Dreams - Nightmare of a Ghost



Date: March 8, 2011


None given.

"Dreams - Nightmare of a Ghost"

Unknown location

The Dream is always the same.

I am sitting in the living room playing cards with my Mommy. I love
being with her; she is always so busy with work. I like how when she comes
home she pays attention to me. I miss her when she is gone so it makes me
happy to be with her. When Mommy is home I can be happy. I love my Mommy.

It is very scary outside, the wind is howling like some kind of banshee.
It doesn't matter because I'm with my Mommy. I'm even winning the
card-game. The howling is bugging me more and more and it seems to be
getting louder. Mommy doesn't seem to care so I try to ignore it. But I
can't, and soon I can't hear mommy talking or laughing any more.

Mommy starts bleeding. Red tears are streaming down her face. That's not
right, why is mommy crying like that? It's not supposed to be like this. I
cry out to her, but the banshee is screaming too loudly that she can't
hear me. I run around the table and begin to shake her to ask her why she
is crying and bleeding. She doesn't hear me and begins to deal the cards

The blood begins to come out of her mouth and ears too. Now I'm really
scared. Mommy needs help, but she is ignoring me. Even as I shake her she
ignores me. Why won't she listen to me? Why doesn't she care?

Suddenly, Mommy begins shaking, and the deck of cards flutters to the
floor. Mommy convulses violently, her mouth wide in a silent scream. It
doesn't stay silent for long, as soon all I can hear mommy screaming. Soon
I can't even hear the banshee it's so loud. My head hurts so much, I can't
bear it. I can't close my eyes as mommy convulses and screams and begins
to melt. Her face begins to droop like it's made of clay. Skin begins to
simply slide off flesh and flesh falls from the bone. And still she
screams. As her eyes melt out of her head, she screams. As bloody bony
hands reach out towards me, she screams. As Mommy hugs me, she keeps
screaming. I'm covered in Mommy and I can hear myself screaming too.

And then it's dark. I can hear Mommy's scream in my head but it's fading
like an echo into absolute silence.

It's so dark. So quiet. I can hear my breath, raspy from my throat and
the screaming. My heartbeat seems to echo into the void and pound against
the inside of my skull. I can't feel my body. I'm not standing, I'm not
floating, I am simply… Nothing. Just my breath and my heart in an empty
void of infinite Nothingness.

And suddenly, everything isn't Nothing. I can feel cold wet grass against
my feet. I've never felt grass before. It feels exquisite. A cool breeze
blows against my bare skin. It's so different from the harsh dry desert
winds. It's so nice. But something is wrong; everything is dark like it's
cloudy, but the black sun above shines brightly down on the valley floor.
A dark forest is in front of me but I don't want to go there. It looks

Turning around I see a cave. It's black inside. Blacker than black, it
looks like the Nothing. I don't want to go back to the Nothing. Anywhere
but the Nothing. I take a step backwards and something touches my foot. It
felt cold and slimy. When I look, there is nothing there. I take another
step and something slimy grabs my foot, and then the other, pulling them
together so tightly it hurt. Whatever is holding me, I can't see them. The
slimy thing wraps higher up around my legs until I can't move them at all.
Something else grabs my hands and arms. The slime is so cold I begin to
shiver. When I struggle, the bindings only get tighter and I cry out in
pain. My throat hurts so bad the only sound I make is a raspy squeak.

I'm being picked up. I'm in the air. The Things pull my arms wide so
hard it feels like they are going to rip my arms off. Something cold and
hard presses against my naked back arms and legs. It's metal. The things
wrap around it too. I can't move, the more I struggle the more it hurts.

Then something begins to come out of the cave. Someone. It looks like a
person, but they keep not being a person. They keep shifting, like a
shadowy blanket with something shifting underneath. It has no features of
a person but It does have eyes. It has eyes with the Nothing inside of it.
I fight, but the Things hold me tightly and my wrists and legs begin to
bleed as they cut into my skin. It hurts so much, but I can't cry, I have
no voice.

It moves up to me, always staring at my eyes. I can't look away from the
Nothing. It scares me so much. It's hand comes up to touch my face. It is
gentle, but cold and hot. It's touch is freezing my skin and I can feel it
burn at the same time. It holds my face for an excruciatingly long time
all while I scream in fear and pain but make no sound.

The worst is It's eyes. It's horrible not-eyes. I cannot stop staring
into the Nothing, as if it's sucking me inside. It wants me.

It's hand comes away from my face, but the hot and cold still linger on
my cheek. The pain in my wrist and legs are so intense I just know the
bones have broken. It's hand moves lower and lower before resting just
above my belly. I am shaking. I can't speak, I can't scream, all I can do
is watch as It takes It's hand and plunges it deep into my belly. There is
no pain, only a strange cold warmth deep inside.

It's no-eyes stare continually into me, into my soul. Almost tenderly It
speaks, and instantly I know it is He and not It. The tone is filled with
a loving malevolence as He whispers all but two small simple words that
run a dagger of ice into my heart

"My Child."


Kasumi woke up screaming, her voice hoarse. Her skin was cold and she
was covered in sweat and was shaking almost violently. She just couldn't
stop shaking. The dream started out like it always did, but tonight…
Tonight was worse. She could almost still feel the Things holding her
wrists and Him plunging His hand inside her. Sickened, she rolls to the
edge of the bed and releases the contents of her stomach onto the
sandstone floor.

She didn't sleep at all again that night.

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