New Year - What's all the fuss about


Eremi, Etsu

Date: January 6, 2012


It's the night of New Years Eve and Eremi was there to begin his resolution early for the New Year and Etsu showed up, wanting to see what she's missed all these years so far.

"New Year - What's all the fuss about"

Konoha; Marketplace

Despite the normal rules the Marketplace may enforce when it comes to being closed and barred off during the evenings, tonight is a special evening, granting access to all whom wish to celebrate and bring in the New Years. Many of the stalls and vendors are still open so they can continue to sell their wares, some small fireworks and the likes. However to make room, most of them have been pushed into closer knit groups and back out of the walkways for the crowds that are expected to mass here.
Strung across from each of the roof tops, around the archway, posts and what few trees and shrubs scatter about, are decorative lights to make the night just that more festive. Off in the distance at the Akimichi Village, a giant structure was erected, with a giant glass ball that sits on top.
With it being just an hour or so before the next year comes, the place is decently packed, making it quite surprising to see Eremi moving about with the rest of the people. He still looked quite nervous and uncomfortable as if he might have a panic attack from claustrophobia, but he remained diligent in his cause to stay here until the night ended.

If the people looked festive, then Etsu was the exact opposite of it all. She was still wandering around with her grey coat and gogles, hands stuffed into her pockets without any particular destination in mind. She easily made other people uncomfortable with the way she seemingly floated through the crowd like some sort of ghost. She had a reason, though for being the way she was. Not only was it just a clan trait, but she'd never celebrated the New Year before as she'd always been too sick to do so. Now that her illness has weakened to a degree, she's able to finally figure out what it's all about.

Eremi continued to move about as he headed toward one of his destinations for the night. Normally he would prefer to do this when it was less crowded, but seeing as how he was here might as well do it now. So he set out towards one of the stalls, eyes frantically moving about from person to person and his breathing some what struggled. At one point he ended up spotting another that seemed to draw far too much attention for a single person doing little more then being himself. It caused him to pause for a moment, wondering why that is and how he could do the exact opposite. Then he caught a quick glimpse of whom it was and not recognizing anyone else about, the boy moved over to greet, "Hello Etsu." He'd bow his head some before straightening up, "Are you here for the New Year as well or are you tracking a bug." Quickly he looked left or right as if he might spot one then focused back on the girl.

Etsu blinked behind her goggles, not expecting to be greeted by anyone. It came as a surprise to her when it happened, though. "Oh, uh…Hello Eremi," she offered to him a bit forced since she needed her voice to carry to him. "I'm here for…" She gave it some thought, "Both, I suppose. I'm looking for this New Year bug that seems to have gotten to everyone. I'm not sure where to find it, though," she made a bit of a joke. She lofted a brow at his eye shifts until it began to register what he was doing. She smirked and shook her head, "I don't think many insects will be in this area. Perhaps moths around lanterns…Ah, it seems you've pointed out something. Moths. There's always a new one to discover…"

Eremi shuffled a bit, trying to find a comfortable position to stand within the crowd. He was giving it all his effort to simply stay focused on Etsu and not peer about the area. Quickly, he took a deep breath to relax himself, "Did you just make a joke?" He raised an eyebrow and smiled in response. "Oh, well is that where you will be headed? For moths…" He questioned curiously, because he hadn't planned on going searching for bugs, especially not with so many people around. "I came here for this." Raising an arm to show off how badly damaged and dirtied his bandages had become.

Etsu decided not to answer the joke part and instead went ahead to the moths to spare herself. "I'm not heading for moths. I just thought about what kinds of insects might be around here and all I could come up with were moths," she explained followed by a light shrug. "I probably won't be looking for them this evening, though…" She looked around at the festivities. She didn't exactly know where to begin. When she returned her focus to Eremi and saw how dirtied his bandages were, she cocked her head to one side asking, "Are you going to change those?'

Eremi nodded in response, smiling as he was somewhat relieved to here they weren't going to be searching for insects this night. For some reason, including himself, even if he was never asked to help. "Yes, but first I need to buy some new ones. My last roll ran out, so I figured I should stock up once again." He dropped his arms to his sides after gesturing in the direction where he knew they were being sold at. "You're welcome to come with me." He paused for a moment, "I'd enjoy the company and besides, there should still be at least 30 minutes before anything starts." Then as if on cue, a small handful of fireworks went off in the distance to signify someone starting their celebration rather early. The noise alone cause Eremi to jerk in response, but he laughed it off as he began to move where he needed to go.

Etsu nodded in reply to Eremi's explanation and offer to come with. She began to walk after him, but the fireworks off in the distance caught her off guard. Her hands clenched in her pockets as if she was ready to pull out some sort of weapon to attack. She relaxed when she realized that it was only just some sort of light shot, though she didn't understand it all that well. Did this happen often? When she looked around and saw that she was a bit behind in following Eremi, she picked up the pace to try and close the gap between them. "Are you okay?" She asked of him as he jerked at much the same time she did.

"I'm fine, just was a little startled is all." Eremi hadn't noticed the same had happened to Etsu as he lead to where they were going, so he continued to explain, "I prepared myself for them to go off at midnight, like usual, not randomly throughout the night." The crowds of people gathering began to get tighter and tighter, forcing Eremi to choose different routes that were more open, but in the end leading him a few feet ahead of where they started. "Normally I'd watch the festivities back in Kadomai, but that wouldn't work for the resolutions I set up for myself this year." Ahead was the vendor that sold his bandages, causing him to momentarily forget to mention just exactly what his resolutions for the New Year were. "What about you, did you make any resolutions?"

Etsu didn't know they were supposed to go off at midnight, but now that she does, she knows what to expect. Her reaction if she hadn't known might not have been pleasant. "Resolutions?" She had a lot of questions. "I haven't made any resolutions. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be doing today at all. I know people look like they're having fun, but I've never been part of this so…I don't know what all goes into it."

Finally reaching the stall, Eremi moved over toward one of the open spots before turning to face Etsu with a look of surprise. Before saying a word he began to glance around, at nothing in particular really, just trying to imagine how that could be possible. When nothing came to mind he looked at the girl, focusing on her goggles, "Well, it's mostly an adult thing really, where they all get together and party for the last night of the year." He raised a hand to point at the giant glass ball off in the distance, "That's to signify the countdown before the new year rolls over, where they can then 'start fresh' as if all their past transgressions are forgotten." His hand went back to his side and dug into his pocket, "A resolution is simply something you vow to do in the new year, that you wanted to, but were unable to do. Mine for example is to cast away my timid nature and become more open and accepting toward others. To be able to leave my house in the morning, without fear of…anything really." He really felt he had his work cut out for him this year.

Etsu looked toward the glass ball that signified the new year. Renewal and refreshment. She thinks she gets it, though she honestly doesn't see how people are going to act like they've forgotten things from the past year. What if they had a debt to be paid or something? "So, I have to make a resolution for the new year. I'm not sure of what I want," she hmmed. "I think I'd like to expand my business. Hire others to help me with pest control," she nods. "It gets to be tough work on my own and I can always use a helping hand." She paused. "Does that work as a resolution?"

Eremi smiled and nodded, "Yes, that works as a resolution. In other words, they're goals to strive for." He pulled his hand from his pocket as he turned toward the vendor, placing some money on the counter, "Couple rolls of bandaging please." The vendor turned around, reaching into a shelf before returning and making the exchange. Quickly, Eremi placed all the bandages into his pouch then went back to Etsu. "Wait, you have a pest control business?" That seemed like a bit of a contradiction, considering the clan she belonged to.
Suddenly, all the lights in the area went to a low dim and the crowd turned to the Akimichi Village where the giant structure that held the glass ball lit up with bright lights. It was obvious the New Year was almost upon them with everyone growing quiet in anticipation.
"It's about to start." Instinctively and without realizing it, Eremi reached for Etsu's hand to drag her away from the crowd and out of the market place. He took her down one path and then into a next, through some trees and stopping in a wide open area in full view of the structure. His hand let go of hers at that point and rested at his side.
The glass ball then erupted with a bright red light, giving it the look of a giant fireball as it descended down the structure and the roar of the crowd can be heard as it began it's count down, '10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…'
The fireball reached the end and all the fireworks placed near by went off. Showering the sky with bright colors of all kinds. Eremi turned to look at Etsu, "Happy New Years Etsu." He said with a smile and closed eyes.

Etsu nodded. "Then I'll expand. I don't know where to, though. I should consider where most of my work takes place at…" She hummed for a few moments while giving it thought. "Maybe I should go to…" her voice trailed off and eyebrow lofted at his question. "Pest control? Yes, I do have a pest control business," she grinned. "But I don't exterminate. I simply rid the home of the problem and place it elsewhere. However, if it's something that will negatively affect someplace else, then I may have no choice but to eliminate the problem—" Though her statement was finished, she found herself cut a bit short on time to actually finish it as she was grabbed by the hand and running out of the marketplace. She was confused about what was going on.
"Wait, what's about to start?" She asked, then took note of the lights going dim around the village. Was that supposed to happen? Why is he so excited about this? Lack of light isn't a good thing… Well, for others, at least. When they finally reach their destination, the Aburame is busy plucking leaves and twigs off her body that managed to latch on in their escape from…whatever it was. The countdown began and she wasn't sure of what was going on. Everyone seemed happy that this was happening. She braced herself for whatever would happen, but nothing did other than some fireworks going off and cheering.
"Happy New Year?" She offered to Eremi in confusion.

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