New Year - Party of the Year!


Issei, Naru, Ryo, Kizuken, Hideaki, Mizuru, Yaezaki

Date: January 11, 2012


Its Party time once again, and with the new years festivals going about old and new faces come together to relax, be silly, and enjoy the festives of the new year!

"New Year - Party of the Year!"

Zen Garden Fountain Area

It was a long day in Konohagakure, and though the night was chilling and cold, even a slight breeze, the beautiful Zen Gardens that covered the area was enough to stop the chillness from going to far. Not only that but japanese lanterns remained stuck into the ground near the fountain, lighting the way for the festives of a nightly New Years extravaganza. Numerous amounts of people of all clans and backgrounds set up shop in the gardens tonight, selling trinkeys, toys, games, food and other party festives. The beating of a drum and soft music can be heard in the background as a way of motivating the crowd, keeping everyone in movement from the coldness.

Naru herself was sitting in a small picnic area away from the main festives, already having a bowl of ramen tucked in her lap as she began to slurp it up. No one was sitting with her for the most part, hopefully to find a few familiar faces to fill up the spaces on the mat she had laid out…

Not really being an outward social type, Kizuken took his studies with him and at least makes an appearance there at the behest of his own wishes, but the voice in the back of his head of his mother would tell him to get out and have some fun. So, he got out. And studying was fun. So now, he was entering the garden with his nose in a book. Yet again, something about the advanced uses of ninja tools for more advanced techniques. Yes, that was little Kizu. Always hitting the books. And now, he finds himself sitting down idly on a mat and- "OH, I'm sorry!" He sees Naru sitting there, and begins to stand again.

Ryo's situation was not far off from that of Kizuken. The boy's mother had practically placed his clothing out. It was a kimono of sorts with a coat. The boy was then pushed from his home. He was not a hundred percent sure but it seemed like they were up to something. He would probably figure it out in six months.
Either way, the boy makes his way through the gardens. He spots the Hyuga and his two servants. He had dealt with a few Hyuga but never anyone that was treated like that. It seemed best to keep his distance. He did not want to cause any issues with an over zealous servant.
Ryo then glances towards the falling Yaezaki. He grimaces a little bit as he bets that will be hard to wash out of the clothing. Soon though he spots Kizuken and Naru. The boy makes his ways towards them and gives a simple wave. "Hello." There is not much more to his words. He does not seem overly cheerful to be there.

Mizuru had been looking towards the festival for a while now. He stood outside of his house beaming in a nice yukata. Out of the door comes his mother in a kimono decorated with flower petal designs. He helps her supporting her as she walks. "You sure you can handle this?" he asked knowing how ill his mother had been. "I wouldn't miss this for anything." he replies with a smile. "A shame dad couldn't be here." Mizuru comments looking off to the side. He couldn't believe the excuse he used. -I have to go restock on my merchandise. People love weapons on days like this- Mizuru didn't understand that at all but he wasn't really too bothered.

When he and his mother make it to the gardens both look in awe as the decorum dazzles them. Mizuru couldn't help but become more elated by the second. "You hungry?" he turns to ask his mother. She was pale and breathing rather noticeably. They reached the picnic area and Mizuru looks for a bench for her to rest at. "Mizu-kun…don't let me ruin your fun. I'll be fine." Mizuru wouldn't dare leave her like this he gave her that look to. She knew and sighed "Well I guess I'm just hungry. Yeah some food should give me some energy." Mizuru nods and looks around for something suiting her "I'll be right back." he says. The young medic comes upon a vendor relatively

close. Not too far from that vendor he would see Kizuken. Mizuru was a bit surprised to see him here. But a blunder catches his eye as some good tripped and was about to ruin some guy's outfit. Mizuru recognizes the goof though "Hey…that's no goof…that's Yaezaki." Mizuru winces "Not too coordinated."

Arriving at the scene like a big rising star— that also fell from the tree of stardom and hit every branch and bounced off the ground like, only about four-hundred times, before smashing through a window. Metaphorically speaking. ISSEI! And no, he does look really, really, bad.

The forehead protector is tilted by about 45 degrees, and his face has marks of soot and ash— his hair is singed at some places, though not to the point of rediculousness, and his arms, shoulders and back look cut up. As if he really did go through a window.
And the most depressing thing of all: He isn't even a star. That part was a joke. HA-HA. Fat chance.

He arrives at the party, looking like that, and holding a stark white, boxy, briefcase in his hand as he looks around— as if he wandered in the wrong way, or was going somewhere else. He looks to those gathered and says. "Ah, here's the place."
He lifts up two fingers making the 'V' sign.

By rule of 'cool' he makes it look 'Uchiha'!
No wait, the other way around.

It seemed like just as quick as she began to eat a smile bloomed along Naru's lips to see everyone else joining her in the general area, many people she hadn't met before, and a few she had already. "Huh…?" Naru spoke up for the moment as she tugged her navy blue Kimono along her form just a little bit, her pumpkin hue'd eyes gazed up at Kizuken, a sweat drop trickling down her cheek. " Oh hey there, you don't have to leave though… there is planety of room here for a lot of people!" She speaks out to hm, though curious on why he had brought his "home work" with him.

Sighing she crosses her legs along one another and looks to the other people, waving to Ryo as he ahad appeared and even Yaezaki which was shortened as he seemed to make a mess, right for the Hyuuga, she gulped down her ramen to see what the possible outcome might be… And then there was Issei, the ridicoulas Uchiha she had no passion for, she simply frowned and grimanced at his presence though wondered what was up with his attirement. " Whats in the case?" Naru spoke adruptly to get his attention.

Hideaki would watch as everyone had their fun and began to gather, staying strict and ridgid, cold and calculating as he was suppossed to. Though having food come at you was certainly surprising… for all but a Hyuga of course. He furrowed his brow gently as he'd stand and rotate his body. 'Juuken Style: Eight Trigrams Multiple Food Parcel Recovry Technique!' Was probably something that should have been shouted by someone, if not Hideaki himself as he would scoop up under the Osechi box, rotating it to counter the forward momentum of the food so that it would kip up against the side of the box before spilling out as he used his other hand to grasp the ends of the Yakidango sticks, though running out of spaces between his fingers, he'd chomp the last one out of the air.

The sleeves of his Happi coat elaborately emproidered with a large yin yang symbol on the back would finalyl catch up with the rest of his form as his wide legged stance would soon become a casual stand as he flowed in to it naturally, chewing upon the Yakidango. Spitting the stick out towards Yaezaki's forehead, he would then say, "I have attendants to deliver food to me. I am not a glutton." As he would extend his arms towards him with a stern look on his face.

Yaezaki had thankfully landed on the ground, and just in time for the show. Watching someone catch all that food, even biting one out of the air and doing it with what looked like ease made the teen blink his purple eyes rapidly and grin widely. "NICE!" Then as he's adressed by Hideaki's retort and the stern look, Yaezki realizes his mistake. A Hyuuga. Wonderful. He pales a bit and chuckles nervously as he picks himself off the ground, blushing on top of it all and sheepishly takes back the food. "Sorry about that. Attendants huh? At a festival? That has to be a bit suffocating…." He accepts the food back from the older nin and smiles even more, pulling out his sparkles and flowered backgrounds as he lifts what are left of the yakidango to offer another one to Hideaki. "Well, I'm not an attendant, I'm just a chuunin. Want another?"

Mizuru moves over to Yaezaki hoping the young man didn't start something that could escalate. Mizuru doesn't hear much of what Hyuuga said but he did see the EPIC recovery. Mizuru almost wanted to applaud but it would be inappropriate. He looks to Yaezaki, whom is appologizing deeply. "You ok Zaki-kun?" Mizuru wanders closer glancing at the Hyuuga a few times. "That was quite a masterful display sir." Mizuru comments to the man. After checking on Yaezaki Mizuru began to notice more familiar faces. ALong with his teammate Kizuken he spots Ryo and another woman.

Mizuru waves noticing that Ryo is looking their way. He also hopes he gets Kizuken's attention. He wished he had more time to just chat with them but he was only worried about Yaezaki since he had an incident. He'd be leaving soon enough but he also hadn't decided on what he should get for his mother. He idly wonders in the back of his head.
Having, it seems, only attracted Naru's attention, who attracts his attention back, Issei looks at her and tilts his head a bit. "Wha— Oh. This?"

He holds up the white briefcase and shrugs his shoulders. "Ah, nothing much. Just a mission." He narrows his eyes a bit and holds it behind his back. "And you can't have it. I already deep friend one guy for it— also, don't try the flame bullet at close range. It really sucks." With that said he looks around once more and scratches the back of his head— apparently either oblivious to his many cuts and wounds and wardrobe malfunctions, or either not paying attention to it… aaaand… does nothing notable.
At this point, the crowd was getting too dense for him to be comfortable any more. He stands up, "Well, thank you for letting me sit with you, but i must make my leave now." When he is about to go, he would make a round about the small area of the gardens, finding everyone he knew, and at least giving them a 'hey, how've you been' or 'have a nice new year' or other holiday greeting. and, when ready to leave, he would pull out another book, and start reading as he started the small trek back to the dormitories where he lives.

Naru grinned at Kizuken as he went off, offering him as slight wave while turning her attention to the rest of the group, more preferably Issei who seemed to be carrying on the most conversation with her. Pushing her ramen bowl to the side she narrowed her eyes down upon him again. " You're bringing your mission with you to the party? I don't have to beat you up again now do I?" She taunted playfully, patting the area next to her. " It looks like someone had beat me to it though…you're a mess…What happened?"
Though any success within that recovery had almost everything to do with Heavenly Spin training and the perceptive prowess of all

Hyuga, Hideaki's answer towards praise could only be, "It was a simple matter." He certainly would not be winning anyone over wtih his modesty today. Because of the commotion, the two attendants did finally arrive as Hideaki would state, "Have you finished your tasks already… or are you both lazing about?" in an even tone towards them, looking them both in the eye. They would pause their concerns and bow slightly, excusing themselves as he would remind them to "sample" the fun and food and not worry about him. However, as he would raise his hand to slick his hair back, he would notice a small sauce stain, a tiny little dot of one, upon said sleeve. He stared at it for a brief moment, before deciding to ignore it entirely. As long as no one else noticed… he could allow it to go unanswered.

Finally, the cadre of Uchiha would catch his eyes, especially the one who was more… festive than the rest, displaying the Uchiha's colors of red, black and blue all over his rather white body. "A symbol of things to come…" Hideaki would murmur under his breath as he'd move to return to his seat. He wished that Yuzuna or… Naoki or.. someone would be able to attend, but it seemed he was on his own during ths celebration. He could not fail to represent the Hyuga… somehow.

The presence of the Uchihas had all but eluded Yaezaki during this ..'incident'… So he wasn't ignoring anyone on purpose, he was just intent on the mess he'd caused. Yaezaki had covered relatively well, considering who he was messing with here, and Mizuru's concern wasn't doing his 'bravery' any favors… Had it really been necessary to call this guy 'sir'? He offers Mizuru a raised eyebrow. Still holding out the Yakidango with a bright smile he watches the Hyuuga closely. "Nice Yuka…Ouch." The spot hadn't gone unnoticed by Yaezaki.

"You know…I could get that out, but you need to treat it right away…" He's still wearing his big smile, but the eyes are a bit harder now. The 16 year old sets the food on teh table and reaches for the affected sleeve as if to asses the damage, and seemingly oblivious to class restrictions.

Ryo watched Kizuken leave. Naru seemed to be pretty occupied with Issei. Yaezaki seemed safe enough. Mizuru was there in case anything happened. Then there was the Hyuga. Though Ryo only knew a few, he had never seen one act like that. The others seemed more… human. Maybe it was like the Inuzuka. They tended to have their own ways.
Either way, Ryo stands up and walks off. Maybe there was a way he could go do some training without getting his clothes dirty.

Mizuru watches Kizuken depart and shrugs "I wonder if Naoki's here too?" Ryo seemed to be sticking with that group over there just watching. Unlike most children his age Mizuru noticed Ryo was rather reserved but mature too. Definitely didn't hit like a kid. Having never met either of the two who were in discussion along with Ryo Mizuru naturally had a curiosity. But the young Uchiha's departure allowed the young man to divert his attention back to the situation at hand.

"Wow you have good eyes Zaki-kun." Mizuru says only noticing the stain after Yaezaki points it out. He peers at it and shrugs. I didn't look too bad nothing that could ruin the outfit in the slightest. Mizuru turns his head back looking towards the vendor's stand from before "Well I should be getting back. Just wanted to make sure everything was ok."

"Huh, what happened?" He ponders for a moment thinking about it. It looks like he might have taken a blow to the head. "Oh yeah. I got thrown through a train. It was fun." Ok, maybe a big blow. "Which reminds me… I do have to take this back… eventually." He ponders for a moment, and gives no explanation as to how he survived something like that. But then again, by now, most of those that have seen him once or twice know he's kind of a special case. No, not like insane; More like… in tactics. It's just a matter of time before he blows himself up or something.

"What's happenin' here?" A pause, "Also, you totally didn't beat me up last time. Pft."

things seem to have been relaxing a bit now, she tilting her head to the side to see ryo leaving so suddenly, offering a light wave as she reclined back along the mat and crossed her legs along one another. " Um…yes I did," She simply states with a grin, peering up at the chuunin. " I've been getting better you know… its been about a month or ywo since i'lve last seen you… I'm going to be going for the up coming chuunin exams," She spoke with a smile, though still she didnt care to much for Issei, hes stories upon stories was annoying; when was he going to tell the truth. " What have you been doing…? Issei-chan?" She teased moving back to her ramen.

Hideaki was not sure why this person insisted on giving him more food when he stated he was not a glutton. Was he meaning to be so forward and presumptuous of Hideaki's appetite? As Yaezaki would reach out to grasp at Hideaki's clothes, his calm gaze would turn in to a fiercely stern one as the fabric billowed away sharply with his movements and Hideaki's shift in to a defensive posture, eyeing the boy carefully.

He didn't say anything to him, he simply watched him. Why was he getting so close? But more importantly… what was Hideaki himself reacting this way. He hadn't grown up amongst the Hyuga… but he had spent the last several months learning to be a Main family male heir. It seemed that it more than rubbed off on him in the end. Relaxing himself, he would pull back the severity of his gaze. "Do as you will…" Hideaki would state as he raised his sleeve freely. "…Who are you?" he would immediately ask however.

Yaezaki blinks sharply and pulls back a little when Hideaki goes into combat-mode. "Whoa..relax!" Slowly..slowly so as to not provoke the guy, Yaezaki puts the food (and the bag he had in his other hand) onto the table as if it were weapons, like a ritual disarming of one's self, before he puts up both hands placatingly. "See? It's not like I'm from Kirigakure or something. I Just wanted to see how bad the stain was." SMILE. "I caused it after all." That bright smile is glued to his face now and he reaches forward to examine the stain with gentle hands while answering the question as well.

"My name is Kaseiume Yaezaki, just a chuunin. I came to get my sister some stuff fromt he festival because she's sick at home." He nods to the aforementioned bag of goodies, toy ANBU mask and all. "And I tripped and well, Hi. Who are you then?" SMILE. The silver-haired teen examines the stain carefully.
he young medic looks back to the Hyuuga and feels the flare in his gaze as his eyes feel on Yaezaki. Mizuru sweatdrops and freezes up when he hears the Hyuuga ask for a name. He doesn't know who he's talking to but when Yaezaki answered his tension eased.that is until Yaezaki continues speaking and SMILEING. Mizuru chuckles softly "Uh so.enjoying the festival?" he asks

"I don't remember it that way." Issei defends himself as he replies to Naru and looks away at the question of what he was up to. "Uhh.. Nothing." He sounds sort of suspicious, like someone hiding the fact they have a girlfriend. Or robbed a bank and is keeping all the money under his bed. … despite how stupid that would be.
"None of your business." He replies a bit more harshly and now looks towards Hideaki and Yaezaki who are… hopefully gonna brawl.
"So, uhh, you've got stronger huh? Nice. Maybe you catch up to me! Though, by the time you're chuunin, I'll be Jounin." He says teasingly to Naru.

"So you will be Jounin in a few weeks huh?" She questioned him with an arched eyebrow, for now simply shrugging her shoulders, she couldn't help but to chuckle, true enough she had no idea what Issei had plan or was up to… Maybe she would see him more if she managed to become a Chuunin. " Nevertheless it means your still up to no good much like before… I hope you eventually learn some kind of lesson.. It seems like these days im surrounding by fun lovers…" She states with a slight shrug of her shoulders. " Today is the new years festival though, didn't you get the memo?" Her eyes turn to the Hyuuga and Zaki… she was begining to think that perhaps he wasn't really a lucky fellow…

"Hyuga… Hideaki." Hideaki stated before retrieving his arm from the air and letting it fall to his side once more. He would not smile at all. He would stoically watched this person before him ,and look towards Mizuru as well. "I haven't seen much of it." the Hyuga would state, which was some type of multi layered, culturally charged, ultra dry joke that was delivered entirely with a straight face. His eyes shifted towards the uchiha as they seemed to dwindle for a moment. "Perhaps it is not the appropriate time to be do dispersed." Hideaki would suggest before grabbing Yaezaki's gift bag and offering it to him, "Unless you both have something else to do?"

Issei reaches for a glass of water, somehow managing to nod his head at Naru's question if he might be Jounin in the next few weeks, keeping that mysterious edge of 'maybe yes, maybe no'. But when Naru mentions fun lovers, he completely misunderstands and ends up spraying empty air with a mouthful of water, his eyes watering up.
"LOVERS?!" He asks, and one might even notice a jelous shade to his voice. "Oh! FUN-lovers. Hah ahahah. Ha. Ha." He looks away. … … … … …
"Ididn'tgetnomemoandgettingthrownthroughtrainsisonlyalessoninhumilityandhowbeautifullifecanbe.seeyabye." He says ALL IN ONE BREATH and turns to head off.(repose)

"So…weird…" Naru spoke softly, a sweat drop trickling down her cheek as Issei simply exploded a mouth full of hot air out of his mouth… Was what she said that funny, she didn't quite understand just what it was that made him snap and explode like that, nevertheless she shrugs her shoulders, she was in too much of a good mood to persue him and tie him up for answers… "Huh…" She went on to say, still thinking about the last thing he had spoke about, nevertheless she turns her attention to the others near her mat… It was getting late.. Perhaps she would call it a day..

The attendants would finally return to Hideaki's side, having… tested everything and they begin to tell him all about it when he'd simply shake his head. "It seems that it is time for me to depart for the evening… to allow these two to inform me of what I missed." Hideaki would state as he'd gaze at Yaezaki. "Do not act so familiar with me… when you are just learning my name." Hideaki would…. warn? It was very hard to tell in the end. However, he'd nod to both Yaezaki and Mizuru and glance over at the Uchiha once more. "Happy New Year…" he would say as he'd depart with his escort in tow.

Yaezaki chuckles softly as Mizuru manages to escape. The kid had seemed really nervous while he was there and part of Yaezaki couldn't blame him. He'd known Hideaki was a Hyuuga from the moment he'd laid eyes on the man. Any idiot could recognise those eyes… He'd known and yet he either hadn't cared or he was really oblivious to class restrictions. Being the son of normal villagers he hadn't exactly been exposed to the noble clans much.. But he seemed smart enough to know better too…

Turning his attention back to hideaki, Yaezaki would glance at the two attendants and 'bless' them with his SMILE. He blatently ignores the comments by Hideaki, however, not even acknowledging that he's speaking and telling him to not be so familiar when hes just learning his name. "You know you'll have more fun if you do it by yourself. Your attendants can't have the fun /for/ you, Hyuuga-/san/." And then he slips over to one of the other stalls, looking at the items for sale there. He doesn't acknowledge or say goodbye to the Hyuuga, it's like a reverse-dismissal…

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