Nighttime conversations


Naru, Taiki

Date: March 18, 2012


Naru tries to sneak into the Inuzuka complex to visit Taiki… in the middle of the night

"Nighttime conversations"

Taiki's house

Naru was attempting to be a rather sly beast this night, she kept all of her ninja gear at home for this rather adventurous night. Truth be told she had been trying to sleep for quite some time, of course it didnt quite work so instead she decided to be restless and do something she probably would have never of thought of doing… Sneak into the Inuzaka compound and see her friend Taiki, sleep or not… she watched to catch him completely off guard. She was getting incredibly skilled with her genjutsu as of late, so she attempted to use this same method for sneaking into the compound. Though getting in the compound was a little on the easy side, sneaking into Taiki's place was going to be a different story… She took a premptive to everything though, her eyes gleamed with the sharingan, tracing each sign of life spotting the various amounts of chakra even within the Ninken, it was then she attempted to force her genjutsu link over the group of Inuzaka… It wasn't working at all… They shrugged it off as if nothing had happened at all actually! With a light sigh she rubs the back of her head. " I guess I have no choice but to knock today…" She whispers quietly, finally going up to the guards, obviously with her sharingan deactivated. " Excuse me… Is it possible you can show me to Inuzaka Taiki? I was suppose to speak to him about an up coming mission.." She lies point blank at them, while carrying a sweet smile on her face.

The guards looked at Naru, then at each other, one said to the other, "Why would an Uchiha want to see that loser for?"
The other guard simply shakes his head, then sighs. "Whatever. I think this is an odd time for someone meeting to discuss a mission, but it is Taiki we're talking about." He then shrugs and says, "See the big mansion in the middle? Head toward that, make a left before you enter the doors, then the second left. It will be the large house on the right. Be careful, the l… Taiki's family is under heavy guard." The second human's last words left little to the imagination. He felt such a use of man/dogpower a waste.

Naru couldn't help but to cringe slightly at their words, it got her slightly of guard for the balatant disrespect they were giving him right out of the gate, she didn't say anything though, after all she didnt want to risk getting kicked out from the area just because she had a different opinion. "What…ever," She merely sums up her response with a narrowed pair of eyes, she took their directions at heart at least and began to move along… There was still a chance that she could get up to the mansion without a problem right? She more or less kept to the shadows while quietly motioning towards where Taiki might be, she peered and checked for chakra levels… A few dim lit lights hanging in the giant mansion above, of course she saw something else near the mansion, a ninken guarding right outside of the window, once again she would attempt her work of magic, it as sleep right? She could try to be as sneaky as possible, and simply fade out of existence if the Ninken managed to catch on…And thats only if her genjutsu worked and it didnt… Rather then messing around any longer she merely motions up to the door to knock… She knew exactly what she was going to say… Hopefully this time she wouldn't have to deal with any idiots…

Loud barks can be heard inside when Naru knocks, as well as a growl behind her. It appears the ninken she tried to link was not asleep, and was particularly sensitive to mind tricks. The growl would warn Naru not to make any sudden movements, or she would have to face the probably elite dog.
Not even half a minute later the door opened to reveal a tall man with Inuzuka fang marks on his face. He had a definite resemblance to Taiki, save the hair was black with only a little bit of grey showing. He was wearing a hastily thrown on night-kimono, and a sheathed sword was held in his left hand. The man pretty much exuded authority, one born from years and years of training and position. "Who are you? What do you want?" The man asks, his face set in stone. Behind him was a woman with brown hair, lighter than Taiki's, and two ninken. She more than likely is his mother.

Naru was definitely caught off guard when it came to this man before her, she merely scratches the top of her head and slinks back a little bit, that and the threatening dog near the window had definitely caught her on edge… She thought things would be a little easier sneaking into the compound… Perhaps she should have messed with the akimichi instead… " Um… I was hoping to speak with Taiki-san…about an upcoming mission…?" She speaks up suddenly, mostly to disengage the father she didnt even bother to look at the mother behind them, Taiki's father was holding a weapon… "

Taiki's father looks at Naru for a moment, as if appraising her. He even sniffs the air a couple of times. "It's okay Yono," he says in a slight growl. The dog behind Naru stops growling and turns around to head back toward his original post. The man in the meantime waves to the woman behind him, and one of the dogs splits off to go deeper into the house while he opens the door widely. "Please come in, Uchiha'san. I'm sorry for the cold welcome, but given my son's current circumstances, we are required to be cautious." Once Naru is in he shuts the door behind him and taps a seal on the wall, igniting the lights in the entry hall. "I'm Inuzuka Kenshin, Taiki's father. He will be along shortly."

The cold welcome caused Naru to finally relax her shoulders as the man had introduced himself and summoned away the prowling ninken, she feels the goose bumps slowly begin to disspitate as she bows her head back before Taiki's father. "Its very nice to meet you, my name is Uchiha Narusegawa, obviously I'm a friend of Taiki, I am quite sorry to disturb you all this late though I didn't know he would be in such a… large house," Naru spoke up as she finally looked around, even in the Uchiha Compound not very many people had massive mansions like this, it was lots of confined space, the higher ups of Uchiha had larger houses but none of it really mattered, the whole clan was too busy training and keeping up with other things, a strong clan but they didn't really keep to formalities that well, they were all on the same level.

Kenshin chuckles a bit and looks around. "It is rather austentacious, isn't it?" the man questions as he leads Naru further into the compound. "Uchiha Narusegawa… You wouldn't be "Naru" to your friends, wouldn't you? If so, we've heard a lot about you. Don't worry, it was all good…" He then waits for Naru to take off her outside shoes and offers her slippers to move to a living room. "But anyway, as far as the house is concerned, it's because I'm the brother of the Founder's Clan heir. Second younger brother. Most of this place is for presentation only, so that outsiders to our clan have a place to visit with us that isn't part of the Meeting House. And since I'm one of the main representatives of the clan to the other clans below our clan head, it's necessary."
The door opens to reveal Taiki in a night-Kimono, followed by Shinobu. "You called Otousan?" he says somewhat formally, though his eyes flick over toward Naru for a moment.

Naru felt a little more welcomed once Taiki's father had talked to her a little more, she noticed the gesture and quickly began to pull off her shoes, she ahd almost forgotten to do so, after all she had done the same at her residence as well. Yawning quietly as she had down so she peered intently at the Elder Inuzaka, listening to what he had to say. " You… know about me?" Naru couldn't help but to question in bewilderment, of course when he mentions everything is cool a sigh of relief comes over her, she notes that Taiki's father is basically in direction relations with the clan heir, which she sort of already knew but it definitely made her understand the situation a bit more, however as Taiki came down in his Kimono she couldn't help but to have a pair of blushed cheeks, rubbing the side of her raven locks she peered off to the side, slightly embarassed.. She was hoping to surprise Taiki… Better luck next time. " Oh hey… Taiki-san… I wanted to talk to you for a bit…" She speaks… Obviously very uncomfortable at the moment.

Kenshin takes a look back to the woman who was obviously Taiki's mother and smirks slightly before answering, "Yes, Uchiha Naru'san had mentioned wanting to talk to you," the man said formally, though with an obvious warmth. It wasn't Taiki's immediate family that was the problem, after all. Both parents seem slightly amused by Taiki's sudden rigidness and blush that forms on his own cheeks. Obviously the young Inuzuka wasn't expecting company, as more than a little of his chest is exposed and the sash is only loosely sinched.
Taiki barely holds in an "Eep!" as he struggles to straighten himself out. Another minute later and Taiki's robe is tighter, and covering more of him. He tries to recover what is left of his dignity by bowing to Naru and asking, "With Otou'sama's permission, we can go to one of the small informal lounges?" The question is to both parents and Naru, though he's not looking anyone in the eyes right now. Shinobu is huffing slightly, a doggie version of laughter.

The whole situation for the most part caught Naru off guard, all she could really do was listen and nod her head. She kept her eyes down on Taiki for now, still scratchign along side of her head as for the most part she remained idle and reserved… She really didn't know if she could make things any easier, though his parents seemed to be surprisingly cool about Naru's intrusion… Naru's own parents wouldn't have been close to as forgiving… Though as he had finally brought up the question the stiff naru finally relaxed and her pumpkin hue'd eyes glistened slightly. " Oh um.. That sounds perfectly fine with me," she replies back with a smile, while bowing her head against to his parents… it was a respect thing, as she waited to hear their reply..

Kenshin looks between the two blushing teens for the moment before asking his wife silently if they should agree. Taiki's mom just chuckles and lightly slaps his shoulder before turning to the two. "That will be fine Taiki. Just bear in mind that there will be dogs outside the room, so no funny business," she says with a smirk. The woman is not above some teasing of her own, apparently.
Taiki turns tomato red and bows stiffly to his parents. "Hai Okaasan," he squeeks, which causes his hair to reflect the redness of his face. "C… co… come on Naru'san…" Taiki stammers out, turning and openning the door. As he leads Naru to a door just down the hallway the parents laughter echoes in the halls. He opens the door again, waits for Naru to enter, then closes it and slumps. "Geez… do they have to be /quite/ so embarressing?" he asks quietly before motioning toward a chair. "P…please have a seat Naru'chan…"

The comments had certainly gotten Naru a little off guard also, though she really attempted to ignore it she kept a neat blush and a hand over her cheeks as Taiki's parents had allowed it, and swiftly for the most part went by his side to follow him into the lounge. A sigh of relief finally had escaped her lips, while she motioned toward a chair she was offered and merely taking a seat, she smiles up at Taiki, crossing her legs along one another. " That was a little embarassing wasn't it… I wasn't expecting to have to meet anyone.. I was actually trying to sneak into your room….Which is apparently impossible, security seems to be pretty tight… They put a seal on your door…?" She spoke up finally…. The security seemed to be a little extreme but then again, Hyuuga put cursed seals on their branch members forehead…

"I suppose it's to be expected from all parents. They seem to delight in embarrassing their children, why I would not know," he says as he takes a seat near Naru. He doesn't cross his legs, but instead reaches them out a bit as he tries to cool down and relax. He listens to Naru's story and then chuckles a little. "Right now I have not one, but two sets of people out to get me for whatever reasons they have. Those Elders that disapprove of me is one group, while that group that ambushed us on the way back is another. They did say my days were numbered after all," he says with a shrug. "So yeah… It's why I try not to spend any more time in this compound as possible. I'm safer at the training grounds and in public places. But… what seal?"

The conversation seemed to quickly turn into something a slight bit darker than she had expected, of course she knew things were happening but she had no idea just how bad until they were ambushed after the chuunin exams. " I remember.." Naru whispers softly, her eyes watching carefully over Taiki as she examined him from afar. " Those elders are stupid… I'm sure we can come up with a remedy for this situation but I suppose it will take some time…" She states while tilting her head at his question. " Your father mentioned there was some kind of seal on the outside of your door.. Its a good thing i didn't sneak in that way or else something bad could have possibly happened…" Naru states, slightly with a hint of curiousity and wonder. " I didn't wake you up did I…Ta-kun..?"

Taiki thinks for a moment then nods. "Yeah… anyone besides myself, my parents, Atsuro'sensei, and a couple other Inuzuka from the Beta Clan enter the room and an alarm will sound," he says after thinking about it. "And there's another set of seals identical to them on the window, but with another set of seals set to shock anyone sneaking in that way. My parents are trying to not hinder my life any more than necessary, but it really isn't advisable to try to sneak in Naru'chan. I wouldn't want you to get hurt trying it." He then blushes again and shakes his head. "No, you didn't wake me. I was kinda reading a book when Otousan's ninken came to get me. I was trying to get my mind off my notes on the new style I'm working on."

"And I have been trying to perfect my genjutsu… my entire time going through here I wasn't able to link with a single person, that definitely says something about your security… Or maybe my genjutsu is really begining to suffer…" Naru states, though she smiles slightly and nods to his idea. "I will refrain from coming here like that again… At least until I gain a bit more skill," she teases with a rather sly grin. " You have been working on something new? A new style? Hopefully not by the influence by Atsuro-san… I've seen what hes done to Ryo…"

Taiki chuckles at Naru's disapproval of Ryo and smiles at her. "Atsuro'sensei isn't as bad as you think Naru'chan. Yeah, he's… uncouth and ill mannered, and he delights in being so. He also picks on people he likes, but gets only gets vicious against people he doesn't. But he does care, Naru'chan. Don't tell anyone I said this, but the man carried me back to the compound from Hitoshisan's house the night he found out what is going on, and is working to keep me sane. To be perfectly honest, some days that's a feat in and of itself," he says with a shrug.
He spends the next few moments staring off into space before he shrugs and looks back at his friend. "But no, it's not based on Atsurosensei's influence. No, it is more like adapting the new trend in elemental taijutsu to the Inuzuka clan. Our techniques are not normally adaptable in that manner, so I have to almost reinvent the style from scratch. For one thing, our techniques utilize our ninken, and elemental taijutsu doesn't harness that."

"I'm just… Not very fond of him…" Naru merely explains, brushing a hand along her cheek while resting her head into her palms, it seems like being out this late was finally begining to get to her, she was definitely on the tired side at this point. "Sanity can be difficult to keep in dire circumstances..But you just have to keep believing in yourself…No matter what…" She explains, "Don't think of it as going against your clans wishes… You will just be making a unique style that noother inuzaka has ever done… Almost like a protege of your kind…"

Taiki's smile shifts to a warm one as he looks at her. "Thanks Naru'chan. I just wish more people in my clan can see it that way. But… they'll come around sooner or later, and the die hards will face justice. They've done too much Naru. They've cost me too much. A part of me wants to kill them all, even if I couldn't get the Elders. And it's not like…" He stops for a minute then shrugs and drops that part, though there's something definitely there. "Frying Sakura'teme was easily more than enough to prove I can only be pushed so far…" His eyes are dark at that point as he stares past Naru, not looking her in the eyes. They soften and he continues, "I need to get my hair trigger under control though. Nearly attacking that councilwoman was not a good thing. It was just too much upon too much, ya know?"

"Its a hard thing to control but…" Naru grins at him as she finally had say up just a little bit, and motioned over towards him, her eyes flicker for just a moment before turning into an embelishing deep red, her sharingan appearing within her eyes. " The aren't as different as things might seem to be… I unlocked this power out of shear rage and the want to kill and survive…" Naru whispers softly to him, " I know its a bad situation but you have to make the best of it… It has allowed you to become stronger hasn't it?" She asks curiously, tilting her head to the side while she attempts to reach out and touch against his cheek. " And between you and I…Ryo and myself has been doing very extraneous training… We fight until there is not an ounce of strength left within our bodies… We aim for a near death state in order to get to the next step…I'm just trying to say that nothing really comes without suffering…

Taiki lets Naru touch his cheeks, allowing her to feel the light scar tissue from being burnt by fire. Normally it is hard to see, but it is there, and probably more pronounced under the Sharingan. "There are some things I want to disagree with you on that, Na'chan," he says quietly as he looks her in the eyes. His brown eyes, lighter than most Inuzuka's and not the "spike eyes" of most of his clan, appear to hold some gratitude. "On others I can see your point, like real strength for example. But there is a difference between what you and Ryo put yourselves through and…" he reaches up to tap his back near his shoulders, "This. You and Ryo, you go through those trials willingly. Me, I never asked for the scorn and physical attacks I received. I do have to admit, and possibly thank them, for making me stronger, but I just as soon wished I could have had a choice in the matter. And even so…" He is cut off by a yawn as he stands up, taking Naru's hand for a moment and squeezing it. "Never mind, it's not important at the moment. Was there something you actually wanted to tell me though?" he asks, changing the topic.

"I just had a abit on my mind is all… But We can talk about all of that later…" Naru concluded with a smile, she smiled at her hand being squeezed before slowly taking it back. " You mind if I relax here just for a little longer at least… I really didnt have any missions to talk about…But perhaps we can plan to go on a few…" Her voice trails off abit as she merely slips back to take a seat next to him. Smiling lighly and nodding her head. " I understand what you mean… I suppose that is the main difference between the two of us… "

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