Ninja vs Monks


Daisuke, Natsuki, Hashiramako

Date: April 11th, 2010


Daisuke and Natsuki spar. Hashi invites Natsuki to join Konoha.

"Ninja vs Monks"

Ninja Academy Testing Room

Hashi had heard of the combat abilities of monks and was already familiar with those in the Land of Fire and their capabilities. She was curious as to the other martial skills of those from the Land of Earth and requested them to come and give a private demonstration and allow one of the younger in their group to spar with Daisuke. The first part of the demonstration was a mixture of things the monks excelled at. Demonstrations of their Iron Body conditioning, weapon styles, and hand to hand combat skills. Some of the demonstration had been choreographed for clarity of the technique. The monks demonstrated feats of balance, flexibility, coordination, and strength for the Lady Kage and the small entourage of trusted friends.
As the show came to a close, a monk stepped forward. "Lady Kage, please forgive us for not actually having a monk for you to witness in live combat. As you know, we are committed to peace and our beliefs prevent us from combating for sport those outside of the monastery. Our only alternative is to allow one of the residents from the orphanage who is traveling with us, to demonstrate her skills. She has mastered all but the most secret and most reserved techniques of our Monastery." He said before and turning to look at Natsuki who serenely stepped forward.
The Hokage nodded to the Monk and then looked briefly at Daisuke. She then stood and looked at her contingent, mostly friends and those who worked with her in the Hokage's office. "Friends, I doubt this is going to be overly exciting for any of you. Feel free to return to your duties." She stated, offering them a slight bow. The contingent stood and nodded, offering the Kage a bow in return and left (it seemed like they knew how to take a hint). Hashi then turned to the monk, "Daisuke is a trusted chuunin of the village and my own nephew. I trust his skills and control to be able to prevent serious harm from coming to your student." She said before looking at Daisuke and then at Natsuki, "Have fun out there. I know Daisuke can handle himself, so give it all you got." She smiled.

Daisuke had shown up at mention of the little show the monks were putting on, quite interested to see their techniques and styles on display. He found himself mentally taking notes during all the displays and even tensing his abs a bit at the Iron Body showing, pretending he had some body of steel as well. When the show came to a close, Daisuke clapped along with the rest, keeping his eyes out for Natsuki amongst the crowd before he gave her a brief greeting smile.
When called upon after dismissal of the entourage of his aunt, Daisuke blinked once before nodding his head and smiling, glad to help. He steps forward towards Natsuki, his smile turned into a grin now as he retrieves his staff from his waist pocket on his hip, the metallic pole extending to proper length. "A rematch?" he says in a friendly tone of voice, remembering their other spar getting cut short.

Natsuki bowed respectfully to the Kage and then nodded to Daisuke, "Looks like it, but don't think I'll take it easy on you this time. My teachers have said I can wipe the floor with you if I so desire. Which is a shame, you know I'm not the violent type." She grinned. She then leapt back away from the place where the Kage sat and over to a rack full of weapons. "I think I can beat you with this." She said, pulling a simple bo from the stand and began spinning it around her body as she loosened up her arms and legs in a showy fashion as she moved to her mark. She arrived at the mark, and assumed the passive stance of a monk. Her weapon held behind her with one hand as her other hand was held over her chest her palm pointing away from either of them.

"Heh." Daisuke says as he twirls his staff, stepping around Natsuki slowly to see if she reacts. Fortunately for him, he knows that Natsuki did not display any ranged type attacks last battle and he will be using that to his advantage until a time comes when she does display a use of them. He continues to move around the girl as he focuses in some chakra, leaving enough space between them to react to anything as he secretly prepares his technique. After a moment or two of his movements, the ground underneath Natsuki would begin to churn as a large spike of earth protrudes from it, trying to strike her.

The fight had begun and Daisuke barely even moved a muscle. Natsuki raced forward her bo moving around in front of her as she felt the earth tremble under her foot, she leapt and almost cleared it, but in the landing she found some of the ground had been broken in the execution of the technique. She stumbled forward into a roll, over her staff though her foot had been grazed a pretty decent little bit from the trip.
It wasn't difficult for Natsuki to recover from the stumble and having closed the gap between her and Daisuke, she moved to strike him repeatedly with the staff as she spun her body around in a circle, focusing her chi into her hand that would attempt to deliver a strike to his chest as the spin ended.

Daisuke notices the girl begin a continuous striking staff routine, something he has practiced a lot since beginning his training with a staff and so the boy decides to get a bit cocky and attempt to knock Natsuki's blows back at her with his own flurry of blows. Daisuke comes out on the receiving end at the end of the exchange of blows, leaving him with not enough time to dodge the second attack, sending him flying back on his butt. Picking himself up, he wipes off a bit of dirt from his cheek as he begins his answer to her assault. Clasping his hands together in a four-seal series, Daisuke raises his hand to his mouth and spits out multiple jets of small 'bullet's of flame. He uses that distractionary assault to weave his way towards Natsuki. Upon closing the distance, the chuunin thrusts his staff into the ground, pulling a chunk of earth out to swing towards Natsuki. He finishes his swing with a strike from the other side of the staff aimed
towards her side.

Natsuki was rather acrobatic in her techniques. She leapt to the side as Daisuke began to spit out his annoying little fiery bullets, wincing as one grazed her arm. She winced slightly, and saw the the rock hammer coming towards her as she landed from her sideways jump and fell into a cartwheel, narrowly missing the strike of the rock clad staff and the follow up strike of the weapon.
This found Natsuki in a crouched like posture. She dropped the staff for the moment and took the opportunity to spring towards Daisuke, her hand clinched into a tight paw like fist to strike hard into his sternum. If successful, the strike would compress his chest and push much of the air from his longs, stunning him for a moment as she followed the strike with a quick swipe of her other hand, this time, the paw like fist had claws as the fingers would try to rake against his skin. After the strikes, she'd attempt to hurry back to her staff.

Daisuke spins around with the momentum of his staff in order to face Natsuki again after she dodges his blows. As he watches the feline-like movements he figures it best to get out of their way, opting for more ranged-like assaults. Flickering from sight, his after-image is left behind to face Natsuki's fists, which pass through where he was. Landing a good twenty yards away, the chuunin is already prepared for another assault. Using his Earth spire technique to put Natsuki off-balance, he summons the spire from the ground below her feet again. There was no stopping this time as Daisuke is already preparing his next move, his staff beginning to twirl as a stream of fire ignites from his mouth and catches the air currents created by the fan-like motions of the staff, a fire whirl attack streaking across the 20 yards towards Natsuki. Hidden within the flames was one of Daisuke's kunai, traveling along towards Natsuki to finish the combination
ranged attack.

Daisuke had her running around like a chicken with its head chopped off. Well, not really, but the boy knew she was a melee toe to toe fighter while Daisuke was skilled at a range. It made things become quite the chase. She knew she could close the distance, but instead of charging head long into it, the girl seemed to slow, at least slightly, knowing she needed to bide her time as she allowed her chi to well up inside her, at least, a little anyway.

Daisuke didn't let up as he noticed the girl trying to close the distance, sending earth to block her way as a spire rises from the ground to try and strike her down as a shuriken flies from his hands. Whether or not that worked, Daisuke used his fire bullets again to either seal the deal or keep her dodging and tiring her out or pushing her back to lengthen the distance between the two combatants.

As Natsuki continued her charge, more attacks came towards her. She raced across the room as the spire rose up, but with ease she avoided it and any breaks in the earth around it. She could see the shuriken coming and in a quick spin of her staff, she deflected them, though, one of them grazed her arm pretty well as she ran. The fire was averted by jamming the staff into the dirt and using it to vault her out of the way. During the vault, she let go of her weapon her chi was high, and it felt almost like it was starting to seep from her as she struck at him with another chi strike to his chest followed by a series of hard hammer fist strikes to his head, spinning in the middle of her technique.
As the monks and the Kage watched on, it became apparent that the monks were growing increasingly concerned about Natsuki. As she dropped her staff in her vault, they stood, arms crossed over their chest and their hands inside the sleeves of their robes. It was as if they were watching waiting for something but not yet interfering. Hashi would see it, though it was faint. Dark bluish black chakra began to emerge from her hands, the fingers of which were beginning to appear like sharpened claws. It wouldn't be long now before the transformation would be underway. Hashi's face was stone as she noted the monks slowly moving to form a circle around the two combatants.

Daisuke is able to flicker from the assault and keep at ranged, the tactic he was using to beat Natsuki as his observation about her limited range proved right. What he wasn't able to guess is the deep bluish chakra that was beginning to pour out of Natsuki, causing him to raise his eyebrow in curiosity. Unknowingly, the chuunin pressed on, figuring it was some kind of secret monk technique to strengthen their blows mixed with some kind of Inuzuka-like ability. "That's pretty cool, but it won't save you!" he says as he strikes out towards Natsuki in a cocky manner, taking her head on with his staff in a flurry of striking blows to the girls body.

As Natsuki and the shinobi fought on, the skilled staff strikes came at her with speed. She leaned and arched her back slightly, the staff barely missing her as it spun in its pattern. She then lifted her arm, and allowed the weapon to strike into it. It would normally have probably broken the arm, but between the girl's iron body training and transformation, it didn't seem to bother her. With the weapon stopped she swung her clawed hand at the face of Daisuke, striking him on the cheek.
She then stepped slightly to the side, moving her hand in a block to try to press the weapon down as she used her other arm to attempt to grab his upper arm. She then struck her other hand towards his eye, the fingers formed to resemble the beak of a crane. The moves were fast and precise from years practice. She then roared loudly before plunging her body against his. She attempted to push him backwards across the room, pressing her weight against him as she tried to make him fall and pin him with her body.

In the mess as Natsuki gets more feral-like Daisuke ends up pinned against the neko-female and not in the good way. He is unable to make any seals or do anything for the moment as he's pinned to the ground, chuckling a bit as he thinks it was still a spar. "Darnit, should've kept my distance." he says playfully as he struggles to get free.

With the boy pinned under her, Natsuki would be free to do whatever she would like to him. The monks knew it and rushed in closing the circle around the two combatants. They reached into their cloaks and pulled out small black rocks and moved closer and tighter towards the girl as they recited some form of mantra. The girl looked up at them, and hissed, shifting her wait slightly as she turned. The fire cloak that was around her hands had spread up her arms and was engulfing around her chest and was reaching for her head. From the outside, it would look like a large cat defending its kill from other threatening cats. The monks remained calm, though they moved in a bit quicker and their voices a little louder. Suddenly, the bit of blue flame that was around Natsuki's hands erupted violently. Her skin from where the fire cloak had been, was burned black. The fire flew up into the air and suddenly back into body. The girl fell collapsed ontop of
Daisuke. As the girl collapsed, several the monks dropped to a knee. Their breathing was heavy as if they had just had some kind of work out.

Hashi was quickly by the two combatants' side and gently pushes Natsuki off of the boy. She quickly checked Natsuki's vital signs and nodded to the monks, "She's okay." She stated. "I'll have her taken with haste to the Medical Center. However, I want to speak with you about her." She then whistled, and a small sparrow flew in from an outside window. "Yes, Hashi-ko?" the Sparrow asked in a chirping manner. "Get me my personal guards." She stated. The bird then flew out the window. Moments later, several jounin would walk in. They didn't seem to need any orders, they picked up Natsuki and began to head with her towards the Hospital. Hashi then looked to Daisuke, "You look no worse for wear." She chuckled, offering the boy her hand to help him up.

Daisuke doesn't really understand what was going on but as the cloak begins to engulf the girl his eyes widen in surprise. Another one, just like him. Right in front of his eyes and he hadn't realized. What little he knew about the beasts was limited to the knowledge passed down by his aunt, but he could recognize the gross feeling of the chakra seeping out of the girl any day of the week, having to live with the feeling every day. He doesn't get to speak as the monks close in and subdue Natsuki, showing Daisuke that there wasn't just his aunt's method of control out there in the world.
Still a little dazed and confused after the fact, Daisuke takes his aunts hand, lifting himself up and dusting himself off. "I never figured that that would be the case when I reported her odd behaviour. Any idea what she has inside of her, Mako-ba san?" he asks his aunt as he looks towards the doors in which the girl left.

Hashi shook her head, "I'm, really not sure. I need to talk to the monks. Her techniques, I'm not sure if it was from training as kung fu uses a lot of animal forms and many monks practice that form of martial art, or if that may be part of the personification process of her beast." She stated. "Anyway, I want you to sit with her at the hospital when one of her monks or myself cannot be with her." She stated. "And speak of this to no one." Was quickly added.
Hashi and the lead monk would then head out of the Test Room and too the Hokage's office. Behind closed doors, the girl would be discussed. It would be learned they have never seen her move to that point, that they had always brought her under before things escalated. However, they felt as if they could not help her contain that power much longer. The Kage nodded and the monks agreed that if Natsuki willed it, they would allow her to stay at the Leaf Village under the tutelage of the Hokage to better learn herself and her power. Natsuki, would probably be in the hospital for about a day, remarkably short period of time considering her injuries, but that was the life of a Jinchuuriki.

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