Ninja's Best Friend - Puppy Escort


Tomoko, Naru, Shizukesa

Date: April 11, 2012


The group had to escort some young ninja puppies to their new home at a training area.

"Ninja's Best Friend - Puppy Escort"

Unknown location

Everyone is called into the office of one of the jounin from the village. The jounin is a tall but kind of skinny man with light blond hair. He is sitting back in a chair with his feet up on his desk. As the others arrive he casually looks them all over and waits for them to get inside.

Tomoko smiles as she arrives at the office, and this was her second mission ever. The first one went so well she was already excited about her next one. So she arrives right on time and casually looks around to see who the other people will be on the mission.

Two pairs of footsteps are clearly being heard running. One of which is shouting, rather loud, rather sharply too.
"I do NOT want to do this! Why did you wake me up, Naru!?"
It's clear that moment later…one pair of footsteps picks up speed. The second pair then gets even faster. It's a chase, and Shizukesa comes blasting through the door and almost right over Tomoko and onto the desk.
He leaps around like a monkey, flailing as he realizes he had been corralled into the very office he was trying to avoid. As he skids to a stop by Tomoko, he goes to try and retreat only to find his teammate has him good and blocked off.
"…Not fair, Naru."

"You need to start participating more… Missions will naturally make you a better shinobi!" She exclaims to him as she reels him in, keeping a close hand tight along his wrists until finally she settles into the room infront of the jounin, she lets go of him at this point and lets out a tired sigh, brushing a few strains of raven locks out of her eyes before bowing slightly to the jounin in respect, she was curious about what this mission would be about, she had no idea what it might intel…"Trust me…this will be good for the both of us…"

Tomoko lets out a little eep as she moves back out of the way so she isn't knocked over. She takes a moment to recover from that but she then looks back and forth between the two and gives them a slight nod as they enter, "Hello, it is nice to meet you."

The jounin is pretty easy going and relaxed but when the two bust in he suddenly slams his hand down on the table to get their attention. Once they are looking he slowly sits back in his chair again, "This is a D Ranked escort mission. It might seem like a minor mission, but all missions are serious business!"

'Escort? That's easy, I just walk!'
Shizukesa looks back one last time defiantly at Naru. He's bossed around by a girl, but said girl has slammed him into place more than once. He just looks over at Tomoko though, head slanting. Who was she? He just looks back to the Jounin, he's shut up and listening for good reason.
He doesn't want to be beat up by Naru.

Naru for the most part kept quiet, after all Shizukesa would have to face the uproar from a jounin rather than herself, nevertheless she crosses her arms along one another, tilting her own head as she looked at the jounin and began to finally question things. " Who or what is it we will be escorting?" Naru finally questioned, wanting to get just a little bit more insight on the mission to prepare herself mentally for what was to happen… There wasn't anything wrong with D rank missions, easier for them all to complete.

He then leans back a little more and whistles sharply. After a moment a young black dog strolls into the room, it looks like it might be part wolf or something though it isn't very big yet. It's head probably reaches to a persons knee. A moment later a puppy about half its size with grey fur strolls in after it, then an even smaller puppy that only looks like a few days old and can barely walk wobbles in and accidently bumps into the other. "You are to take these to this location." He then hands them a scroll with a crude map of a little hut that is some where in the forest outside the village, a good distance off to the east.

Tomoko smiles as she tilts her head slightly as she looks at the dogs coming in. She moves over closer and bends over to pick up the little puppy and cradles it in her arms, then turns to look back at the jounin and gives a slight nod. "That doesn't sound like it would be to difficult of a mission." She then looks back to the other two to see what they think about it.

Dogs. He loved dogs. Phew. Shizukesa immediately kneels down. He begins to pet the middle dog a moment before looking up to the big one. He loved BIG dogs. He steps forward a bit more and actually pokes the older one in the side. He just looks back over towards Naru and then Tomoko.
"Inuzuka bred?"

Naru didn't mind dogs, but she didn't overly like them either, she peered at each of the breds and nodded her head simply for the moment and then takes a stand next to one of the smaller dogs, it seemed to be quite capable of following directions with just a whistle which hopefully would make things even easier. " Maybe," Naru finally speaks out to Shizukesa, taking a knee next to the dog, she reaches out to pet it slightly. " Hmm? So just out there? Sounds easy enough,"

The middle dog pants softly and seems to enjoy the petting. Though when the bigger one gets a poke it turns its head and opens it mouth wide as it tries to bite off Shizukesa hand. Luckily even if it gets his hand into his mouth he doesn't really bite down hard enough to remove any fingers. He does seem to enjoy the petting though. The jounin nods slightly, "Yes, just drop them off there and you are done.

Tomoko smiles as she pets the little dog in her arms as she listens. "That doesn't sound to bad at all. I don't think there are to many dangerous things near by the village. So we don't need to worry about that. They might slow us down a little getting there is all, but no rush."

Shizukesa yanks his hand back fast. Immediately his own eyes narrow, and he growls at the big dog. He's just as canine as they can be…He just walks and stares dead into the face of the large dog…staring contest. He already sees who he's gonna get into a fight with as he bares his teeth at the animal. He's not paying much mind to the mission details already. Someone else always thankfully leads him.

The dog's lip lifts slightly to reveal his sharp teeth as he starts to growl back at Shizukesa. He stares deep into his eyes and moves a little closer, and the fur on his back puffs up a little. Tomoko moves closer closer and reaches down to pet the bigger dog as she looks to Shizukesa, "Don't do that. We are supposed to be helping them out and getting them there safely, so they are on our side. Besides we should get started, so we can get them there as soon as possible."

"Hmm well lets get started on things shall we?" Naru speaks out with a nod of her head, slowly moving out she waved at the trio fo them and began to move along, carefully aiming to go out of the door while hopefully the younger medium sized dog would follow her as she whistled out to it, there was a slight smile on her face, though she had a feeling Shizukesa was going to cause a lot of issues… he needed a wake up call but that was going to come most likely at a later date…

Shizukesa nods a bit…only after giving a deeper glare at the other canine. He makes a low huff and stands, walking immediately towards Naru. He doesn't even know the other girls name, and gives her a wary glance. The boy reaches up to ruffle his own dark hair before he'd start out the door ahead of them, trying to keep it like he knows what he was doing.
"Fine fine…he started it, biting at me."

Tomoko giggles softly as she looks to Shizukesa, "He didn't actually bite you though, and besides you poked him first. That isn't to nice to you know." She smiles as she walks out of the room with them and the dogs all follow along, though Tomoko continues to carry the smallest one. "By the way I am Suzuhara Tomoko, it is nice to be working with you two."

"I remember you… We met before do you remember?" Naru asked curiously, she rubbed the side of her cheek as she walked along, after all she did meet Tomoko near the lake not too long ago. "My name is Uchiha Naru," She merely replies back introducing herself, though she culd have worn they had already met once before with introductions. " And this is Shizu… he is… a little different," She states merely shrugging her shoulders, she ahd no idea how this mission would play out.

"I'll act like I didn't hear that…Touji Shizukesa."
Shizu pouts a bit, being called different. He just grumbles, he's been a true grump lately. As he slows to walk along beside the rest, he now and then looks to the tiny puppy in Tomoko's arms still. He nods though a little while later.
"Nice working with you too…Don't break my nose like the other did."

Tomoko smiles as she looks to Naru and nods gently, "Yes I do remember you, I believe we met twice before." It seems the introduction was probably for Shizukesa benefit. She smiles as she glances back to the dogs to make sure they are following as they continue out. "I am excited about the mission, this is my second one." She tilts her head slightly as she looks to Shizukesa, "Someone broke your nose?"

Naru for the most part kept herself quiet as she nods to Tomoko, Naru couldn't help but to let out a tired yawn, stretching her arms off to the side, she was more or less leading them down the hall way which hopefully lead to Konoha, she knew Shizukesa was going to have a story to tell about his nose but quiet honestly, Naru was more interested in hearing a little more about Tomoko

"Was an idea I had. It didn't work out, he hit me too hard and knocked me out…It was my first mission, was our other teammate."
Shizu makes a murmur, but then grins. It's so funny when he thinks about it and he shows it doesn't bug him. When Naru yawns, it draws his attention and he pats her on the back twice with one of his gloved hands. Afterwards, he draws his robe up from around his waist to wear it…He looks over towards Tomoko too.

Tomoko nods slightly as she listens to the story, though she wonders what is being left out of it. "So on your first mission, your teammate broke your nose and knocked you out? That doesn't sound very good at all. Doesn't really sound like a very good plan either…Though I guess there must of been some other reason for it that you are not really saying." It is an easy trip to find their way through town, and the map leads down a road half way to the hut, making it easier to find the way there as well.

"Don't touch me," Naru quickly commanded, though she doesn't seem to be very offended, she didnt consider hte two of them to be thta close yet, close enough for him to put his hand on her at least. " What about Tomoko-san? I haven't seen you around here until now… Are you interesed in any sort of ninjutsu or Taijutsu?" She aks out loud, attempting to get the low down on Tomoko as they walked along. it was a good way of passing time as they were now heading on the path towards the hut.

Tomoko smiles as she looks to Naru, "Well this is only my second mission, and I have only been a genin for a week or two. So that is probably why you have not seen me around to much. I know wind nijutsu, and medical ninjutsu. I am not very good at taijutsu however." As they walk the dogs follow along though they seem to get distracted now again and wander around sniffing at random things they walk by.

Shizukesa steps back a bit from Naru, not wanting to break her mood. As Shizu listens, he nods as he hears then that Tomoko was a Ninjutsuist. Well that was good, he considers himself one too. As he walks with them, he starts to fall behind gradually due to just his own general laziness. His arms cross, his head tilts back…he's busy staring up at the sky rather than focusing on his mission.

"You're pretty young to be a medical specialist, you must have very very good chakra control," Naru states as a compliment, moving along quietly, though she noticed a pair of footsteps seemed to be slowing down. " Keep up the pace, Shizukesa-san," Naru speaks out to him, attempting to champion him on a little bit, she was getting a little bored of being a jerk to him, sometimes it was nice to just sit back and relax, and hopefully not worry about things, she kept a close eye on the dogs as they got closer and closer to their location. " As you already seen, I'm really good with Fire Release, as well as Genjutsu being my main speciality.

Tomoko blushes slightly as she looks to naru, "Well I wouldn't say that I am a specialist or anything. I already know a few jutsu in that area, and they are not very powerful or anything. I am learning though, and I am trying to get better. It takes a lot of hard work and studying." She smiles and nods, "Those are very useful. I was never to good at genjutsu myself." Suddenly the biggest of the dogs starts to run off into the woods as it notices some rabbit hopping around in the distance, while the middle dog starts to just wander off in the other direction for no apparent reason.

Shizukesa was luckily enough in the rear, it was luck right? He heads the middle dog off the moment he starts going off in the other direction, distracting it with scratches behind it's ear and then coaxing it to follow. He just looks up as the other dashes off.
"I'm a Taijutsuist, that's all…"
Shizukesa gave Naru that whole 'Hush hush' look after saying that.

"Even still Tomoko-san… Any kind of medical jutsu is a rare trait to have unless you have lots of control, its much more difficult than controling fire, even a baby could do that if they were trainable," Naru states, though questions Shizukesa's words on being a taijutsu is…Maybe he was after all he did attempt to slam her a few times with that fist of his, nevertheless she shrugs her shoulders, though as the big dog begins to run off Naru's body simply snaps and bursts into a run, she was decently fast and attempted to get the bigger dog, letting out a loud whistle to catch its attention.

Tomoko nods slightly in agreement, "I suppose that is true, it does take a lot of control. Though it isn't to bad as long as you take your time and go slowly. You just need to study up a lot to learn the basics and understand the body." She turns to look as the dog starts running. Though when Naru runs after it, it stops chasing the rabbit and begins to run around in a large circle through the forest, as if it thinks it is playing a game with Naru and has to get away. The other dog just sits down and pants softly as it enjoys the scratching.

Shizukesa crouches down beside the other dog, looking up and staring as Naru and the big one basically play tag. He snickers a moment, looking over at the middle one and gives it a wink. He's pretty happy he chose to watch this one as he keeps scratching down it's back.
"Medical Ninjutsu…They try using that on my hands. It's weird to me, I don't trust it…"

It was annoying… As she chased the large dog into the forest and around a large rock her whistling seemed to be ill fated caused her to let out a tired sigh and pick up the pace. For someone who used ninjutsu and genjutsu she was surprisingly quick, catching up and literally out running the dog as she caught him and wraped her arms around its "neck" nearing its chest. " Okay…Thats enough, we should stop here for now okay?" She speaks out with a slight sigh, feeling a trickle of sweat drip down her eyebrow. " I was hoping not to get too sweaty on this mission…okay big guy?"

Tomoko looks over to Shizukesa, "You don't trust it, why is that? It is really rather safe, and if you were injured then it is important to get treatment quickly. Though I suppose if someone wasn't trained and try it, that could go badly." The bigger dog is panting heavily as Naru catches up, and he gives her a wet lick, but seems to have tired himself out already so is being good now.

"It just seems weird…dangerous. It can be used weird, that's all."
Maybe he just has a thing against it, maybe he saw something one time that made him uneasy. He does though scratch the pup one last time before standing. He can't resist it…as he walks towards Naru and the larger one, he just scrunches his nose saying it.
"Come on Naru, we can't dawdle…"
He keeps walking by towards their destination.

"Dawdle…?" Naru spoke out, narrowing her eyes down on Shizu, after all she did just catch a dog just to get a sloppy kiss, she sighs and gives the inu and slight pat on the back to follow and that was the end of that. She smiles and continues to bring it along while turning her attention to Tomoko, she had no idea why Shizu had anything against medical ninjutsu, if anything she thought he would be afraid of other things. " If you think medical jutsu is bad what until you see some other things, Shizu-san…"

Tomoko looks over to Naru and nods before looking back to Shizukesa, "Medical jutsu is usually used for healing and helping people, so it shouldn't be are scary or as bad as other styles that are only meant to kill or destroy things." Though she did say usual, she doesn't go into what unusual medical jutsu might be. "As long as you stay healthy and safe, I guess it will not matter though right? Healthy people don't need to worry about medical jutsu."

The larger dog moves back with the group and starts to follow once again as he pants happily, and the other smaller dog moves to walk behind him, and follows him down the path through the woods.

Shizukesa hears them, he just pretends not to. He even looks away from them a little when they try to convince him that it's not that bad. In his eyes, anything that messes with a body is dangerous. That's why he is scared of Genjutsu too. He just keeps walking, his arms up above his head so he can lean back on them a bit as he trots along silently.

Naru was just listening to things for the most part, the yseemed to be moving along quite easily and nicely, with one more yawn she walks along and keeps her arms close to her sides and her eyes on the dog that had ran away."This place was suppose to be pretty close by right?" Naru finally asked out loud, she truly did wonder if they were getting any closer, after all it was suppos eto be more or less a short walk..She wondered why they needed these dogs anyways…

Tomoko smiles as she nods her head slightly, "We should be almost there. Though that running around did take a little while." She giggles softly as she looks down at the other two dogs. Just up ahead barking can be heard as the group moves though the woods, and as the group gets closer they can spot the hut and running around it are a bunch of other dogs, most just being puppies but there are some much bigger and meaner looking ones around as well. There is also a couple of jounin outside.

'I knew it, Inuzuka clansmen…has to be.'
Shizukesa thinks that to himself, and takes one last moment to scratch the middle one's head. He picks up the pace a bit more, eager for this mission to be done. He'd gotten hungry. As he looks back towards Naru and Tomoko, he gives a bit of a triumphant grin.
"All's well that ends well."

Tomoko smiles as they reach the hut and she goes down to one knee and sets the little puppy on the ground. It lets out a little bark and then wanders over bowl of water that is sitting near the hut and starts to drink some. The other two bigger dogs run off to go play with some of the puppies. One of the Jounin carefully looks over the three dogs before retrieving a slip of paper and giving it to the group, a receipt of some kind confirming that the dogs made it here. Tomoko smile and takes it, "Looks like another successful mission!"

"That was easy enough hmmm?" Naru spoke out, watching as they were handed the slip of accomplishment, for now she just shrugs her shoulders, it was a nice shift from the crazy missions she had been on as of late, every now and then doing hte simple things within the village was always a nice thing. " Looks like we are all done now right?" Naru asked the group, she too had a rather triumphant look on her face. "Perhaps we can do a few more of those together… Helping out in the village has a nice feel to it..

Shizukesa nodded a little between them. He was grinning too, he had to confess this was a breeze and he was gonna get good marks for it. He has been oddly quiet though this time around. He was thinking a lot mostly, but his eyes seemed to have a tired tinge to them. Was he lacking sleep? He just looks back and forth between the others without a word…clearly waiting before he blurts it out.
"Can we go home now? I was woken up too early for this…"
He eyes Naru.

Tomoko smiles as she looks to Naru, "Well I hear they usually give a lot of easy missions to new genin. So maybe it was because its still my second mission that it was easy. It was still good practice though I think and it helped out the village." She looks ovr to Shizukesa and nods, "I guess we can go home."

Naru nods her head, she actually very much agreed with Tomoko. " You needed the experience too Shizu-san," Naru merely replies back, giving him a wave of her hand, though she figured the group of them would return home together, lucky for them it wasn't going to be a long ways back to Konohagakure… The Uchiha let out a sigh of relief, Shizu was still slightly annoying, but she did meet an interesting new genin that had a lot of potential… "Right… Lets go home!"

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