New Year - The Way Kiri Does it!


Onimitsu, Sakura, Yuuka, Tsiro, Daomi, Takeshi

Date: January 3, 2012


In an effort to help all of under relieve tension within the village and celebrate the new year, all around Kirigakure by every method possible word was handed out of a one day free-for-all within the Dammed Arena. The winner…

"New Year - The Way Kiri Does it!"

Dammed Arena

At the foot of the great march of bones that dams this tall canyon of blue-gray granite, under the shadows of the stands: the Kirigakure arena. Rivulets of water still escape the base of the dam and dampen the gravely bed of the dry river. The length of the canyon is limited by a raised platform at the south end featuring the referee's post and a large display board announcing the details of the match.
Truly the administrators of Kirigakure, neh, the MizuKage himself must've been mad when that concoted this insane plan to relieve stress of the old year and bring in the new year! And yet, what is done is done…
For the past week and a half before news year day itself news has been spread by just about every means possible of one good 'ol fashion smash, bash, crash, and etc, etc.. BRAWL, in the Dammed Arena! The rules naturally were posted along with everything else, but to be honest… what true Kiri nin even pays attention to the small little blurb or the last minute add on about rules anyways beyond "Smash to your hearts content"?
In anycase, by the time the first competitor arrives already the stands are packed to the brim with an odd assortment of adoring fans, pessimist, blood mongers to cowardly to enter the arena, and so and so forth. All of which impatiently await for the blood shed to begin. Naturally along the rims of the arena Kiri's best seal masters are hard at work finishing erecting a dampening barrier in the meanti—- And then the first competitor drops out the clouds above like a cannon ball to skid along the arena floor before sliding to a stop at his feet. Armor hide smoking in places and dirty in others as he rises to his feet of a now silent audience..
"….. *peers around*…. Wait, this isn't the bloody marshes."
Crowd: "….."
Barrier Maintaners: "….."
Referee: "……Really?"
The day was finally upon those that had intended to join in the free-for-all battle that was being held at the arena. Where one could simply rely on their brute strengths and disregard their conscience and intelligence that would otherwise prevent them from doing one thing in sake of another. For some this was a battle many had waited for, while for one it was something that had never crossed as a thought.
Not having any need or desire for a flashy entrance, Daomi took his slow walk through the gate that permitted entrance into the arena just the same as coming from the skies above. To many onlookers they would see a wispy child, with pale skin and baggy clothes too large for his body to fill. It made many wonder just exactly the child planned to accomplish here.
It was simply in fact, very much so. The only thing Daomi wished to achieve here, was slap someone across the face. It didn't matter to whom it happened or if it hurt in the slightest. Setting a goal that he normally wouldn't even try for and achieving it surely meant the new year would be off to a good start.
Seeing the other already in the arena, the iron clad individual, Daomi made his way over in his slow saunter that made him appear wraith like. "Is it just you and I in this fight? I truly expected far more Kaguya."

Though he is not the first competitor to arrive, Tsiro enters the arena. He had not fought here before, but he would be damned if their was a brawl in town and he was not part of it. The young boy does not even glance upwards towards the crowd. He was not a gladiator. He was a freaking Kaguya. His eyes glance over Daomi and Onimitsu. These were two the boy was reasonably familiar with.
As he takes a place on the wall, the boy glances back towards the gate. He was eager to see who else would join this battle. Was it just going to be the genin, or were their others? He did not bother to ask either of the other two.

The kunoichi steps lightly a step behind Tsiro as they both enter the arena proper, a pale brow quirking with some interest as she glances from the other participants up to the crowd itself, the dull roar growing just after. "Hm. Everyone is eager for blood to be spilt." Not surprising at all. This is Kirigakure. Fighting was practicly a way of communication to the Water shinobi. Yuuka smirks lightly before breathing out a light breath, rolling her shoulders and absently flexing her fingers at her sides.'

Sakura is one of those bloodmongers up in the stands, watching the proceedings below. When in fact it was her suggestion that had started this rather festive occassion. She never really had any intention to enter it however, but now it strikes her as rather hypocritical. Besides, why help to organize something and take no part in it? So after the initial opening of the melee Sakura would go down to participate quite happily. She flickers from the stands all the way down, brushing past a seal maker whose clearing out along with any other non-combatants. She has to grin at the occassion. "This is how every village should celebrate New Years," she says, but she imagines Konoha is doing something like eating pocky or throwing confetti.

Onimitsu cocked his head to the side in a manner resemblant to that of a rusty gear. "Aye, plus a few Touketsu to revel in the glory of it all." Onimitsu admitted dryly, then snapped his head back into position and turn to look at the other arrivals. Tsiro is admittedly barely given a passing nod before Onimtisu eye lock on the only Kunoichi in the arena.. and quickly averts it. "Not good.." He mutter darkly underbreath.
Random Guy #1 from the Crowd: "Oi! Get your donkeys in gear already for I come down there myself, and whoop all your donkeys!"
Everyone Else from the Crowd: "Donkeys?"
Without another second hesitation Onimitsu is gone.. and right infront of Tsiro, eyes empty of emotion and blade drawn for a quick slash across his chest before he fades again..
When he 're-appears', Daomi's forced between two choices, dodge or get backhanded across the side of his head as Onimitsu spins lowly back into view. "…. Needless.. CEnter… Eliminate…"
Barrier Maintance Guy #1: "Oi, The barrier is already—"
Barrier Maintance Guy #2: "Ye-yeah.. just in time too.. Damn overzealous ninja!"

Tsiro looked up as one of the seven swordsmen decided to join. There was a slight grimace, but his mind was soon taken off that as the armored man appears in front of him to attack him. The boy quickly moves his body out of the way before looking back at the man now in front of Daomi. Tsiro moves rushing forward towards Onimitsu, his hands and elbows now protruding bones. His target to start off the festivities of the new year would be Onimitsu. As he moved past him, he would aim an elbow strike, before twisting and attempting to stab him with another elbow. He had no intentions of drawing this battle out.

Yuuka narrows her aquamarine eyes just slightly, her expression hardening on Onimitsu as he moves with incredible speed to attempt to slash Tsiro across the chest. Stunts like that, underestimating Tsiro, would be a big mistake on his part. With a light sigh, the kunoichi reaches up to her collar to pull the light fabric of her kimono from her shoulder, exposing pale skin when she frees both of her arms and allows the sleeves to hang from her hips. Stark white ivory shimmers from around her chest as Yuuka curls her slender fingers in experiment. Already everyone was getting into it, but she had some preparation. Not that she couldn't defend herself, oh no. Yuuka smirks softly to herself, concentrating her chakra while bumps of pale flesh split with several spikes of diamond-hard bone.

Sakura stands to the side, waiting to see if someone might attack her. She actually seems a little down that no one has, so she encourages it by stepping out from the side. And straight to the center of the arena where the battle has already begun. She's actually searching through the mob to see if a certain someone is there, but she has to sigh in disappointment. She had hoped he'd come so she could beat the snot out of him, oh well. Sakura begins gathering a good amount of chakra, and opts to draw a kunai instead of her katana. By then Yuuka might feel a bone chilling stare on her back. Sakura is smiling as she twirls the projectile around her finger.

Onimitsu didn't pause to think about his next defense, only react. Although in Daomi's case he need not bother to avoid the punch thrown at his armor. And chuckle light-heartidly after feeling the tiny fist crumple against it. It was, distracting to say the least and cost him precious seconds needed to truly keep up the spinning evasion out of the way of Tsiro's first strike. The second on the other hand is parried by an even stronger spinning 'parry' from the armored man before he brought the blade, blunt side first, around to bash Tsiro before he could withdraw.
A brain rattling punch soon follows… thought its target turns out to be Daomi once Onimitsu lept away still spinning to approach the Okumo. But… Just how the heck was he even staying stable!?

The attack had landed, his fist had made contact with the armor, but it was exactly as he had expected it to happen. With the armor clad individual barely even realizing an attack had been made against him from the frail boy. Slowly Daomi withdrew his hand back and peered upon the knuckles that were somewhat bruised and scratched. It definitely hurt him more just trying to punch, so for now he was going to tuck that hand back into the kimono. Which was a costly mistake.

It prevented him the time needed to make the hand seals to create a clone, something he won't allow to happen next time. So as he takes the punch, hard he is knocked back and onto the ground with an oof. There he would stay not bothering to get up, but there was a look in the boys eyes that said he has had enough. Suddenly his clothes began to move wildly in response, flapping as if a wild wind had blown in. Then all at once, several thousands of spiders began to pour out from every opening in the Okumo's clothing. Each one skittering across the arena in all directions as they tried to move over one another in an attempt to feed and hurt all those that threatened their host.

Tsiro saw the hammer come straight towards him and instinctively ripped upwards into the side of Onimitsu with his elbow before he was able to be bashed. He then withdrew and danced away from the spiders as they came towards him. He was now growling. His opponent was still Onimitsu, though Daomi would be next. The boy rushed forward once more attempting to slash him with his elbows. He was not worried about the swordswoman or his sensei yet.

Threatened or not, the spiders scatter through the arena attacking everyone in sight. Yuuka narrows her gaze just slightly and pushes off in a hard leap, dodging the first wave of spiders for the moment only to be attacked from above. "Tsh." she brushes them off of her quickly enough before landing, though they have already done a small amount of damage. "Annoying." she murmurs. "And a big mistake…" Even so, a small smirk tugs at the corner of her lips as she tightens her fingers at her sides, feeling the bone that is quickly forming beneath her touch. The ivory sprouts like a weed, a pair of long blades arched to be more aerodynamic than an average sword. Yuuka doesn't hesitate to throw both of them. Hard. Each blade slung into the air as if they were boomerangs.
Spiders pile up on Sakura, or would seem to as she vanishes in a poof of smoke. She's a ways away, brushing down her clothes to make sure no spider got on them. "Ugh, yuck," she says. Daomi would find in return a stream of fire expelled towards him, or mostly towards his spiders to burn all the gross things to ash. Sakura would turn only to unleash the same attack at Yuuka, though with much more vehemence. Then, she grins. "In your state, you have no right to be here," she says with a laugh. "I'll just have to expel you from this, Yuuka-san."

Onimitsu absolutely had not a clue as to WHAT the heck was going on after accelerating his body into overdrive! All that he knew was that for the next three minutes his world became a keliedoscope of pain, dizzy spells, and pure instinctive more spinning around as many attacks as he could! In the process (and so very unfortunate yet fortunate for a certain Okumo) Daomi is picked up along for the ride and dragged out of the way of the firebolt before being tossed aside from the violet tornado as he kept up the spin. Quite possibly, straight into the path of one of Yuuka's revenge attacks!

By the time he finally stops spinning around and starts to stumble this way and that around the others. Onimitsu is an absolute mess just waiting to puke.. THANKFULLY however, all those months of practicing such madness helped him focus both mentally and in time his chakra just a small portion as he tried to figure out (and fail miserably) just what the heck he had done.
Moments before being able to stand himself up off the ground, Daomi feels a tug at his kimoni followed by a sudden whoosh in speed as he's picked up and spun around against his will. It was uncomfortable and almost made the boy angry, but at this point new there was little he could do to prevent it as the armored individual was quite stronger then he was.
So instead he endured it as much as he could, the spinning some what making him a bit dizzy up until the point where he is tossed away, flung directly at Yuuka's bones that were hurtling toward him. In mid-air there was little he could do and even with the attempt at fading away, both spiralling bones struck hard into the boy stopping his momentum and sending him into the ground where he was practically pinned, preventing any movement.
Knowing their host was hurt and unable to defend himself, the spiders joined together like a massive black shadow that rolled over one another as they skittered to their host, circling around the boy with their front legs raised outwards to the other contenders of the arena.

Tsiro raised an eyebrow as everyone, including Onimitsu seemed to focus on Sakura. He turned his head and shrugged his shoulders. He was still not done with Onimitsu, but he had to keep an eye on her still. Once more he rushes towards Onimitsu and slashes at him with his elbows. Daomi seemed pretty much toast. The last he could do was finish off the last genin.

Yuuka narrows her eyes as she glances over her shoulder at Sakura when the seven swordswoman addresses her directly. "'In my state'. You make me sound like I am a mental patient." she murmurs. The Kaguya kunoichi blurs with sudden speed as she dashes straight towards Sakura, "Do you really think you can get rid of me that easily? If I am going down, I am going to give you a run for your money!" When Yuuka gets within arm's length of the other kunoichi, several dozen bones suddenly spike out from all angles.

Sakura reacts a little too late and finds she's being struck by quite a few bones. A hiss of pain issues from between her teeth, but then she smiles to Yuuka and says, "Yes, you should go, Yuuka-san." Then her katana whips out to execute the same attack Onimitsu would have used earlier, and literally carve Yuuka up if she stays put. Although with that mass of bones it shouldn't prove much problem. "By the way…congratulations," she says almost amiably, given her current condition. "Am I right?"

One down, three to go, and Onimitsu was well on his way to become that second person from the way that Tsiro was going all out just to strike him down. The kaguya's strikes offered him clarity, and as much as he wanted to stay holding back, the blade in his hand refused to acknowledge his wishes.
"This one shall not hold back longer.. w-w-we will not allow it." Onimitsu stated, his voice twisting near the end as if another was overlaying his natural own. A heavier one, but with the rapid return seamlessly executed strikes from the Oni, such a thing would most likely go unnoticed…

The change in his opponent was not unnoticed by the young Kaguya boy. Something seemed different and with that, came a lash out of attacks. Tsiro was quick on his feet to evade them though it was unexpected. As he evades the last attack, his body comes to a halt. The boy starts to rebuild his chakra. "Finally your not holding back. Now things start to get interesting."

Her senses alter her to her to the coming attacks and Yuuka's image flickers with speed, dodging the katana. "Perhaps if I can manage to even slightly knock the breath out of you there could be a chance that I will be a Seven Swordsman one day." The corner of her lips tugs lightly with a light, genuine smile. "And thank you." Yuuka extends her fingers, the bone claws emerging from her fingertips as the smile turns into a slight smirk in amusement. Her strikes come quick and precise.

Sakura laughs when Yuuka speaks of becoming a Seven Swordsman. "Why would you want to be someone like that?" she asks, as she ducks and backs away from the sharp bones. As she finds her footing Sakura begins to give off an aura that's almost like physical pressure in the air, of sharpened danger. She stands there still as a statue, holding her sword lightly. Then in the same instant she's behind Yuuka, slashing at her back, and then sending another rapid cut at her. "You've already poked me enough, let's see if you can get me off my feet," she says with a smile.

Being unable to touch the spry little fella was really starting to piece them off! Truly, and without a doubt just send them into a frenzy of even more rage fueled slashes in quick succession. Sometime admist the fury of attempting to cut the young Kaguya down a peg or two in whatever method he could, Onimitsu regains enough sense of mind to add a few clones to the mix… however a couple of them are accidentally cut down in the process. Unintentionally (or maybe intentionally?) blinding his next strike from Tsiro's view… possibly.

The flash strike caught Tsiro off guard, even with the clones. Then the boy started dancing between them. This guy was picking it up. He was unsure just how long he would actually be able to keep up. He twirled around attempting to slice the boy with both of his elbows again.

"Because I will never be satisfied until I can be the strongest I can be. To protect my village, my clan, and the people I cherish most in the world." All reasons that probably sound foolish, being a Kaguya. She should be doing it for more selfish reasons. But they were still /her/ reasons. The instant after Sakura appears right behind her and Yuuka tries to react on instinct, the camellia sword in her hand spinning around to deflect and counter the sword, only to move a fraction too slow. The curve of her back slashed once, then a second time. Yuuka growls under her breath in irritation but smoothly turns to retaliate, the pair of swords forming in her hands once more just as she spins in a sudden acrobatic move. The Kaguya kunoichi seems to literally dance as she attack Sakura with full force.

Sakura glances around with worry. No one is really being hurt. Oh sure they're taking wounds, but the melee will go on all day if they continue like this. Sakura pauses to consider that, a day long spar. :D No. She springs away from Yuuka's attacks and says, "Not bad, not bad, maybe one day you will be one of the Seven. Just gotta get yourself a fancy sword. Maybe a glow in the dark one?" As she's bantering she's also drawing chakra in huge amounts, so much that the dust around her flies out as if kicked up by a strong wind. Then she sheaths her sword and draws Maboroshi. It shines like mist, and in fact the blade hardly looks more like a mist that swirls with ominous chakra.
"Can't dodge this," she says with a smirk to Uma before a horrible wailing screech fills every area of the arena, to the point people in the stand would cover their ears. It's the wailing of terrible agony, rage, and loss before chakra blasts out in a visible mist-like wave to encompass everyone in the arena before swirling back to Sakura's sword with a last shriek.

Takeshi wants to know, how can you attack a little old retired man? I mean, isn't he just cute? And old? And forgetful? And look at his little cane. You people are awful, attacking the poor little old man. The shrieking and wailing mist covers his body and rips at it, draining away his strength, but if you think you can drain away this old man's strength with a single attack, you would be sorely mistaken.

After the initial wave of shrieking and wailing, another one happens and without his cane he would have likely dropped to a knee, but at the least his head is swimming. Still, the sound clears away and while he can't hear anything for now, it isn't going to stop him from entering the fight. There was no point in words, all that mattered now that this had been unleashed was strength. The cane is thrown away to the side and the tattered shirt part of the robes is simply ripped off. Retirement? Overrated.
Amidst the blood and wounds, there's an explosion of chakra pressure, the elder entering his stance, the one he's known for. His presence skyrocketing in response. And then, he walks, slowly, deliberately towards Sakura.

Dance the Oni did he dance.. and bleed everywhere!~ So much so (and surprisingly enough WITHOUT feeling like he would throw up) that even the onlookers yelling in the crowd were starting to get dizzy just from watching. Of course for them however such a feeling does not last for long due to a, as one would say, hi-light part of the new year bash (aka Yuuka Vs Sakura~) starting to switch into a higher gear in intensity. Naturally, Onimitsu is blind to it, and for that he suffered for it.
The chill came first as thier strength was devoured by another.. another blade.. competition for their meal perhaps? The yoshimitsu.. the Onimitsu.. both confused and neither certian of the truth of this. Only that the body could not take any more punishment even WITH the barrier in place without proving to their 'competition' their weakness to it.
Yoshimitsu… was not having in of that nonsense…
"…. Wake… We Wake for the… We watch the… We wake.. we watch.. we pass on their spoils~… Wake.. wake for the… Count them numbers as we fell them all… Numberless we be now.. their experience a the mortar…" Onimitsu rambled on into the dirt he laid against before pushing himself away from it, and completely clueless of how he got there in the first place except the sting reminder against his back.
"Wake… We wake now for our brothers and sisters… We wake for they have stolen a piece… we wake…" A violent violet aura overtakes him and his eye changes to match. Chakra building along with the change…
WIthin a second later he's gone once more…
A second later he's infront of Sakura, eyes dead of thought or emotion save one that could barely be considered one. Reckless Blood Lust.
"We WAKE YOU KNOW SISTA!" He slashes, and hacks, pursues and repeats.

Tsiro was paying attention to Onimitsu and all of a sudden he is hit by a white chakra aura. It drains and brings him down to one knee. The boy stands up and looks towards the seven swordsman. He picks up his hand and gives her a very rude gesture before limping off to the side of the arena. "I swear the shinobi of Kirigakure cant stand when someone's about to win a fight. Damn Okumo's and sword chicks." the boy mutters under his breath.

Yuuka blinks her bright aquamarine eyes at Sakura when the Seven Swordsman draws the blade of mist, shimmering unlike any she's ever seen. The wind and chakra whips at the length of her long, snow white hair as she narrows her eyes, scowling with growing annoyance. The mist, there was something unnatural to it. Yuuka breathes out sharply and snaps her hands around her as bone begins to sprout around her at an incredible rate, completely encasing her within layer upon layer of diamond-hard Kaguya bone while Sakura's whailing chakra swirls around everyone else in the arena. Its only after several moments after the attack that the giant bone cacoon begins to split, tiny specks crumbling from the shell before larger chunks fall away. "No, no one can dodge that." Yuuka murmurs in agreement, using her hands to brush dust from her bare arms. "And also, I would not even consider attempting the rank of Seven Swordsman if it were not for the fact that I have Yasushi-sensei's own sword…" She quirks a silver brow. "Now then. My turn." Yuuka lifts both of her hands straight at the swordsman, the fleshy tips bulging before an instant later firing ivory bullets.

Sakura's eyes narrow as Onimitsu attacks her with that familiar technique. The blade bites into her flesh, but her hand flies up and she grabs it with her bare hand. Blood seeps out between her fingers. "That's my technique," she hisses, before slashing Onimitsu to carve him up and turn to Yuuka. The bullets would hit home, but pass through as if Sakura were a heat haze. Her image ripples once then vanishes. By then Sakura would be behind her filling the air with flame for both Yuuka and Takeshi. She wipes her brow. That last attack took a great deal out of her, seems she's not trying to finish it here. "I imagined we'd be the last," she says with a broad grin to the two.
Takeshi continues walking forward, grinning at her proclamation, "The last? I've been watching, but once I saw you all fighting, the sake told me to join you." The fireballs hit home, or appear to, you can never really tell with this particular elder, or well, you can since the fireballs pass through him as if he was made of air and slam into the ground behind him. All the time, the old man doesn't stop moving forward once, continuously approaching her. "We both like fire then?"
Seals are made, a breath is taken and while walking, he breathes out a massive burst of flame, kunai streaming out of it towards her in a flash of flame, igniting the cloth wrapped around them.

This time she simply isn't quick enough. The fire scorches her flesh, blood streaming from her wounds as Yuuka flies backwards to land on her feet, digging her heels into the floor as she skids several yards. She winces to herself and reaches up to grip at her other arm. "Eugh…" the Kaguya shakes her pale head with a mild shudder. "I think I lasted long enough. I do not mind if you two go at each other." The corner of her lips tugs with a faint smile and a light chuckle. Keeping up with Sakura was exhausting anyways. Yuuka sighs as she rolls her shoulders, already intending on visiting the hospital to make sure she doesn't overdo it too much.

Sakura does something unusual when Yuuka withdraws. She lets out a deep sigh of relief. "Yeah, and you…rest," she says, both awkwardly and encouraging. She even gives a thumbs up, and then she's not there as a fireball sails through where she's been. She appears for a brief instant a ways away, and then winks from view again. There's a glint on metal, the scrape of steel, and then Sakura is right beside Takeshi slashing out viciously with her katana. Her phantom sword is sheathed. She says, "If you want to give up old man, I'll let ya go. Hehehe. That or show me what the Kaguya has to offer."

Takeshi nods at her, "Give up? I just might, being retired, do I have any real reason to fight with you bunch any longer?"
There's a glint in the light and then darkness as the two engage in a quick match with her sword. Dust is kicked up along with dirt and grass, both appear a little bit away from each other. The old man is the one who finally drops to a knee as blood spurts out in a fine mist, but after much tensing of old bones and forcing of old muscles, the geezer is upwards again, albeit a little wobbly. "Oh? Well, then, we'll end it in one round, since you're so keen on winning. I'm no Kaguya Sakura," He turns to face her slowly, "I don't have shikotsumyaku, I don't want it, instead, I have my own strength. A strength i've invested in for years." He raises his hands slowly, "It's called Broken Reed in the Wind and this is one of its techniques. If you want Kaguya techniques, you should find my son, Keisuke, head of the Odori family. He can show you true shikotsumyaku. I will never be able to."
Then the old man is gone, trailing blood, though at that speed all anyone sees is it flying into the ground, a fist appears before Sakura's stomach, Takeshi never having been one to attack from behind, probably his greatest weakness. It only takes the one blow, that's enough to finish Rei, that's enough to start it. If you miss the one, you miss them all, they come too fast one after the other, eventually blurring into three different old man striking at your body in various places and the finale is chakra, a single punch and a burst of chakra, because that's what a reed does, it adapts and then slices.

Sakura listens with actual interest to what Takeshi has to say. Her grin is positively devilish as she says, "Keisuke-kun? I have no interest in Kaguya techniques, they're ugly and crude. No one has any finesse in their attacks these days, it's all either bones or bugs flailing around." She disappears before the fist can touch her and is behind Takeshi slashing him in the back with all her force behind it. If not for the barriers it's enough to cut steel in half, though she has to wonder if Kaguya bones are stronger. "Actually that attack was fairly elegant. Simple, but elegant." Then she'd fling her bloodstained sword end over end to embed in the wall, inches from one of the seal maker's face, so close it leaves a red mark on his cheek. He gives a very un-shinobi-like scream. She leans over and spits out a tooth before walking out of the arena, and leaving others to do the clean up.

As the Elder and Swordsman clashed for one last time, Onimitsu begins to stir, then rise slowly, trembling back to his feet. His armor was dented, blade chipped, and life, even with the barrier in place, was still in danger without aid. He turned instinctively to look around for the field medics that were supposed to be on standby just incase things -did- inevitably get out of hand; only the more easily distracted ones remained with their eyes focused intently on watching Sakura and Takeshi. The one sole member among them who at least had some sense did (after mustering his courage) managed to sneak his way onto the field and 'convience' Daomi's spiderlings to allow him to help the boy off the field.
A rattling sigh escapes his lips before he turned away just as Sakura finished he strike against Takeshi. "…. Disatisfying.. these ones will have to hasten things then… this barely useful host… a trade-in for that one..", He emitted darkly with a trio of voices overlapping one another at the same time as he limped his way out. The violet aura still flickering around his form with the thickest concentrations centered around the dents in his armor… repairing from the way the metal seemed to 'grow' back in place…

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