Ninja's Best Friend - Hey! Hey Listen!



Date: April 27, 2012


None given.

"Ninja's Best Friend - Hey! Hey Listen!"

Unknown location

There had been good news lately. Great news, even! There were still
things to be done, but Ei decided to relax. She'd been slightly stressed
recently — just slightly, mind you — and the Zen Gardens had always been
a favorite place of hers to sit or lay down and just enjoy the scenery and
sounds of the wildlife that had made the place their home. Today, she'd
specifically chosen the Sacred Gardens.
She didn't quite fit in, per se, with her new attire, but the point of
the visit was not to be a flower but to see the flowers. As she wandered
the garden, being careful not to harm the plants in passing, she reached
up to unhook the flu mask on her face from one ear. Now that the mask hung
to the side of her face, she could smell the flowers too. However, as she
leaned in to smell one — simultaneously checking for a bee or anything —
she was a little caught off-guard by a sudden high-pitched squeaking
almost directly in her ear.
Recoiling, she brought a hand up to cover her ear and glanced around for
what could have caused that.
Ei searched around a bit more, frowning. What could have caused that? If
it were an animal, surely it would have stayed nearby to further urge her
away… right? Was it a prank of some kind? She could think of two people
that might do something like that, one just for fun and the other to check
her awareness. Clearly she'd failed if the latter were the case… but
that was beside the point.
Shaking her head, she simply moved to a different plant and tried again.
This time, she heard the same sound, but this time not directly in her
ear. Instead, as she looked up, she found that the creature was right in
front of her. A small black bird hovered just behind the flower she was
smelling. It had a faint, purplish tinge to the black and some white
Raising an eyebrow at it, she wondered what the little dance it was
seeming to do could mean. She assumed it was a threat display of some kind
and started to back away from the flower. To her surprise, the little bird
followed. Now what? Quietly staring at it as it continued, she took
another step back. The creature turned around that time, going back to
sipping nectar. Ei relaxed, feeling as if she dodged a proverbial bullet.
She turned to go to a different section of the gardens so as not to
bother the bird any further. It was not to be, however, because she felt
something in her hair. Startled, she flinched her head away, hunching over
slightly. When she turned to see what it was, she found the same bird or
at least what she presumed to be the same bird. Raising an eyebrow at it,
she looked around. This was… odd. "Go… home, little bird," she urged
uncertainly. The animal simply tilted his head at her, hovering there
almost expectantly.
A droplet of sweat made its way down the side of her face. She had no
idea what to do. The only animals she'd interacted with before were either
dead or above-average intelligence (i.e. nin-dogs). Wild animals normally
stayed away from her, as expected. This one seemed overly interested in
her. She decided to try and leave again, but the moment she turned around,
the little bugger was in her hair again! Sighing, she gave up. If he liked
her hair, so be it. He'd probably leave her alone when she went to exit
the gardens.

Nope… Not at all. Instead, about an hour later, Ei found herself with
quite literally a nest made from her hair and the hummingbird nestled in
happily. Every once in a while, he emitted a quiet little series of chirps
but that seemed to be about the only noise he made. Frequently, he made
trips to flowers to get his fill but no matter how far Ei had moved — she
didn't run, of course; too much danger to the plants — he found his way
back. Even when she left the gardens, he stayed put.
Well… at least he was loyal…

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