Null Result


Sousa, Risu

Date: December 22, 2012


Risu returns to Sunagakure without her special powers…but in science, even 'nothing' is a result.

"Null Result"

Ninja Academy [Sunagakure]


The large walkway leading up to the many stone buildings of the Ninja Academy has been built over the years by the students of the academy. The walkway leads straight past many training obstacles, pits that need leaping, courses that must be ran, and weights that must be lifted. Those are the simplest of trials that a student here must undergo, the rest are hidden deeper inside the stone walls of the building.
The only place a visitor is allowed is into the first building, the one that the walkway leads to. This building is really nothing more then a registration building, and a showplace of all the awards that the many teachers and masters, past and present, have won in their lives. Also featured is a photo of each years newest crop of Genin.
Immediately upon entering the room, any visitors are greeted by a Student, and taken to the front desk, to get a visitor card, or explain their reason for coming. This doesn't seem an unfriendly place, although it is definitely very strict, and guards its secrets well.


Things are coming full circle, in a way. Before the exams, Sousa asked Risu to come to the Academy so that he could record data on her peculiar 'elemental' affinity. Then she went off to compete, expanding her control over the ability, or so it seemed at first. Now, finally, she's returned to Sunagakure, and once again Sousa wants to see her.
Only it's really not the same as before. The myriad odd-looking devices Sousa brought in last time are nowhere to be seen. Instead, the room is mostly bare. There is only a desk at which Sousa sits, a few papers neatly arranged along its surface…and a comfortable-looking lean-back chair, almost a couch. "Greetings, Risu-san," Sousa remarks upon his subject's arrival. "Please, have a seat. I understand you've had…quite a few experiences."

Risu looks some how… weaker, paler, almost smaller. She steps inside and nods to Sousa then moves to the seat before the desk to sit and looks across at Sousa, quiet, and a tad nervous, "Yes… I did…" She says softly, "It was… a bit of a thing, I guess is the best way to describe it. I'm not really sure what to say about it, sir." She says as she folds her hands in her lap and watches the Kage with some trepidation.

"Take your time," Sousa says quietly. "You needn't speak about any particular thing if you don't wish to. I already have a full report regarding what happened…at least, the parts which could be discerned from an outside perspective." Sousa idly flips through some of the pages on his desk. "Let's begin with how you're feeling now, and work our way back. Tell me, what do you want to talk about?"

Risu shrugs, "I think… I think whatever the 'it' was that I had control over, or that had control over me… is gone. I haven't been able to make or destroy anything since I got back to Suna, or even since my last match. I've felt a lot weaker as well. Just… not as… strong, if that makes sense. I'm still recovering a bit but it's as if part of me is missing, or… something like that. I don't really know how to explain it well. But… whatever it was, whatever power that was, seems to just be… well, gone?" She says, sounding unsure. "As for the matches, I was directly or indirectly responsible for the deaths of two Senju. One named Isato and one named Ryuunosuke. I had the two scrolls but turned them over to a Nara named Usagi as I had basically decided I needed to leave the tournament, only… then was told I had more fights. During those fights I almost killed several people again, but managed not to. Over all, I did well in the brackets and probably could have won the #1 bracket, if I had managed to contain the power long enough… but it's gone now. I feel… almost empty." She admits then looks down, unsure what else to add.

Sousa writes quietly while Risu begins to open up. "Thank you, Risu-san," he murmurs. "This is going more quickly than I thought at first that it might." Sousa looks up. "I notice that you're speaking of your performance in the exams," he remarks. "I should probably mention that determining whether to promote you is not really one of the purposes of this meeting. As long as we're on the topic, though…do you feel ready to be a chuunin?"

Quickly, Risu shakes her head, "No, no I do not. Both Goh-san and Itami-san asked me not to compete in that last match and I did so anyway. I put everyone at risk for my own selfish desires. And now that the powers have left me I can do less than many genin. So… no, I do not think I am ready to lead or be a leader." She says softly, "I… I mostly was just trying to explain what happened and why. I guess the matches and the exams were just sort of the… um, the paper the story is written on?" She ventures, not being very good at metaphores. "I have tried using some chakra paper to test and… now they do nothing. As if I had no element at all." She adds, in case it is relevant.

Sousa purses his lips thoughtfully. "Hmmm…yes, that is quite an interesting result. In some ways, more interesting than what it did before." Sousa looks through some pages. "You seem to be much more placid than you apparently were before your final match, which is a good sign. Is there anything else you would like to tell me, or any requests you would like to make?"

Risu thinks for a bit, not answering right away as she mulls that over, "I'd like to say that I think the energy, the chakra inside me warped my judgement and that considering what was going on I like to think I made reasonable decisions, given what was going on inside me. Um, as for requests? Not really. I have to find some new balance and figure out where to go from here. After hearing that Itami-san had left the council and wasn't going to come back any time soon, and with Meimei gone… I guess I feel like I'm on my own now, here. I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do now. I'll figure out something eventually but I'm afraid that's something I'm going to have to work out on my own. So… I guess I can't think of any requests unless you can make a suggestion?"

Sousa blinks. "Meimei? Ah, that's the teacher who was acting as your guardian, correct? And you say she's gone? That won't do at all, it almost puts you back to where you where before. I'll see to it some other arrangements are made." Sousa starts gathering up his papers. "My primary concern with this meeting was to appraise your mental state. You seem as well as can be expected considering your recent experiences. I would like to have that journal I gave you back, even if you haven't written much in it. Oh, and just for the sake of scientific rigor…" Sousa holds out a scrap of chakra paper. "Could you please try this once more for my observation?"

Risu nods, "The journal, right… I'll bring it to you." She had written in it a lot during the survival portion but after that not much as her mind hadn't all been there and she had had such trouble remembering or focusing on things. But the log from the swamps should be useful. She takes a deep breath then stands up and takes the paper. She focuses what chakra she can, which seems almost minimal if any at all at the moment and nothing seems to happen, not a darn thing happens, the paper just sits there, oddly. Risu shrugs, "See? Just… no effect. Like I have no elemental affinity at all. I guess. Not sure what I'll work on if not an element." She admits sadly.

Sousa watches intently, as well as tries to feel what chakra is going into the paper. As expected, a null result…peculiar. Sousa isn't aware of any previous instances of a person's chakra producing no reaction in chakra paper. "Elements are hardly a necessary area of study for a shinobi," Sousa remarks as he puts the paper away. "A great many ninja focus on other areas and never develop any skill in elemental manipulation. I'm certain you can find something else which suits you." Sousa picks up his papers and heads out. "Thank you for coming, Risu-san. As before, you will be compensated for your time. If you observe any further developments, or need anything, please speak with my secretary." With that, Sousa departs.

Risu can only nod to Sousa as he leaves, "Yes sir…" She manages, a bit worried what Sousa may set up for Risu in the way of an acting guardian of some sort, but… so are the hands of fate. She'll later make sure Sousa gets her journal from her time in the swamps.

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