Ninjutsu vs Taijutsu! Stamina Training!


Ryo, Naru, Eremi

Date: October 16, 2011


After numerous battles,Uchiha Naru has come to conclusion that body conditioning and working on her own stamina is her absolute main weakness, which means she is spending much more time training these aspects. Late in the night as the moon rises over Konoha, Naru is still training out in the genin field only to be intercepted by one of her comrades Eremi and clan friend Ryo. With Eremi's expertise in taijutsu, Naru takes her training to a whole new level while Ryo observes the fight as a student, picking up on real time battle between two genin.

"Ninjutsu vs Taijutsu! Stamina Training!"

Night Time: Training Area #26 - Genin Training

It was the genin training ground once again, late in the evening and even more nearing towards twilight. The training grounds were wildly empty. Most of the other genin reverting their training to either at home or retiring for the night, there were a few still around though, one of them being the deiligent aspiring Uchiha, Naru. Naru kept herself quiet, chucking a series of kunai and shurikens at a doll, getting down to do pushups then running to retrieve her weapons then rinsing in repeating… She had been training for most of the day, pushing her stamina way beyond her traditional bounds… She had to in order to beat her threshold…

Night time was often found to be the best time to come to train at the genin training grounds as it was less crowded if not completely deserted then when it was during the day. Though from the branch where Eremi hid, watching over the area he noticed a few lingered about and one he even recognized from the incident when Tosai…fought back. Naru was clearly training alone, something he wished to do right now as well. Though his team would bash him for continuing to think that way, so he swallowed hard, took a deep breath and leaped from his spot. "Hello Naru" He'd give his normal bow, but standing behind the teen she wouldn't have seen it. "Training hard I see. Do you…need some company?"

Sick of being a student, Ryo figured that spending his time in an area filled with genin might help him get there faster. He would stay a distance from the spot where Naru and Eremi began to talk. He was training on a dummy with a wooden boku sword. He seemed to practicing pretty hard despite how late it was starting to be. He was practicing downwards slashes and piercing techniques. "This is so much better than tossing kunai. No clean up afterwards." The words were not directed at anyone. Just a statement.
As Eremi would approach Naru didnt cease her movements, instead she continued on, still in the middle of tossing shuriken and kunai at her own wooden dummy. " Eremi-san..?" Naru questioned out loud, arching an eyebrow at his sudden apperance. " I can't help but to train as hard as possible with everything going on…" She adds, simply nodding hr hand for perhaps having a little bit of company. " If you really want to help me..Wearing me out even further would definitely be helpful…." she replies back, shifting her gaze off in the distance though she noticed a particular bald head she would never forget. "Ryo-san..?" she grinned as he trained…quite impressed wit hthe student thus far
Eremi stood straight and kept his hands clenched at his sides while watching Naru, "Yes, there is a lot going on and training helps clear the mind and prepares you for the future. At least, that's how I see it." He shrugged as he glanced around to notice anyone else he may know and spotted Ryo, a boy he had only just recently met. Hopefully the talk about the graduation was out of the students mind, thinking of such things can cause quite a heavy burden. "What can I do to help? I would be glad to help you with anything." Turning back to the teen as he waited for an answer.

Ryo would strike the dummy a few more times before he heard his name. He recognized the voice pretty clearly. As he turned around his eyes darted to Naru before looking towards Eremi. "Hello." the boy stated before offering a slight bow to both of them. Placing the wooden sword upwards towards the back of his harm, he walked towards the two of them.

Naru kept her eyes on Eremi for the moment, honestly quite curious on just how far along this genin was. " Actually, It would just be nice to maybe test out what I know, and for the most part exhuast this extra stamina I have…. For some reason I just can't get rid of it as quick as i would like… Perhaps we can spar a bit if you wish to train as well," Naru requested, turning her eyes onto Ryo who approached them, she smiled and nodded towards the younger student. " Your work ethics never cease to amaze me…"
Eremi was silent as he thought about the proposition, weighing the advantages to the disadvantages. Each spar he had been in ended up with him being injured past what he would like, despite what he had gained from it. "I wouldn't mind doing so with you." Bringing a hand to rest on the kunai pouch on his hip, hidden by his sleeveless cloak. "I am ready when you are. Please start it when you are ready. To set the pace." The boy shifted his feet into a solid stance, looking at Ryo for a moment to check the distance he had for moving room before focusing back on Naru.

Backing up a few feet as the spar started to progress, the boy glanced at Naru. "I cannot have you and Berri being the talk of the village forever." he states as his eyes glance back towards Eremi. He moves the wooden blade over his shoulder. "I guess if I watch the way the two of you move, I will pick up some pointers for my own forms."

"Talk of the clan huh? That sounds like an honor… I suppose we have been in quite a few battles already…" Naru went on to say, noting that Eremi was ready for her to set the pace she nods and kicks back as well, leaping a few feet backwards, her hands motioning in a ram handseal, focusing and converting her chakra as a sharp blue aura circulated and formed along her. " Keep a close on eye on things then Ryo-san… This is training for you as well,"

Naru kept her gaze on Eremi, as her chakra had becomed replenished she held out a knife hand and beckoned him to come forward… The other hand took one of the kunai from her arm guard.. " Ready!"

Eremi took in a deep breath as he made sure to remain calm and steady his nerves while he watched Naru focus her chakra. Noticing she was keeping her distance, perhaps she wanted a long distance match, but for him to help with her exhaust herself he was gonna need to push it. Exhaling he withdrew two kunai from his pouch and darted to the left, dust picking up behind him as he went to circle around the teen. With a flick of his hand one of the kunai sailed her way before Eremi stopped in his direction and charged quickly after the thrown weapon. Making up some of the distance he jumped into the air and sent a flying kick her way.
Ryo moved back another few feet before taking a seat on the ground. He calmed his mind and looked towards Naru, then Eremi. He was unsure how the exchange would play out or who would come on top. Either way he would soon learn.

Naru wasn't quick on her feet, but her insight and reaction time was enough to give her a slight advantage for those much faster than her, accurately she managed to interpret his technique, confused by his swift darting, but keeping up with the thrown projectile, it stabbed into her flesh exploding her body into a bundle of wood chips left from a messed up training dummy, Naru would reppear slightly out of the way, only to explode once again in a puff of smoke which would be met to send her flying. "Up here!" Naru shouted out, coming down right ontop of him with a sailing drop kick, hopefully to slam directly into his shoulder blade, she follows up with her own attack, slashing the kunai once across his chest while maintaing the close range…Hopefully it wouldn't back fire. " Watch… Keep my eyes open…" Naru championed herself…
The shout would easily gain the skiddish Eremi's attention causing him to look up at Naru as she came down with a kick. He rotated around and instinctively brought his arms up to deflect the attack. It was easier to do so then he imagined, feeling little power behind the attack through his bandages. "You won't exhaust yourself to well this way." Mentioning as he quickly flipped back to avoid the slash across the chest. When his feet touched the ground, he slouched down and pushed himself off moving foward slashing with his own kunai held tight in his hands before sliding to the right and spinning around with a backhand.

Ryo deemed the first exchange between the two a draw. Of course this was not a shock. There was little intent in the first few moves of a spar. Even Ryo knew they were often times just actions to test the waters of an opponent. The young boy figured it would easily take two or three rounds for them to break out anything of value in the spar.

"Bunshin no Jutsu!" Naru summons, a series of clones forming around her just after her attacks seemed to flater, and it appeared to work in her favor as well, for each strike following the next slammed into each individual clone, leaving the original to remain unharmed. It was time for her to step up the game however… Eremi was pretty strong… Body wise, which definitely was a great contrast to herself. Eremi however made himself exposed after his last attack, giving her optimal range to catch him in her jusu. Motioning through a few hand seals quickly she ended on tiger.

"Katon! Bakuhatsu no Jutsu!" She breaths deep then expells out a small ball of concentrated fire, blasting out in Eremi's direction and illumating the dark training ground with a blaze of fire, secondly she chucked her Kunai at him, hopefully to catch him by surprise after the explosion

Eremi's eyes widened as he turned to face Naru only to see a blast of fire coming his way. He shifted his feet and began to sprint away from the attack only to catch it upon his back and send him flying through the air and crashing into the ground. The boy rolled over to keep the uchiha in his vision, knowing he would have no time to rest and collect himself and he was right. A kunai was coming his way and from his position he didn't have the time to move so he chucked his own kunai at the oncoming one. The two collided in the air and went off flying in different directions. "The pace has increased."

The Satonezu pushed himself off the ground and rose to his feet. A hand would find its way into the kunai holster once again to retrieve his weapon and hold it before him. He stood there, eyes shifting around from Naru and the available area, judging his space. Then without any indication of his next move he was off, charging straight at the girl like before but in an instant his direction changed and he was suddenly moving away from her to the right. Suddenly he stopped, feet skidding into the ground and once again he turned back toward the Uchiha and leaped through the air with his foot leading the way. "Dynamic Entry!"
Finally someone landed an attack. Ryo watched as the fire got Eremi in the back. He nodded his head in agreement with Eremi's statement. This battle indeed was starting to speed up. Now to see if the other boy could return the favor to Naru.

The swimming foot would hit her head on, slamming her right in the stomach, it seemed to force he to recol backwards, the kick strong enough to send her soaring through the sky before skidding across the pavement picking upa pile of dust. "Tch…" Naru grimanced, her body more or less bruised up by the assault, she shook hr head and attempted to move onward with her attacks, this time not having a serious plan she just kept her eyes open, motioning through the hand seals again. " Fire style! Fire Bullet Barrage!" Her first technique was exhaled into a series of bullets raining in Eremi's direction, scattered enough to hopefully hit him no matter how fast he might have been..

Eremi landed on his feet after the attack landed and positioned himself while preparing for the retaliation that was sure to come. With each round, the pace was increasing and he wasn't sure if he could keep up, but he was going to make sure to help Naru train as much as he could. With that, he watched her exhale a barrage of flames his ways. A few he was able to avoid, but there was too many and they were too widespread for him to continue to dodge them all.

Without being quick enough one flame engulfed his form, singeing his clothing and flesh causing him to jump back and wince some at the pain. "Taijutsu vs Ninjutsu. Starting to miss the punches, kicks and kunai you started with." He said inbetween the breaths he took. "This is good training though. Lets me know that I must get faster." The kunai in his hand was brought up then chucked across the way toward Naru and he followed behind, leaping into the air and kicking about with one leg and then the next.
Things were really starting now. Ryo's eyes recognized the bullet barrage jutsu. He himself had mastered that one already. Though Eremi did not seem to be able to dodge them. The boy wondered if he would be able to dodge his own. Now he looked towards Eremi. The boy did not seem to use or know ninjutsu. Ryo only wondered what type of Taijutsu techniques the boy would use.

Assuming Eremi would begin to move even faster to trick her movements, Naru began to react accordingly, as she maintained a firm stanced slowly but surely her eyes began to alter and change, burning a deep crimson red while a single tomoe formed in each eye, IThe was probably the last thing he would see until the weapon once again was caught into a thick peice of wood, Naru reppearing right before Eremi for the counter attack only to be swept off her feet by the circular motion of his attack.

The kick had caused her to fall flat on her back with a loud "oof". Naru rolled off to the side and began to rise back up, her eyes observing and watching him. " I couldn't see it… is he really that fast?" The thought had began to bug her but for now she continued her assault… As long as she could resist getting hit she was going to be okay…

"You really are quite stronger than I originally thought, Eremi-san…" Naru pointed out, letting out a soft pant, slowly she could feel herself fatiguing and being pushed to her limits… Utilizing injutsu once more she motioned to a tiger seal and blew out a wall of blinding fire. " Katon: Bakuhatsu no Jutsu!" From the masking wall of fire a small but concentrated fire ball bursted in his direction…

Landing on his feet once again, Eremi reached into his holster tucked behind his sleeveless cloak and retrieved his last kunai. Of course if he needed to, he could simply pick one of the thrown weapons off the ground, but this one he was going to hold onto for a while. "Thank you Naru and the same goes to you." The boy then hunkered down some, bending at the knees, readying himself to launch in whatever direction needed as he eyed the Uchiha.

More flames…he hadn't been fast enough to dodge them yet and as the wall of flame was shot up he jumped out of the way only to realize too late that it was a diversionary tactic and a good one at that. The actual attack was the ball of flame that exploded in his face. He attempted to move out of the way while bringing up his arms to block the incoming flames, but it was to no avail. When the jutsu died off he was left standing there, shaking as he brought his hands down back in front of him.

"You are too skilled with elemental ninjutsu. I am no match for it." Eremi reached at his arms, holding them firmly and began to unwrap the bandages that were wrapped tightly around them. He allowed quite a bit to unravel before letting them dangle at his sides. Taking a deep breath to steady himself, he clenched the kunai tight then ran at full speed toward Naru. Like his cloak behind him flapping in the wind, the bandages did the same until he came to a stop, whipped his hands forward and sent the bandages flying toward the girl at an attempt to wrap around her and hold her tightly in place.

This was a surprise. The eyes. Naru's eyes specifically. They caught Ryo's attention. He could recognize the sharing a mile away. How long had she had them? What could she do with them? Then she is knocked out of the air and Eremi then gets burned again. The boy was going to be lightly roasted by the time this fight had ended. Of course Ryo's eyes would return to Naru's. He was still pondering just when she unlocked them. That would make his goal slightly harder.

Eremi's attack quickly began to move into action, Naru glimpsed upwards and quickly began to get wrapped up by his bandages, each of them quickly making routes along her body before suddenly her body would explode into a puff of smoke, leaving him with a wrapped up log. Naru was able to witness the technique, but still it remained to be exceedingly difficult… Was it hard for her eyes to adapt towards Taijutsu? She could make out his Chakra flow but it definitely didn't help her since he wasn't using any.

The real Naru wasn't too far away. A few meters away from her original location and she remained staunch and unwilling to submit, at least not yet… Her fingers were placed into yet another handseal bursting her body with a rush of chakra as she prepared for what seemed like would be a final show down. " Ninjutsu is my forte…But unfortunately my weakness as well… Trust me… Its very difficult to keep up with your speed…and stamina…" Naru replies back, smiling lightly at him, breathing with more exhuastion. " You're pushing me… to my limit…"

A log, again? Eremi wasn't getting frustrated or even feeling despaired at this point, only more motivated as the battle progressed. Actually starting to have some fun with it, he smiled some as he looked to where Naru was standing. "That's good to hear. It means you are progressing. Faster then I do, for all the training I put forth. Soon I'm sure you will be able to keep up and even surpass." A thought that didn't bother him.

No need to defend this round, Eremi was ready to go on the offensive again. Not undoing the bandages, he dug his heels into the dirt before he leaned backwards and started to spin around, lifting the log off the ground as he did so with enough speed before snapping his wrists and sending the log flying after Naru. A distraction of his own perhaps, for as the projectile flew, he stopped his rotation and charged at the girl, sending the bandages flying around a wide arc again, trying to wrap her tightly in place this time.

Naru's body was quickly feeling the wear and tear of this battle… Her eyes were able to help her see,the clarity of Eremi's attacks allowed Naru to move with a greater precision… Not quite able to predict them absolutely however… The long which was sling shotted as a method of distraction slamed into Naru, exploding her into a puff of smoke proving that she was indeed quite proficent at using ninjutsu…

Lastly the bandage wrap once again caught on to another well placed log, Naru appeared a little further infront of Eremi… her eyes still burning red as she placed a foot down on the bandage to keep it from moving… She panted, biting down on her lower lip. " You still have some fight in you? Geeze… Perhaps I should train with you more often… I can hardly breath…" Naru complained, winded admist her speech… It seemed as though Eremi had managed to do just as he promised he would. " I'm really… Impressed,"

Eremi furrows his brows, but laughs at the sight of another log being entwined within his bandages. Clearly this is a skill that should only be used as a follow up from another one. He'd laugh it off up until the point of seeing Naru in front of him and the pressure being felt on his bandages, "I barely feel winded. Taijutsu doesn't take as much out of you as Ninjutsu. Though I imagine carrying so many logs around to replace with can become quite taxing." A joke offered up to lighten the situation.

For now, he was at the mercy of the girls weight, something he wouldn't say out loud, but he did still have the kunai held firmly in hand and with a rotation of his wrist the bandages were easily cut and fell to the ground. "I am glad I was able to get you to the point you needed. If ever you need to do so again, I am available."

Naru lets out a tired sigh, finally the burning of her eyes resided back down to its normal hollowenish tone.. She smiled lightly and motioned herself off of the bandage and bowed her head respectfully. " Barely winded? I think next time sounds fine…But next time I would like to relax too, how does that sound? She questioned out loud, turning her attention to the watching Ryo, she grinned at him as well. " I hope you found that exciting and learned something, I know I did,"

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