Not so Tasty Treats


Eri, Nakaken

Date: October 19, 2012


Two shinobi are tasked with being taste testers. It is not as fun as they had hoped, however.

"Not so Tasty Treats"

Tenkyu Restaurant [Kumogakure]


Then Tenkyu restaurant is a rather new styled building, with a multitude of tables that seat 4 all across the room. There is also a bar, and a series of stools along the bars length for those stopping in for a quick drink. There is a large selection of food and drinks and deserts available above the bar top, and on menus that are left at every seat. They seem to serve all kinds of fineries, and other not as rare foods.


It is early morning in Kumogakure, and Eri stands waiting outside of the Tenkyu Restaurant. She was growing rather tired of fighting, and needed a break from it all. So she skimmed through all the easy assignments that were offered, and managed to find something perfect! The Tenkyu restaurant needed a couple of willing taste testers, although it was mentioned that they needed to have strong stomachs, for their chefs in training to present their dishes to. Now there are two things Eri loves, flowers and food. As long as it didn't have any fish in it she would be willing to give it a shot.

Knowing that it would be boring by herself, and they may ask her to try something fishy, she called upon Nakaken to help her in completing it. She mentioned in her message to skip breakfast on the way, and bring a healthy appetite. Eri knew a big guy like him could probably handle his share of food. As she waited outside she hummed a happy melody to herself and rocked back and forth on her heels.

Nakaken got a rather unusual message from Eri. Come to the resturant for a mission and don't eat breakfast? Pondering that, Nakaken would give a small nod and head that way. While he was still within his armor as normal, that helm would actually be stored in a scroll. Indeed, there was a strap on his right shoulder specifically for holding that storage scroll. He was a bit of a walking arsenal that way, afterall. Once he'd approach Eri, a formal bow was given along with a warm smile. "Eri-sensei. It is an honor to see you again. I am guessing that I was selected for a mission to work with you, Eri-sensei?"

Eri beamed brightly at Nakaken and nodded "You should know by now Steel-san you do not have to bow before me if you do not want to..but I suppose that is something samurai are supposed to do." She shrugged lightly before continueing "You are correct! Figured you'd be perfect for this one!" She pats Nakaken's stomach and grins playfully. "We are to head inside right away, and try out a few things for their chef's in training. Be prepared though they did mention we would need strong stomachs, so we may be asked to try some duds. Let's move out!"

Upon their arrival one of the head chefs was waiting at the door to greet them. "Greetings! I am so glad that someone answered our request, although I did not expect a Chuunin to respond to such a menial task." Eri waved a hand in dismissal "A Chuunin's duty isn't all fighting, we can still help our village in other ways, although part of being promoted is getting the chance to boss Genin around.." She looked teasingly over at Nakaken. The chef nodded slowly "Right..oh yes right this way!" As they lead Nakaken and Eri to the back kitchen a line of young nervous chef trainees bowed before them. Eri smiled at them "Greetings! Hope you guys made some yummy stuff for us to try! Right Steel-san?"

Nakaken would nod in response to Eri while they were outside. A soft chuckle given as he'd follow her into the resturant. Looking around the area, as was his normal response, he'd glance over at Eri with her teasing, another chuckle given with a shrug. Looking then to the chef, he'd follow along, arms folding across his chest as he'd basically loom over Eri. The gaze leveled on the trainees was something akin to a drill sargeant. Yeah, this wasn't going to be something he was going to go easy on them for it seems. Then again, why not use that height for a good reason?

The trainees quivered under Nakaken's stern gaze and went to work to prepare their food. "Geez Steel-san, you're scaring the poor dears." Eri giggled and looked around. It appeared a small seating area was prepared for the two of them "I think we're supposed to sit over here." She pulled out her chair and took a seat waiting. "Now here's the plan, you are going to eat anything that has fish in it understood? I despise's so..fishy." She shuddered slightly and watched curiously as they went to work.

After a few moments two bowls and a pot were placed before Nakaken and Eri. The chef ladeled out some of the meat soup to each of them. This dish actually smelled pretty apetizing the scent of beef, chicken, and spices wafted from the pot. Eri sniffed the bowl curiously "Well it smells alright..let's see how it tastes." She scoops some from the bowl and takes a bite. She blinked for a moment before standing up and fanning frantically at her tongue. "GAh?! Did you dump everything into this?! Hot hot! Water water!!" The trainee nodded nervously and rushed off to get Eri and Nakaken something to drink.

Nakaken would chuckle softly only after Eri pulled him off to the side for that small seating area. "That, Eri-sensei, is the point. If they can work under pressure from little ol' me, then they can definitely work well for a resturant, hai?" Settling down in the other chair, a nod was given towards the chef that brought over that food. He'd take a bite at the same time as Eri did, pausing as he chewed before swallowing with a shrug. "Hai, this was definitely a bit hot. Do you have any more like this? I would like to have actual heat in my food.."

The chef gave a worried glance to Eri before nodding at Nakaken "We can set some aside for you if you'd like.." As the trainee brought back two large glasses of water Eri guzzles down all of hers in one go. Eri peers over at Nakaken "You are weird..I think my tongue is numb.." She stuck her tongue out and poked at it before looking to the chef. "Not the best thing I've tried, what's next?" The chef nodded and cleared the dining area for the next dish to sample.
The next dish that was brought out would be two big bowls of steamed rice with marinated vegetables. Eri looks at the dish suspiciously a bit nervous since the last ordeal. "This isn't meant to be spicy is it?.." The chef shook his head in response. "Alright then I'll be happy to try it!" She takes another bite out of the food and chews it appraisingly. "Hm…the rice is a bit..rough..I think it wasn't cooked long enough..the vegetables are pretty yummy though."

Nakaken would just nod in response to the chef. As the guy walked away, there was a small smile given Eri's way. "One learns to enjoy what one eats, because sometimes, that will be the last meal you have.." Drinking his own water, he'd wait for the next dish, eating it much like he had the last one. There wasn't much comment on how his tasted. Heck, he's had worse it seems.. ever taste military food on a ship that's been at sea for 3 months?

Eri smiled over at Nakaken and chuckled as the table was cleared "Fair enough, that is an interesting way of looking at it. Although people of the village probably have more discerning tastes." She looked over to the chef "How many more of these do we need to try?" The chef glanced sternly over at the trainees before looking back at Eri "There is just one more we ask that you try, as a treat I have asked the students to prepare some dessert for you." Eri's eyes lit up at the word desserts before glancing over at Nakaken. "If you do not want any dessert I'll be happy to take your share."

However as the bowls were brought out a weird look would cross Eri's face. This was probably the worst of the worst. It was barely identifiable as some sort of sweet dumplings. "On second thought I take back my can eat your share..what's that over there you guys? I think it's a spider or something!" As the chef and trainees went off to look for the vermin in their kitchen Eri pushes off her dessert onto Nakaken's plate. "Oh it must have just been a that was quite delicious." She rubbed her stomach and shot Nakaken a look to keep quiet.

Nakaken would look dubiously at the food put before him. Glancing over at her distraction, Nakaken raised a brow at Eri before chuckling slightly with a small shake of his head. Those chopsticks picked up, he'd give a chopstick salute to Eri before he started eating. The look that crossed his face was… interesting. It'd be hard really, to tell rather he liked it or not.. but he did finish it, all of it, without a single word one way or the other. Instead, he'd simply give Eri a look like it was probably time to go. Nakaken might have an iron stomach.. but it seems that last bit was the line crossed.

Catching the look Nakaken gave her Eri clapped her hands together. "Well! I am glad we were able to help out! We should get going though, I have some um..paper work to fill out..Yeah paper work.." Eri stood up and whispered to the chef " a suggestion I would give your..chefs…some more training before letting them cook for you guys.." The head chef nodded before pulling out a pouchful of ryo and handing it to her. She smiled nervously being sure to thank the chef, then hurried Nakaken out of the restaurant almost running to get out of there. Eri looked over her shoulder making sure no one was following them she'd grin at Nakaken "Thank you Steel-san..I think you may have saved my life was it? Better or worse than it looked?"

Nakaken would be silent the whole time, waiting til they were out, before he'd stop by a wall to have a bad coughing fit. Pulling his own canteen of water, he'd drain it, using the liquid to clear his mouth before shaking his head. "I've eaten military food.. on a ship.. that was at sea for a month. Most of their stuff wasn't that bad.. That.. That.. stuff.. whatever it was.. made the military food taste good." He'd make a face. Ironically? he still kept it down, maybe it was sheer determination. Straightening up, although looking a little queezey, he'd point at Eri. "you owe me one for that.. big.. hai?"

Eri patted Nakaken's back as he had his bad coughing fit and chuckled slightly "Just think of it this way, we did our part today to help keep the food they serve there actually good. Now come along, my mother has something for an upset tummy. When we get home I'll work on splitting the ryo from this." Taking Nakaken's hand Eri lead him away not caring whether or not he didn't want to come with her. "I will keep in mind that I owe you one big favor, although for certain favors I still require jewlery to be bought for me afterwards." She looked over her shoulder and winked at Nakaken. It may not have been as enjoyable as she had anticipated it to be they were still able to complete their mission successfully. Mission Complete.

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