Date: Unknown (log received February 24, 2013)


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Poster's note: this log was submitted as an entry for the RP challenge "Nemesis", but did not fulfill the requirement for that challenge, namely playing a nemesis for somebody else's character.


Unknown location

OOC Note: In Japan, it is common to find a small temple or shrine in the middle of a city block. The buildings were often built around these sites…and one of those little shrines is where this scene takes place.

Nori was walking down the street along Bamboo way. The window-shopping was spectacular this morning. All sorts of fresh pastries were on display, and the smelled delicious. New weapons looked sharp and pointy. The tea-house's leaves looked fresh. Even the traditional wedding kimonos looked peaceful.

Nori stopped by the seed-stand to buy some warm weather seeds that he didn't have from home. He knew he would have to plant them soon. He paid for them with his ryo and decided on the next stop. "To the Inari Okami shrine!" It was a small shrine dedicated to the Kami of agriculture and rice, and it was right down the street hidden in a little nook between two shops. The buildings had sprung up around the shrine, and as a result, one of the buildings was oddly shapped and much smaller than its surroundings.

As Nori approached the shrine, he stopped and blinked. Where once there was a shrine, now there was a brick wall. Nori back-tracked his thoughts and steps. Yes, this was where the shrine was supposed to be, he was sure of it. He rubbed his eyes, then pulled out a kunai to cut his hand. When nothing happened and the wall remained, Nori said, "Darn…I was hopeing it was a Genjutsu. This is…troubling."

The young Yamanaka entered the building and looked over at the wall where the shrine once stood. This building housed a soup shop named "Misotenpo Clan's Soup". All along the wall were cauldrons of soup. Nori had eaten here before. It was a convenient stop after the shrine.

In the shrine's place, the building's old walls had been blown out to accept room for another large cauldron of soup. Nori's heart skiped a beat and he whispered, "Soup…Soup?"

The shop owner stepped over to Nori and smiled. "Can I help you young man?"


The shop owner narrowed his eyes and said, "Get out of here now. You're scaring my other customers. And for the record, the shrine was old and abandoned…no one ever used it!"

"I will not allow this to stand," Nori said as he walked to the door. Stepping into the door opening, Nori turned and said, "The spirits used the temple."

The shop owner laughed, "Spirits aren't real. Don't let the door hit you on your way out."

That night Nori used an ox to break through the shop's door, trash the soup cauldrons, and destroy whatever else it could. It even left some fresh ox-patties for the shop owner.

The next morning, the shop owner called his sons, several Konohagakure shinobi, to figure out just what happened to his shop. And thus, the rivalry of Nori versus the Misotenpo shop started.

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