Dreams - Nightmare On Hiro



Date: March 12, 2011


None given.

"Dreams - Nightmare On Hiro"

Unknown location

Hiroshi would be fast asleep in his bedroom. An ordinary room at that,
void of true color and decorations. Just a room of darkness and nothing
more. Hiroshi would stir in his sleep a frown forming upon his face as he
soon grunts. To his very toes he would soon find himself terrified, the
ground under him gives away, and his nightmare now begins. The area
becomes full of color as the Teen hyuuga would find himself above a single
horse, easily trotting back to his village, a smile upon his face. His
ebony hair resting easily below his back. "Home sweet home." He would say,
only to soon find his horse coming to a halt. The ground under him which
was once firm and dry soon becomes soft and mushy. The horse begins to
sink, attempting to break free but to no avail. Hiroshi himself
attemptings to jump off, only to find himself grabbed while airborne by a
large tar like hand, dragging him down into the mush. @emit
Hiroshi would be surrounded in utter darkness as visions of his friends
and family circle around him. Yuzuna would be the first, the young female
heiress looking very displeased. "You preach on protecting those who are
precious to you, but you could not even protect your own mother in the
end." Would be said in disgust, the face soon fading away, leaving Hiroshi
lost for words. Tosai would soon make an appearance the large jounin nin
simply shaking his head at Hiroshi, "You let your own mother die? Dude
that is low. A true shinobi does not let his family down like that." The
Akamichi's words would sting, Further adding to the stun Hiroshi is
feeling. And finally his family. Father, brother, and so on. "You let my
wife die.You are no son of mine." The head of the main branch would say
then soon joined by his son. "Your emotions made you weak baby brother.
You should be more like me, and maybe, you could actually fit in around
here." Hiroshi would simply close his eyes screaming in the darkening void
as he continues to fall into darkness. @emit
Hiroshi would soon find himself in the heat of battle Kiri shinobi and
Konoha shinobi. Two kunai in hand Hiroshi would walk tall and proud among
the many broken and beaten bodies that surround him. "Please.mercy." would
be heard, weakly from a Kiri shinobi. Only to be silence from being
stabbed through the eye by Hiroshi. "A tool without borders, a shinobi
without emotions. This is how a true shinobi walks, this is how you should
truly act. Void of family, and attachments. The perfect tool for the
perfect job." Would be heard, echoing through out the area. "The white
Death, the one with the evil eyes. The shinobi without borders." All of
these names would echo the battle field as Hiroshi walks through the land
of bodies. In the distance, Hiroshi would catch glance of a familiar face,
Odo, the one whom Hiroshi let go free. "You.my mother died because of
you." He would say, the Shinobi odo only laughing cackling even. @emit
In a flash Hiroshis blood line would activate, the burning eyes no longer
white simply filled with darkness. In an instance Odo was stabbed in the
throat, the pitch black eyed Hyuuga teen could only grin as the warm blood
dripped onto his hand. "Hiroshi" would be heard, the voice of a female
soft, and lacking hatred. "Hiroshi. Is this what you truly wished to
become after my death? A heartless monster without restraints. Is this why
you wanted your emotions sealed away? What made my son, my son.was his
heart. Not being Heartless." The voice would say, fading into the
distance. Hiroshi could only remain quiet, the area around him darkening
once more, a gut wrenching scream filling the area, and with that he
awakened. @emit
heavy breathing, the teen hyuuga awakens from his nightmare, full of
swear and worry. He could only clench his head in pain as he rolls off the
matt. Slamming his fist on the ground, slamming harder, and harder, before
he finally punches the floor leaving only a dent in it.

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