Non Faces


Akina, Keiji, Noubadi

Date: September 17, 2012


Team Two meet their new addition.

"Non Faces"

Mystic Flower Gardens [Sunagakure]


The inside of this building is fragant with the smell of plant life, something incredible rare in the harsh desert. The stone walls of this building have vine tendrils growing up towards the roof, thin and small offsprings spreading away from the main vines, and latching into the walls. The roof is actually a large wooden hatch, to allow limited sunlight to enter on calm days.
The building can fit about 15 people comfortably with all the plants. There is a large pathway, not formed of stones. Instead, it is lined with stones, and people walking along it are actually walking on a soft carpet of grass. Shoes are required to be left at the door, so as to avoid damaging the tender grass shoots.
The center of the building is actually a small pond, about 10 feet across. Growing from the center of the pond is the largest flora in the place, a single lemon tree, growing proud and straight up towards the roof. It is kept well pruned to avoid damaging the walls, and to allow light to reach the other plants. The rest of the plants in the room are mostly smaller flowering bushes, and ferns. Simple, green plants, to give some much-needed natural life into the lives of visitors.


The harsh heat of the desert is dampened as the sun disappears completely beyond the horizon, the cloudless sky steadily deepening with darker hues of blues and violets. The very last rays of sunlight drift through the clear ceiling as the shades of dusk drift over plants and flowers with colorful petals curled closed for the night. Her slender fingers absently curl along the stem of a particular flower as Akina quietly stares at it with a smoky gaze, the hood of her cloak hanging from her shoulders and exposing the full pillowy length of her raven hair held up by a rather feminine bow.

It'd be virtually impossible to tell that he was there. Yet, that presence was there. He wasn't hiding, exactly, so he didn't do the required things to make it so he couldn't be seen. While Akina studied the flowers, she was studied in turn. It was interesting to see a person at peace within the desert. There was something different, if he was told to watch her. However it was more of a curiosity, in what he gathered from the council member. Either way, if she did look around for him, he was in the shadows of the wall, blue eyes staring at her from where he stood.

If the young kunoichi knew of anyone else's presence inside the garden there is no sign of it. Her bare feet tucked quietly beneath her, Akina continues to lightly brush her fingers over one flower in particular, absently drifting to another not even an inch away as a fingertip lightly touches at one of the petals that hasn't quiet closed in on itself. Clearly she isn't showing as much interest in them as she had any other day. Blinking slowly, it's several long moments before she lifts her dark eyes upwards, blinking once with some surprise as she catches the gaze of a pair of blue eyes unexpectedly.

Meditative. Attunement with floral items. The information was slowly gathered. It'd be interesting to try and figure out exactly who she was, if he could do such. Mutely, he'd give a small nod in response to her, twin blue eyes still unblinking as they would watch her closely. Still the silence would reign within that garden. It seemed as content as she had been to look at those flowers, he was to watch her for now.

Akina blinks her dark eyes again at the figure before one thin brow lifts just above the other, wondering to herself just how long she was being watched. By yet another masked shinobi. Maybe it was a fashion trend or something, but where was the trust? And she couldn't really be /that/ interesting just sitting here. "Can I help you with something?"

Finally, he'd blink once. A small shake of his head given then. There was that moment's thought, calculations. Well.. if he was going to be so casually thrust onto a team, he might as well get to know them, right? "You are part of team 2. Hai?" Not exactly a question. He had been given files on each of those on the team, so he knew of them, however the file didn't quite compare to watching Akina.

The kunoichi tilts her hooded head at him, "Hai." she murmurs. "Do not tell me. You are the replacement and you wanted to study your team mates before meeting them formally." It figures. For some reason everyone studies her as if she were interesting. "Shibata Akina, Genin and just graduated from the academy a short while ago, speciality in poisons and taijutsu."

Brows would furrow slightly behind the wrap. Replacement? His head would tilt to the side slightly. Going through what the file had said and what she said did line up. Then again, she didn't give anything away with that either. A small shift of his shoulders was given again, that voice of his was a soft tenor, as he'd speak up once more. "I study because that is what I do. Who am I replacing? I only recently returned to Sunagakure and was assigned to work with team 2 instead of keeping me to my normal missions."

Her expression darkens for a fraction of an instant before turning her eyes back to the plant she was studying. "A comrade that is no long with us, he died on a mission." Akina murmurs lightly. "I did not know him as long as the others did, but… he was still a comrade."

"His name was Asao. He died a true Shinobi death." The voice of Keiji came from behind the group. He approached and looked over the two. "I see the two of you have already met. Forgive me if I have not completely read over your file. Things have been hectic lately." In truth Keiji felt it was too soon to replace Asao. His funeral had not even taken place yet and they were filling the gap. It made him wonder just what plans that had for the team. "I did read you fancy yourself an assassin. I suppose that is good news for me."

His face harden at the other voice. Glancing over, he would study Keiji for a long moment. A small nod was given then, "I just returned from such a mission. Instead of allowing me to continue my work.. they put me under your command." He would turn, if slightly, to keep both Akina and Keiji where he could see them. "I hope that I can live up to his honor then. Considering what is going on in the world, I guess that is why I am here. Hai?"

Akina turns her head to glance over her shoulder at Keiji, yet another (masked) shinobi that pops out of nowhere. Again. Must be a fad. Silent for several moments she shifts her gaze between the pair, listening, catching Noubadi's wording. 'Allowing me to continue work'. A small breath parts from her lips and Akina nods, "I am sure you will."

Keiji studies the man for a moment. He was easily older than him by a year or two. "Akina here is an herbalist. She specializes in poisons. I believe if you are able to get past her rough walls, you will find her an asset. I will test your skill later. Then we will know the true purpose of your appointment to the team." While Keiji was not expecting to be replaced, he had lost a team member on a mission. It was not beyond logical to think that this older assassin could be his replacement. Then again maybe they were trying to form the team in a direction it had not previously been. "Akina. We will have to get you a mask soon. Usually when a Genin turns to a Chuunin, I like them to protect their identity in battle."

A slow nod was given. Studying Keiji just as much as he was studied. A slow nod was given back. "Hai. We will test. Later." Attention shifted back to Akina then, she was studied once more before he would give a formal bow, once, for both of them. "Until then. The formal meeting will be at the test then." He would turn away at that point, blending with the shadows so smoothly that it was only two steps before he vanished from sight.

Akina scoffs to herself. "'Herbalist'." she mutters under her breath as she crosses her arms over her chest, as if the world offended her. Turning her head, she watches Noubadi disappear into the shadows so smoothly that it makes one wonder if he was ever there at all.

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