No Mercy


Kurohana, Osamu, Sekisetsu

Date: 8th June, 2010


A meeting of faces at the beach in Kirigakure that turns into a harsh lesson for Sekisetsu.

"No Mercy"


Late evening. She didn't expect many people to be out here at this time of night. It just wasn't common. Most would eat and go home, tuck the little ones into bed. The solitude. It's what she needed to clear her head, to ponder her options. To get protection or to fight her own battles. The kunoichi sighs heavily, her misty breath exhaling up into the misty air over the sea.
The white fog breaks every now and then to reveal her body standing above the ice cold water and staring out into the deathly waters. Kurohana's just outside the edge of a swarm of sharks, watching them dip and tease at the surface, looking for dinner.
If it weren't for the pale grey light, she would hardly be visible at all, but it offers just enough resistance to the black sands and the grey waters to make her stand out like a sore thumb of a shadow in that warm cloak of hers.

Osamu is out this late. He comes stumbling down onto the beach and plops down onto his bottom, sitting with his legs straight out in front of him. The dark little figure of the boy might be hard to see on the black sand, but he is there, staring out at the woman who is watching the sharks.

"EEEEeeee!!!", meanwhile would be shouted from the icy water, as Sekisetsu, despite having no knowledge of water walking, would be running full speed, cartoonishly, and screaming, as she would attempt to escape from one. Who would go swimming, at this hour, in shark filled waters? I swear, this girl has no common sense! "Help!!!", would be shouted, right as her foot would hit sand, digging into it with the first step. But that first step, would be just enough to send her flying, right into Osamu, headfirst.

Kurohana watches the girl running from the water. That's one way to learn it. The wanderer simply shakes her head as the running rustles her cloak, bringing aout a change in her comfortable mood.
She turns to follow, the shark simply going about his business once dinner is out of reach. Her steps bring her to the sand and she moves out of the lightly incoming wave. Eyes watch the two of them momentarily. Cute kids. Kids.. bleh. Alcohol is a good babysitter.
REaching up, the kunoichi soundlessly pulls her small body upward to sit upon the top of one of the obsidian spires, the top being just wide enough to house her. She perches and watches, the direction of her eyes masked by her hood.

As Sekisetsu comes hurdling into Osamu, she clobbers into a mass of black webbing and spiders. The real Osamu is sitting off to the side, beside an obsidian spire, sitting down, watching her, covered in spiders. A soft chuckle might be heard coming from his direction, barely louder than the late night waves. Osamu looks up towards the woman on the obsidian pillar. She probably saw him slide out the back of his robes, still wearing identical robes that built back up to their original bulk almost before he landed next to the obsidian pillar.

Meanwhile, just like everytime Sekisetsu is flung from one area to the one where Osamu is lurking, she is ensnared in spiders, and webbing…again. She soon gets trapped, being bitten, and quickly numbed by spiders with every bite…again… and her screams, are then muffled, as she is wrapped in webbing…again… her screams soon substituted by salivation and droning off, like a tranquilized 13 year old, with Downs syndrome.

Kurohana watches as the girl gets wrapped up in webbing. Nice. When Osamu looks up a single hand protrudes from her cape, giving him an approving thumbs up. Good job kid.
As for the girl, Kurohana leaves her to fend for herself, instead becoming more interested in the the fog. She'll never learn unless she feels the pain again and again.. Eventually, it'll teach her a lesson and she'll develop something to get out of it. Tough love.

Osamu watches Kurohana give him a thumbs up, and cocks his head a little in question, but soon turns his attention to Sekisetsu. He leans forward, pushing onto his hands and knees, and approaches the girl. At the same time, the spiders on the girl release most of the webbing from her and begin crawling back towards Osamu.
Several black-webbed "packages" seem to be appearing on the beach, most about the size of a small bird. These are each carried by a team of spiders pulling on threads in tandem. The various packages are making their towards Osamu's location.


Pulling her cloak up about her knees, Kurohana continues to simply watch the going ons. She's not a talkative one. Never has been. She seems far more curious as to their reactions to things, such as the way Osamu tipped his head to her thumbs up. And the girl becoming comatose to the spider bites. Weakness. She'll never pass the exam at this rate. Why bother? Kurohana isn't a teacher here. Why should she care? Point made. Closing her eyes, the woman sinks into her cloak, watching a 'package' scrape along the sand.

Osamu gets over to Sekisetsu and sits down next to where she lays. He stares at her in motionless silence. The first of the packages reach him, disappearing into his robes where there did not seem to be any openings. After each package is enveloped in the folds of his robes, more spiders creep out onto the sand and start to head out into the world.

But with closer inspection, Osamu would notice something quite weird with the young lady. Sekisetsu, had been smoking. Her body, had been indeed smoking, her skin turning redish, as her pupils, would dialate to normal, actually seeming to actuall show consciousness. Soon the girl would be come hot to the touch, before she would rise up, and began coughing, her nose and mouth exhaling flame, before she would look to Osamu, and say, "……Why did you put that in my way?", her skin seeming to revert back to its pale state before she would then switch her head around, and look at the woman, staring at her, with callous eyes. "And you, ya old hag!!! Why in the hell did you let him?! You get off on seeing little girls in bondage? Eh??" Yep, Sekisetsu was a hot head.

"Hag?" Kurohana emits a very witch-like cackle that starts softly and then increases in volume. Her skin might as well turn green with a laugh like that. The kunoichi rises to her feet, "Who are you to judge on beauty when you know nothing of it…" A foot thumps against the spire, deliberately. The sound alone is distracting and so unlike her. That's exactly what it is. A distraction. She's wrapping her chakra around her nervous system. Don't call her a hag.. x.x
The kunoichi's cloak extends outward, billowing around her as she leaps up from her spire, descending toward the ground gracefully. Poor Osamu's packages are forgotten for now. But he interests her. She might likely ask him about it later.

The form of Osamu sitting on the beach remains sitting there, not moving. He is facing Sekisetsu, but doesn't even move to react to her moving and yelling, nor does he look towards Kurohana. If the packages weren't forgotten, it could be seen that they are no longer traveling towards the robed figure, but have, for the most part, vacated the beach.

"I know enough about beauty to know that only witches wear hoods!!! You old, crotchity, spinster!!", the girl not wasting anytime, in firing back at the woman whom she hardly knew. Meanwhile, she would have been realizing that she something weird had been happening. Something around her seemed to change. But what? The poor girl couldn't identify what for the life of her. But she knew one thing.. this dark lady had really pissed her off!! Handseals would erupt from the girls hands, as she would inhale, and with that, a long stream of fire, would seem to light up the night!!

Kurohana lands upon the ground, water ripping up from the sea just in time to counter the flames. The evaporation and extinguishing creates a mist around them by simple science alone. "This is what happens to witches…"
The genjutsu would start affecting the girl's senses unless she could get out of it. Kurohana isn't holding back. It just isn't her style.. especially against children who weren't spanked enough growing up. Touch.. her skin would feel like it was on fire.. not the good kind though, like rot eating her cells, tearing them away. Sight… Her skin would turn black. Patches would begin to fall off, plopping onto the ground in imaginary chunks. Smell.. The smell of decay. The scent of infection seeping through her body. There's no real pain, but unless she resists, she wouldn't know that. It would be as real as it could be.

Seki would feel it. Seki wouldn't believe it, and yet Seki would seem to panic, her skin seeming to fall appart, and die right before her eyes.. She would seem to fight with all her being for it to stop. The student, had honestly been, at this point, defeated… Sekisetsu would seem to go into shock right then. But one thing that Sekisetsu would not do, that Kurohana would find very, very eerie…..she would not have heard the girl scream, or even cry out in pain..not once.. Sure the student would have passed out. Sure the effects of the genjutsu, would probably scream in her mind as if the voice of a thousand spectres haunted the very imagination of her heart and soul, but would Seki scream? Nope… she had to much hate in her heart too, girlish winces and yelps being uttered, only for the word, "hag", to still be whispered before the body of the student would fall limp..

Just as well. Kurohana has lived most of her life in silence and silently her victims typically would fall. The kunoichi briefly walks over to inspect the girl. That will likely leave it's mark. She leans down to grip her clothing and drag her further up the beach. She nudges her with a foot to hide her under some brush until a proper village type can come collect her. Reaching into her pack, the older woman retrieves a piece of black ribbon, tying it over the dead limbs nearby to mark the location. She'll mention something to someone on the way back.. Don't call her a hag.. x.x

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