Ninja's Assemble! The Konoha House Warming BBQ


Daisuke, Kaito, Satomi, Hiroyasu, Nariko, Hiei, Atsuro, Ryoji, Ei, Hashiramako, Fudo, Akane

Date: July 27, 2013


An international group of people come to congratulate their friends on purchasing their first home, an important step towards adulthood.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Ninja's Assemble! The Konoha House Warming BBQ"

The new house of Satomi and Daisuke within the walls of Konohagakure in the upscale part of the village.

It was the weekend of the house-warming party and only a hand full of people had bothered RSVPing! The weather was beautiful and the temperature was warm, as it usually was in the Land of Fire in Spring. The streets of Konohagakure were packed as was the Lake and the Forest, most likely due to the threat of rain coming on Tuesday.

Daisuke was busy within his home getting things ready as Satomi had something come up at the last minute and left him to do all the work. Funny how things work out like that often enough. It was hard to say who all would show up, but Daisuke figured that he would get at least five or six people. Luckily for him, they had a fairly decent sized back yard with some chairs, tables, a cooler of drinks, and a barbecue. Daisuke figured that most of the day would be spent drinking and socializing outside and had borrowed some extra chairs to compensate for their lack of.

The plan was to hold the house-warming as a barbecue, offering food and drinks to those who wished it while Satomi looked after anything fancier than that. Daisuke could cook the meat and drink the alcohol, that was about all his repertoire held. The young Senju Jounin was currently tidying up within the house in preparation for the first guests to arrive, hoping Satomi would make it back in time.

As for the house that was holding the warming party, it was a fairly standard sized home one would expect the Nephew of the Hokage would live in. Located in a fairly upscale part of town near the Senju village, it held two bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs, a powder room, kitchen, living area, dining area, and den downstairs, and a basement that was currently holding all the boxes and unorganized things from the move. Outside in the front yard there was a koi pond and a small garden alongside the pathway, which led from the front gate/fence right to the door. The backyard was more basic, a long stretch of grass and some trees.

If it weren't already obvious enough where Satomi and Daisuke had moved to, Kaito has taken the liberty of pointing people in the right direction… Well, at least making it more obvious. The Nara Chuunin is kicked back on the lawn with his head propped up on his hands and one eye open as usual as he looks up at the sky from his spot near the pond. What appears to actually be a billboard made of water floats above the pond with 'Daisuke and Satomi's housewarming. Don't hurry too much because the woman's late anyway.' written on it. He may or may not get punched for that one later, but it's at least a point of amusement for now. Every so often, he'll close his eyes for a few moments, appearing to drift off, though he does look up once in a while to see if anyone's arriving.

Satomi suddenly barges into the door. "Sorry, I'm home… all done!" Glaring around and smiling. Daisuke really did a number on this place and the smell of the BBQ was amazing. So she walks into the backyard, finds Daisuke and hugs him from behind, holding her hands on his lower abdomen. "Hey hunny, good job keeping the plates spinning while I got that done." She kisses Daisuke. For those curious about where she went, her Father had a little… situation and needed Satomi to clear it up. Involving his tie and the kitchen blender for a date of his own. Some old woman has caught his heart .. or at the very least his heart. It was cute, though the man did need some help getting his act together so Satomi rushed over!

Now she's back in the garden, snuggling up with Daisuke while he's presumable working the BBQ. "I'll go welcome the guests, you keep up the good work with the diamonds!" She whispers before kissing his neck and disappearing into the small crowd, giving girlfriends a hug, good friends a hug and a kiss and guests she doesn't know a bow or a hand. Working through the guests at a relaxed pace. "Drinks are on the table there, don't let me catch the minors drinking alchohol people!"

The trip had been planned at the last minute. Confident that he wouldn't be missed at home, Hiei had journeyed to the Land of Fire and it was Kaito's sign that actually helped him find the place. Good thinking on his part. Strapped to his back is a large rectangular object that is covered in brown paper and tied up. Probably the gift that he's presenting to the two of them. Since Misaki was away on a mission and unable to attend with him, he instead brought his cousin, and of course, Hiroyasu.

Following the heels of Hiei was Nariko. This was her first trip to the Land of Fire and boy was she excited. She asked all sorts of questions on their journey, it was almost as if she weren't older than him on this trip. "So, what are we doing again? Why are we coming out here?" She inquisitively asks him as they get closer.

Hiroyasu tugs on the rope, "We are coming to see some friends.. I think they got married or something." he says to Nariko, "Are we almost there? Yotsuki-sama?" then it occurs to him there are two Yotsuki. "You think they will have a goat already? It's my best one." he says pulling on the rope as the goat bleats and fight against him slightly.

Atsuro is totally one of the people who RSVPed, so no doubt he'll start bragging about that if it comes up. He and Taizen walk up to the house, assured that it is indeed Daisuke and Satomi's house by the stenc— Kaito's sign. They haven't come empty-handed either, and while they aren't wearing any of their usual ninja equipment, they've divided up a few packages between them.

They arrive and Atsuro announces cheerfully, "The party has started!" He hurries over to Satomi. "Satomi!" he squeals almost girlishly, "Congratulations! This is so amazing, I can't believe it! You guys are so meant for each other, I can already hear the wedding bells!" He turns to Daisuke and pulls him into a bear hug, then suddenly starts sobbing. "Daisuke," he says, as if holding back tears, "I'm so sorry. I never meant for this to happen. I know my apology can never be enough, but if there's some way I can fix this…" He pulls back and turns serious now. "I brought a couple things." He grins and pulls out a wrapped present, plus an unwrapped bottle of sake. Inside the wrapping is a set of shot glasses.

Taizen is much more modest in his greetings. "Congratulations, Daisuke and Satomi," he says, wagging his tail.

Rain. Dogs. Bugs. Goats? Lots of weird scents in the air kept tugging at Ryoji's attention, but for the most part he tried to keep his focus on following alongside Ei to the party. Why the heck the duo was invited was something the Iga was not quite clear on despite whatever explanations were given. All that he really understood was that Ei, and by extension, himself through her, had been invited to a housewarming party for some couple named Satoshi and Daiyume… or something. Regardless, as long as there was free food and his darling Ei about, plus acceptance by their gracious host of the small chest — clicking and clanking with every step — he brought as a gift then everything would be alright. Probably.

"Tell me again how ya know these folks?" Ryoji asked off-handily.

"You failed to ask this before?"

"Shun-kohai! When did you get back?"

"… I've been back for the past three days."

"Oh… wait, are you sure? Cuz I don't remember seeing you all that time."

"I…. *eye narrows* That was a Blind Joke… wasn't it."

"Mmm… Me think'th that guy with the sign be the destination then, neh? Ei-hime?" Ryoji asks, tipping his chin up towards the half-asleep(sleeping?) Nara by the fence.


Ei had been surprised to be invited to such an event, but she'd made a point to come. RSVPing was not a possibility for her, as she'd been traveling recently and just managed to get a hold of the letter which told her where to go and for what reason. She'd only met Satomi twice… Had she ever met Daisuke? She didn't think so… but maybe she was mistaken.

Whatever the case, her attention was returned to the two Iga walking with her and a droplet of sweat slid down the side of her face. "I met Satomi-san by chance, really, and we talked twice. I do not, unfortunately, remember very much about either conversation but it would appear that she took a shine to me well enough that I should be invited to a gathering such as this." That was Ei, in her perfect princess facade. Every word in place where it should be, her attention focused on getting there and greeting everyone as they should be greeted.

She paused, gazing toward the resting Nara and his sign, causing both the black and white hummingbird hovering around her head to land in her hair as well as the little creature walking by her feet — a quokka — to stop. "I… suppose so, yes," she answered Ryoji, uncertain. She read the water-sign and smirked faintly. "A woman is never late," she whispered and made her way about the back of the house with a ready smile.

"Satomi-san," she greeted, taking a look around at the others there. Nodding to those she knew as well as those she didn't. Hiroyasu in particular got a slightly more emotional smile in that it was less 'perfect' and only half of a true, polite smile. After this, she nudged Ryoji with her elbow. "He has our gift," she explained.

Finally Satomi had arrived! She could get things going, he could worry about the drinks and food. He gives her a quick kiss and lets her get things under control. As people start coming, namely Atsuro, Daisuke gets hugged and chuckles as Atsuro does his thing. "It's all your 'fault', after all that teaching." he says as he welcomes the duo into the house, Taizen getting lots of scratches behind the ear. "There's a whole yard out back with some nice shade to lay in if you want Taizen. We have some meat later to cook up and if you want some water or something just ask, it is a nice temperature out." he points out to Taizen before he stands back up, turning to Atsuro. "Speaking of teaching, here I am providing the drinks again, but I think you lost our little bet, didn't you?" he says with a grin.

Daisuke pops his head out the front door and narrows his eyes at Kaito. "Come in, lots of people are arriving, you never know, maybe a few single ladies will show up who can keep you in line." he 'insists' as he eyes Kaito and waits for him to move, helping him if need be. His eyes glance to the sign and he smirks. "Satomi is back now." he points out.

As he takes himself through the house, letting Satomi show people around, and pops out the backyard, he notices Ei and Ryoji along with a few others. Ryoji he might've met in Suna, though it was hard to say. He figures they were Satomi's friends and puts on his usual cheery smile. "Hi, welcome." he says, nonetheless, to everyone in the entourage. "Make yourself at home, we have chairs and drinks and snacks before we start BBQing."

As Satomi finally arrives, her cousin on the front lawn would smirk slightly, though he doesn't bother to take the sign down just yet. Maybe he just wants some of the coming party-goers to know she was late to her own party in case they didn't already know. He seems content to just lay there on the lawn for now, at least until Daisuke pokes his head out to actually get him to come on. At this point, he's sure he'd get drug in even if he tried to stay, so he goes on and stands up. Letting out a yawn, he stretches a bit then waves a hand at the sign, and it falls back into the pond while losing its form. "Yeah, yeah, I'm coming," he says as he turns to walk over toward the rest of the party.

Satomi nods at Daisuke and then continues own the line of people. When Atsuro displays a perfect little roleplay and contrast Satomi claps and giggles. "Good job Atsuro, you actually did something! How long did you practice that? A week? A month?" Still the same tease she always was. Maybe a bit mean this time! She leans in however and kisses Atsuro on the cheek. "Welcome though!" She muses, trying to pat him on the abs while walking past him. Looking around the guests.

So the first person she saw was Ei, and then Ryoji. "Ei, Iga-san … so great you could come!" She muses while walking up to Ei to give her one of those polite 'I kinda know you' hugs. "Please, get comfy and relax. Plenty of seats." She walks up to Ryoji and gives him a brief hug and then a kiss on the cheek. "Hey, I know must be weird to get invited and all, just figured why the coal not right! When you spoke about looking for Ei I figured I couldn't invite her without her boyfriend!" She looks at the gift and smiles. "Oh you shouldn't have!" She says… Before pointing at Daisuke. "He handles the gift, strong guy to do the heavy lifting!" She winks at both of them before moving on!

Now Hiei's turn, who simply gets grabbed and lifted up into a tight hug. "Hey, so glad you could make it!" She muses before giving him a smooch on the cheek. Then she turns to Hiroyasu, kissing him on the forehead. "Welcome, welcome…" She bends through her legs and nods at Nariko. "Hello, you must be entourage. My name's Nara Satomi, welcome to my house-warming party. My boyfriend Daisuke is out back.." She bows briefly and then winks at Nariko. Looking at Kaito entering. "Hey you doofus, come give your distant cousin a hug!" She walks up to Kaito and snugs with him before looking around the room for more people to say hello to! "Start putting things on the fire hun.." She yells into the backyard while grabbing some fresh drinks from the cellar.

Hiei replies to Nariko, "This is the home of Nara Satomi and Senju Daisuke. The latter I am not well acquainted with, however Satomi had a huge impact on my development as a shinobi. It's a debt that I can't repay." He nods politely to Kaito, who's in the front yard by the pond and wastes no time in making his way around back to where the party is. Hiei also greets those he knows, such as Atsuro and Taizen. He offers a fist-bump to Atsuro with a grin and then leans down to pet Taizen. "Hey, guys. It's good to see you again." He walks over to the hosts first and presents his gift. He removes the large item from his back and hands it to Satomi. "Congratulations. To the both of you."

When she opens it, it is a large painting. It features Satomi sitting in a high-backed chair with Daisuke standing next to her with his hand on her shoulder. They are both portrayed in their shinobi gear (the only thing Hiei has ever seen them in). At the corners of the painting is an effect of the shadows closing in on them both, upon a closer look, the shadows themselves are leaking out of Satomi's own shadow on the ground. On the lower right corner is the signature of the artist. 'Yotsuki Hiei'

Nariko ohhhs and nods. "Okay, that makes sense. So she's done a lot for you, that's cool." She follows Hiei around to the back and smiles. When Hiei walks up to Atsuro she bows her head politely. "Hello, I'm Yotsuki Nariko. Oh isn't he cute!" She looks down to the dog. "Can I pet him?" She asks holding a hand out to pet Taizen. When Satomi greets Hiei and Hiro Nariko smiles and bows politely. "Hello, I'm Yotsuki Nariko, it's a pleasure to be here and congratulations."

The goat seems to be mostly going along with the plan, with the occasional tug at the rope to want something at the roadside.. next time he blindfolds the goat, It didn't occur to him until far too late in the trip. When they arrive at the front, Hiroyasu frowns "You think they wasted enough.. space" before looking around, he would walk around his gift wasn't indoor friendly. "Congratulations, Nara Satomi" he says when she approaches him, he tugs on the rope. The pristine coat of his best mountain nanny goat shinning in the light. "I brought you a gift, raised it myself. Kumogakure's Finest" before handing it off to either her or someone to do whatever they want, it was their gift now. Hiro sidles up next to Nariko when she greets Atsuro "Yo Atsuro!" he says before looking at Taizen "Taizen-sama, Your looking great.. I have some Goat Jerky somewhere for you" he digs around in his cloak before pulling out a large strip of it and offering it, "You want any Atsuro?" he asks before looking around, some familiar faces but mostly not.

"I was sorta hoping you'd play the field for at least a /bit/," Atsuro tells Daisuke, "I taught you to fly, but I wasn't expecting you to build your nest this early. Also, loves sneaks up on you or something like that." He smirks slightly as Daisuke mentions the fire jutsu. "You just bought this house, man, and you're asking me to do fire jutsu here?" He shakes his head, "I /got/ the technique, man. It just kinda… spreads out. Can't do it with all these people around. Of course, I could bartend a little. Get a few flaming shots going." Serious suggestion? Maybe. "That sounds nice," Taizen says to Daisuke, obviously intent on checking out the backyard and its associated meat.

Atsuro graciously accepts the kiss, but he avoids the ab-grab. "Your live-in boyfriend is two meters away," he reminds her, "But practice? First try was about fifteen seconds ago. I'm a natural." He looks around the house, "We getting a tour at some point?" he asks.

Atsuro knows some of the other people here. "Yo," Atsuro says to Kaito as he joins the party. That's all that's needed, really, from what he's seen of the guy's personality. As for the Kumo kids, he accepts Hiei's fist bump, and Taizen greets, "Hello, everyone." Atsuro raises an eyebrow at the painting and gives a low whistle. "Lighter," he says, "Talent." Atsuro nods to Nariko, "I'm Atsuro. You'll have to ask him, though." Taizen has already lowered his head to make petting easier, though, "Nice to meet you, Nariko." Finally, there's Hiroyasu. And a goat. "Wow," says Atsuro, "Well that blows /our/ gift out of the water." He shares a glance with Taizen. "Yes, please" says Taizen, wanting some goat jerky. "I wouldn't mind some either," Atsuro agrees, "Please." He steps back and looks the three Kumo peeps over again. "So," he says, "How are things in Kumo?"

Ryoji and Ei he kind of knows, but their meeting have been brief (and kind of baffling in one person's case…). He gives them a nod of greeting, while Taizen wags his tail.

Ei grit her teeth subtly when the Nara woman kissed Ryoji on the cheek, but smiled, a light strain in the expression. Despite it gnawing at her jealousy, she ignored the action, trying to convince herself it never happened in the first place. "Thank you," she offered to Satomi as she wandered off to greet others. She watched as the other men got kisses on the cheek or forehead too. That made it less aggravating, but only vaguely.

The woman took a deep breath and glanced at Shun. "Should be fun," she whispered, sarcastically, enough that she knew the Iga could hear her with no issue… Then she wandered over to the group consisting of the Kumogakure-nin and Atsuro. She offered a polite bow. "Greetings, everyone. Atsuro," she nodded to. He didn't like honorific's… she remembered that. "Hiro-kun, Hiei-kun." An amiable smile settled on her face, staying as she nodded to Nariko as well. "Even Nariko-chan is here. Did you get dragged along, my dear?" She chuckled lightly.

The marsupial that trudged along behind her tilted its head at the much larger Taizen, leaning in to sniff at the nin-dog. It even started to inch a little closer in curiosity. The hummingbird… sat in her hair, seeming to flick its attention to whatever male happened to be closer to her at the time.

It took him more time than it took people a country away to arrive, but Fudo would actually show up at the party. He came with a guest himself, Akane, as he would approach the home, looking over it slowly as he stepped forward. In truth, large parties were not his thing… at all, but he figured he could at least swing by for a little while. "I noticed that you don't really seem to know many people, despite having been in the village longer than me. I think it is time to change that." Fudo would say to Akane as he moved towards the entrance to the home. Fudo would notice a few people here, even the international folks with a slight bit of surprise. It seemed that this was going to be crowded after all. Still, Fudo didn't announce himself, already looking for a bit of a corner to relax in while everyone met up and talked about bonds or goals or whatever people do at these things. "Hello Satomi." he would say simply as he'd still be looking for such an area. "Nice house." It seemed that he had nothing else to say before he'd casually seem to "remember". "Ah yes.. your gift…I have something to give you."

Fudo would hand Satomi a card then. It seemed to have flame designs all over the outside, and inside it said, "A clue." He'd raise his brow at her, to see if she understood or if the double entendre would instead get a rise out of her. Either situation would be entertaining for him.

Akane walked beside Fudo quietly, her long crimson hair caught up in an elaborate coiffe, held in place by 6 hair sticks, green eyes scanning the crown. She is wearing a halter top, black, with leather pants and boots. She appears unarmed and the crowd surprises her. "I know a lot of people… I just can't name them in… polite.. company." Her scar is partially hidden by makeup and she looks a little uncomfortable here but when Fudo heads for a corner she touches his shoulder lightly. "I'll be with you in a moment." And walks off in another direction, heading for the food and drinks….

"Ha, it's a house, away from parents, exactly like your apartment but Senju style, we go all out." Daisuke says to Atsuro with a pat on the shoulder. "Aside from that, the bet was a technique, and belching fire doesn't count! Though I wouldn't mind if you grabbed the alcohol and worked your magic behind the bar, I'm sure all that time at various bars has taught you a lot, right?" he says with a quick but light elbow to the side. "Seriously, though, if you want to do it, catch up with others and set up whenever."

Daisuke turns from a guest to see Kaito trudging in, giving him a nod and a smirk. One day, perhaps, that Nara might be more social… Satomi does a great job of welcoming everyone while Daisuke does what he's assigned to do by his 'loving girlfriend', the grunt work. He puts most of the gifts in the den to rest for now away from others, though a few come looking around the house. It's then that Daisuke hears Satomi greeting what he assumes is the Kumo nin he heard of from her. He appears outside to stand next to Satomi and greet the Kumo nin. "Hey, wow you guys made it, hope everything went ok." he says with a smile, nodding his head to all three. "Senju Daisuke, nice to meet you." The gift from Hiei gets a look of amazement, considering he had just met him officially, it was quite a great piece and would serve to fuel his great ego sufficiently by hanging it up in their house. For now Daisuke would let Satomi admire it, thanks Hiei, and takes the painting inside to set it in the den where it would be safe. The goat would cause Daisuke to share a look with Satomi, wondering if he should be BBQing it or if they were keeping it. For now Daisuke takes the goat and moves it into the shade of one of the large trees to graze, off to the side near the south part of the lawn away from others.

"Alright I'm going to get the BBQing going, Kaito you should help me out." he says to the Nara to give him something to do so he could stay awake. He moves over to the pit and gets a fire going before the racks are put down on the stones. Soon the sizzle of meat and vegetables would be rising up through the air. As he sets things up, he notices Ryoji off to the side and tries to catch his gaze, holding up a fresh drink with a questioning look. "Drink?" Have to make sure everyone has a good time after all.

Kaito would snug his cousin in return, saying, "Congrats." He then casts a glance around, blinking a bit at the foreigners. Odd gifts are one thing, but someone's actually brought these two a real goat? After a moment, he'd nod in return to HIei then shrug and look back to the folks he knows. He'd nod in return to Atsuro, saying, "Yo… And, by the way, if you wanted to try out fire, you've got Konoha's best fire extinguisher right here." Casting a glance at Daisuke, he says, "I think I could give your aunt Tobi a run for her money one day, eh, sensei?" He'd then give a nod, moving over to help him with the BBQ. "You assume I can cook just because I'm a Nara, or you just don't want me staking out a spot to catch a nap?"

Hiei smiles at Atsuro. "It's just something I worked on in my spare time after I got the invitation to the house warming. I could have bought something, but I felt that making something would mean more." He exhales slowly. "The situation in Kumo is..manageable. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, I'm hoping." When Satomi kisses Hiei on the cheek, he flashes a smile at her. "Thanks for inviting us. We're treating it like a mini-vacation. Though we will most likely be returning in the morning." He inclines his head towards Ei and Ryoji. As a matter of fact, Ryoji gets a longer look and Hiei forgets to guard his expression before he remembers himself and flashes Ei a polite smile that looks face on his face. "Fujiwara-san. You left Kumo abruptly. I didn't get a chance to say goodbye." It was her fault that his sensei has gone back into 'jerk mode'. It didn't matter to Hiei. He had plans of washing his hands of it all once he was promoted. He places his attention back on Daisuke and Satomi. "Senju-sama, you have a lovely home. You're in better spirits now than you were the last time we met." Hiei continues to play diplomat as he leaves Satomi and Daisuke to greet their other guests. When his eyes fall on Fudo, he moves towards him. "Fudo, hey." He glances around. "I expected to see Atsui and Nori as well. They couldn't make it?" He offers a smile to Akane as well. "Yotsuki Hiei. I don't think we've met."

Nariko's eyes go wide as the dog greets her. "Oh my goodness! You can talk?!" She pets his head a bit and then puts a hand over her mouth, pretty sure it's hanging wide open. "That is so cool!" She can't believe her eyes. She looks back to Atsuro. "I have to admit, you have the coolest dog ever! Or at least that I have met." She can't be a tad jealous of Taizen. She looks to Hiro. "You know if you had a talking goat I might be more interested in them." When she hears Ei she smiles and bows her head. "A pleasure to see you again Ei. No, I wasn't dragged, he offered and I well, I excitedly accepted." She bows politely to Daisuke when he comes over and introduces himself. "I'm Yotsuki Nariko, pleasure to meet you."

Hiroyasu nods handing the Jerky to Taizen, then some to Atsuro. "Not really, but thank you for your false praise. I don't own anything of worth, The herd of goats is pretty much my only possession.." at Atsuro's gift comment before looking at Nariko, this was always priceless to see someone meet Taizen for the first time.

His jade jewels glancing around that is until Fujiwara-san approaches them. "Fujiwara-san!" he bows his head in respect. To Daisuke "Katayama, Hiroyasu. Congratulations" he bows his head again, he didn't really know Daisuke but it was polite to greet the second part of DaiSato relationship. "The trip was a little long, but we did. Oh if you want to cook it, it should be tender." maybe in konoha they don't keep a milk goat at a house. Before looking back at the others seeming kinda unsure how to respond.

"I guess Tai and I are just a little more modest than you two," says Atsuro, "Why you need such a big house?" He glances slyly over to Satomi, "Ah. Daisuke II is already on the way? Good thing he's got Uncle Atsuro to show him the way of the world." Actually bartending? "Just for a little while," he decides, "Not like you're paying me. And it's seriously a technique. I'll find some way to show you that doesn't involve burning down this nice house. That comes later."

He shrugs at Satomi. "I was just asking," he says, "Sheesh. Plus, I gotta get everyone drunk first. Now that I have your boyfriend's permission." He could help out with the barbecue too, since he is indeed a manly man. But he knows a thing or two about booze.

He glances over to Kaito. "That might work," he says, grinning, "Still want someone's permission before I try anything out. This house is a tad frowzy, but obviously it was all Daisuke and Satomi could afford."

Hiei gets a grin from him, "Not bad." Taizen speaks up too, "You're very talented." Atsuro pauses for a second. "Yes, handmade stuff is always better," he says, glancing off to the side conspicuously, "I made the shot glasses and sake, of course." Taizen continue to wag his tail as Nariko pets him. "Yes I can," he answers, "Thank you." Atsuro attempts to catch Hiro's eye. Nice to see that someone else has noticed Taizen's way of surprising everyone with that talking. But, "Geez, Hiro, making me feel guilty. It looks like a pretty good goat. I just dunno what one does with a goat. Can they milk this one, or is it only good for meat?"

He nods to Fudo and Akane as they come in. He doesn't know Akane at all, and he and Fudo have only interacted very briefly. He steps up to the table with the alcohol and quickly turns it into a makeshift bar. "Who wants what?" he asks, grabbing a couple of bottles and starting to juggle them around skillfully.

So many subjects and so little time. Oh how he wished he perfected that darn hair clone technique already! Ryoji sighed softly, inclined his head, then began rubbing his chin as he mulled over his optio—"Drink?" And thus, another train was derailed without anyone giving a flying f-care. Yep, a care.

"Restraint Releaser? Inhibitor? Stamina Bar Regen slash hampner following the next 10 seconds or so?" Ryoji bombards Dasuke with question after question and cants his head to the side with each one thrown out. Afterwards he gave a cheshire smile and asked, "Daisuke Senju. The red wild one yet its tamer. AN interesting variable…. Drink? Yes please." Ryoji held out a hand expectantly. "Hah! Left out—oh, erm, nevermind. Drinkage first." He adds.

Soon after the smile falters as another scent crosses his range. Familiar. Exotic. Curious. But more importantly… disturbingly familiar. "Gashuu, Disganay so toru na boh?" It is complete and utter gibberish that flows from the Iga's mouth; quiet and directed at the empty air at his side.

Shun smirked and admitted, "Perhaps." in response to Ei. As if prodded by a sharp poker, Shun starts and turns to regard Ryoji. Then turns to 'scan' the crowd until Fudo is form becomes the target of an inquisitive look.

Ei regarded Hiei with little more than a slightly confused expression. "I believe you are mistaken. Just because you did not see me leave does not mean I left abruptly. My apologies for not seeking you out to say farewell," she offered before her attention focused on Nariko and she nodded in understanding. "I hope you enjoy yourself, regardless of reasoning." Hiroyasu received a simple smile and she then glanced toward Fudo, bowing her head in greeting. She didn't seem at all impressed with his guest and avoided pushing boundaries in that regard.

Her attention quickly shifted to Ryoji, who was being offered a drink. Well… that was interesting. A light sigh escaped her nose at his antics, but she just let him be for now. Leaning down, she picked up the quokka and shifted to sit herself down. She wasn't very far off from everyone, but she was still separated.

Fudo would smirk broadly at Satomi's confusion as he'd take the card back lightly. "Hmm I see…" he'd say before activating the fire element and blowing on the card lightly, causing it to begin to burn. "I suppose we don't need this anymore.." he'd say, though he held the card in the palm of his hand even as it burned, as the fire reached the center of it, a puff of smoke would reveal the sealed item inside. It was a small, compact, mobile Shogi set. Practically a miniature version of it. Though it seemed to be brand new, well crafted, and of course, stylized with depictions of fire. "The first time I have out manoeuvred you when it comes to Shogi. But I will accept a rematch." Fudo stated to her with a slight tilt of his head at her. "I noticed you prefer to bring the game most places you go, but I didn't want for it to be cumbersome if you brought it on a mission or to other lands. You probably already have something like this, but it is the only thing that I know you enjoy besides tormenting me with affection." Glancing over towards where Akane disappeared to and seeing that Hiei was greeting her now, Fudo would take his seat away from the crowd, leaning on his elbow and propping up is head a bit with a half lidded glance over them as he crossed his leg over a knee.

Akane paused as she was addressed by Hiei and she offers a smile to him. It brightens her face, though her eyes remain cautious. "My name is Akane. I was just getting a drink." She motions for him to follow her if he likes. "I can see you're not from around here." She reaches the bar and watches the shinobi juggling liquor bottles and chuckles. "I'd like a Purple Turtle."

It was only reasonable that Hashi appears at something like this. Why wouldn't she? This was much better than lounging around in an office all day. Nothing to do there but just watch a constant flow of paper enter and exit seemingly on its own. Ghosts. Must be the problem, but they were helpful ghosts known as clerics. Hooray! But enough about that. Focus, focus! This is a day for her nephew and his girlfriend, one she's come to call her niece. They're on their own now which means less work for her. Ha!

Well, all that aside, she had to think of a gift to bring over that was better than herself. Pffft, that was impossible. Hmmm. Well, guess her gift is coming later. It isn't long before she arrives at the new home and makes her presence known with silence! That and she was hungry. So, she makes herself comfortable with some food.

"Both." Daisuke says to Kaito with a chuckle. "And you have quite a ways to go until you reach Aunt Tobi, though I wouldn't be surprised if you did. I did once see her drown a desert village, though.." he points out to Kaito. "Plus how hard is it to cook meat over a fire?" he asks, like he was serious instead of joking, really he has no experience either… He chuckles at him and Kaito manning the BBQ, quite the duo, definitely not a picture he would've thought of for either of them to experience.

Hearing a bit about Kumo, Daisuke would perk up from the nearby BBQ, saying "Not that we are super allied or anything, but if you guys need some grunt work, I'm sure my Aunt could be persuaded to send Kaito and I out? Maybe." he says with a chuckle. A deeper-than-usual nod of the head is given to Nariko in response to her bow, as he was not much for formality but still able to act somewhat proper and return the respect given. To Hiro he smiles and nods, "Nice to meet you, and thanks. It's all quite new territory to me, still. Send me on a mission any day, this stuff is much more complex. And Satomi was just joking… I think…"

To Atsuro, Daisuke chuckles, "Could you imagine?" he asks to Atsuro's comment about Daisuke 2, since he was one of few that knew Daisuke well enough to get a picture. "Chaos incarnate. Now finish off your introductions and set up the bar! Preferably near the BBQ so Kaito doesn't have to walk too far to get a drink."

To Ryoji's questions Daisuke blinks, looking down at the drink then back to Ryoji. "Inhibitor I guess?" he says about the alcohol and chuckles, handing Ryoji the drink after he finally says yes. His gibberish after gets a small glance, as Daisuke wonders if Ryoji had already 'pre-drank' before the party.

"Alright people, the first batch is ready." Daisuke announces as he flips a few of the vegetables and pieces of meat onto plates with both chopsticks and utensils around for use. "Atsuro has the bar going, too, for all your drink needs." With that announcement Daisuke spots his Aunt, his face brightening up as he walks over, leaving Kaito to dish out the rest and put the new meat and vegetables on the rack. "Mako-baa, glad you were able to get out of the office." he says as he approaches his aunt, giving her a hug whether she has some snacks in her hand or not!

Kaito'd cast a glance at Atsuro, smirking slightly at his words before looking back to helping Daisuke with the BBQ. "We'll see. I'll challenge her to a contest or something one day after I've mastered a few new jutsu," he says with a chuckle then shrugs. "Guess it's not that difficult." With the arrival of the Hokage, he'd look over to her and give a bow, saying, "Hokage-sama." He then turns back to the grill, still only keeping one eye open, which one might wonder how safe that is when working around fire…

Satomi looks at Fudo and blinks. "The student beats the master.." She smirks and ruffles his hair like she always did. "Well done, I'm thoroughly impressed!" She walks off with her mini-shogi set. She LOVED It! It was a really sweet gift. She puts it down on a designated pile. Next to the pile is a carved stone statue of two dragons intertwined with one another. It is ornately carved, standing about 2 foot tall from the 4 inch thick 1 foot base. The signature on the bottom indicates its a Taiki original, carved from what appears to be marble. Satomi regretted not hiding it, it made some smaller gifts look trivial while the opposite was true! She loved those small things, and Fudo did pleasantly surprise her with his choice of gift. "Well lets get this party started!" Satomi says while opening the door… a band suddenly walks in with several native instruments, setting up shop out of the way in the gardens. Before playing some festive, though relaxing music! "Now that's the spirit!" Satomi smiles and begins going room to room with people, showing off the house, especially to her girlfriends. She also invited Ei to come check out the walk in closet! "Oh my god have you seen this!?" She eeps in excitement. "Look, look how many shoes I can put here… and over here I'm going to put all my dresses and here…" All in all, Daisuke probably owned about 5% of the thing and that was - generously - estimated. Atsuro was also invited to join, but Satomi had a feeling that this wasn't guy stuff.

Once back downstairs, after showing off most of the house Satomi heads for Atsuro. "Some Lime sake with sparkling water please." Satomi orders. Sort of a 7'n'7 Naruto style!

Hiei replies to Ei. "No need to apologize." He looks between Ryoji and Ei. "I wish you well. Maybe we'll see each other again someday." After that, being one of the two shinobi here that couldn't drink. The ambiance of the place was going to change when the rest of them started consuming alcohol. They were already calling out drink orders at the bar. He offers Daisuke a polite smile. "Thank you for the offer, but we can manage." He goes straight for the food and heaps it onto his plate. When Hashi arrives, he inclines his head politely. "Lady Hokage." He then goes over to a chair and plops himself down. Alone. He begins to eat with gusto, obviously enjoying his meal.

Nariko smiles at Taizen. "Just wow. I think this has been the most fascinating dog I've seen in my life." She then makes her way to the bar to order a drink. Once she got her drink in hand she made her way towards Ei and looked at one of the seats. "I hope this isn't taken." She smiles and then sighs. "I have enjoyed it so far. The journey was the most exciting." When she sees the Hokage come she rises and bows politely to her before sitting down.

Hiroyasu rubs chin "Both.." he nods affirmative at Atsuro before looking back at Nariko, then to Taizen "I've got more should you want it." before sneering at hiei's rude behavior. He moves to sit down stopping to bow his head and place his hands into the prayer steeple. "A Pleasure to see you again, Lady Hokage. I wanted to thank you for all your efforts and kindness. From the medical supplies to the freedom of our visits. Thank you" he bows his head in the full expression of respect before raising his head and moving to sit with Nariko and Ei, "Sorry about his rude behavior I think he's just hungry" he says to Ei in response to Hiei's snarky words.

"Mmm… Inhibitoir~" Ryoji mused aloud with eyes half-lidded and focused pointedly on the drink in hand. He is without a hat, so the Iga improvised by raising the drink to Daisuke in appreciation before returning his attention back on the crowd. While awaiting for the mind to come up with the next ojbective, the body of the young man stands in place, idling tapping the side of the drink. A subtle yet not so subtle signal meant to give Shun permission to her own line of desire. Shun hardly hesitates in following along on Satomi's tour. A fleeting smile lights up her features upon catching wind of her master's muttering about traitor.

"*sighs*… Guess I'll go 'nd—! Hokage?" Ryoji is behind in her practically milli-seconds, grinning ear from ear as he waits patiently for all the other unimportant greetings to be exchanged before finding an opening for his own. "Hashi-chan! Great to see you, but anyways~ Would you, perhaps, maybe, just consider for a moment… re-igniting an old offer?" He asks, eyes shining expactantly. Then frowns and clarifies, "You know, the hat? Perhaps a wooden one?"

Ei just smiled and shook her head at Nariko. "Not at all, feel free." As the girl mentioned how the journey was most exciting, the green-haired woman grinned and chuckled. "Don't catch a case of wanderlust, Nariko-chan," she warned idly. Then she glanced over and bowed, from her sitting position, at Hashiramako. She watched as Ryoji approached the woman but averted her attention to Hiroyasu. "Don't apologize for him, Hiro-kun. He has every right to be angry with me. You aren't… simply because you understand what lies beneath the surface." She gave a small smile to him and pet her quokka, sitting back and relaxing. Just sitting with Nariko and Hiroyasu was better than forcing the already cracked mask into place for now…

Hashiramako took Daisuke's hug and nearly lifted him off the ground as she returned the gesture with fervor. She could have lifted him if she wanted to, but he was a young man and not her little Senju any longer. She smiled as wide as her lips allowed her as she set him back down on the ground. Luckily, there weren't any snacks in hand just yet. "Congratulations on your new home. I'm very happy for you both. Starting your lives in a good way. It warms my heart something fierce," she laughed. "But umm, if you don't mind, I'd like to snag a little something to ea—" She's cut off as Ryoji makes his presence known behind her. She smiles sheepishly while turning around to face him saying. "You still want that hat, hm?" She won't admit that she nearly forgot about it, but she should keep up her end of the bargain. "Tell you what, I'll go with you personally to the shop that makes them and you can design it however you want. Sound good?" She asked of him while her eyes darted back and forth between him and the food she wanted.

A slow reach of the plate around Ryoji was performed to see to it that Kaito would fill it up. She followed up her plate with a curt nod to him in return for his bow while awaiting the Iga's answer. Hiei's remarks to her would be offered the same. She couldn't leave him hanging, after all. A nod to Nariko, aaand a long thank you from one of the Kumo shinobi. "Oh, it was no problem at all. I'm glad to be of aid to you all and appreciate your attendance of this event." She'd have said more, but she's in an awkward position.

Hiei finishes his meal and then moves over to Hiro and Nariko. "I'll be at the training grounds." He waves at Satomi and Daisuke before walking off the premises. Once he's into the street, he vanishes in a gust of wind. Time to go work off the calories.

Daisuke beams at Hashi's words, almost bringing a tear to his eyes after all Hashi had done for him growing up. "Thanks, Mako-baa. We are certainly going to invite you over for dinner a lot to get you out of that office, you can count on that." he says as he lets Ryoji and the others say their bit. He heads back to the BBQ to make sure Kaito is ok and filling his aunts plate up as well. He tosses Kaito a drink once he gets back, letting him off the hook to go nap or mingle while he would remain on the BBQ for the rest of the cooking to make sure everyone had their fill.

After a while of cooking and handing out foot, Kaito has passed out food to just about anyone who Daisuke hadn't before. He catches the drink and gives a nod to Daisuke before moving to a nearby chair and taking a seat. Sipping on his drink, he seems to close his eye more bit by bit, eventually seeming to drift off to sleep.

Ryoji grins falters for a moment but he accepts the compromise anyways with a nod. Dreams of that wooden hat made from a Kage special brand of jutsu was gonna have to wait for awhile. "Tommorrow then, if your not too busy Hashi-chama… Hmm.. Speaking of chama-…" Ryoji does an about face after giving those at the bar area a curious glance and quickly makes his way back to Ei's side. Well, behind her to be exact since his intent to drape over the couch (chair) and plant a kiss on her neck; apologizing through action over words for being so neglectful earlier. At least, that is how he hoped his actions would be interperted…

"Is everything alright here my love?" He asked and cast a wary glance to the others. The same is given to the Quokka. Albeit a more intense look by compared to the others. "Another one.." He murmured sadly.

Ei smiled at the kiss to her neck and turned her head to look at the Iga. "Everything… is fine, love," she murmured, reaching her hand up to brush his cheek with her fingertips. As he gave such a negative reaction to the quokka, she sighed. Her hand slipped back down to the marsupial and she went silent. After a few moments, she'd lift the creature and stand, bowing to the two that had been keeping her company and starting on her way out, offering polite bows to all of the party-goers as she left.

The party kept on for a few hours as people came and went, saying their congratulations to the couple, looking around the house, dropping off gifts, and having a good time in the backyard with the BBQ'd meats, snacks, and Atsuro at the bar. All in all, everyone seemed to have a decent time, and Daisuke considered the event to be a success.

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