Ninja's Best Friend - Thanks to Newton



Date: April 30, 2012


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"Ninja's Best Friend - Thanks to Newton"

Unknown location

On the Northern Hill, directly between one of the paths between Konoha
and Kadomai, where the greenery of the forests in the Land of Fire dies
out and is instead replaced with that of yellow grass, large rocks and a
lone, behemoth of a tree that grows directly in the center of the hill, is
where Eremi would often come to simply sit and relax. An activity he
rarely partakes in, but when he does, choosing to do so in one of the few
places that can be considered absolutely tranquil.
When Eremi first arrived in this spot it was just after morning, but with
the sun now high in the sky it was some time in the afternoon. His hands
were already tucked behind his head and his back was resting against the
tree. The way things were going, it was possible the boy could just spend
the rest of the day here. Which wouldn't be a problem. There was nothing
on the agenda today. Nothing that was overly important anyways. Just the
usual. Training.
But as the time continued to pass by, the sun making its trek across the
sky and the shadow from the tree that granted shade on the hot summer day
would slowly shift inch by inch, Eremi knew eventually, he'd have to move.
Something that ended up happening sooner than later, as from the above a
single acorn feel, bopping Eremi on the noggin before landing on the grass
besides him.
Rubbing at his head, he reached for the nut and gave it a once over
before glancing up to the tree. It wasn't an oak, he didn't think, so
where did it come from. A thought that lingered in his mind for only a few
moments before catching sight of something small and brown on a branch
that quickly darted away. The small creature circled around the trunk of
the tree as it made its descent towards the ground before heading off into
the woods.
Somewhat startled and a bit surprised, Eremi watched the squirrel take
off, taking notice of a rather peculiar black stripe that from the
creatures head down to the tip of its bushy tail. "Well then…" His eyes
fell to the acorn still in his hand, then off where the squirrel was
running off. "You forgot your lunch!" Eremi shouted after, before sighing
and giving chase.
The two of them darting through the woods, turning right then left and
zig-zagging this way and that until suddenly the squirrel came to a stop
and abruptly turned around. The critters tail was all a fluster, chest was
convulsing, but its head was down low as its eyes stared up at the boy. It
was at that moment, Eremi realized what he had done. He forced the
squirrel exactly into what he himself feels most times.
"I'm sorry." Eremi muttered after a while of the two of them remaining
motionless as they stared at one another. Slowly, he lowered himself to
the ground and extended his hand to offer the acorn from earlier. The
squirrel didn't move. But neither did Eremi. Neither of them budging until
finally, the squirrel's nose began to twitch and he inched forward a bit,
then backwards a bit. This game going on for a while before the critter
made up its mind and went the rest of the way to the acorn.
Sniffing at the acorn for a bit, before reaching for it with both hands
and grasping the nut. Eremi smiled in response and stood up, "All
better…" but before he could finish, he froze in place as the squirrel
quickly ran at him, up his leg, shirt and stopping on Eremi's shoulder. It
was there the squirrel continued to eat the acorn. "Well then..Let's going
back to the tree."

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