No Happiness, No Restraint


Okochi, Tsiro, Kasai and Chiru

Date: September 19, 2016


Okochi, Kasai, and Chiru's first meeting with the Mizukage, Kaguya Tsiro. A display of both the twin's unwavering joy and Okochi's mental inhibitions. A simple social where Tsiro tests his future shinobi's limits.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"No Happiness, No Restraint"

The Mizukage's Office

There are many reasons why genin or students are called into the office of the Mizukage. Okochi was a student whe Meruin was still Mizukage. During those times, the Mizukage was a scary, scary person. Even though Okochi has been… 'diagnosed' with a mental condition that makes fear difficult to experience, there is a certain gravity that comes with someone powerful enough to lead the strongest military in the shinobi world. When Meruin stepped down, someone just as fearsome stepped up. Neither Okochi or Kasai and Chiru have likely met someone that has been romanticized as Meruin's rival.

It was outside of Tsiro's office that Okochi waited, likely in the presence of Kasai and Chiru. She stared at the wall almost aimlessly as she attempted to understand just why the Mizukage wished to see her. "It… It is routine. I have only affirmed to law, and have not broken it…" She might glance over at the twins, blinking at them. "He is known as the reason that Kirigakure is known as the 'Bloody Mist'… I have also heard him called 'The Wolf'… I do not know why." She informed them, likely. "I know little of the Kaguya. I avoid them. It is best that way. They are… Confrontational." Okochi wore a black jacket of sorts. One that covered her entire body like a trench coat. From a lower hem that reached her ankles, and sleeves that hung past her wrists. Her hood covered her eyes, leaving only the lower half of her face exposed. Only her knee-length twin-tails of a cornsilk blonde color would slip from her hood. Okochi would also be stroking them as if gaining comfort from petting her hair, or perhaps there was more to it.

Kasai and Chiru both rock back and forth on their heels where they stand by Okochi, not seeming very nervous or afraid as they let their eyes roam around the room like children tend to do when they are stuck somewhere where they are forced to be on their best behavior. That is not to say that they tune out Okochi by any means, and they do keep her in the peripherals of their vision at the very least. "Neat, guess that's why he's the one in charge." Kasai says and Chiru nods her head in the same sort of agreement. They both do pause before Kasai asks up to Okochi, "Why are we here again though? Are we gonna talk about the dog we took to the groomer or something else?" Chiru frowns before asking Kasai, "Do you think one of the instructors tattled on us about something?" Kasai thinks about it before she shakes her head, "No…pretty sure we've been pretty good since Naoya-sensei threw those webby-stabbing balls at us…"

The door to the Mizukage's office opens up. Tsiro, dressed in his shinobi attire looks out at the three. "You three. Office. Now!" he states without wasting any time. He then steps back and moves to his desk. "Make sure whoever enters last closes the door." He then sits down in his own chair. The young man does not appear to be a very patient man. The blazing red eyes dont seem to help either. Behind him on the wall are the clothes he is supposed to be wearing. The blue hat and gown. Obviously they are not something he normally wears.

At the Mizukage's order, Okochi stood up. A serpentine tongue, forked and slender, slipped from her mouth as she tasted the air. "Kasai. Chiru. Remember to remain polite. Remember to show respect." If they listen to -anything- she says, let it be that. Okochi would move over to the office, holding the door open for the twins, politely. Once they were inside, if they so chose to enter. Once they were in, she would make sure the door is closed. "Mizukage-sama." She would bow deeply, before she slipped her hands behind her, standing straight and tall. "I am Umihe Okochi. Shinobi Registration number KW4032. Medical Ninja. Focus: Neurology." She listed her accreditation to the Mizukage, who likely couldn't care less. Okochi's shinobi file was relatively boring. It took her a long time to graduate, and she hasn't improved much. There are far more forbidden files the Mizukage could request from the research and development department of Kirigakure, of course.
"How may I serve you, Mizukage-sama."

"Yes, Okochi-chan." The twins chime together in response to Okochi's wisdom, noting how much importance she tried to impart with those words. When they are called in, Kasai and Chiru oblige the stern orders given to them and step inside of the office. When they're inside, they are not shy about their curiosity and end up looking around this room now. It does not take long for their eyes to end up on the clothes on display and they quietly ooo under their breath in awe. They peek up at Okochi, before looking at each other and shrugging their shoulders before they try to straighten up and salute. "Uchuu Kasai! Uchuu Chiru!" They both say this at the same time which might make it a little more difficult to make out, before they pause for a moment while finishing their introduction like Okochi did, "Students!" When they are done with miming the introductions, they end up trotting over to try to find a chair of their own to squeeze into. These ones were bigger than the ones offered at the academy, so both of them can share one easily enough.

Tsiro remains silent as the introductions are made. He is not really impressed. Of course that would be the purpose of their visit today. "Umihe Okochi. I have read your file. Needless to say I am unimpressed. Really the file itself might be better used as kindling for a fire than take up space on my shelf." Being as Okochi had a medical background, she should already know that Tsiro had a genuine hatred for medical shinobi. It was well known in the hospital.
"You two. I am not sure what to classify you as other than trouble. I've had reports of your mischief." Tsiro moves his hands across the desk. One nail grows large and begins to screech as it mars the surface of the desk. "Do any of you know why I brought you here?" he asks.

Okochi feels… Shame? No. She truly is unimpressive. The most interesting part of her file is that despite having half a brain, she is quite intelligent. Oh, that's right. She had a lobotomy performed on her at a young age, specifically aimed to remove as much emotion as they could. Just another attempt of many by Kirigakure to improve the military. One that would explain her strange behavior. Her inability to become angry despite being called trash, in essence. "Sou… Kindling… I understand." Okochi nodded her head in respect. "I will attempt to increase the amount of pages in my file, to provide longer lasting warmth." It was said with such a dull voice, that even though the statement she just issued is best fit as a comeback of sorts, she was… completely serious.
"I am unware of why we are here, Mizukage-sama. Perhaps this was done at the request of… Okumo Naoya?"

"We aren't gonna be much trouble anymore though!" Kasai tries to reassure as her and Chiru's feet lightly kick in their chair, and while Chiru nods her head in agreement, Kasai goes on to say in their defense, "We um…just wanted the instructors to be prepared for anything. Cause um…if they can't handle us, then…how are they…gonna handle an attack?" Kasai is very slow and careful to pick her words to explain themselves, and it might be quite obvious that she's just pulling it out of thin air. It certainly sounds better than they were just bored and wanted to see if they could leave tacks in the instructors seats, see how often they could skip class, or how much hot wasabi one could slip into an unattended cup of tea left out. That was mostly skimming the potential list, anyway. "Yes, and we've been learning a lot under Naoya-sensei." When the question is asked, they both shake their heads in the same direction at the same time. "Not yet, no. Doesn't have anything to do with fire ants…does it?"

The responses allowed Tsiro to confirm a few suspicions. Okochi was more or less a robot as the file lead him to believe. That was a unique trait among shinobi. "Okochi. Take out your kunai and stab your hand." It was an order. An order given by the Mizukage. He had to test this trait. How far did it go? How far could she be trusted to carry out tasks? His eyes remain on her momentarily.
Then they shift to the two. "Cut the harness. Try to hold still for a minute." The way it seemed, Tsiro saw two very useful traits before him. The problem was that they were not all in the same shinobi.

An order directly from the Mizukage. "Sou…" This was ordered by other shinobi before. Especially those whom tested her performance after the procedure. Okochi did not complain. Pain was trivial. Fear was trivial. Wounds were trivial. Okochi would slip her hood off her head, exposing her autumn-orange and snake-slitted eyes to Tsiro. She stared at him almost blankly as she slipped both of her sleeves back to expose her hands, before reaching into her left and pulling out a concealed Kunai. Standard issue. She then slipped the blade into her hand. There was a confirmation that she felt pain. As the blade slipped into her palm, her right eye twitched. Yet, she did what was asked without question. It did not put her in an uncomfortable situation.
However, the drawback was that she began to bleed upon the floor. A slow drip appearing from her fingernails. Her serpents would start becoming rather unsettled after she had done this. The long twintails that were upon her head was soon revealed to not be hair, but to be two serpents that would suddenly unhenge from being cornsilk locks of hair, to being black serpents with yellow eyes. The left one would coil around her left arm, and attempt to remove the Kunai. To the semi-sentient serpents, enough was enough. "Yimaru. Yamaru…." She scolded.

Kasai and Chiru's legs stop kicking when Tsiro tells them to sit still, but Kasai does look a little disappointed that he didn't buy the explanation she worked so hard to craft. Still, their attention turns to Okochi to wait and see if she'll do what Tsiro says. From the looks on their faces, they silently hope that she won't do it. They wince to themselves after Okochi stabs her hand and they frown as they watch her blood drip onto the floor. "Well, he only said to stab yourself, doesn't mean he wants you to bleed on the floor…you should let them try to fix it." Kasai says and Chiru nods her head in agreement, "Yeah…maybe bandage it if you got any."

Amazing.. well sort of. There were so many more steps that needed to be taken to see how deep this trait could be exploited. Tsiro's eyes turn towards the twins then back to Okochi. "You will get that looked at as soon as our meeting is over. Understood?" he asks. He then points to the twins. "You are going to be baby sitting these two. I want them to learn obedience. I like how they think. They are creative, but it needs to be reigned in. Controlled for the village."
Tsiro then looked at the twins. "Okochi will be watching over you. She has permission to beat you to within an inch of your lives if you step out of bounds. Everyone understand?" he asks with a newly formed grin on his face.

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