Ninja's Best Friend - Feeding Time


Keiji, Itami (emitter)

Date: April 16, 2012


Keiji returns to his home, feeds and observes the reactions of his pets.

"Ninja's Best Friend - Feeding Time"

Keiji's Home

Keiji stood over a sand dune. The boy glanced around a bit taking in different land marks before sinking into the earth. On the bottom the boy falls into a tunnel. It is obvious that someone dug the tunnel. He then walks through the tunnel into a slightly larger chamber. Though there are no lights, there is sort of an illumination. The chamber appears to be Keiji's room. A home of sorts that the boy made.
In one corner is a stone table. On top of it are several glass tanks with scorpion's in them. The boy reaches into his pocket and pulls out some small insects. He drops them into the cages before turning around and moving to a bed on the other end of the chamber. The boy then sits down on the bed and glances around. There are other scorpion's in the room. A few of them that seem to be allowed to run around freely. The boy once again reaches into his pocket and pulls out a few more insects. He tosses them onto the floor and watches.
One of the scorpions on the floor makes haste across the room and snags an insect to enjoy, pinching it with its claws while the rest of the work is taken care of by the mandibles. It isn't long before its finished off the meal and left some refuse behind from the parts of the carcass that it didn't eat. Following the trail of insects, it eventually makes its way closer to the bed where it continues to enjoy its meal in peace save for those scorpions who draw too close. It raises its tail threateningly, but it is more of an aggressive gesture than an actual preparation to sting.
Keiji removes his mask and then smiles as the scorpions begin to fight over the food. He leans over and down with his hand towards the scorpion. He grabs the tail and holds it up towards his face. "Always the hunter." he says before placing the scorpion and his meal down next to him on the bed. The dark pupils then scan over towards the tanks with the scorpion's in them. He then pulls a vial from his pocket. "Looks like we are good on the venom. Guess you guys do not have to get riled up tonight."
The scorpion picked up by its tail was helpless at the moment, though its body language indicated it was not pleased with being picked up in the middle of its meal. When it was set on the bed, it began to back away, tail raised in an attempt to find a safer place to eat its food while maintaining its focus on Keiji to ensure he didn't leave its sight.
There is a small bit of laughter from the boy as he watches how the scorpion reacts. It was hard to imagine that these creatures were among the first insects to be alive. They seemed little more than drones at times. They responded only out of nature. Despite having fed them, they did not seem to realize he meant them no real harm. "I wonder if Konsatsu keeps a few of you around. The two of you might get along real well." Yep. Keiji is holding conversations with scorpions.
The scorpion didn't look as if it understood what he was talking about. All it knew was food and threat. So, for now he was a threat until proven otherwise. It continued to stare him down, though its meal was finished, and attempted to assess him.
Keiji removed the pincer guards from his fingers and then placed his hand down as if mimicking a spider. He moved it lightly back and forth as if trying to gain the attention of a cat, or to see how the scorpion responded. He does not move it forward though. The pupils trace every movement between the hand and the scorpion. He was studying them. Perhaps trying to learn more about them so that he could incorporate it into his own style.
The scorpion's tail twitched and it may have registered the hand as a larger predator than it. Anytime the hand came close, the tail moved slightly as if waiting for the proper moment to strike. Its pincers were raised, but it favored its tail more for striking.
"Yes, you are a lot like Konsatsu. Always seeking to strike even if it is not prey but a predator." The boy actually felt he was learning more about his brother from this scorpion. All the times Kon had yelled at Itami. He was making the same gestures that this scorpion was, except verbally instead of physically. Could Itami really have made Konsatsu feel threatened though? Though the evidence seemed to match, not all of the pieces fit right. Finally he flips his hand over and holds still as if dead. He was certain the scorpion before him would not fall for it, but this too was worth a shot.
At the flip, the scorpion nudged its tail forward as it didn't expect the sudden gesture from the momentary pause. It didn't strike though and now with the hand lying dead it sat and looked at it without much indication to what it was thinking. When it was certain that the hand wasn't going to do any damage, the scorpion began to turn away and search the bed for insects that it felt pass by with the faintest of vibrations on the air.
After the scorpion turned, Keiji moved his other hand to it's tail once more. He then placed the scorpion on the floor. "I think it is bed time now. Go play nice with the others." The boy then began to remove his uniform before laying down on the bed. He turned to look towards the scorpions as they hunted across the floor. Sure there were other food sources for them, but he always made sure to find some in order to keep them there.
The scorpion was slightly more agressive this time in its actions as it was once again picked up. It showed its anger by pinching at the air and attempted to pinch his fingers since its tail was immobilized. Upon being set on the ground, it crawled away from Keiji and perched itself at a far side of the room to rest and watch.

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