Nine Lives, One Host - Part One


Freyr (emitter), Naruko

Date: Unknown (log received June 8, 2015)


Naruko wakes up in her own mind as Matatabi and her attempt to forge a stronger and better partnership.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Nine Lives, One Host - Part One"

Unknown location

Sometimes it takes stronger measures to get things on track. It's been too long for Matatabi to have a host to his liking. There have been others that were stronger, better equipped to host him, or were easier to control. Sadly Matatabi was stuck with this one, a strong-willed girl who was driven solely by her own whims and had a strong stubborn streak that pitted her against him more than once. It was time for Naruko and Matatabi to come to an understanding, and the Bijuu wanted it to be on HIS terms, seeing as how he was GENEROUSLY allowing Naruko the use of his chakra and giving her the benefit of his knowledge and wisdom.
It's why one night, as Naruko slept peacefully in her bed, Matatabi took control of her dreams. Naruko would be dropped out of whatever nice dream she would be having and would see Matatabi in front of her and he would say, "It's time we had a serious talk, with no interruptions, I'm getting tired of having to fight you, so until I'm satisfied that you and I have an understanding, you will be stuck in this dreamland with me." Metatabi's tails flicker lightly as he crosses his arms, "I've never had as many problems with my hosts as you, you are stubborn, whimsical, you waste a lot of time goofing off and worse, you aren't very serious as a kunoichi!"

Being trapped in the turtle fortress was annoying, but even Naruko could find solace in what would appear to be a rather annoying situation… Trapped away in some monument to sleep and ponder. If only to make sure that Matatabi wasn't to possess her so freely like before. She found herself like so… plucked from her pleasant dreams and tossed into that hole in her gut… that secret plane of existance where she could witness Matatabi in his wholesome, and not merely a fragment of her imagination.
The sight of the beast right before her eyes wasn't…something she was expecting. She paused for a moment, long locks of hair a stray mess about her back and cheeks, peering upon him with a sheepish blue eye'd gaze. "Ugh…Matatabi-chan…" Naruko whines quietly as she wipes the sleep from her eyes, sitting up a bit more straight, her eyes trace around the area… "This place could really use some better decoration. I try to make things a little better for you ut…It doesn't seem to make that much sense to you now does it?" Naruko retorts with a question of her own, was she even listening to him? Must have missed it…

Matatabi hisses in frustration, "Are you even LISTENING to me Naruko???" He closes his eyes and smoothes fur down on his head that has popped up and mutters, "Patience… you must have patience here…" He breathes in and out deeply for a long moment before he says slowly and exaggeratedly, "I'm trying to talk to you seriously, like the adult you're supposed to be. Can you stop acting like a child, we really DO need to come to SOME sort of understanding. The way we are now isn't going to work, either for me or for you."
He starts to pace, his form flickering as he looses a bit of concentration to keep himself visible to the girl and says, "I have tried and tried and tried to teach you things… why do you continually ignore me, or do the complete OPPOSITE??? What is it you want of me???" He really is at his wits end, this young girl out of all his hosts has really got him tied up in knots.

It didn't take too long for Naruko to snap to attention, or at least in her own way. Matatabi's hissing caused a thick bead of sweat to trickle down her brow, a soft sigh soon escaping her lips and finally, she takes a seat before him and crosses her legs along one another. "Alright, you want to talk? We can talk." Her tone was seriously for once, she even purses her lips briefly to blow the strains of hair from her eyes as she considers him briefly and starts talking. "You can be really obnxious and annoying. I wish you would relax just a little bit every now and then. Not everything in life has to deal with being a ninja. Sometimes it's the simple things that make us happier. I'm dedicated to the village but I like to do things my own way," Naruko expresses with a slight shrug of her shoulders. "Why do I have to do what you tell me to do? Your not my boss…last time I checked…" She grins slightly and rubs her stomach. "I'm basically your warm home, right? It can't be that bad,"

Matatabi paces some more before finally sitting across from you and sighs, "It's because I've lived countless years longer than you my dear. I've seen things you can only dream of, if I tell you something it's because I've got experience that you don't." He closes his eyes, "I'd relax a bit more if I knew you weren't going to get yourself killed because you don't take things seriously enough. You do things that give me grey furs and you don't even seem to care about it."
He waves a finger and visions of previous hosts of Matatabi circle around the two, "All my other hosts were much more serious shinobi and all of them accomplished great things with me." He looks into your eyes, "I only want to be able to count you as one of those same hosts that when it's time for me to move on, I can tell my next host that you were one of the greatest." He trails off then before he smiles, "No child, it's not horrible, being inside you." He acknowledges that much at least.

Naruko sighs as she looks at the previous hosts, a slight frown forming along the corner of her lips. " I don't intend to be the greatest anymore. You know how many 'great' shinobi there are these days? Michiko, Hiei, Daisuke…All these other people. Why do I need to be great? There is more to life than being great…as a matter of fact, aspiring for more is what tends to cause all the problems in this world. Why not just be content with what you have and be happy?" Naruko asks Matatabi, the question being more rhetorical than not. "You have nothing to worry about, I know you lived a long time but I have to find some answers on my own. Sometimes it's better to act then to listen. Experience is what makes you stronger isn't it?" Naruko asks with a slightly arched eyebrow. "Don't let your long life spoil my fun, I still value both of our lives…and all my friends too,"

Matatabi sighs more and says, "Because I am the best Bijuu and I want my host to be the best. Do you truly have no ambition whatsoever? Why be satisfied with what you have when you could have so much more? I just don't understand it." He rubs his chin, "It's like, you don't even need me, or really even want me. How would you feel if you were stuck inside me, had all this power and experience and ability and were considered 'annoying' and 'obnoxious'?"
The Bijuu says, "And that's another thing… your choice in friends… particularily outside of Kumogakure concern me." He growls, "Some of them are low class losers that you should avoid lest they bring you down to their level."

"Hey now I do have ambition! Just because I don't want to have the world kneel before me doesn't mean I don't have some sort of drive. I protect my friends don't I? I still protect this village. I still do things I really don't want to do for the sake of the village. I kill people, I get my hands dirty," Naruko snaps back at Matatabi. "I've tapped into your power many times…the only thing it assists me is getting my friends hurt… I can't control, but I do well with keeping you safe when you are leaking out every where," Naruko continues while she shakes her head, trying to nodd off the frustration. " I will make friends no matter what part of the world I run off to. I don't judge people… 'except kiri' Naruko coughs briefly into her hand before continuing. " It's no fair to judge everyone, especially if they don't make it apart of their life to learn how to hurt others,"

Matatabi snaps back, "It's precisely because you ignore me why you can't control me when you let me out!" He fumes a bit, "Do you really think that what I tell you is solely to scratch you off? I know you dislike any sort of authority, but this is ridiculous." He throws you your hands, "I've told you time and time again, you need to have more concentration and focus! You sometimes become as distracted as a hyperactive 3 year old that can't sit still for more then 10 seconds!" He says, "I never asked you to kill people or get your hands dirty, but a little more diligence in training would be GREATLY appreciated! You flit from thing to thing like a butterfly." He makes a face and runs his hand down it, "I don't know why I try some times…" Matatabi droops a bit, depression setting in, before he looks up and softens, "I know you try hard child, I know this isn't easy for you." It's about the only admission you'll get that he's been a bit of a jerk sometimes to you.

"I do all that fun stuff already do I not? I'm pretty strong. I even learned how to use the shadow clone technique…. How does that mean I don't focus and train? I get everything done I just like to do it my own way. It sounds like you don't trust me… Not the other way around…" Slowly but surely she sits herself up again, rising to a stand and looking over his drooping form. "I try very hard…and I get a lot done too. It seems like… you don't trust me though? Even though I've managed to keep you alive this long…" She shrugged her shoulders a hint of irritation developing. " How about you loosen up a bit and maybe I will train diligently?"

Matatabi simply raises his eyebrow and says, "Tell you what, you listen to me some more, and I'll relax a bit on, if I knew you were listening to me and not always following simple whims, I think I'd be able to trust you more when you do things your own way." He sits up, "It's not that I don't trust you, it's just that you don't seem to ever want to listen to me, and that's gotten you into trouble more than once. Can't you see that I DO have your best interests at heart?"

"To be fair… I listen to you all the time. Doing what you say is a completely other story…" Naruko clarifies a bit further, a soft yawn escaping her lips. "I think we both have our bests interests at heart, or maybe right now we are just doing whatever we want to do. I'm not certain that we are on the swame page at all… But if you loose nup a bit maybe we can be after all," Naruko further explains tapping along the side of her head. "Hmmm so we done talking now.l We can go back home and everything will be back to the way it was… the village doesn't have to worry about your random violent outbursts?"

Matatabi mmms, "No, we still haven't come to an understanding yet, but go back to sleep, we'll talk more tomorrow. You don't understand that the longer this goes on, working against each other, is likely to kill you AND destroy me at the same time. Bijuu and Jinchuukiri were meant to work together, not against each other."

"Not an understanding…?" Naruko blinks briefly in disbelief… honestly not quite sure as to what that met exactly. Nevertheless there wasn't much need to press things for the time being. Matatabi was more at ease now, more than he had ever been from what Naruko could tell. She nods off right back to him. "Talk…tomorrow…" she manages to whisper, and just like that she fell flat on her face. Despite the conversation she was dead tired… Perhaps being brought into this world drained quite a bit from her. Nevertheless, there was plenty to think about going forward.

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