Ninja Petting Zoo - Hog Wild


Tatara, Tatsuo, Shinobu, Kyuketsuki

Date: February 3, 2017


Ninja boar have escaped captivity and are wreaking havoc! The Shinobi (and Shinobu+Kame) put a stop to it!

"Ninja Petting Zoo - Hog Wild"


About noon today, a request by frantic messenger to Konoha that a group of giant hogs ran into Kadomai and were ransacking garbage bins, stalls, and anything else they could find food in. These, of course, match the descriptions of the hogs missing from the petting zoo. This led to a quick pairing of a team, but it should be an effective one nonetheless.
Uchiha Tatara, the new clan head of the Uchiha, leads a team of three others toward the small village at a hurried pace, though not so quickly the others can't keep up. His team today? Another Uchiha, an Inuzuka, and a Nara. Still, theirs are three of the most renowned clans in the shinobi world. They should be able to handle a few overgrown pigs.
As the arrive at the town, the Clan Head slows to a stop and looks around with crimson-tinted eyes. "Shinobu, do you smell them anywhere nearby?" he asks, perhaps hoping to avoid having to do much investigation in favor of resolving this before further damage is done to the town.

Kyuketsuki was the aformentioned Uchiha! And as he's being called along to a relatively serious mission, his eyes did indeed bear the three tomoe Sharingan, as well as well as a large pool of chakra already, as a preparation for jutsu he'll almost definitely need to use. He does have the Sharingan in low-power mode though, clearly. Though still ready to search for the pig things.

Funny enough, Shinobu was the one that was called. She's not really a shinobi anymore, but when Konoha doesn't have many options … Well, all the other Inuzuka were busy or on more important missions. Plus, she didn't mind stretching her legs for this kind of simple task. The girl was also happy to be working with Kyu and Tatsuo. She and Kame would look around, sniffing a bit for any sign of the wild boars. "Umm… They're definitely here, but… I need a second so I can definitely pinpoint them." she would reply.

Tatsuo had been MIA lately, though that's more mission related than anything serious or anything…luckily. He didn't get much time to recover from his long trip before he found himself being sent out on another, luckily smaller mission. The Nara travels with the rest of the group, knowing them well enough that he isn't too worried about whatever they might run into on this mission. Of course, that doesn't mean he's being lazy or anything. His dark eyes search around as they travel and even while the much keener Inuzuka tries to pinpoint the location of their mission.

Glancing toward Shinobu as she speaks, Tatara nods and says, "Well, for now let's just follow the trail of destruction and see where it finds us." He looks ahead then and begins stepping further into town, rather relaxed for the task ahead, but then again sudden movements can probably startle these creatures and send them running and crashing even MORE stuff.
There's a pretty clear trail inward… Problem is it basically encompasses most of the village's trash bins, carts, and such. Are the beasts just trying to eat every drop of food they can find in the whole town? Whatever the case, they definitely need to be stopped. They might be hard to find, though, since hogs are actually pretty good at hiding.
Perhaps one stroke of luck, however, is a strong scent coming from the bar in the area along with the sounds of things crashing.

Kyuketsuki listens to Shinobu, and Tatara as they both speak, looking over the trail ahead of them. When Tatara starts moving, Kyu is not far behind at all, eyes taking in the damage. He doesn't quite notice the sounds of trouble up ahead, and his nose isn't sensative enough to smell pig-locations! Instead Kyu just tracks the most likely direction the destruction goes.

The Inuzuka duo keep with Tatara and Kyu as they make their way forward. Then the wind blows a bit, and Shinobu catches the targets' scent. Kame barks to get the group's attention and point them in the right direction. She doesn't go sprinting off, perhaps wisely, but she does move forward ahead of the group so she can lead them in the right way.

So…much…trash. Tatsuo had a feeling he was going to be helping with cleanup duty when this was all over. Darn hogs. He follows behind the others and thus doesn't notice the sounds from the barn until Kame's barks grab his attention. He brings in a little extra chakra out of an abundance of caution as he continues to follow the leader and scouter of the group. He's good to just be back up muscle if it becomes necessary for the moment.

As Kame leads the goup in the right direction, perhaps the scent of canine spooks the beasts inside the bar, or perhaps something else. Whatever the case, there's more crashing and squealing. A moment later, the bartender runs out, screaming, "They drank all the sake!" Could they be now dealing with /drunken/ giant hogs?
That concern would be validated quite quickly as the doors suddenly burst off the front of the bar and several enormous hogs come racing out amongst the carnage. Fearsome squeals that almost sound like roars ring out in unison as they begin to charge everything in sight. Now it is up to the shinobi to protect the town and its people from this drunken rampage.
"Well, this is… different," Tatara says, frowning slightly then reaching for the gunbai on his back. "Remember, we only get paid if we bring these things back alive."

Kyuketsuki observes the beasts bursting out, and readies himself for battle, pale Sharingan immediately flaring into bright red. Kyu watches the beasts. "Non-lethal is one of my specialties." Kyu claims simply. He considers how much stamina a hog has! Either way, Kyu is ready and waiting to throw them under a Genjutsu.

Shinobu rubs a bit at her nose because the boars stink … Very badly. It's a disgusting smell that she could have done without, really. Kame's nose also wrinkles as they near the bar. Suddenly the boars spring out, and Shinobu can't help but jump back a bit. Surprising… The girl gathers her chakra and watches the beasts carefully as she tries to figure out which genjutsu to use on them, if it would even affect them.

All the sake is gone? Well that's a shame. Wild drunken ninja boars. Now that's just insane. Tatsuo blinks in surprise and stares as the creatures head off in various directions and his first instinct is to protect the people. The ones that the boars target would find a wall of water between themselves and the creatures, hopefully keeping them safe for the moment at the very least. "How do you want to do this Tatara-sama?"

Tatara lifts an eyebrow slightly as he looks these things over, pondering a bit. "Put a barrier of water around this area to keep them all inside if you can so we can contain the damage. I'll use a Genjutsu to split them apart so we're not battling a herd, and then we'll move from there to take them down separately." He glances between them to be certain they have the plan down pat…
And apparently they better because the Uchiha Clan Head is wasting no time. As he locks his eyes on the hogs once again, their rampage begins to split off around the area, going into four groups of two rather than a massive group of eight. Will that truly make them easier to take down? We'll see.

Kyu observes Tatara seperating the pigs, and gives him enough time to seperate them, though he does not pick just one group, instead he does handseals, and reminds Tatara, "Crowd or not, makes no difference to my Jutsu, Tatara-sama." Hopefully his Genjutsu would set in, and leave all the pigs open to follow-ups. As well as leave them drained.

Shinobu and Kame only add to the mental pressure than Tatara and Kyu are putting on the boars. Kame's barks provide a channel for auditory genjutsu that would make the pigs think they were being overtaken by thousands of puppies lying down on top of them. Not horrific, no, but it would slow them down!

Tatsuo nods to Tatara before briefly considering and calculating, then finally drawing on enough chakra so that water pulls directly from the air molecules. The shinobi may see it happening but to a normal person it would be near instantaneous. For those looking it starts bit by bit as a webbing before it fills in, millions of drops at a time. Yet from one second to the next the wall is there, civilians and buildings on the outside, boars and shinobi on the inside.

Well, that was simple enough. These creatures are pretty good at Taijutsu, but Genjutsu isn't something they're trained in for show since that could be more dangerous than a few cheap tricks. As the multitude of Genjutsu hits them, the hogs all hit the ground and skid. Tatara lifts an eyebrow then shrugs his shoulders. "Simple enough. Bind them up. There should be a caravan pretty close behind us to deliver them back to their master." With that he walks over to the beasts, pulling some rope from a pouch on his side to begin tying one of them up.

Kyu digs through his own pouch for his own rope. And sure enough finds it, and goes to a pig, eyes fading to their normal dark color. He would then begin to tie his up. "I suppose we made this kind of anti-climactic. I suppose next time we should try to make it more interesting." Kyu says, more joking than anything else, though he looked fairly serious, but only because he was trying to make sure his knot was secure.

Shinobu had some rope on her, and she worked to tie up one of the boars. Since Kame didn't have any thumbs, she just sat back and watched. Occasionally the pup would place a helpful paw so that Shinobu could keep all the knots tight. Both Inuzuka were glad that the mission was pretty easy to handle.

The field of battle is set, annnnd there they go. Tatsuo watches as all the pigs are zonked out by the variety of genjutsu, causing him to scratch his head a bit in wonder. "Huh," he says finally, simply, after a moment. While the others went about tying up the creatures Tatsuo turned his focus elsewhere. His wall vanished briefly, then reappeared in the middle of the village before slowly moving outwards. As it found trash that was pushed with the wall while other items were uprighted by tendrils of water that came from the wall itself. Everything else was passed over, untouched by the water, while Tatsuo stands with unfocused eyes, using the water to sense what needs to be done as it comes. Maybe cleanup won't be too bad after all.

A mission gone much simpler than Tatara thought it might. Of course, he COULD have made it go simple himself, but he wanted to test some things. He got the information he wanted anyway, though, as the person to hit the heaviest to put them down was who he was watching closely. He takes mental notes and will review that one's performance some more with another mission perhaps…
A few minutes after the turmoil, the caravan arrives at Kadomai to pick up the unconscious hogs. Once secured, they are escorted back to their owners. A job well done in quick fashion by the Konoha shinobi. The zookeeper should be pleased.

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