What If? NMR In Space - Jedi Lessons


Cherii, Ayumu, Arika

Date: June 23, 2015


A Jedi teacher and some younglings deal with an unexpected visitor to their classroom.

"What If? NMR In Space - Jedi Lessons"

The Jedi Temple

"Ye must feel th'Force flowin' through ye, y'ken." Instructor Cherii at the Jedi Academy demonstrates by levitating a bowl of fruits. "'Tis an energy field created by all livin' things, it surroonds us, binds us, holds th'galaxy taegether. An' it's very convenient." Cherii plucks a pear from the bowl and bites into it. n.n

"Hmm…. Even more convient than droids, Masta' Cherii?" Youngling Ayumu asked, demonstrating either a lack of discipline or just how much his once high class life affected his growth up until now. Perhaps Both! Either way, he began wrestling with his sleeves as if — Ah, a recording pad. How very smart of him? "What do ya think, Arika?!"

Arika makes a bit of a face as she watches. "That's silly to just levitate a fruit bowl," she comments, the girl peering over at Cherii. "You should've just focused on that pear if that's all you needed." So practical! … maybe. The Youngling wriggles a bit in her spot, though, eager to try such a trick. "So I just gotta feeeeeel the Force…" she hrms, trying to close her eyes and feel it.

Cherii finishes snacking on the pear, and…pauses in reaching toward the bowl again. "…Aye, that's…very observant, Arika. Nae need tae pick up more'n y'need." n.n; Cherii floats the bowl back to its place. u.u "Droids have their uses too, Ayumu. We try tae be careful about how much we rely on them here though, because — " And then something more exciting than a lecture on droid-induced laziness happens BECAUSE RP! A rodent-like critter darts out from a crack in the wall and grabs a piece of fruit from the bowl, then skitters for a corner of the room. "Whisht, we cannae have that! Younglin's, see if ye can catch it, remember whit ye've learned!"

Ayumu pulled in his lips, but it didn't really help muffle the sound of his snickering. It actually got so bad that some of the words he had been idly recording come out as 'Ha ha ha ha' instead. Silly red-furred alien child. His snickering comes to an abrupt end upon catching a flicker of… something? The boy screwed his face up in concentration, only to start as the something pulls a snatch & run.
"Really Masta'? Its just a wee thing, 'nd ya got plenty to share. And 'sides, what we gonna do wit' it once we catch it?"

Arika blinks a bit when something comes running across, and immediately she attempts to catch it, regardless of orders. Sadly, she crashes and burns, her speed not exactly up to par with her instincts. "Grr…" she huffs, scrambling up and dusting herself off.

Cherii snorts. "Och, 'tis one thing tae be nice tae critters an' 'tis another tae feed vermin! If ye let such things eat yer food an' sleep in yer house, pretty soon ye've a whole clan o' 'em snatchin' every bite ye put on th'table!" Cherii fingers the thermal emitter that hangs on a chain around her neck, which, rumor has it, she uses for impromptu cooking. "An' dinnae worry aboot what we'll do wi' it, one o' our tenets is tae avoid wastin' anythin'." +.+ A more cheerful expression takes over her face. "That's why I'm havin' ye catch it instead o' doin' it meself, 'tis a guid chance fer practice." n.n The rodent stops to gnaw a bit of its prize, glancing warily at the bigger beings in the room.

Ayumu listens with — for once — open ears. Unfortunately, all that ultimately seems to amount to is leaving the boy staring at Cherii's general direction with a bemused look about him. "So, we should'n let a verminan into the temple?" He asks innocently, ignoring Arika's antics and that of the critter. There was a point to be made, dang it! What with the verminans being considered wildly vermin and 'critters' by some races, and yet were sentinent enough to pilot ships, commerce, and other sentient like stuff!

Arika nods and grabs … nothing, relying on her natural speed using all four of her limbs as legs. Natural, she could walk on her normal legs, looking like everyone else But she could also transform slightly into a four legged creature. It's on all fours that she chases down the vermin, trying to pound it into the ground.

Cherii gives Ayumu a two-fingered thwack on the noggin. :P "Dinnae be a smarty-pants, ye ken we dinnae treat other sentients differently because o' their species." Except for hutts, those guys are just disgusting. e.e The rodent manages to evade Arika's slamming limbs, wriggling about on the floor with its fruit in tow. "Ach, use th'Force, younglin'! 'Tis the whole point o' the exercise!" Well, that and pest control.

Ayumu winces at the strike, and then rubbed at the sore spot. "Mmn… As ya say, Masta'." As those words left the younglings mouth, his gaze shifted over to where he last heard the scuffling of feet; the small and the tiny. Ayumu bowed his head and raised a hand. Although off by at least a foot at the begining, so long as Arika didn't startle thiing thing into moving again, his hand would eventually drift into proper alignment.
"You… are not… hungry… You… want… to be… petted." He murmurs underbreath.

Arika skids to a halt as she seems unable to pounce on the thingy… Darn, use the force, silly… She closes her eyes and tries to feel the force, sort of waving a hand to try and pick the critter up by the scruff without touching it. … She isn't sure that she'd want to touch it, so maybe the force is a good thing this time around.

The rodent stops and looks around, seeming confused about what it was just doing. c.c It knows it wanted this thing it was dragging around, but why again? -.- And what's this strange idea of what it really wan — EEK! o.O; The novice attempt at mind control is interrupted by the novice attempt at levitation. The critter wriggles violently in Arika's invisible grip for a moment, then seems to drop out of it somehow. It abandons the fruit and streaks back toward that hole in the wall. "Ye've almost got it, don't let it get away!" :D

'That's it little one, come hither and—' Ayumu eyes snap open. "What — Really!?" He complains. Sure, the youngling had gotten an inkling of Arika's intentions through the force, but nothing like that?! Stupid vague energy thing. Always with the prophecies, but never with the hard facts to set people straight! Well, wait…
Ayumu shook his head quickly to clear his head, then reached out for one of the larger fruits nearby. The boy's control is shakey to say the least, but at least one of those bad boys are floating. Of course by the time he has an even half-way decent grip on the fruit, he has no choice but to try and force throw the fruit into the hole, blocking the critter.
Of course his aim has never been what most of his peers and masters have seen to be the most accurate, force or no force guiding him…

Arika isn't able to hold a wriggling creature for very long. Suddenly it drops to the floor, and she scrambles a bit with the force to try and grab ahold of the varmint once again, picking it up by the scruff and trying to toss it! … Towards Ayumu…

*SQUISH!* The rodent runs snout-first into a hole full of fruit pulp. It would've been kinda happy about that ordinarily, but — EEK AGAIN! A furry, claw-y, flailing bundle goes sailing towards Ayumu. Well THIS can't end well —
Unless the grown-up steps in, which she does. Cherii arrests the rodent's flight and levitates it in midair. "A'right, that's enough fer noo. No a bad effort fer younglin's yer age." Cherii regards the frightened rodent thoughtfully. "Noo then, whit t'do wi' this braw li'l beastie…whit d'ye two think?" ;)

'That… did not sound good' Ayumu sweatdrops at the thought while allowing gravity to slowly take back control overhis arm. Sensing another shift in the force, the youngling perks up to really get a better feel for it. Too late did he realize the writhing, flying mass was the critter head straight for his face!
He gets his hands up just in time for it to be a wasted effort, not that he would've succeeded in the first place, but still! "I!" Ayumu scrunches up his face, considering his next words carefully. After facing the threat of having his face harmed, the boy was less sympathetic to the creatures plight. Even so, he found himself sighing and scowling at Arika's general direction. "… Ugh… let's jus' let it go elsewhere. It ain't done nothin' 'cept nab what it needed."

Arika grins. "We should have it as a pet!" She noddles a few times and glances innocently at Ayumu after getting back up to her two legs. "I think it'd be good for a pet if we feed it enough and all," she says with a tiny shrug.

Cherii strokes her chin. "Hmmm…aye, that could work out, actually. Nae as a regular pet, it's tae wild, but…we could keep it in a cage an' feed it, an' let it oot fer trainin' exercises like this'n." ;9 Cherii nods decisively and heads for the door, levitating the dumbfounded critter with her. "Aye, I'll give it tae the housekeepin' droids tae clean oop an' such. Ye lot just meditate fer a wee bit an' I'll be back soon."

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