No Guts, No Glory


Hoiishime, Mitsuomi, Maia

Date: Unknown (log received July 23, 2010)


A Monk’s Request for Hell’s training.

"No Guts, No Glory"

Unknown location

Raiun Falls has long since recovered from Rise's rather brutal training methods. It seemed Yuurei wasn't the only Death Hand lurking about the falls as Maia, the Hokage and Daisuke remade the forest near by, though the craters are still another thing.

As such, the freshly promoted Jounin isn't running any scouting missions at the moments. She stands on one of the rocks a bit of a way from the actualfalls as she looks down maybe twenty feet where the water is deep and the diving conditions are perfect. She takes a deep breath and spreads her arms out before she jumps off doing a series of somersaultsand pike twists before landing in the water with a splash. Woosh!

Looking to the dive from afar, Hoiishime, would smile, seeing that Maia was at least taking a break for once in her life. It was, rather a good thing to see. She had been working hard in the reconstruction project of Kumo, and, obvious from his amazed reaction of how the falls looks now, the putting together of it, after Rise's tirade. But Hoiishime wasn't here for her. A special person had been helping his training lately. A man whose body, had been the example of almost everything he had been trying to become. The Monk Ninja, of course, was born sickly, found with a poison bite on his foot. It would stunt his growth, for a while.

That while, for some reason, would be shortened within the next few days after a bad hospital, for when Hoiishime would be seen taking off his kesa, and leaving himself bare beyond the bandaging of his arms, he would be seen, muscular, even for a boy of his size, his abdominal muscle, seeming to count in the 8's from the bottom of his ribs, the waist of his hakama. Hoiishime would stretch, and wait, hoping well that Mitsuomi would show up, that he would be yet pushed to the limits, so that his body could reap the sweet rewards.


A loud thud can be heard as it sounds as if a crack of thunder went off in the distance. Looking would reveal a larged boulder moving towards one of the craters at a slow and steady pace. If close attention was paid one would notice the image of a man underneath it. No real sign of complaint was noted upon his lightly sweating features. That is until a dull roar was bellowed out. The boulder could then be seen taking to the air before crashing in one of the craters.

A voice could be heard chuckling as it called out, the voice unmistakable to Maia, "Two points!" It was Mitsuomi, undoubtedly training in manners that as always seemed a bit far fetched if not down right crazy.

Woosh! Maia emerges from the waters, running her fingers through her hair as she looks in the direction of Mitsuomi. "Only two points?!?!? Oh comeon, we both know that was a perfect ten." she grumps. The young woman does't take less than perfection from herself afterall as she swims towards the shore where Hoiishime was training.

As she gets out of the waters, she blinks blankly for a few moments. "You've been working hard, Hoii." she says with a sage nod. She was wearinga simple two piece bikini. SOmething that Mitsuomi has seen her in before on numerous occasions as she stretches her arms in the air and nodded for afew moments.

"And good going on your report about the Death Hand. There was one when theHokage and I came to investigate later in the day. What they're doing here, I don't really know."


Whistling in amazement, Hoiishime would thumbs up to Mitsuomi, as he would say, "Yep.. right on time.", grining like a clown, at the haphazard way the nin was tossing around boulders in a nearby crater. Not only had Mitsuomi come, but apparently, he had been around for a while now. He would began to move to the nin, but be stopped my a familiar voice coming from the water. It would make since that Maia would come up, just intime to flirt with Mitsuomi, something Hoiishime knew enough about his sensei to call it predictable. But to actually give him a ten on a rock throw? Yep, she was laying on thick.

Hoiishime would look to her and wave as he would say, "Hehe! Ya tink so? I be tryin to get it done. I no can be no use if I'm a weaklin'. Enjoyin ya swim, Mai-sensei?", as smile gracing his face as he would laugh heartily, and look to her, whistling as she would make her way out in a two piece. "My.. dat gon turn heads. Better get da stick.", would be said with a sweatdrop as he would look to the bathing suit, and then to Mitsuomi, wondering how the man would react. When Maia would talk of the Report about the Death's Hand, Hoiishime would say, "Aaah! Ya be recievin it den! I don't tink da one ya be runnin into be any differen'. Da 'guy' be sayin him on patrol. I don't know what be tinkin of a patrol in foriegn lands, but… I tink it might mean trouble."

Hoiishime, though he had managed to get Rise out safe, hated the fact that he ran, with the utmost of anger. He would not have liked it, and at this point, that disgust, had been partial motivation for him. He would move over to the two, looking at Mitsuomi, and saying, "So… we be doin dis or what?"



Mitsuomi would move a hand to lightly whipe away sweat from his brow as he looked to the water and to Maia. Then a voice rang out that would make this muscle bound behemoth sound intelligent when it came to dialectual arts. His eyes narrowed a moment in irritation before he looking to the little man it came from. A slight chuckle came from his as he took in the boy saying some of being a weakling. Seemed he was at this level, well at least comparatively.

He turned back towards Maia with a smile. "Heh, Maia-chan…you know I wouldn't view anything you do as less than a ten." Though it seemed that these days Mitsuomi almost always saw Maia in some form of undress. If he ever saw her truly indecent it probably wouldn't phase him for more than a moment if even that.

Looking back down he spotted Hoiishime's look. "What do you want to do wee man? Jump in if ya like, not much I really see for you to do here."

Maia's a kunoichi. In an anime setting. That means she will always be in some form of undress. It's a rule with revealing clothing and whatnot even if she gets into fights. It's really messed, no?

A wry grin curls onto her lips as she gives Mitsuomi a two fingered salute. "Damn straight!" she says with a sage nod before looking back towards her student. "Yes, it was definitely another. I think he was gathering intel since he knew not just about the Hokage but me as well. I think I have a bit of a reputation in Kirigakure now. It's troubling." she says matter of factly. "But at least this one didn't ask me out on a date!" she chirps.


So.. it seemed that Hoiishime, would now be put in between the coercing, and flirting that had been of course, adult courting. He would let out a loud sigh at the hearing of Mitsuomi, and his corninest. He would ignore it, but only mainly cause he needed the nin'a help. He needed a trainer, and unfortunately, though Maia's experience in the basics of ninjutsu, and genjutsu had been proving useful, she had not, been a Taijutsuist. This cause Hoiishime to have a bit of a mix up when it came to alot of things. He of course, could be trained, by another physical adonis, in the person of Hanma Yuujiro, his elder and father figure, but to put such stress on the old man, seemed unreasonable.

However, Hoiishime, had gotten a peek at this man's form, after being nosey at the hospital, and its files. Mitsuomi's physique, baffled doctors. It should signs of both gifted genes, and at the same time, scar tissue, organ arrangement, muscle and body bass, gave clue to something only a mile passed hardwork. Hoiishime knew who he had searched out, and apparently, he was not about to let the man out of his sight, without gaining him as a teacher. "Me and you gon' train. I don't want ya qualms.. I don want ya refusal. And certainly, I ain' gon let ya leave, without ya showin me /why/ dey call ya 'Double Impact' Mitsuomi. Otherwise, ya be not a ting shorter den a let down." At this point, anything that Maia's comments, though it would cause a large sweatdrop, would be ignored, for a greater purpose.


Mitsuomi looked down to Hoiishime only at hearing the nickname he earned a long time ago. Double Impact. The things that earned that name weren't pretty, but in the right eyes they were impressive. A small sigh passed his lips as he had a feeling the only way to stop this kid was to give in and move on or hospitalize him and have Maia yell at him.

With a step back Mitsuomi lowered his head and breathed slowly. Muscles began to tense in obvious strain of his efforts as his body began to pose. Slowly what appeared to be veins formed under his skin around his muscles, but on different paths than any person's veins.

When his eyes opened and he went to move, the loose shirt over his body shredded under the strain from his muscles and the chakra that surged through him. Perfectly sculpted muscles rippled and tensed with every slight motion he made towards another nearby boulder.

"Double Impact Mitsuomi. A name earned for this reason hear and nothing else. No man before or since has shown to do this." A deep and primal voice called out.

His hand touched rock before bare fingers dug through it as if it were sand leave a dent in their wake. As it drew back Mitsuomi inhaled. Chakra surged and built up to a visible level in his fists before they shot forward into rock in unison.

At first it seemed Mitsuomi was all smoke, until his fists clenched a second time and the chakra exploded out to shatter the boulder down to a rain of pebbles over the area. With that effort shown Mitsuomi's body returned to normal as he glanced back from Hoiishime to Maia. His hand stretching out before making a thumbs up. "Now that is a ten! Haha!" A goofy grin covered his face to mask the thoughts of his past and what that power had truly done to earn him the name 'Double Impact'.



As the shirt ripped, which is another state of undress that she was used to seeing Mitsuomi in, Maia's eyes widened as she oooohed a little bit at that. Her cheeks flushed a bright tinge of red, giggling like a giddy little school girl as she just shivers alittle. Hopefully Hoiishime wouldn't notice the change in her for now, for that would just be embarassing.

Fortunately, it's not permanent as he goes back to normal. Albeit, he's still shirtless and she's still sort of leering, but she responds with two thumbds up as well. "Definite ten bordering on eleven even." she quips, giggling the entire time as she pshaws and looks towards Hoiishime. "You know, one of the easiest ways to defend against a taijutsu specialist is genjutsu."



Watching the man, Hoiishime, knew that only Buddha himself, and the path upon which he led, could have helped him come across such a fighter. Raw, and dangerous power….. unbelievably explosive, and in its most basic form. Hoiishime would watch the man, stoicly, remebering the whole diagnosis, and analysis of parts of his anatomy, from various forms of x rays, monthly physical exams, and even some of the words written on case studdies about this /one/ man. 'His nerve synapes, seem to light upon fire, and then expand, neurons firing in every single part of his body. This forces increased muscle tension, increased physical awareness, and eventually promotes enough power, that his body, becomes an equivalent a 20 kiloton spring.' Hoiishime would dwell on this one thought, just as the man would then seem to buldge, tearing apart the very fabric of the clothing he wore, without any movement.

He would not have any words at all, as he would actually 'see' the chakra surge, the primal, and bellowing voice seeming to remind him of something alot darker, then his own Bodiken Kakusei form. This man, had been on so close to achieving godlike physical supremacy. Hoiishime, was phased. Period. He would see the man inhale, feeling with every fiber of his being, the actual technique, behind what he would do next. But feeling and seeing, were something that Hoiishime would have forced into separate cases, ashe would then see Mitsumoi, jab both fist into a boulder, about his own size. Hoiishime would wait, knowing full well that that rock would last, but only moments, feel the force of chakra explode from it without not a way to compress it. Hoiishime would stand unmoved, however, his tam cap, would be blown clean off, as dreadlocks, would swing violently, in the force of wind that would be pushed back. When it was all said, and done, the Monk would gulp.

Soon, the mednin would slowly turned his shocked, and utterly amazed face at Maia, seeing her being all hot and bothered. For once in his life, he could say that he could actually call her reaction, a justified one. This man, had been, the one. Hoiishime would bow prostate, and with all tears that had been within him, beg, "Train me!!!! Please!! I be doin anyting!! Please, mon! Please!!"


Mitsuomi looked to Maia and smiled kindly. The thought of his power being pushed behind him almost completely as he gazed at her. She was kind enough to make him placid and try to be gentler than his frame or blood made him. Though her drooling over those aspects of him made it seem that even in peace they were what mattered most about him.

The peaceful look on his face faded like a distant memory as Hoiishime begged for him to train him. There was only one thing that would make it happen and he knew it. This kid had to have the heart to push himself beyond his known limitations.

With a down glance he spoke coldly. "I will train you, if you manage to hurt and move me. I will not be swayed any other way. Should you fail to hurt me before you are exhausted I will do unto as I did that boulder. Do you accept the challenge set before you, and accept the risk of your failure?"

Looking up to Maia he tried to smile kindly, but wasn't sure how it truly looked. "I am sorry for the interruption in our time Maia-chan. Hopefully it ends quickly."


Looking up, from his bowed position, Hoiishime, not believing he had been given a chance, he hop up to his feet. He would then hear of the demands for which he would be challenged, but it didn't matter. Hoiishime, wanted to improve, and at this point, he would do almost anything. Hoiishime would come nod hard, and scream, "Not only I be acceptin, but if ya don't be got today, den prepare of a hauntin of ya life, until I do!!!!" His arms would be placed at his sides, and bent at the shoulder, as he would then let out a long grunt, and then hum a mantra of his monastery. Before long, as he would hum, his muscles, would began to buldge, abnormally, probably making Mitsuomi feel as though he had been seeing a reflection.

Soon, gold lines, would move up his hands, shoulders, chest, back, feet, legs, and neck, ending in a single line up his face, gold eyes soon glowing brightly, as a god like voice would bellow from within him, saying, "You /will/ train me!! Otherwise, my life be nothing!!", and with that Hoiishime, in a demeanor not his own, would rush into a shoulder charge, attempting a first impact, and even if he had not hit, he would keep pushing against Mitsuomi, making the nin feel the full force of his strength.


Mitsuomi stood still as he still looked towards Maia, not seeming to even notice Hoiishime. When the shoulder hit the stark still man he didn't budle at all. A thin coat of chakra protecting his entire body from the impact. Grunts that came from Hoiishime got him to look down at the nin that was trying to push him back.

With a heavy hand that was brought down swiftly Mitsuomi saught to swat the boy away without hurting him. "Come now, if that is all you have to try and harm me…you will die a pitiful death out here. Attack with everything, when you reach the end of your limits…you will either make peace with yourself and die or find the strength needed to suceed."

This man, in all sense of the word, had been a tank. Hoiishime, as he would charge into the older chuunin, would feel as though his shoulder had ran completely into an iron wall, sustaining a bruise all his own. He would keep pushing, for a while, as he would attempt to at least make the man loose his foot hold. But then something would gain his attention. An attack. Hoiishime would feel a slight movement from Mitsuomi, that would hint on a downward push. But Mitsuomi, would find his hand being batted upward, as two palms, fanning and whirling with the gracefulness of the Shime Style, would rush up to meet it, simultaneously. Soon, those same hands, along with, "I ain't through yet!!!", would be pushed harshly into Mitsuomi's kidneys, as Hoiishime would wrapn arms around the man, and with a harsh grunt, bend backwards, seeking to body slam the fighter, with a belly to belly suplex.

Mitsuomi looking to Hoiishime as he slapped his hand away. It was a bit of an impressive effort so far. The counter measure was equally skilled in timing, but again met his chakra armor and failed to really hurt him at all. The hug was met with a rather cheap shot. Mitsuomi saw the opening and shot out his knee to Hoiishime's 'private happy place'.

"Use all you strength to hurt me. Stop with the kiddy shit and try and hurt me. If you can't punch, then spit fire…something. This is painfully pathetic to watch. At this rate it seems I would be merciful if I killed you."


What to do, what to do? The physical aspect of Mitsuomi was nice, that's for sure, it it wasn't the only thing she liked about him. But if he showed it off all the time, it'd be hard to focus on other things! So nyeh!

Still, Maia watches and facepalms as she rubs at her temples, nose scrunching the entire time as she purses her lips and takes a deep breath while she watches the two. "Hoiishime just has to hit you and hurt you and you will train him in taijutsu, yes?" she asks curiously.

Mitsuomi saw the bandages coming at him and lept up over the incoming barrage of them. When they recoiled past him and launched towards a rock debris was ripped under where the man once stood. Maia's voice rang out and he was briefly distracted into landing improperly on the new rock bed under his feet and a few pointy ones jabbed up into the sole of his foot through his shoe.

With a dismissive wave he looked to Maia, "Aye, but from the looks of it the kid is all guts and no skill. If he can't manage to do more than scream and lose his…manhood…then he will not pass, yet alone survive."

Mitsuomi looked to Hoiishime with a smirk and flicked his thumb rappidly. A few stones flying out to antagonize the poor boy into trying for real. "C'mon boy, aim to kill me!"

Looking to Mitsuomi, Hoiishime was not liking this. He knew what he faced. A big, strong, and fast Taijutsuist, who, in all senses of the word dominate, did just that when it came to the kind of fighting he did. Hoiishime, still felt the pain of the nut shot, making his movement, quite literally, bow legged, the pain quite immense. But the monk, was not to be outdone. Not just yet. Hoiishime would see the rocks come, and with all the graceful style for which the Shime style had come to be thus far, he would weave past the first, sliding his feet along the ground, not even making a step. He would then then proceed to bat the second out the way, a hand covered in steam like chakra, deflecting the stone back with not much effort. And when the last came? Well it would merely travel through an after image left in the wake of speed, the image showing Hoiishime, in full visible glow of his gold chakra, as he would move out of sight.

The only thing that would give Hoiishime away, would be a large pull of chakra felt from behind the Mitsuomi, as the nin would let the substance well up in him, shouting, "Ya not be gettin a kill from me, mon, but I do be bringin the pain!!"


Maia rowned as she looks at the two. She nose scrunches and deep down inside, she knew that she could not provide what Hoiishime needed in terms of lessons from a taijutsu user. She was a genjutsu and ninjutsu specialist afterall. Those were here expertise and the third area was severely lacking. But still, as his Jounin, she knew what she had to do this this case. If he wanted to learn, she would try to give him the opportunity, at least to let him learn. So what does she do?

She took a deep breath and focused as her jade green eyes dilated. A two armed spiral formed where her pupils once were as she knew this enhanced her own taijutsu ability. She moved quickly and suddenly appeared next to him.

"Please? Teach him? My own skills are inadequate to truly let him reach his potential. I would be honored if you would teach my student and help him reach his full potential." And what does she do in the end? she tries to get close to place a smooch on Mitsuomi's cheek.


Mitsuomi looked to Maia without flinching as she spoke. Nor did he move when she went to kiss his cheek. When she moved back he spoke clearly for both of them to hear.

"His training depends on his own ability. No words will move me to train Hoiishime, whether they are his own or those of another. If he wants to learn under me, then he will earn it own his own. Without a crutch, without babying, without merciful gentle hands. He will earn it by being a man, and a man does not need someone else to fight his battles for him. Isn't that right Hoiishime! Now give me your best shot and I will give you mine…Winner of this clash decides your fate. Do you have it in you to face down what you know I can do?"

With that Mitsuomi's muscles bulged as his nerves grew to be seen again. With bulging muscles verging on tearing the flesh his chakra began to condense into vissible bands around his hands as they moved into position as he readied to strike.

Hearing and seeing Maia react to this in such a thing, made Hoiishime both feel really loved, and well, at the same time, like a real momma's boy. Maia, had been trying to coax the Double Impact, with her womanly ways. Hoiishime, could tell what kind of man Mitsuomi had been. At this point it wouldn't work. But Hoiishime would mentally facepalm at the thought of it making things much worst, as he would see the buldging of muscle all over the man's frame, nerves bundling up in mass upon his body. Hoiishime knew what this was. Looks like his job was made worst. Something big would have to happen. He would handseal, and from the very waterfalls them self, water would disperse into mist, and blanket the entire area. Hoiishime would not be done though. More seals would be made, as then the mist, would fall in a drizzle of water, all around them, only to then spread back, and then attack Mitsuomi, wrapping his body in an orb of water, and entrapping him.


Mitsuomi has lost sight of Hoiishime in the ensuing mist. The Water Prison colliding in on itself as he narrowly managed to jump back from it. "Not bad kid…getting serious! I like it. What else ya got boy? You've made me move…now you just have to hit me. Half way. C'mon keep pressing the charge." With that Mitsuomi fell quiet and focused on the increased sensory input of his nerves. Trying to dial in his sixth sense.


And yet, as the water kept moving, Hoiishime kept signing. The water would split, and out of it, two clones, would move and then disperse… And with the most remote of concern for Mitsuomi's being, one would go the high road, the other would take the low, and attempt the cut the Chuunin's legs right from beneath him, attempting to lay him flattened. Meanwhile, Hoiishime, had been concentrating hard, on trying keep himself hidden, in the mist's shroud.


Mitsuomi stood focusing as he heard the steps rushing towards him. An arm dropped low to bash away the incoming kick at his legs white the other came up to swat away the diving charge. Both of them turned into rushing water as they were hit by the mountain of a man. The water's pressure acted like a razor leaving two thin cuts upon him. One on his cheek and one on his forearm. Not able to spot Hoiishime he called out in a booming voice, "Halt! Drop the mist and step forward. I have made my decision."

Seeing the attacks hit, Hoiishime, would not have felt the full joy of the hits. The clones, were smashed through effortlessly, even if the attacks had been well placed. It was like trying to beat into a brick wall, with bothing butt sticks. But Hoiishime, for some reason, knew all too well that he had gave it all that he had, no questions asked. Hoiishime knew he had been fighting someone that could easily have killed him in the begining, but this man, had something that Hoiishime wanted. It had been way more than what could simply be done on his own. Hoiishime, wanted a master like Mitsuomi, that could take him to the peaks of physical strength and prowess. But he wondered, after this fight, whether or not, he had enough for to make Mitsuomi to work with.

Upon request, the mist would be dropped, revealing Hoiishime standing, breathing hard, drained, but not collapsing. Hoiishime would step forward, limping slightly from the hit to the groin, as he would look to the man, chakra still causing his very frame to glow gold, his eye, though weakened, still showing off the intensity of his powered form. He would say in his own voice, booming loudly, but only a shadow of Mitsuomi's, "I.. am here.", before inclining his own head to stare up at him.


In an instant Mitsuomi's arms banded with visible chakra and he lunged forward slamming both of them at Hoiishime. They were aimed just past him, not intending to hit him at all. This was merely the first lesson of the Iron Body way. Don't back down, and know no fear.

With cold eyes he watched his chakra erupt around them. "You have passed. Know now that this was the easiest I will ever be on you. From now on you learn the ways of the Iron Body school. You will know no pain, and your body will grow to learn no weakness. Congratulations…for taking the first step on the road to hell. When you finish training, I will welcome you to the gates of hell. Only you can use that knowledge to decide whether to delve into those demonic gates of true pain, or use your strength to ascend back to humanity. You will be both…more and less than human."


And Maia just watched. She was impressed with what Hoiishime brought to the table. Hopefully, Mitsuomi would be as well and she just scrunched her nose and crossed her arms over her chest as she looks towards the two. A bright smile curled onto her lips as Hoiishime was accepted and she took a deep breath while letting out a soft sigh. she knew her training methods were different from the male ninjas. She focused on finesse and outwitting an opponent. Perhaps she would challenge the rest of the team to see if they could learn under Mitsuomi as well.

"Well done, Hoiishime! And thank you Mitsuomi." she said with a bow of her head.

As chakra would erupt pass him, something would cause the boy to remain there… unmoved. He would feel pure force, move pass him, in a way that was almost akin to the winds themselve. He would see it, and not believe it. "Iron Body.", would be said with a relieved smile, as he would look upon the man, hearing his proclamation of what was to come. Hoiishime, had an anticipation that seemed to border upon fear, of this dangerous power for which he had now become a student of, and at the same time, excitement, for the possibilities of his human body, and what it might achieve. He, in many ways, felt pride, and humilty, in knowing that he had been now armed with the tools and the teacher, to do more.

He would sigh, and say, "Thank you, Mitsuomi-chou-sama.", would be said with such a relief, and grateful nature that it would cause his body, to bow, deeply on its own. Hearing Maia thank you, would be merely icing on the cake. It was her approval of this, that would make for what would the best of training. "I be goin through hell, and back, wit out a second thought, if it be meanin me strength gon' come. I be yours to command." And with that, Hoiishime would have begun his way to strength, or would it be torture?



Maia scrunched her nose once more as she took a deep breath as she looks towards Hoiishime. Her expression was a calm one for now as she nods as she looks towards Mitsuomi. "I place my student under your care.You will have my trust in that what you do to him willonly make him stronger, but!"

And she puts up a finger as she looks to the chuunin and the young boy this time. "Hoiishime, if you come back to me forgetting what I have taught you I will murderize the both of you and leave you trapped in one of my genjutsu for a week. And it won't be a happy one." she said firmly and resolutely as she looked towards Mitsuomi. "And you'll be one until you can break out of it." she tells Mitsuomi, letting out a harumph. "My training methods are less brutal, but they emphasize other aspects of being a shinobi. Remember, a strong body is worthless without an equally strong mind." she says, tapping at her temples.


Mitsuomi rose and turned his back to Hoiishime. A few paces were taken as he heard both of them thank him. Neither of them knew what this would entail or what would come of it for him, only that they saw what Mitsuomi was capable of. They were both eager for hell in its truest form.

"No need to thank me. I simply gave a test, the same I was given years ago. In the end this training will be shaped by the man you are, not shape you for it. Lets hope you are a better pupil than I was, and can master things I could not."

Maia's words only made him smirk as he continued to walk away. "Maia…do as you will to me for what I do…just understand that I will not stay down unless killed. If you wish not to be my enemy, then /never/ raise your hand in anger against me. Now I take my leave of this, to prepare for what I must do."

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