Second Promotion Exams - Not Right in the Head: Eri vs. Koseitama


Kuoroke, Eri, Koseitama, Ayumo, Daisuke, Hinotori, Iminari

Date: December 14, 2012


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"Second Promotion Exams - Not Right in the Head: Eri vs. Koseitama"

Dammed Arena - Floor [Kirigakure]


At the foot of the great march of bones that dams this tall canyon of blue-gray granite, under the shadows of the stands: the Kirigakure arena. Rivulets of water still escape the base of the dam and dampen the gravely bed of the dry river. The length of the canyon is limited by a raised platform at the south end featuring the referee's post and a large display board announcing the details of the match.



The late fall sun is finally rising into the clouds over Kirigakure, its rays failing to bring warmth, but colouring the air, matte with mist, blood-red. A very slight, chilly breeze stands in the air. The Chuunin exams are continuing in full power, and this morning, the spectators are treated to another duel. Standing a bit off, Kuoroke once again cleans the moisture off his glasses with a soft cloth, calmly, patiently. Once he's brought them to a bright shine, the Kuroki steps into the centre of the arena, folding his hands behind his back, and speaks up. His voice is loud, authoritative, almost demanding. "Ladies, Gentlemen!" For the first time since he has entered the battlefield, he looks up. His gaze travelling around the rows, he continues, "Today, in this arena, two contenders will fight, two young, but talented ladies." His right hand is raised, palm upwards, to motion towards Koseitama. "On one side, we have Shirayuki Koseitama of this very village, Kirigakure." The other hand is symetrically raised to indicate Eri. "On the other, Kiyotani Eri, of Kumogakure." Kuoroke leaves a brief pause, placing his hands behind his back again. "They will fight to show who is stronger, but more importantly, they will fight to prove to their villages, and to their superiors, that they have become worthy to bear the rank of Jounin!"

Kuoroke looks down from the crowd, and to the competitors. He lowers his voice a bit, so he's not shouting into their faces, but still speaking clearly enough to be heard in at least the lowest rows of the audience. "Ladies, I wish you both good luck in this fight. Show us the best you have. This fight will continue until one of you surrender, or I deem one of you unable to continue fighting, being incapacitated or dead. After I have made that call, the fight will stop immediately. Speaking of which, an effort not to kill the other from both of you would be…" Kuoroke pauses again, searching for the word correctly reflecting how much he would value such an effort, and finally finds it: "…highly appreciated." The Sunagakuran backs away from them, and motions them towards each other with an encouraging nod. "You may begin whenever you want."

At the introduction for Eri, Ayumo would stand up and cheer, making as much noise as one guy can at least. "WOOP 'ER ERI-CHAN!!" He'd cheer some more, before getting a sheepish look as the other people who were here to see the Kiri nin all but glared at him. He'd sit back down in his chair then. Hey.. had to try, right?

Eri struts out onto the floor and waves happily out to the crowd, blowing kisses occasionally. "Hello! The great and beautiful, Kiyotani Eri! I hope you all remember the name! Feel free to send flowers to me after this!" She giggles softly before nodding over at Kuoroke indicating her understanding of what was about to happen. "Fight til we can't fight or when one of us surrenders, got it!" She looks over at Koseitama examining her appraisingly. "Hm..another girl eh? May be a bit harder than I thought! Well good luck miss Koseitama! May you fight well on this day." She crosses her arms in front of her and closes her eyes as she began to gather her chakra. Slowly her aura of white chakra would begin to take the shape of ghostly angelic wings around her. She opens her eyes and claps her hands together giggling a little more than she has been.

And behold, standing behind one of the contestant marks is — ! A nervous, fidgeting figure who glances furtively everywhere. >.> "Oh dear, oh dear," Koseitama murmurs, wringing her hands. "This environment is positively reeking with contamination. All this moisture, it's sure to make for infestation of every kind. And am I to understand fights have been taking place here? Why, that must mean the whole area's been spattered with…BLOOD!" @.@; Koseitama cringes, rubbing her arms and shivering. Despite how unprepared (indeed, abhorrent) she seems for a fight, though, her chakra levels rise sharply. "D-don't touch me, you hear?! Keep your unsterilized hands away from me!" o.o;

Daisuke settles into his chair for about the 8th time in these tournaments, suffering from a bit of heart burn from all those jumbo sized snacks he was eating every match. He taps his chest, letting out a large burp and with it, momentary release. He watches the match unfold below, wondering why he never ran into any cute girls when he was out there in the ruins. Muttering something under his breath, he reaches over to the chair beside him for a handful of snacks only to realize that he didn't buy one this time because of the heartburn. Letting out a sigh, the young Chuunin settles back in his chair and watches.

Eri giggles happily and she tilts her head at the strange girl. “You seem nervous sweety! Aren't you from around here? Isn't it like..wet all the time?? Of course I wouldn't know, never been around this way up until now.” She looks around for a moment seeming to just now notice the blood splattering the arena. “What do ya know..there is blood here..they need to fire whoever cleans up the place..If they even worry about that sort of thing..” She peers about for a moment before looking back at Koseitama. “Don't worry, worry wart. I won't touch ya. You'll find that I have a very..interesting combative technique!” She giggles again before bringing her hands up perform some hand signs. Best to not start with anything serious Eri thought to herself, so let's just give her a taste. “Feel the heat..”

This is Hinotori's fourth time up here now, and as he stands off to the side he notices his little brother also getting situated. Though as Hinotori stands there watching the match below, he rubs his stomach and frowns a bit, he didn't get a snack or have a proper lunch either and now he's damn hungry.

Koseitama glares suspiciously at Eri. "What do you mean? What are you — EEK!!!" Koseitama suddenly starts whirling around with her arms pinned to her sides. "Let go of me! You filthy child, what sort of grime have you been rolling around in!? Where is this boy's mother?! Heeeeellllp!" x.x Finally Koseitama seems to rid herself of the imaginary whippersnapper, and stands there with her chest heaving for a moment. "You…you grungy juvenile…I'm going to sterilize you right this instant!" >.< Koseitama glowers at Eri while forming handseals. "Oh no, don't think you can get away by hiding behind her! Take this!" Koseitama starts spitting fireball after fireball in Eri's direction. "And this! And this!" >P

There /were/ no snacks there but, as soon as his hand retracts there would be a Kumogakure girl falling into the seat with a large bucket of assorted mess of fried snacks, assaulted with salts and sugar. With such a strict diet at home, why not let a little loose out here. Though, the idea of using the word 'little' was obviously a bit of a stretch. The generally soft spoken girl breathes in deep, prepared to yell out a cheer for Eri just as the wind blows. Daisuke's burp that had managed to just sort of linger in front of him finally got carried off to the side and made Iminari's nose twitch before she brought her hand to her mouth.

A soft, "Ewp…" follows as she was almost certain something was going to come up. Eventually control is taken and she just clears her throat, taking a few test whiffs before breathing again. Though at this point all that food that she had been making space for, didn't seem as appealing. "Mmmf…" Shrugging, she reached for a snack, eating quietly out of fear of inhaling a big whiff of whatever that was again.

Drifting a bit, there wouldn't be much too interest in the combat below since Eri didn't seemt o be in any danger.

So far the presence of fire in the fight interested Daisuke. But then, all of a sudden, he looks over at the snacks that have sat down beside him, licking his lips as he peruses over the fried pieces one by one, his mouth watering (almost salivating). His stomach rumbles but his throat protests, who would win the battle this time!?

THe fighting down below has gotten more progressive and his eyes taking in each of the women moves and techniques that they are using, though most who saw Hinotori would see his beautiful honey brown colored eyes, but he well is just enjoying what he is seeing that is until the smells of food begins wafting over from Daisuke's and some strange Kumo girl who has a LOT of snacks. Mouth parting and eyes big, oh yea he looks very hungry.

Ayumo would wave towards Iminari. "Oh! Hey Iminari! You uh.. yeah.." He'd shake his head as she dealt with Daisuke's burp. Walking over, he'd eye the guy for a moment, before plopping into the seat beside Iminari on the other side. "You.. really gonna eat all of that? Ya gonna cheer fer Eri too? They uh.. kinda glared at me for cheerin.." He'd point at some guys off to the side who were catcalling about the fire in the fight.

All the fireballs would seem to hit their mark, that is until what was thought to be Eri fades away from view. Eri reappears behind Koseitama and tilts her head curiously at her watching her reactions with interest. “Aw, who doesn't like kids? You, seem to be overly concerned with germs. Hmmm, I think I will name you Tidy! Since you like things all nice and tidy.” She giggles again before going through some more hand seals. She didn't like that fire at all, she'd rather not have another outfit all burned and singed, so it'd be best to wear her down if she could. “Your dreams come true..” While she tries to assault Koseitama's mind with more false images, she pulls out two kunai from her tool belt. “I could try and work on my punching, -but- since you don't like being touched this will have to do!” With a grin she flicks two kunai ahead of her towards Koseitama, hoping that she'd be too distracted with her genjutsu to counteract it.

Iminari originally paid no attention to the two food hunters, her awareness not really best at all as she doesn't get the slightest feeling she's being watched. Probably because it was watered down by all the eye waves passing by and resting on the two in the arena but, when addressed directly she does manage to respond to her own name. With a pleasant smile and a tilt of her head she delivers a sing songy, "Hello~" Not minding him taking the seat next to her. Absorbing his story she'd smirk slightly and then nod, "I was going to cheer but then uh…" Imi, glances over to her left a bit nervous the smell came from someone nearby, so she avoids mentioning the truth.

Completely missing the fact that the two were staring at her food out of being nervous she just moves along with her story. "Noticed my throat is sort of sore. Heheh." A glance is given to her bucket o' food, "Um all of this?" and so the petite girl forces a giggle and shakes her head as there is a light rosy hint on her cheeks. "Course not! This was to share, with uh… anyone!" ^-^

What as shame, she was unaware at how much of a bad idea this was to mention.

Ayumo would scratch his cheek. "uh.. ifn ya say so.. It ain't that bad ta enjoy yourself Iminari.. butcha may not get any back after those two are done with 'sharin' yer food.." He'd nod towards Daisuke and Hirotori. They were kinda.. creepy. Even if Iminari was oblivious to it. "Anyways. I ain't gonna say nothin no how aboutcha enjoyin yer meal, huh?"

Koseitama glances around agitatedly as Eri disappears from her senses. "Oh no. I'm hallicunating. I must be developing a late-stage mental disorder!" DX Yeah, um, kinda late to notice that, actually. X) But then Koseitama's shivers gradually fade as a new illusion wafts into her brain. "Dreams come…true?" o.o Koseitama's lips move rapidly, breathing out a conversation in whispers. "I'mtryingdoctorI'mtryingit'sgettingbetterIcanfeelitI'malmost…" Suddenly Koseitama scrunches down slightly and grabs her head. By sheer luck, the first of Eri's kunai glances off Koseitama's shoulder at an angle. "HNNNNGH!"

*CLANG!*Koseitama's hand catches the tumbling kunai and grips it tightly behind her neck, just in time to block the second one. "Thank you, doctor," Koseitama says in a much more cultured voice. "I believe I have full control now." Koseitama straightens up and turns to face Eri, her nervous mannerisms replaced by a dispassionate stare. "My apologies for my overreactions earlier," she remarks. "I had not the clarity I possess now." Koseitama tilts her head slightly and eyes a spot just beside and slightly behind Eri. "…Nevertheless, the boy could benefit from some sterilization." e.e Koseitama spews a couple of much larger blasts of fire at Eri.

“Well that's a quick change of heart!” At the first blast Eri fades away from view once again, but as she attempts to move away the second catches her off guard bringing her back into view. She let's out a loud unnatural giggle and tries to brush out some of the flames that still clung to her outfit. “Remind me to bring you home with me Tidy! You would work much better than a fireplace! Still you are hurting the boy's feelings..maybe you could use some more hugs to make you feel better!” She laughs before motioning through some more hand seals intending to send three more imaginary children to wrap their arms around her legs.

Koseitama frowns as more grimy children assault her lower reaches, though she doesn't panic like before. "What antiestablishmentarianist behavior. Young wastrels, I insist you desist your adherance to my personage…NOW!" >.< Apparently this is enough to finally dispel the illusion, and Koseitama shakes her legs with a sigh. "How very tiresome. Now then…I believe we are present to engage in a contest of martial superiority?" Koseitama forms some handseals. "Forgive my stand-offishness, but I find delegating such responsibilities to be far more efficient." Mist and air pull together with a whispering, crackling sound, and a clone forms beside Koseitama. It then springs at Eri in an attempt to clothesline her, following up by jumping on her and turning into lifeless ice so as to freeze her in place. +.+

The clone would fall onto nothing as the real Eri had once again faded away into hiding. Koseitama would be left alone on the field for several minutes until a giggle could be heard. “It's no trouble at all! Although your lackey seems to have trouble catching me!” She once again reappears off to the side and sighs. “This is going better than I had expected. I must admit it is not often that I have to fight against other females, usually I can just wrap men around my finger with my feminine charm to win..I will have to think of some more techniques that will leave me at less of a disadvantage won't I? Still! You are a very strong fighter! Let me just say that this is turning out to be fun! But I'm afraid it may end up ending soon..” She begins motioning through some more hand seals focused completely on her genjutsu. She may not know many tricks, but sometimes it's best to stick with what you know best.

Koseitama glances off to the side as Eri's fantasy-comes-true genjutsu kicks in again. "A doctorate certification? Why thank you, it's really about time someone took note of my — " Koseitama blinks and looks down, perceiving more grubby children grinning up while clinging to her. "Oh. How very disappointing." -.-; Koseitama bends over this way and that while the incorporeal urchins tug at her. "Nnngh…I've analyzed our encounter thus far, and I've come to an important conclusion. Namely, my probability of success is significantly less than the probability of further degrading experiences should I continue. Erego, my time would be far better spent at other pursuits, and I would like to formally announce my concession of the competition." Koseitama shakes her arms. "Shoo, off with you." e.e

Eri relaxes her stance and crosses her arms in front of her, allowing her wing-like aura to fade. "A wise move! You did quite well!" She then turns to the crowd and blows more kisses at them, despite the boo's coming from the Kirigakure's fans. "Thank you, thank you, and thank -you-! Without your cheering I couldn't have won today! Well I could have, but you all have to feel important too! Now remember, if anyone wishes to give me presents for my victory feel free to approach me. I am much more humble than I appear. Now! I know it is going to be disappointing, but everyone is going to have to wait until my next match til they see me again. Now now! No tears! It should not be too terribly long

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