Nine Live, One Host - Part Three


Freyr (emitter), Naruko

Date: June 10, 2015


Naruko undergoes the second and most difficult test of Matatabi, that of the heart.

"Nine Live, One Host - Part Three"

Inside Naruko's Mind

It's been a couple of days since the first test, Matatabi has given you a few days to recover from having to use your brain so much. It might not mean much right now, but he is proud of you for achieving what he considered the hardest test. But now, as you awaken, you find yourself once again in that place deep inside you where Matatabi rests. The scene is different, you wake up inside a circle surrounded by candles and Matatabi sitting in front of you.

This was a different sight, and not one that Naruko minded all that much. She crosses her legs along one another, sitting before Matatabi as she peers around noticing the various candles. From there she rests her elbow down into her thigh, propping up her head so she could peer at him rather sheepishly. "Hmmm yo," Naruko greets, a soft sigh escaping her lips slowing into a grin. "If you were going to bring candles I could have brought dinner you know…"

Matatabi looks at Naruko quite seriously and says, "It's time to dwelve into your heart. To bring everything out into the light so that there are no more secrets between us. Who are you, who you care about, all the bonds and connections you've made and all that you keep locked inside will be revealed tonight… and weighed." He crosses his own leg as his tails sway lightly and says, "You will have to face yourself this time, because I am not you. But I will help to bring it about, close your eyes Naruko…"

Naruko does as she is told, she closes her eyes and takes a deep breath, huffing lightly as she attempted to center herself, or whatever. "My heart is pretty open to see. I don't have a lot to hide." Naruko states while folding her hands into her lap. Facing herself didn't sound fun at all… But nevertheless she waited for what would happen next.

Matatabi actually looks sympathetic as his hand reaches into your chest and when you open your eyes, Matatabi is gone. In his place, is a mirror image of you, but, off somehow… darker, scarier, the you that you don't ever show anyone else, including yourself.

Naruko hadn't quite seen this before, maybe sometimes looking in a mirror after a really rough morning but no this was something different. The Naruko she was seeing here wasn't at all like her. She couldn't help but to double taken briefly as she suddenly thumbs a finger behind her ear. "Huh…?" She squints her eyes and backs up fairly defensively. " You shouldn't be inside me… You don't belong here…" Naruko speaks softly as she clutches her fists. "What is someone like you doing here… of all places?"

The Dark-Naruko smirks and says, "Oh but I DO!, I'm you Naruko, I'm just the you that you don't want to admit exists… I'm everything you WANT to be, but are afraid to be. I am your desires, your rage, your hatred, your fears and your deepest darkest secrets, all wrapped up in a cute package." She smiles semi-benevolently at her light-self.

"You can't be me if I'm me though…that doesn't even make sense!" Naruko exclaims as she shakes her head. "I'm nothing like you… you shouldn't even be here. How did you get here? There can't be two of us at once…" With that she takes a step forward. "You're not cute! I don't even act like that! Naruko was about ready to send the little ugly clone packing… If she could think of a way to do so. " You don't protect my friends, you don't know anything about my family… You don't know anything about my life…" She sighed softly, considering things a bit…she had many desires, her rage mostly had to deal with people causing violence and issues around the world… she hated matatabi for awhile, the pain she had inflicted on some of her close friends. Being alone was a killer though, if there was one weakness it was the fact that she couldn't be alone. SHe wouldn't last.

Dark-Naruko just laughs darkly, "Oh, what a poor poor little girl you are… all alone… who really cares about you anyways? Matatabi? He's a parasite, using our body like a house, controlling us when we don't do what he wants. Michiko? She's got her nose stuck in books all the time too much to even notice us half the time? Need I go on? Should I name everyone of our so-called 'friends' who use and betray us? Oh! Maybe I should bring up how we hate people who cause violence and issues around the world, YET WE DO MORE THAN ANYONE!" She laughs again darkly and then grins at Naruko, "Let's face it Naruko, you are me, I'm just better at it."

Matatabi may be an overlording big kitty but he does care to some degree. I wouldn't eve be here if it wasn't for Matatabi! A parasite…" She clenches her cheek as she considers that comment… did she really think that…maybe sometimes.. "No.. your wrong. Michiko looks out for us all the time…. For people who cause problems… I try not to do anything to do much…But for the people who have been hurt by me they truly deserved it. They did despicable acts… " She frowns more so as she continues to observe Dark-Naruko from afar. "I know I'm a bit selfish at times. I do what's fun for me… But someone like you, it looks like you are the type that tramples upon others… We are nothing alike…"

Dark Naruko laughs darkly again and puts hand up to her mouth and says, "Oh you silly little girl, you don't trample on others? Is that really true? And who are YOU to judge whether they truly deserved it or not? Who made you Goddess…" She smiles, "But then, that right, isn't it? You enjoy the power of life and death, you get thrills fighting, the fact that they are 'evil' is just the excuse you use to grant yourself permission to do what you want. So sad, so selfish, sooooooo ME! Ho ho ho ho ho ho!"

Them being evil is the reason why you can't hold back! At least not a whole lot!" Naruko counters back with a shake of her head. "I don't enjoy the power of life and death, I don't like ending lives. But I will do whatever it takes to protect my friends and myself if I have to… It's a last resort…" Naruko replies back relenting and sighing softly. She waits for a moment letting that rise slip away from her, before arching an eyebrow and inquiring. "How long… have you been in here exactly?"

Dark Naruko just smiles and says, "Forever Naruko… you still don't realize it, that I am you. You still haven't accepted me, and all that it entails, and until you do, you'll be stuck here… forever."

"What is accepting you suppose to entail exactly?" Naruko asks more seriously as she considers things a bit further. "The way you think about things is far more serious than How I think about them… If you truly are me then you just can't be all the bad. There has to be a lot of good in you too no? Unless you only see things from one side…" With that she begins to take a few steps closer, mostly to see if she could understand this Naruko a bit better. "All my fears, dark secrets and yada yada right…?"

Dark Naruko simply raises an eyebrow and also says simply, "I am your dark side, everyone has one."

"That makes this a two way street then… If all I see are the good things and all you see are the bad things… We both have to accept eachother," Naruko clarified, folding her arms before her. "I don't think we are as bad as you say we are, and you don't think we are as good as I say we are… So in that case sure. Maybe I could work on a few things a bit more. I could be more honest about how I feel about certain things. Maybe I do judge t hose who I deem as evil. Maybe it isn't my place to do that. You can't say I don't try though." She clears her throat and shrugs her shoulders again. "I can be pretty flirty at times, my mind isn't always in the right place. I hate being alone. But because I feel that way about being alone I make a lot of friends, I hold all of them closer to me. I will never be married, I won't be alone with one person. That's just how I am," Naruko states while looking at Naruko. "You can't just look at things from one side, it makes us look pretty bad."

And Dark Naruko smiles then and steps… and disappears inside Naruko, saying, "Then I have nothing more to say…" And with that, Naruko would open her eyes again and Matatabi would again be sitting in front of her. Was this some sort of dream within a dream, or genjutsu? No way to be sure and Metatabi moves to gently take Naruko in his arms and says, "I'm sorry child… that you had to deal with that, congratulations, you've passed the second, and hardest test of all…" He pats her on the back, "I know you heart now, and I believe in it, as I do you mind… now only one test remains, and perhaps the easiest potentially, of all."

Despite this all happening in Naruko's mind she couldn't help but to feel….completely drained of her energy. She drops into his arms, all flaming and firey like…Naruko still didn't understand how she didn't just get caught on fire. Lightly she pants under her breath, fingers gripping against his flaming fur. " I'm…ready for anything… Matatabi-sama," Naruko coos softly, she was tired… but still ready to move along to the last and final step.

Matatabi shakes his head and says, "Sleep now child, you will need all your strength for the last test, that of the body. You will have to fight me, and for that, you will need to be at full strength.

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