First Promotion Exams - Nothing to lose: Sora vs. Hiroshi


Sora, Hiroshi

Date: Unknown (log received January 18, 2012)


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"First Promotion Exams - Nothing to lose: Sora vs. Hiroshi"

Unknown location

This part of the cavern is wide corridors of rocks with a few stalagmites sticking upwards, and spires dripping downwards into cool pools. It's also rife with wildlife, basically a treasure trove of food and good shelter. Sora isn't waiting down there however. She's sitting high in one of the tunnels spiralling upwards, and looks down on the entirety of the area. Though she keeps out a sharp eye. Even with a bird's eye view there's plenty of places for concealment. There's a note of her predatory aura in the air however, but that's because she'd be close enough to get a drop on them. She's been waiting here, so still that dew has collected in her air and her arms are stiff as a statue.

Garbed in his carapace body armor, Hiroshi would be slowly navigating his way through out the cave. The teen hyuuga really hasn't ran into anyone save for a familiar face since day one, but that will soon change. The teen hyuugas long ebony black hair was tied back in a single blade, his intense white eyes focused on the path in front of him, as he appears to glance over his shoulder now and them. What could be going through the boys mind other than survival. Its not like his life has not been put on the line before, but in a competition like this, in an area like this, accidents happen, or so he though. He would halt in his steps as he leans against the wall of the cavern, not really hidden, but more so, out in the open. A small canteen at his side would slosh with water as he undos the cap, bringing it towards his lips for a sip.

Bam! If Hiroshi were listening for it he'd hear the two feet behind him thudding against the ground. He'd get no respite even if he sensed it as Sora flings her arm, letting fly a swirl of linen strips that encircle Hiroshi and hold him in place. "Surprise," she says. She doesn't attack, just studies Hiroshi. "Sora of Sunagakure. And…Hyuuga! There are plenty of you here, huh? Can I ask, do you have any scrolls I can take?" Seems she's up front. But perhaps it's in her cutting smile that she seems a straightforward person. Or very good at faking it.

Just as Hiroshi would bring his canteen towards his lips he would find himself caught in a rather sticky situation, as bandages from his attacker wrap around him, binding him tightly. "Has anyone ever mentioned it was rude to strike a person who is thirsty." He would add, in an almost disappointing tone, he really wanted that water. "If you are looking to engage in combat for my scroll, if ti would mean me being able to finish my drink you can have it" was he serious, did he want his water that bad? Hiroshi would simply sigh, as if there is not a single care in the world, here he is binding vulnerable to attack, yet he doesn't attempt to defend, or break free. Instead he sits there, his scroll however hidden on his person, he would not resist against the bandages at all. "My scroll for my water seems like a fair trade, but a fair warning would be the struggle to retrieve my scroll after my thirst is quenched."

Sora doesn't look in the least bit ashamed. In fact, she laughs. "Well then, you admitted you had at least one scroll. That information will be enough to exchange some water, so go on." She releases the bandages and rummages through her pack, pulling out a ration. Tasteless, thankless, and healthy. It'd be tossed towards Hiroshi as she says, "Before or after our fight, you can have it. So would you say I'm being courteous enough?" She asks it in all sincerity, with no snideness or mockery. But she seems impatient, she's tapping her foot and glancing over her shoulder. It's clear she suspects this is just as much a trap as her binding technique. Still, she waits. If he's telling the truth it'd be quite dishonorable of her to punch him and make his water go down the wrong pipe.

Before you is a young woman with long, straight hair of snow white that tapers off at the small of her back. Long locks shimmer with a faint glow that frames her pale face, accenting a pair of red dots horizontal to one another. A slender nose is the center piece of her smooth face. Separating her vivid sapphire eyes accented by crimson outlining and long black eyelashes. Below her nose is a pair of soft lips. The curvature of her chin leads to her slender neck.
Slender shoulders lead downwards to the hem of a snow white kimono just off of her shoulders, just over the netting that is just visible over her full chest, the snowy material cupping just along the undercurve. The long, silvery sleeves of her kimono cover over her lean arms, the long hem just over her wrists lead to feminine hands and slender fingers with pale, natural fingernails.
The lean stomach curves naturally beneath the kimono, a pale sky blue obi sash wrapping around her slender waist. The smooth curve of her hips continues under the short hem of the kimono skirt, snowy hem brushing along her thighs as she moves. Her sculpted legs are bare and lead to small, slender feet that are exposed and open.

"They say death comes in small packages but a friend of mine use to say to poison food was insulting, so I would hope you have not poisoned that ration, never the less, I have eaten, I simply thirst." He would say as the bandages around him loosen. A small sigh would come from him as he pops his neck, his pale eyes locked upon you. "You should eat, and build up your own stamina aswell. A good bite and a Drink. I doubt an attacker would come when there are two present, especially if eating." Hiroshi would say, is he honestly going to sit down and eat at a time like this? The teen hyuuga appeared rather, care free in the matter. Taking his canteen firmly in hand he would bring it towards his lips, allowing the cool refreshing liquid to hit his mouth as he chugs away at the water. Several moments pass before he lowers his canteen, a brief sigh. "Go on now, restore your stamina, eating and drink briefly." He would say before bringing his water towards his lips once more. A trap, or simply a care free hyuuga, with no true will to have an fair bout. The final gulps of his canteen are taken as he sighs once more, still a small amount of water left, though he replaces the cap tightening it as he proceeds to pop his neck.

Sora frowns momentarily. A crease appears between her brow when he suggests poison. Then she shrugs, it's smart not to eat it. He'd be naive otherwise. "Keep it," she says with a smile. "Until this exam is over and then test it to see if there's poison." She is swinging her arms low by her side, to loosen up. "I ate and drank recently, good to go," she says almost cheerfully. "Ahead of time, I have nothing against you. In fact, I'd like to hear your name." She tugs the last of the bandages free and puts her fingers together to gather her chakra. She takes a good long look around their surroundings as she does so, taking in one last scan of the area of their fight. And possibly looking for a third party.
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"Well in a sign of good sportsmanship I will enjoy the ration, as for my name." he would say, sighing lightly as he brings his hands together to build up a small amount of chakra his breathing calm and relaxed as if he had not a single care around. "My name is Hiroshi, Hiroshi hyuuga, leaf Chuunin of Konoha. I believe you called yourself Sora of the land of sands." He would say, the brief moment of chakra build up coming to an end as he stands in place, slowly removing his armguards. "Well I suppose I owe you a small game of tug o war for my scroll, but lets keep things civil and not reduce ourselves to barbaric tactics of murder and extreme bloodshed." He would say, his intense pale orbs falling upon her, "I rather not let this most peaceful yet rough meeting turn into a legacy of hate and pain. The world has enough of that." He would say, in a more deep serious tone.

Sora is silent during his speech. She doesn't even nod yea or nay to it. Rather, she says, "You're an interesting person Hiroshi-kun. I'm afraid I won't hold back though. Prepare yourself." And she throws a scattered, lawless volley of shurikens. However, as they're zipping through the air it's followed by a faster wave of senbon that strike the shurikens. All of them change trajectory at the last instant, aiming at Hiroshi from different angles and speed. They'd barely have fallen before Sora is there, aiming a twisting kick at him meant to knock him back and at a good distance. She's backing off steadily too. Seems she's met with Hyuuga tactics, since she'd be just out of his range.

Hiroshi would have little time to react before the battle has begun, the barrage of weapons aiming at him, would barely miss him as he swiftly dodges from harms way, but that was not all, Sora coming out of Nowhere with a charged kick would end in Hiroshi twisting his hand to slap away the assault blocking it. "It seems this wont end like a training session back home." He would say as he closes his eyes for a brief split second, before they completely force open a single hand seal formed. "Byakugan!" he would shout, his once streak free face, begins to bulge as expanding veins pulsate, sending a set amount of chakra to his eyes. His pale white orbs would burn with more intensity as his glare fall upon her. "Lets go." He would say as he dashes forward with a dashing punch from his right hand, though his left would be charged with chakra intent on striking Sora in her shoulder.

Sora winces when Hiroshi activates those eyes. It seems she'd seen those before as well. The first attack she veers away from, but the second is too fast for her and catches her with a glancing blow. She digs in her feet and launches a second counterattack. Her kunai flashes out in a rapid strike, and then she leaps up to smash a knee into Hiroshi's chin to daze him. She lands and backs away, but only halfway, to see if he can recover fully from her assault. "No training session," she says. "Think of it as a life lesson for the both of us. I don't usually face a Konoha nin seriously." Her look is fierce, and it's hard to tell if she's smiling or frowning.

"yes a life lesson indeed." Hiroshi would say, his voice deep, though unthreatening, a sign of respect no doubt, but there would be no smile, no frown, a simply look that he is indifferent to the situation. He is able to dodge her strike with a little more ease than the last one, but her jumping strike would cause him to tense up, "I see." Is all he would say before entering a spinning rotation, releasing a large amount of chakra from his body to repel the attack back. "I will commend you on one thing, I do not believe you lost your scroll easily." He would note, a compliment mid battle, or simply a tactic to throw her off? Either way Hiroshi would move back in for the attack. Running in multiple circles around the area, he would build up a large amount of chakra in both fist, to those with eyes like his, the chakra would flare up and begin to take shape into the head of a dragon. As he runs he would dash forward, moving in for another strike.

Sora nods. "He kept on glowing more and more," she says sagely, as if that makes any sense. "After awhile he didn't stop rising in level and I had to scram." She gives a wise nod, as if that sums it up articulately. But she doesn't let her guard down. She looks in wonder at the dragon, which is a fairly cool looking technique. And very damaging if she got hit by it, her body is still stinging from where she was hit last time. Instead of making leaping dodges she barely moves out of the way. She springs back and throws a kunai, a shuriken, and a senbon with expert timing to hit him in the kneecaps. "You won't go down easy either."

"Staying alive is what I'm good at." He would say, though the idea of a glowing man would leave him with an arched brow and a puzzled expression, he does not meditate on it for to long, instead he dashes back a large distance from the thrown weapons. He would take a single kunai from his side pouch throwing it in her direction before he flickers from site, He would building up a small amount of chakra into his feet he would be hanging from the side wall, running towards Sora just behind the kunai. A flicker again would leave him dashing towards her, both his right and left hands charged with a small amount of chakra, his right aimed for her torse, his left her right arm, near her elbow.

Sora tracks the diverse combination of attacks, Juuken really has great versatility. She twists her body from the first one, letting the kunai seemingly deflect off her. She then dodges back from his dash, but turns sidways to take the blow on her side. "I need those arms," she says. She slashes with a fluid, perfect kunai right at his right arm. An eye for an eye. But no sooner has she done so than she steps back, blending in with the rocks seemingly. But somehow not simply being spotted by the penetrating Byakugan, as if she's melded in the very shadows. Hopefully.

Hiroshi would arch a brow as Sora strikes back, her kunai slashes his armor, taking a gash from his arm. Not much damage, he would think, but losing blood was not something he was fond of. His blood lost would be enough hot distract him from her retreat, as he peers around the area tilting his head to the right. "I see." He would say as he takes a small piece of cloth from his inner armor out, placing it against his bleeding arm. "Do not mind me, remain where you are for a moment if you will." He would say, as if he were not truly anticipating a harsh barrage of attacks. Instead Hiroshi would dap the now bloody rag onto his wound, before sighing lightly, as he stands firmly, bringing both hands together to build his chakra.

Pure silence. Sora lands beside Hiroshi as soft as a cat. His Byakugan might give him time to see it's only an afterimage, but he could hardly expect her to appear behind him. As soon as she does she's sweeping her kunai to inflict a deep, slicing wound on his back. Despite wielding just a kunai her blows have the full damage of a sword and, though it lacks reach, it makes up for it in pinpoint accuracy. It'd be a wound very hard for him to staunch at this point. Unless he thought on his feet. Sora considers blending back into her surroundings, but instead opts to stand a ways apart from him and study his state. And if he managed to evade her attack.

Hiroshi would indeed only catch image of her after image before she proceeds to slash him, though he turns his back and the gash connects, the shiver of the metallic slash upon his back sends an almost shiver up his spine. Hiroshi would sigh lightly, as his crimson blood flows from his wound, soaking his armor. "A tricky person you are." He would say as he stumbles forward, slowly unbuckling his carapace body armor. The green and black armor now mixing with his blood. "I have not been cut like that in awhile." He would say as he discards his armor, revealing his battle scarred chest. "Samurai, Kaguyas, even a bear or two, but I have never been cut by a ninja from suna." He would say as he buffs out his chest lightly, clenching his fist, "This may be coming to an end soon." As a large amount of chakra begins to gather in his right arm, he would pull back as if taking aim, "This could be dangerous considering where we are." He would warn as he dashes forward with every intent to hit her right is focused chakra palm.

It's as if Sora wasn't there in the first place, as both the chakra and punch miss her. She's to Hiroshi's left and now pivots with a sharp kick to his side. And her kunai is out, as she attacks first high and then low, aiming a long slash that would get both his knees. She grips her kunai, her eyes burning as she says, "I'll make you a deal, before this fight goes bad for you. Give me your scroll. There's no dishonor in retreating strategically. I don't want to have to go all out against you, Hiroshi-kun. A batlte like this will only weaken us both." As she speaks she doesn't drop her guard though. Or take her eyes off the Hyuuga.

"I would but to me battle is a rush, I truly cannot know a persons heart until I do battle with them. So I will make you a deal. We will continue fighting, only for a short while. Besides, its not every day I suffer a wound on my back." He would say, the chakra still charged in his hand, building up more as he dodges gracefully from her barrage of attacks, Hiroshi would Hold two fingers forward in his right hand, the rest closed in as he proceeds to Retaliate his right leg moving to attempt a sweep kick, only to lower himself, and thrust his right hand forward, "Besides, I am curious just how many more tricks you have." He would say, his target, right under her chin.

Sora sighs briefly. "Most of my tricks are outside the cave," she admits. Stupid, dumb, idiotic caves! That's what her sour expression says. But she has a few left herself. And it's not her excelling taijutsu, it's some more standard ninjutsu. She breaths in deeply as if about to blow out some birthday candles. But instead of a light breath, she blows out a great gust of air that would whirl around Hiroshi and trap him. It'd be followed by a cloud of senbon striking kunai, all aiming unpredictably through the howling winds.

Hiroshi would suffer once more another cut to his back this one not as painful as the other Hiroshi would pause, ready to bring his hands together once more, but he stops. "Wont be using that jutsu in here, ehhh, Hmmm." He would pause, brushing his hand against his chin for a moment. "If I were to use this jutsu inside a cave, both of us may not make it out alive, but seeing as you have no intent on letting me go with my scroll." He would point towards his discarded carapace armor. "In the inside pocket is the scroll, you could have honestly taken it at any point." He would smirk before turning to lean against the wall. "Consider it a token of my appreciation, but a curse from someone else. Now I have to go through the trouble of stealing two peoples scrolls, or two scrolls from one person. Surely they will not be happy when I say sorry but Sora of suna is to blame not I." he would say in an attempted joke. "Besides my chakra is somewhat low, well low enough that I wont risk someone coming along to ambush me, but high enough to keep sparing if you wish." He would say, allowing his byakugan to deactivate slowly.

Sora lets out a long sigh when Hiroshi gives up. Seems she was kepeing a bit of an act. But she also nods in real acknowledgement. She'd fetch the scroll and slip it equally defenselessly in her pocket. Then she starts unwinding the bandages around her arm and says, "I have disinfectant, at least let me put that on, and patch you up, okay?" If he'd allow her she'd do just that with clinical, effective experience. Wash the wound, disinfect it, and then bandage him up. Otherwise she'd stand there, not leaving yet. She seems as if she has something she wants to say. Finally she says matter of factly. "Team up with me. Watch my back. If we find a team we'll take them on. You're a destroyer of chakra users, your Juuken is wasted on me. A ninjutsuist, you take 'em, and a taijutsuist I'll take 'em when we find them. The first scroll is yours, if they have two, that one is mine. And I'll help you with your second."

Hiroshi would grin lightly as he allows her to tend to his wounds, the teen hyuuga closing his eyes to meditate on the question. "Would you be shocked if I said I didn't enter these exams to win." He would say, pausing lightly as he yawns, moving towards his canteen as he undoes the cap. "I came here to test myself more than to win anything, to find my own limitations. Though I'm sure I could have pushed our fight more, stopping was the best solution." He would rant, meditating on the question for several moments as he is patched up. "Ok, I will team up with you, though I have a few small request. Anyone who is alone, I fight them one on one. I dislike making the odds uneven. And I would rob me of the experience I wished to gain, but still." Hiroshi would turn to glance over his shoulder at her, a brief nod, "Sure lets team up."

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