Nothing Like That, Okay?


Meimei (as Yoko), Itami, Risu, Kichiro

Date: October 25, 2010


Yoko has a little confrontation with a Council Member over using untrained children on ninja missions.

"Nothing Like That, Okay?"

Kazekage Administration Dome - Sunagakure

Yesterday afternoon, Risu came running into Meimei's apartment, looking pale, dusty, and frightened. She was panicked and even after calming down she related a tale of criminals and knives and weird eyes and Itami. What it all came down to was… Meimei — better known to most as 'Yoko' — is very unhappy with Itami. So Risu and Yoko went to the place where the criminals had been, but found that things were already wrapped up. Deciding that enough was enough for one day, they went home again and rested. Now it is the next day, and Yoko has shown up at the Administration Dome with Risu in tow. Their mission is two-fold.
First: Find out what happened last night.
Second: Find out why Itami told Risu to help.
Yoko is dressed as she usually is, in a dark cloak and hood, with black-tinted goggles, and loose, dark clothing. Presumably she is leading Risu through the Administration Dome's front doors right now, and beginning her search for Council Woman Itami. And if anyone gets in her way, they might get kicked in the shin too. Or punched in the crotch. She's at the perfect height for the latter.

Itami had more work to do in the Administration Dome since yesterday, so she had to return today to complete it. The majority of the work was paperwork, work that she usually didn't like to do. Why she came is a question she often asks herself when she knows that the outcome is usually going to be papers or mouthy officials. There's always the small hope that there's something else that needed to be done, but that small hope is comparably tiny against the massive amount of other work that needs doing.
With a sigh, she pushes the stack of papers to the side along with the pen she was using to write off on them. She could finish all this up later. In the meantime, she took the time out to rest in her seat. Sleep is always something she's lacking these days.

Risu is no longer in the same outfit, a new one that is kind of similar graces her, but it's clean. She is trailing behind Meimei, looking a tad worried. She's not used to seeing Meimei like this and as she trails behind she looks a bit worried about what the woman she's following might do to.. .well, anyone. She keeps quiet, follows along. A small frown is on her face, and she looks nervous. She has that 'I have no idea what to do but I don't want to get in trouble' look on her face.

Its hard to say exactly when the long, lanky teenager was added to the little parade through the offices, but suddenly Kichiro was there. walking along behind the former street rat. He is stooped so low his hands almost drag the floor as her walks, his arms swaying from side to side. For the moment he stays quiet, justy his usual goofy grin on his face.

Yoko glances behind her to make sure Risu is there, and spots Kichiro following. She arches a purple eyebrow, but doesn't see a reason to shoo him away. Maybe he has his own purpose going this direction. So she turns to face forward again. Eventually they reach Itami's office door. Meimei knocks quickly and waits, arms crossed impatiently. "It's okay, Risu-chan. We're just going to find out what's going on, and if everyone is okay." she explains, seeming to detect the worry radiating from the blonde girl.
Presumably Kichiro is not going to just walk off suddenly because the procession stopped, but if he does, then he might miss out on some totally hot girl x lizard-girl laser action!

Itami startled a bit, reaching that point when the sleep finally washes over the whole body, but was interrupted by knocks at the door. Heaving a sigh, she straightens herself back up in her seat and rubs her eyes a bit before saying, "You may enter." to whoever is on the other side of the door. Looking around to see if everything else is in order besides herself, she offers a quick nod in the air to confirm that the office is tidy. Even her desk despite a stack of papers sitting off to the left side of the desk. Now, with a bit more straightening out of her own, she completes the picture of the office while waiting patiently for the person to enter.

Risu nods to Yoko when she is talked to. She glances back at Kichiro, and tilts her head then frowns and looks back to Yoko, "Um, he was there yesterday, I think." She says, as she tries to remember the face but seems not entirely sure. She keeps fussing with her hands, not sure what to do with them, and finally sticks them in some pockets so they don't flail about all silly like. She is clearly still nervous but is trying to put on a braver front after Yoko's assurances. She waits for Yoko to lead the way, once she hears Itami offer entrance.

Kichiro beams big, hamming up the smile like a used car salesman. He waves a greeting before falling line at the end of the troupe to await entry into Itami's office. he does finally stand to his full heighth, though, instead of stooping over goofily.

Yoko notices Kichiro is still there and grinning, but doesn't pay attention until Risu mentions he was 'there' yesterday. Turning her attention on the smiling boy, she starts to ask him a question when Itami calls out that they can enter. She turns to Risu and quietly explains, "Here's the plan…"
A moment of silence passes and Itami may be wondering if anyone is going to come in or not. Then the door is kicked open and a barrage of glowing shuriken go flying and pelt the desk and wall and possibly Itami herself, shredding those surfaces they strike, and setting fire to the stack of papers. "Light Release: Multiple Laser Shuriken!" Yoko calls out as she stands in the doorway, glaring at the burnt Council Member.
"…NOT anything like that, okay?" she finishes explaining, still outside the office, still with the door closed. "So let's just go in and—" she reaches for the doorknob. A moment later, the door is cleaved in half by some glowing object. The door falls to the floor, and Meimei is left standing there with a sword made of pure light held in one hand, looking very dramatic. She then yells out, "Light Release: Shining Sword!" as she jumps into the air and slices the desk and the woman behind it in half. Meimei lands on the other side of the office, and everything behind her explodes. For no reason.
"…Or anything like that, okay?" she finishes explaining, still outside the intact office. She then says, "So, we'll just go in and…" A moment later, the door opens. Meimei walks into the office quickly, stands before Itami and backhands her in the face! The entire Administration Dome is seen exploding from outside. For no reason.
"…Or anything like that." Yoko finishes again. Then she opens the door and waits for Risu and Kichiro to go in first.

Itami was sitting at her desk wondering who was going to come in or if this was someone's idea of a practical joke. Knocking and then running away. Rising from her seat, she scoots herself out from behind her desk and into the open where she proceeds to go and open the door, but it was opened before she arrived. "Oh. Well, this was somewhat unexpected." Not really, but it was a way for her to find something to say regarding the situation. She turned around and went back behind the desk to reclaim her seat, but it wasn't as comfortable as she'd liked it to be.
"So, what can I do for you all today?" She asks while waiting for everyone to come in.

Since it won't be 'anythign like that', Risu is left just a tad confused. She didn't really want to go in first but… ends up being kind of shown the way in and steps to the side of the door to clear the way for Yoko. She looks a tad nervous, scared really. She looks to Itami, trying to see if the woman is hurt or anything from yesterday. After all, when Risu fled she had no idea what happened to the others. Slowly she's meeting the group one by one and finding they are okay, which is reassuring at least.

Kichiro strides forcefully in, as if the entire parade had been his doing. He slams his open hand on Itami's desk and announces, "itami, I demand to know what in the world you thought you were doing yesterday. Chibi-chan could have been injured. You were very irresponsible in this whole affair." He glances back to Meimei and Risu, "was that more what you wre looking for?"

Meimei sweatdrops a little and then enters the office when Risu goes in and stands aside. She shakes her head at Kichiro. "Not exactly. Itami-san, I was informed there was a mission yesterday that turned dangerous. First of all, I want to make sure you and everyone else involved was alright. Risu-chan was okay after I calmed her down and got her some water, but I heard someone got cut by a knife or something. Could you please let me know the details of what happened?"
She'll get to the other thing pressing on her mind in a moment. For now, she retains her composure.

Itami grew quiet for a few moments after hearing what Kichiro said. Maybe she was a little stunned at the fact that he was saying this…even though he was present for it and didn't try to say anything of the sort before…"Err…." She starts, but Yoko's words allowed her some time to go over her thoughts more properly. "There was a mission yesterday. Everyone involved is fine. Kichiro-san looks well." She gesture to him although there might be a slight bit of irritation in her voice for scaring her.
"And there was also Toshiro-san. After we apprehended the criminals and finished up, he hadn't any scars on his body, though he was cut at as I saw the slashes in his clothing." She explains.
"Risu-san. She's well. Despite having been in the fray, she managed to escape before any serious harm could be brought upon her." She looks at Risu as if to confirm that she wasn't harmed. She didn't appear to be…

Risu gives a hesitant little nod, to confirm she's okay, mostly. At least no physical harm. She watches the interplay between the 'adults' here as she definately feels a tad out of her league. Itami is a council member, she knows. And she also knows Yoko was hired to teach and… well, even Kishiro is a genin. Risu is just a kid really. Not even officially a student. She gnaws at her lower lip nervously, left watching and not wanting to make any more problems at the moment.

Kichiro ahs and settles back, his body slowly tilting to the side. "so.. the slamming the desk was too much? I thought that was a good compromise to exploding it.. As to the matter. I had a small nick on my arm, but we all were making sure Chibi-chan remained safe" He leans way down, his body at a 45 degree angle almost, yet he remains standing. He mock-whispers to Risu, "don't be scared. Itami isn't nearly as scary as she's rumored to be.. usually.. kind of.. uhm.. ok.. she has nice moments.. honest… she does."

Meimei nods to what everyone says, looks towards Risu as if to confirm Itami's assertion she is alright, and then turns to face the Council Member again. "I mean no disrespect, but I am only going to say this once: Please do not involve perfectly ordinary children in missions or tasks that are lightyears beyond them. I am trying to teach Risu-chan some things presently, but we have only barely started. She is not a Genin, and she is not even an Academy Student. Right now she is just a normal girl who is coming off of a very rocky time in her life, and has good reason to be hesitant to throw herself into dangerous situations. I find that convincing her to be involved in a search for criminals was inconsiderate and irresponsible. This time maybe no one was hurt… But that's pure luck, plain and simple. We can put this all behind us, but I really want to make it clear that Risu is not a tool of Sunagakure any more than I am or you are. We all have a responsibility. Right now, Risu's responsibility is to experience the kind of life she has been denied, to become nice and healthy, and MAYBE if she WANTS to she can possibly enter the Academy. If she chooses to become a student or not, I will do my best to keep her safe. From ALL threats."
Then she stops talking, waiting to make sure this is all understood. If anyone has anything to interject, now's the time.

Itami frowns. "Exploding what…?" She wonders. What exactly were they thinking of before they got here? Whatever it may be, Yoko had the floor now and captured Itami's attention without much effort. It was clear that she was disturbed, probably more so than that, about the situation that occured yesterday. So, she listened intently to what she had to say without interruption. She can't deny that she doesn't feel bad about the situation. There wasn't any way to try and overcome it. She knew exactly what she did and is now being pointed out for it. She has both shame and relief at the same time. An odd combination of feelings to have.
Upon Yoko's finishing of her concerns, she nodded slowly and said, "I understand and I take full responsibility for my actions. I will not use her for such a thing again." She states. "I do want what is best for her, despite my actions the previous day as I want the best for everyone."

For some reason all of this has upset Risu, even though everyone else seems to be perfectly mature about it all. After Itami speaks, Risu turns and… runs out the door? Yes, she flees the room, or tries to, moving quickly, trying to get away for some reason. She seems upset as she turns to run.

Kichiro blinks as Risu races off. "chibi-chan?" Gravity finally wins the fight and Kichiro flops to the floor. He rolls up into a handstand, then shifts his balance to one hand, the other hand scratching his head, "whats she running off for this time?"

Meimei nods to Itami's agreement briefly, as she notices Risu departing. "…Thank you, Itami-san. If you'll excuse me?" She then bows briefly and turns to chase after Risu, leaving Kichiro to speak to Itami about the matter at hand.

Itami looked at Risu as she turned and ran out the room. She wonders if it was something that she did, but whatever it was, she doesn't know. She thinks this'll drive her to watch her actions more carefully. She isn't sure of how to handle kids like Risu so this places her at a loss of what she really /can/ do. "I'm…not sure…" She offers to him with a light shrug. A nod to Yoko would have been offered to her, but she ran out after Risu. This is one predicament she doesn't want to have to go through again.

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