orders, Taiki starts teaching classes in basic first aid. Note: Scene interrupted due to lateness.

"New Konoha Medicine: First Aid Classes"

Conference room, Konoha Hospital

Taiki stands up at the front of the conference room with his back toward the door. He is looking over the giant rolled up scrolls suspended from the ceiling. Nozomi is with him doing the exact same thing, and Shinobu is at the door leading in along with a mednin, probably low-ranking from the insignia the young woman wears. She has a scrollboard with a couple of scrolls attached, apparently lists. As each person enters, she checks the names versus the first list, and should they not be on that list she'll write their name on the second. She only asks that weapons stay in their containers unless the instructor asks for them to be shown.

Daisuke shows up for the class not only to show his support for this new initiative but also to get a bit of a break from administrative duties, not that he particularly wanted to duck out of work with all the Hito-nonsense around town. At the door he smiles at the young med-nin girl,

"Do I give my name here?" he asks her, to which the girl shakes her head firmly, her cheeks a bit red, of course she knew his name. "Thanks." he says as he moves into the room, spotting Taiki and his ninken. Daisuke walks over to the Inuzuka, announcing his presence with a simple 'Hello' before he scans the room and asks, "How has the turn out been so far?"

Uuuuuugh. How did this happen? Atsuro had two of the most powerful people in the village under his thumb, and then they go and do this. And what's worse, they've dared to suggest that Atsuro is some kind of prima donna, who won't cooperate with them. And Atsuro has decided to prove them wrong in the BEST WAY POSSIBLE. He strides confidently down the hallway to the library, wearing a pure white dress shirt, dark red tie, and perfectly pressed navy slacks. Plus, a pair of glasses (fake) and neatly combed hair, for the crowning touch. Taizen follows behind him. Of course, Atsuro has groomed the dog perfectly for the occasion.

"Good afternoon," Atsuro says to Taiki's assistant graciously, "Inuzuka Atsuro, please." He even offers her his ID card. Once she's done her job, he takes a seat, pulling back a chair for Taizen too. "Good afternoon, Taiki-sensei. Daisuke-sama." He pulls out a pen and notebook, so eager to learn!

Taiki turns around to Daisuke and bows slightly at the waste. "Turnout has been low, as some older dogs did not relish learning new tricks. In fact, I had to goad one dog in particular into making an appearance," he says just before Atsuro makes his grand entrance into the room. Taiki arches a brow at Atsuro for a moment before shaking his head and glancing over toward Daisuke. He rolls his eyes and indicates Atsuro at the same time to the Hokage, as if saying without speaking, 'And this is supposed to rattle me how?'

"Jeez, who is the prep nin, must be from the East side of town." Daisuke comments under his breath to Taiki before he realizes it is Atsuro. "Cool cosplay, Atsuro, I didn't recognize you at first. Taizen is looking dashing, though." he says with a smile and a wink to Taizen. Turning back to Taiki, Daisuke frowns, "Well it is still new. Hopefully more and more people will show as time goes on. And we can continue to train those fresh genin to make sure everyone coming out of the Academy is at least able to stabilize an injury." he says before walking over to accept the chair from Atsuro.

"Is something wrong, Taiki-sensei?" Atsuro asks demurely, "I merely though to dress and comport myself properly for the occasion." He pauses for a moment, then affects a look of embarrassment, "Oh, I'm sorry. Should I have raised my hand first?" He looks over to Daisuke, "No, I'm actually from the south side of town. The Inuzuka village, to be exact. And I'm not cosplaying, just being obseqious." He frowns a little as Daisuke takes the chair, then pulls out the chair on the other side of him for Taizen. "That hardly seemed necessary," he whispers to the dog, once Taizen's jumped up onto the chair and settled on his haunches.

Aaaaaand Soren was late…

In other breaking news, the Sun rose this morning.

When he finally found the class, he stepped in, trying to be as quiet as he could, and just stay cloe to the back, with Ayame crawling into the classroom right behind him. "So… remind me again… why were you coming here?" Ayame asks, as Soren pets the pup in his lap now, hushing her as he listened in, somewhat sheepishly all things considered.

Taiki simply shakes his head again and turns his attention toward Daisuke. "That would be a good idea as well, though we lack the manpower for implementation at the moment. Still, maybe if we drum up enough interest for the medical program…" he then shrugs as the mednin in the back gives him a 'good to go' sign. "Well, perhaps this will be the first step, if people take this seriously enough. In the meantime, Hokaga-sama, I believe we're ready to start?" He then walks up to the podium and, once Daisuke takes a seat, announces, "Hello, for those that don't know me, I'm Inuzuka Taiki, Clan Alpha of the Inuzuka and a senior med-nin at this hospital. I'd like to welcome you all to this course in Basic First Aid. The goal of this course is to teach you all the elementary aspects of First Aid as it applies to Shinobi ranks. While much of what you will learn is certainly useable on civilians, most often you won't see the same kind of wounds on a civilian as you would on a Shinobi. Does anyone have any questions before you start? Oh, and by the way, the first time I call on you, please announce your name for those that do not know you."

Daisuke notes Soren entering with a nod and a smile, good to see some familiar faces in the class. Atsuro seems a little sore at having to attend, but at least he showed up in the end, no matter what protest he was staging with his getup and comments. "Sit back and learn, maybe one day you will save one of your genin's lives with it." he says to Atsuro before settling in as Taiki starts the class.

Taiki and Daisuke might think this is some kind of head game, but really, Atsuro is just intending to subvert their expectations by being the model student — the only trickery is the complete lack of trickery. So he just nods to Soren and Ayame as they come in (Taizen greets them with a wag of his tail). Then he nods to Daisuke, "It's good to be prepared for any situation." When Taiki starts his introduction to the class, Atsuro sits, perfectly silent and attentive. Taizen too, but then, that's probably what you were expecting anyway.

Soren nods to Daisuke, and then to Atsuro, and Taizen in turn. One last thing to note, is that he seems to have skipped the sleeve covering his prosthetic today. He nods at Taiki, smiling as he glanced around the room, taking in the faces before his attention returns to Taiki. Ayame, the fox pup just kinda yawns in his lap, before hopping down, heading for the door. She's apparently got better things to do! Maybe…

Taiki answers a couple of questions from other people before getting down to business. "Okay, so the first thing we are going to start with are cuts. This is the most common injury a shinobi experiences, owing to most people's propensity to use tools first before switching to other, more deadly forms of combat." With this he signals Nozomi, who releases a rope causing one of the giant scrolls to unroll. On the scroll is a well-done diagram of a human being with various lines at different points on the body, ranging in color from blue at the arms and hands to crimson at the chest. "These colored lines represent various degrees of danger, based on where the cut is located. Now, as any kenjitsuist worth their blades can tell you, some areas are more dangerous to cut than the others. If the cut is in one of the blue areas, a simple application of direct pressure will often help, so long as the cut isn't too deep, or there aren't too many of them. Can someone tell me what someone may want to do if the cut reaches the bone?"

Atsuro only gets a brief look as this would've been the usual time he would ask a smart question or make a wise crack, but only sit there quietly and looking attentive. Daisuke smirks, guessing he is doing something else this time, something like trying to show he's a super keener today, but he doesn't pry during the class. Turning back towards Taiki and his display, Daisuke catches Soren's fox girl heading for the door and gives her a frown, though words aren't exchanged as he didn't want to interrupt. As the diagram goes up, Daisuke starts comparing each location to where he's been cut before, nodding his head at some of the serious areas as a memory pops up.

Atsuro glances to Ayame, then exchanges glances with Taizen. So rude, unlike these two eager pupils. Then they go back to watching Taiki's presentation — have to get all the details. Atsuro writes down notes, carefully organizing each bullet point with neat printing. When Taiki asks the question, he quickly raises his hand. No better way to show how eager you are than by getting the very first question right!

Soren glanced up at Atsuro, lifting a brow, curious as to what was going on, but more focused on Taiki's explanations. When the teacher asks, he lifts his hand. "You can try to reduce the bleeding by impeding circulation to that section of the body. Wrap a cloth around the limb above the severe wound, or above the magority of the wounds, and tighten until circulation slows. It's not a permanent solution, but it can suffice until you get better medical attention." That one came from experience. He

Soren glanced up at Atsuro, lifting a brow, curious as to what was going on, but more focused on Taiki's explanations. When the teacher asks, he lifts his hand. "You can try to reduce the bleeding by impeding circulation to that section of the body. Wrap a cloth around the limb above the severe wound, or above the magority of the wounds, and tighten until circulation slows. It's not a permanent solution, but it can suffice until you get better medical attention." That one came from experience. He then realizes… oh wait… I'm supposed to wait until I'm called on… and then kinda shrinks into his chair a bit more. He always hated these kinda settings.

Taiki looks toward the person that answered and nods. "That is one option, though it is dangerous in itself, and often used as a last resort. There are other options, in fact one in between those two options. Anyone else want to have a guess? And please, just feel free to just say what's on your mind. Given that… Inuzuka Atsuro-san is first, followed by Soren-san."

Daisuke looks over to Atsuro, all diligently sitting there with his hand up waiting to be called on. He stifles a sudden need to laugh quite well, composing himself without giving away too much of a facial sign that there was even one. For now, his mind focuses on what other people do when cut deep, never having thought of such troubles in his life when he simply waits for wounds to close and continues on. "Lets hear your answer, than, Atsuro." he says encouragingly.

Atsuro barely manages to conceal a grin, then stands up. First, he takes a look over to Daisuke, "Thank you, Daisuke-sama. I'm Inuzuka Atsuro, for those who didn't hear," he says, "In the case you described, Taiki-sensei, I would say that the wound should be sutured. And of course, the possibility of infection is very serious with a cut so deap, so it's important to disinfect beforehand. Of course, Soren-san's answer is good too. It's important to mitigate blood loss."

Soren just kinda continues shrinking into his chair, letting Atsuro and the others go on undistracted for the time being. He leans back, scratching his cheek and shrugging. He kindof assumed that with several small or one very severe injury, the first step would be to mitigate the bleading, so they could be taken to get serious treatment. But then again, that's why he's here isn't it? to learn this stuff.

"While that is a good idea, sutures tend to be beyond basic fist aid. In fact, they're either advanced first aid, or surgical in nauture," Taiki responds to Atsuro. Looking up, he adds, "Though Atsuro-san brings about a very good point. When dealing with any cut, disinfection becomes necessary. You want to clean the wound out as much as possible. Foreign matter left in wound can cause various infections, from mild blood poisoning to grangrene and rot. Therefore, making sure a wound is clean and disinfected becomes essential."

Once people have had a chance to answer, Taiki answers his own question. "In this case, the intermediate step is to apply a bandage to the wound, one that preferably holds the sides together, and is tied fairly tight. This slows blood loss to a specific area as opposed to a limb, and reduces the risk of cellular damage to undamaged areas due to lack of blood flow. Either way, clear out all obvious foreign matter first, then attempt to stop the bleeding and get them to expert medical attention as soon as possible. If that looks like its going to be a while, you can reduce the blood flow and then attempt sewing the wound shut, or, in some cases, you can use alcohol to fuse a wound shut. But!" Taiki says, holding his hand up, "There are qualifiers to this method. First, no carbonized alcohol. If you think blood poisoning is bad, wait until you see what an air bubble can do to a person. Just have a coffin on hand. Second, the stronger and more pure the better. Many alcohol additives will poison the blood when used directly. In any case, get them to expert help as soon as possible."

Once he's sure everyone has that down, he moves on, "The green areas are very similar to the blue areas, save for two major differences. First, they generally have more blood flowing to themm than the blue areas. And second, they are in areas where using a tourniquet, which was the first option beyond direct pressure mentioned, could be fatal. In these cases, using either direct pressure, or applied preassure through bandages, is advisable. Now, can anyone tell me what to do when the stomach is cut open?"

"Atsuro's bound to have some kind of alcohol on hand." Daisuke says quietly with a nudge to Atsuro's side after Taiki goes over the disinfectant lecture. He decides that he better start answering some questions, and hopes Taiki's next one sticks with the basic first aid theme, but when he starts off with a cut open stomach, Daisuke is at a loss. He figures it is best to leave the answer to someone who knows it and remains silent for now, 'There's always the next one' he thinks to himself.

"I see," says Atsuro, "I was only partly right. Thank you, sensei." He sits down and quickly starts jotting down everything that Taiki has said here. Still taking very careful, well-organized notes in neat writing. And he has to admit, this next question actually has him pretty stumped. Most people, when their stomaches are cut open, respond by dying, in Atsuro's experience. Taizen lifts a paw. Once called on, he introduces himself to the class, then asks, "Do you mean the actual organ, or just the abdomen? Some people say stomach when they just mean the general area." Atsuro doesn't quite manage to hide his smirk when Daisuke nudges him, and he clears his throat in a way that sounds almot like a snicker…

Soren is kindof stumped himself. The best he can come up with is 'Apply pressure, and find someone who actually knows what to do'. Soren snickers a bit at the alcohol crack though, shaking his head, before his attention snaps back to Taiki.

Taiki nods to Atsuro's question. "Indeed, I was talking about the abdominal area, not just one specific organ. The thing to remember here is that these wounds are bleeders. Applying direct pressure, or preassure through bandages is really the extent of what most basic first aid courses teach. But one thing is important, a wound in the abdomen means serious complications, not the least of which is trying to ensure the intestines remain inside the body, and in relatively one place. Now, suppose someone is stabbed in the chest, where it misses the heart and imbeds itself in a lung, what would be the best choice of action?"

Daisuke chuckles lightly as he gets a snicker out of this goody-two shoes version of Atsuro before Taiki speaks up again to let them know what to do. He nods along, listening to the next question. Time to take a shot in the dark here. He raises his hand and introduces himself before saying, "Being a beginner, I would probably leave the whatever it is inside, if possible. If they were hit with a projectile or the sword or other weapon is imbedded. Better temporary solution than having holes and blood pouring in."

Atsuro reaches over at scratches Taizen behind the ears. "What a good question!" he says, "Congratulations, Taizen." Okay, so his impression of the perfect student isn't /quite/ there, maybe. He raises his hand when Taiki asks the question. "To add to what Daisuke-sama has said," he says, "If the wound has already opened, it would be best to cover it with something impermeable, so that the chest cavity doesn't collapse. A plastic wrapper, for example."

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