Not Your Average Clone


Keiji, Suterusu

Date: November 6, 2012


Suterusu teaches Keiji the Shadow Clone Jutsu

"Not Your Average Clone"

Training Fields

Training Fields [Sunagakure]

This training area is an open field surrounded by large rock formations that help keep the harsh winds of the desert from just erasing it from existence. The field is actually divided into four major areas. The main area is used by all ninja of Sunagakure regardless of rank. There are many training posts, a few obstacle courses as well as a number of sparring circles for everyone to use.
The other three areas are set up to better cater to the needs of ninja of different ranks. They are all accessible by three paths that snake through some of the rock formations and lead to them. There's one set up for students, which is also used to test students intending to graduate as Genin. Another area has been primarily set up for Genin usage, even though some Chuunin can usually be seen there as well and finally there's an area set up for anyone of with the rank of Chuunin or higher.
All three of those specialized areas mimic the challenges found in the general training area, except the challenges found in them are customized for the appropriate ranks.
The night had begun. The light has started to retreat as orange and red hues march across the sky. Eventually the purple hues overtake them in the color eat color battl for supremacy over the sky. While the nightly battle rages above there are a few ants moving along in the village. At least from the sky's view they appear to be ants. Maybe in the grand scheme of things they are…
Keiji stands in the training grounds. He was one of these ants, though he'd prefer to be a scorpion among the ants. The young Chuunin scans out over those training in the area. There are still a few Genin that the boy is able to help. Mainly with his Taijutsu knowledge. There were few things more satisfying than letting someone know a punch could become more deadly if you really used your knuckles properly. That or twisting a blade upon entering a wound. It was what the boy did for his home.
That figure would slip into the training area with the darkness. He searched the surroundings, watching those who were left, before spying Keiji. Contemplating, a final small nod was given and he'd move closer, peeling away from the shadows to fall into step with Keiji on his left. That soft tenor voice would croon his direction, "Keiji-san. Are you interested in learning a method for strengthening your clones to make them a valid tool in assassinations?"

The voice was familiar to Keiji. It was Suterusu. "I would enjoy that." the younger Chuunin replied. He then turned towards Suterusu. As of recent developments he was not sure where exactly the shinobi stood, but for now learning would only help. "These are the clones you use, yes?" he asks for confirmation. He had seen the shadow clones in action before. They were pretty useful.
The figure would give a nod in confirmation. "They make an excellent tool. They are you, in everything.. but if attacked, can be removed without major loss to yourself. Critical points that would be better to make the attack without being there are perfect for such a use." The figure would nod, glancing around, before pointing off to one of the more secluded areas of the training area that had already been deserted. "It is a powerful ability. We should stay out of easy sight while going over it."

Keiji nodded his head. While Suterusu preffer to use them for attack, they could easily be used to lead someone away from an attack, so that a target was left unprotected. They served many, many purposes. "Understood." Keiji states as he moves to the desired area. He then waits for Suterusu to start the lesson.
He'd walk over to that area with Keiji, stopping across from him, he'd slowly go through those hand seals first, showing Keiji what seals were used to start with. Then he'd go through them at speed, summoning the chakra to have a clone *POOF* into exsistance next to him. "This is similar to a regular clone. However, it takes a LOT more power. Be prepared for a constant drain while it is in use, to maintain it."

The dark pupils of Keiji's watch over the hand signs to make the shadow clones. "I am familiar with earth clones. They are only good for a moment." He then nods at the knowledge of constant consumption to maintain them. He also saw how fast the clone was made. "Understood."
Stealth would nod, a different set of seals done real quick, to have one of his own metal clones show up. "The basic clone is there for a moment.. 6 seconds or so. The draw on chakra is there, but then it fades relatively shortly." As mentioned by the metal clone vanishing shortly after that with a final hiss of air against super heated metal. "The shadow clone is a chakra construction, made real. The way it substains is the link to you, but it is able to do what you can. Attempt to do the clone now.. we'll see how it fairs, hai?"

Keiji did not need any more advice, or so he thought. He moves his fingers together and attempts to jutsu. Unfortunately the shadow clone does not take full shape. It was a dude. It looked like a shorter, more pudgy version of Keiji before poofing out of existance. "Not the best representation…" Keiji mutters as he seems relieved the clone has left.
To the figure's credit, he didn't laugh. Although there was a hint of amusement in those red eyes. A small nod was given as he'd go over the seals again in slow motion. Once that was done, he'd shrug slightly. "It takes a particular amount of chakra.. more than normally expected of clones. Maybe it was not quite enough chakra to it. Try attempting to make the clone again?"

The hands come together once more. Another clone below the standards. This one was really tall and pretty skinny. Like the one before he lasted a few seconds. Without hesitation, Keiji moved to try yet a third time. That was suppose to be the charm. Luckily for him it works and besides him stands a full fledged shadow clone. Keiji turns around and looks over the clone. It was identical. "So how do you control these things?" Unlike earth clones, the shadow clone had more things it could do. Was it something Keiji just thought, or did it respond on it's own?
The figure would shake his head slightly. "You don't control it. It's you. Everything about you, you're current thoughts, everything. I wouldn't be surprised if he was to askt he same question at the same time, really." That figure nodded to the clone then. "Isn't that right, Keiji-san?"

The shadow clone nodded his head before turning towards Keiji. Keiji himself seemed impressed. That is as much as a man could with a mask over his face. "Interesting." Keiji states. "That could be very useful." replies the clone. It seems the two were on the same page. "I can feel the chakra drain."
Nodding in response to that last statement, he'd tilt his head to the side. "For one clone, it is not as bad.. I can hold up to three, but it is much more signifigant drain." A shrug of his shoulders was given then. "It may take a little more practice to fully maintain the clone while in your scorpion mode. Especially as the clone can be in humanoid form while you are in your scorpion form. In the end, the shadow clone is an amazing tool."

The scorpion form. That was something Keiji had not even considered. He had issues making hand signs in that form. Some of the earth style seemed to translate just by focusing chakra into the earth. "Thank you. This has been informative." He then looks at the clone. "How do I cause him to disperse? Just hit him?" he asks. While Keiji had not seen the amazing part yet, it seemed to be a pretty decent tool and he'd yet to use it.
Shaking his head slowly, the figure would look to the clone, then back to Keiji. "Stop the chakra flow. One thing you can start doing, once you do have control over the clone is create collaborative moves. My recent assassination attempt with that Uchiha as the guard was successful due to the fact that it was both my clone and I putting out the chakra. It makes for a much stronger attempt and more difficult to avoid. This also works for dealing with stealth. The clone can fight while you switch locations for a tacticle advantage."

Keiji thought over that for a moment. There was another way around the ocular jutsu's. So long as they could not tell a real difference between the clone and the real one, it would work. Soon the clone poofs out of existance as Keiji severs the chakra flow. "There seem to be many, many uses to this shadow clone jutsu. I can only imagine the ways that have not been thought of to use it." Keiji then turns towards Suterusu. "So, how is your training coming along?"
The figure would shrug slightly. "I have come up with a few of my own adaptations. They have proven useful for dealing with situations. However I still need to grow further. I have almost finished adapting my special sensory ability, to make it strong enough to expand into more refined sensory data. From there, I plan to increase my stealth capabilities even further. There is plenty of growth possible, It's just a matter of time, hai?"

Keiji nods his head as he listens to Suterusu. He himself had made a couple of strides with his medical techniques. Unfortunately he did not seem to have as much to show from them yet. "Thats good. We will be able to use your abilities."
Keiji then looks back towards the training area. "We need to train our unit to work as a group of assassins. I would like for Akina to follow this path."
The figure would nod lightly. "I concur. A stealth attempt on a situation to resolve it can quickly remove a lot of problems. However, my abilities I use are not subtle. So for a surprise attempt on a group of people, it is effective. However, to silently remove single people, I am still working out how I will resolve such an attempt." The figure looked over the training area as well. "Then we should seek to get black op missions. Between the three of us, I doubt there is much we would have trouble dealing with. Would you know the specifics for the capabilities of Akina-san and her fighting style? I have not seen it recently."

For a moment Keiji pondered the abilities of Akina. "She is an herbalist of sorts. Her knowledge of poisons and venoms will soon become one of the broader in the village. She uses a senbon to deliver her toxins. She however is not ready for black ops missions yet. We need to raise her perception and improve her stealth more before we can risk that. She will be very deadly." Thoughts Kazeodori passed through Keiji's mind but it had been a while seen he had seen him. "I would not mind a few of those missions just between us for the moment."
The figure would nod in response. "I believe our capabilities jointly would be superior to most anything that would be out there to attempt to stop us. At the very least, if we are going after soft targets and not shinobi, I know for a fact I can remove them." The figure would ponder for a moment, before nodding at Keiji. "Once we get her developed further, she will be a major asset to our group structure then. Poison can be extremely potent in the right hands."

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