Dreams - Nightmareland



Date: March 6, 2011


None given.

"Dreams - Nightmareland"

Unknown location

Note: This is tied into both Broken Memories Pt. 3 and next week's Weekly
RP Challenge! You do not need to be familiar with one to do the other.
It's just for flavor. ;D

There are six Chakra Natures in this world. The five base Elemental
Chakra Natures of Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, and Lightning, and then a
sixth, Yin-Yang, that governs dark and light, illusion and reality, death
and life…

One man, a thousand years ago, was able to wield the Yin-Yang Chakra
Nature to create life itself. With Yin, he used his imagination alone to
make anything he wished. With Yang, he breathed life into his creations
and gave them physical form.

Ankoku Cave, a cavern on the northern border of the Land of Fire, is
saturated in the Yin Chakra Nature. It will remain tainted forever, even
with the source of the corruption removed. Imagination dictates reality in
that place.

I have been trapped in Ankoku Cave for nearly one-thousand years. I am
one of the three sons of that man who could create life from his will and
his Chakra. I am dead, but I am not at peace. However, my chance to escape
draws near at last.

My rebirth into the world beyond this land of nightmares will be
announced by the sound of every sleeping man, woman, child, and elder
crying out in the night. Beware, all of you living.

I am the Life-Breaker. And I come for you in your dreams.

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