What If? First Kiss - Not All Firsts Are Innocent



Date: May 18, 2013


None given.

"What If? First Kiss - Not All Firsts Are Innocent"

Unknown location

"Where… uugh… where, am I?"

After hours of nothing but the slow, methodical dripping sound of water
droplets splashing against rock, the distant though somewhat indinstinct
roar of a river if not waterfall, and subtle droning sound often lost
amongst the former two, a femine voice put an end to the monotany. After a
few more seconds following nothing but the ambient noise of the area
answer the inquiry, eyelids parted revealing intelligent, steel grey eyes
that slowly started to scan the surroundings while the rest of her body
tried to catch-up. At which point two things become clearly evident albiet
without explination as to what led the woman to such a predictament. The
first, a couple of meters away a single torch light — literally embedded
into the stone — illuminated the area revealing it to be some form of
cave or tunnel with but only one entrance, right next to the torch. The
second… she was trapped in some wierd, hard, yet gooey, yellow-ish brown
substance that left only the mid-portion on up of her torso exposed along
with her head. When none of her efforts to pull herself free worked the
trapped woman of course began to panic and open her mouth to scream out
for help. But-…
"That is pointless, zu-zu."

Without warning even by sound, Michi's form — a mere silhoutte
overlooked a distant rock formation — slipped out of the shadows of the
entryway. Conviently large enough and thensome to allow her seven foot
high body to maneuver without much difficult. Despite being on suspended
on eye level the woman trapped still shirked back away on reflex with a
mixture of uncertianty and irritation playing out in her eyes. Beyond
staring right back at them through the tinted lenses of her goggles Michi
merely shook her head once, slowly in appearant dismissal of what was
evident. Then while continuing to bear the same neutral expression since
her arrival, the Kamizuru proceeded to close the distance between them
within a few steps, placed her hand right next to the struggling woman's
face, and leaned in until only a few inches seperated them. "It was
requested that I learn 'this' and I have enlisted your aid as well since
my research has turned up the similarities between our… status. In
exchange for complying willing from this point on you will be let go,
unharmed, zu-zu." Michi explained huskily in a whisper, goggles drawn up
onto her forehead mid-speech out of faint curiosity if seeing another's
eyes directly really do convey secret messages. In reply the woman stayed
silent in thought. Doubtless nervous, distrusting of some strange
appearant Iwagakure shinobi's words, and bewildered by the entire scenario
playing out before her eyes. Even so, there was no helping what was
reality. Thus she nodded with great relunctance while her body began to
quiver from trying to suppress the fear threatening to overtake her. She
was an Iwagakure shinobi. Sturdy, Patient, and Enduring. She would not
break under whatever torture her so called -fellow- shinobi was about to
commit upon her.
"Arigatou… Now, please close your eyes, and pucker your lips
Koboyashi-san, zu-zu.", Michi calmly commanded. In return she recieved one
last dubious look from the bound Iwa shinobi before complying. Within
seconds later the Koboyashi's eyes shot open to wide eyed saucers upon
filling the press of something moist against her lips. Michi's lips to be
exact which withdrew back to those scant few inches from before as their
owner licked them and pondered with eyes closed over the taste. "Hnn…
Sweet but.. little reaction, so I suppose that concludes this half of the
experiment, zu-zu", Michi thought aloud, drifting further back away then
turned to meander back down the tunnel. Leaving behind a 'comerad' who was
very much in too much shock to even utter a single syllable about being
let go…

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