Fuuta, Sakuryu

Date: January 29, 2013


A Shirayuki treasure has gone missing. Fuuta and Sakuryu prepare to retrieve it.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.


Seastone Isle

If there is one clan you should avoid irritating in Kirigakure it is the Kaguya Clan. But say you know this and decide that instead you'll try your luck with, let's say, the Shirayuki Clan instead. Still not a smart decision. On the Seastone Island before the great set of ships Fuuta and Sakuryu would find the beginning of their mission. Something precious was taken from the Shirayuki Village. While there is no proof the suspects for this theft are a group of pirates claiming to have just taken up moor to resupply and rest. The Shirayuki Clan was rather forthcoming of them at first but after an item known as 'The Ocean's Tear' came up missing well all that flew out the window.
Currently they are in the process of questioning the pirates. Each of them is being held for such however a few are missing. Without any proof though the Shirayuki could do nothing to the pirates. That's where Fuuta and Sakuryu come in. Aboard the ship the two should be able to find the Tear. It was already nightfall. By dawn the Shirayuki would have no choice but to release the pirates and allow them a safe departure unless evidence was brought to support their claims.
Standing at the base of the large pirate ship were Fuuta and Sakuryu. Fuuta looks up noting the stature of the ship. "This thing is HUGE. It's going to take hours to search it." Fuuta sighs. He looks to Sakuryu "Bet you're pretty ticked though aren't ya Raindrop?" Fuuta asks. "Your clan is one of the only clans I've seen act so charitable towards outsiders and this is what you get for it. Must be infuriating." Fuuta didn't want to stir Sakuryu up too much to he let it go there and started to go over the plan. "Ok to save time we'll split up." He says. "I'll start at the back you the front. Search every room and box or whatever. There might be some pirates on board. Try to do this as covertly as possible but if necessary go ahead and knock one of the bastards out….don't kill just yet." He explains. "Alrighty then lass are you well and prepared for this maiden voyage?" he asks now being a bit silly.

Sakuryu was not very happy at all with this at all, she had alot of clan pride and happily volunteered for the mission and thankfully she was available for the mission and was small and stealthy enough to be approved. Sakuryu would have done this alone but the clan insisted that they call in a ninja from Kirigakure to make sure that they would not be viewed as taking harsh or unreasonable actions.

Saku sighed and nodded. "Yeah it's a big ship, but we have bigger, and yeah it does tick me off… I mean there used to be a code amongst those on the sea, even pirates." She gives a little scowl before clenching her fists tight "Let's do a careful sweep when we do this, If you find the object, get proof it's here and document it before calling in the others, and make sure you're not seen." She grins a little and runs her fingers through her moonlight colored hair, giving a dark look to the older ninja. "If we catch them and take the item back ourselves it may look like a conflict of interest or the punishment might be lax…if we call in the situation… the clan will be able to have their own retribution." a small smirk plays across her lips as she looks at him.

As Sakuryu talks she adjusts her uniform, gently tugging and fixing her kimono on her form, making sure she had her ninja tools set up on her, making sure she had blunted weapons and knockout equipment just in case she did get into a situation where they needed to knock out the pirates and get away fast. "And of course… you should make sure that your presence is unknown…. if our investigation is found out….well there might be a conflict of interests." She chuckles before nodding. "Let's get to work."

Fuuta grins as Sakuryu gives him a rundown and plan of action. "Hey hey hey! Who's the Jounin here? Never mind that Yoko Fuutama knows what he's doing." Fuuta chuckles and cracks his neck. "But you're right. That's my raindrop as clever as always." Fuuta folds his arms "If you find it come find me. Then one of use can keep an eye on it while the other notifies the clan." Fuuta nods "Now Ms. High in Command, allow me to give the mobilization order." Fuuta clears his throat with a cough. "Ahem. Let's go to work." And with that Fuuta takes off towards the rear of the ship traveling along the side clinging to the surface with the tree walking ability.
Once he reaches the rear he would begin his way up to the deck keeping an eye out for what may come. However within the first few seconds of inspection Fuuta and Sakuryu would see that there is no one on deck. At present the ship seemed to be empty…on the surface that is. Fuuta would check around a bit more before climbing up on deck. The ship was indeed large. He could see the other side but there was a good distance between him and Sakuryu. "WellI guess we go below deck." A squawk is then heard. Fuuta leaps behind barrel on deck and looks upward. The squawk came from a bird. A colorful bird which has just taken roost on the mast. Fuuta sighs "Salty birds."

Sakuryu nods a little bit, carefully climbing the side of the boat, looking around slowly, a slow creeping feeling coming over her. "No ship should be this quiet….not even at port…" She whispers to herself, already in a hiding spot when she hears that squawk. "What's that now….?" she asks herself as her blue eyes gaze at the bird.

As Saku observes the bird she clenches her fists, making sure she was still hidden in her nook of equipment, looking the ship over; Her eyes and ears straining to observe some sort of life, or to ascertain if this was a trap. Things were just not right here and Saku could feel it, she was not going to get caught defending her clan and she was definitely not going to defile their reputation by being caught in some stupid trap.

Fuuta makes his way from around the barrel to below deck. So far there is nothing either he or Sakuryu pick up going on up top. But just as Fuuta was about to look for the path below deck a door opens on deck, a floor door. The same thing occurs on Sakuryu's end. Fuuta has little time to get hidden but he manages to move out of sight. He hangs on the side of the boat looking just over the edge to see who has come up. "Hmm….I don't see anything. You sure you heard something man?" a bald man with an eye patch says looking back down. After a few moments he would return back below Fuuta grin. Fuuta smiles and comes over the edge. "Such a generous guy." Fuuta tugs up with his hand and the door would slowly crack open. "He didn't notice the wires. But then again who ever does?"

Saku curses under her breath as she sees the hidden door open. She quickly moves, her hands forming the seals almost on impulse as she forms the needles, her hands throwing them with a stark accuracy watching as the icy senbon hit their marks on the man's pressure points. With a little sigh she watches him fall over. "The needles will melt and he'll be none the wiser." She grins softly before sighting the stairs.

Sakuryu looks to the other side of the ship to check Fuuta before quickly dashing below decks, making sure to sight down the stairs just in case before stepping as lightly as she can. Saku had been wise and removed her shoes before getting on deck, all that was on her delicate feet were the soft tabi she wore with her geta, her steps muffled by the soft fabric below her feet as she moves down into the ship.

Fuuta heads below closing the hidden door behind him. It is rather dark on the stair way. Sakuryu would notice the same thing. They'd have to be careful and watch their steps which shouldn't be a problem for shinobi. But then each of them would see a light in the distance. The stairs end and they've reach a hallway. There is where all the action would be. They could hear various noises and footsteps. Men at work and what not. There were intersections in this hallway and doors on both sides. It would prove rather difficult to continue without being seen. Fuuta sighs on the dark stairwell but stops once he notices someone coming. "I'm telling you no one was up there." Fuuta recognizes the voice from earlier. "Doru, Baraka hasn't come back yet. Maybe he found something so go check again." Fuuta grins softly and would head back the way he came.
Meanwhile on Sakuryu's side she'd find pretty much the same setting only no one was heading her way. Still the illuminated hallway and the various intersections would make it difficult for her to continue. Up ahead she could see several pirates crossing and walking from room to room or down the several hallways. She'd have to think of a way to continue and check for the stolen item.
Once again the bald man with the eye patch heads up deck. When he again opens the hidden door he'd see nothing. But shortly afterwards he'd be ensnared in wire then placed in a sleeper hold. Within moments he was unconscious. "So your name's Doru? Neat." Doru's body is moved to the side and Fuuta returns below level disguised as Doru via henge and through a mysterious acquiring of Doru's clothes. It's cold up on deck too…good thing Doru is unconscious right now.

Sakuryu hmms a little bit as she looks around below decks. "Hmmmnn… how to proceed…" She whispers to herself, finding a nice place to hide as she debates her situation. "Hmmmm if I didn't have waist length hair and I wasn't a young girl I could just knock one of these guys out and switch with them…. I guess I have to think craftier…" She looks around carefully as she makes sure her uniform is tight to make the least amount of noise before slowly stepping down the hallway.

Saku would be careful as she went, using her small stature and weight to her advantage to move as quickly and quietly as possible, ready to take care of any slip ups she might have just in case with some more ice needles, though she hoped she wouldnt have to deal with that.

So far so good on both sides. Fuuta has seemed to have gotten the other pirates to fall under his ruse as Doru. Now all that remained was to locate the tear. Fuuta didn't know where to start looking and didn't want to appear suspicious so he could just start opening doors. The jounin decided to be social and procure information through more practical means. Meanwhile Sakuryu had successfully managed to go unseen. She'd have to be careful though. With the activity down there it wouldn't take more than a simple error to make a mistake and get spotted. Sakuryu was in a maze of sorts but the people she was passing by appeared to be on routine. That is to say she would notice that they weren't just walking around they were patrolling. Given this information it would be safe to assume Sakuryu is near an area of the vessel that needed to be surveyed and securitized.
However because of her nearing this area the level of scrutiny would be kicked up a notch. She'd have to be very clever and careful not to get caught. Fuuta on the other hand would be near the 'quarters' that is to say the place where the crew members slept. He'd come across a few of them at a time but no real interaction beyond and short greeting or grunt. Fuuta finally ran into someone who appeared a bit restless. Fuuta walks up to him under the guise of Doru. "Is the captain back yet? I wanna leave already." He comments. The man he was talking to turns around. "You and everyone else Doru. Didja see anything up top?" Fuuta shook his head "It's like I said. No one was up there." The man nods. "I guess Baraka must be getting some fresh air." The man turns and starts heading deeper into the ship. "Where are you goin?" Fuuta asks. The man turns around "To check on our precious cargo. I gotta bad feeling." Fuuta considers for a moment then starts following after the man "I'm comin' too. You've been actin real paranoid tonight." The man snarls "And why wouldn't I? If this goes wrong we're all dead." Fuuta shrugs and waves dismissively at the man. They continue deeper into the ship now.

Saku trips a little as she enters the back of the ship. She softly curses under her breath as she sees the group of pirates knowing that she had found the correct area. She notices that she's been found out. Thankfully Saku was prepared and has no truly identifying marks other than being a kid with white hair, which might thankfully put off their identification with the Kaguya.

Saku seeing the exits blocked thinks quickly, she can't make ice jutsu for fear of identifying herself so she forms her handseals and brings in a heavy mist, soon clouding the cramped undercarriage of the ship with a blanket of condensed water vapor. Working quickly she infuses her chakra into the mist so she can fully sense the movements of everyone around her.

Saku grins to herself as she slides around the enemy, one more trick and she would be fine… She kept quiet and worked her way to the walls, quickly snuffing every light, leaving the area in a humid darkness, the only one able to see would be Sakuryu through her mist.

Sakuryu was between a rock and a hard place. It seemed she had drawn so much attention that in the midst of following the man to the 'precious cargo' he derailed. "We've got an intruder. I knew it! Eat it Doru!" Fuuta frowns 'Oh Raindrop…' he looks back to the man. "I'll go check it out you go check on the cargo." The man shook his head "I know that already. Get your coral over there now." And with that Fuuta or Doru was on his way to capture the intruder or Sakuryu. Fuuta would follow the noise until he caught sight of the mist. Fuuta sighs "Well at least she's a fast thinker." Fuuta enters the mist "Raindrop! Oi Raindrop over here. Follow my voice." Fuuta calls out for Sakuryu. ALl the other pirates are yelling and shouting but if Sakuryu focused she'd find Fuuta disguised as Doru.

Saku curses a bit as she hears Fuuta, quickly running to the idiot *trying* to give them away, quickly punching him in the gut, hard enough to wind but not enough to really hurt. Hopefully he wasn't expecting it and bows to the hit, Saku leans over to whisper. "Shut up! they don't know who I am… act like I'm a random Ninja… now… either capture me or volunteer to help guard the cargo…" She pulls away and gets into a stance just in case the pirates brought light back she wouldn't look suspicious.

Fuuta is hit and tenses up "Ouch." he bends over. "Yep…that's her." he stands up and shushes Sakuryu. "Ah ah ah I know what I'm doing. How else would you have known it was me?" Fuuta asks with a chuckle. He rolls his eyes as Sakuryu gives more options. "Hey hey hey hey. Who's the Jounin here now? Now hush I need to think." Fuuta closes his and strokes his chin in thought. "Somebody get a light! I can't see a foamy thing down here." Fuuta hums "It must be a shinobi from the mist. Spray it they caught on." Fuuta opens his eyes. "Alright I got it. Quick come here. And trust me." He says waving Sakuryu over. He first places something inside her shirt very quickly and then proceeds to place her in a mild hold….which tightens and tightens and….oh dear is he choking Sakuryu out? "I got her! Somebody get a light!" Fuuta shouts.

Sakuryu sighs a little as she sees him figure it out, giving him an unseen glare as he talks to himself. The girl adjusts her outfit a bit more to give her a better obscured look, taking some muck and putting it on her face as well as pulling her mesh over her mouth to hide her face.

Sakuryu moves over to Fuuta when she's waved over, moving into the hold after letting him stick whatever it was into her shirt, soon she struggled with the hold, trying to regulate her breath against the hold but let on enough to make it look very real.

One man lights a torch and all the pirates settle as the mist fades. Fuuta checks on Sakuryu to make sure she's alright. "Take her to the brig he hands Sakuryu over to one of the pirates." The man from earlier comes to check on the entire situation now. "Doru the cargo's fine. What’s going on here?" Fuuta looks to Sakuryu "Shinobi. Most likely from the mist. Caught her knocked her out. Gonna take her prisoner should come in handy." He answers. The man gives Fuuta a strange look. "That's surprisingly well thought out for you Doru." Fuuta starts to smile and rubs his noses. "Well of course I am the GREAT Y-Doru….pirate guy of…this….pirate ship. Yarr." The man gives Fuuta an odd look then motions him to follow. "Yeah come with me. And you guys take her to the brig. Tie her up too."

So when Sakuryu came to she'd be in a closed off room with her hands tied behind her back. It shouldn't be too difficult for her to devise a way out of that right now. And in her shirt she'd feel two thin pieces of paper. She wouldn't know what they were until she looked at them. In the room with her were a few bags and old crates.
"Ok Doru it seems they're starting to take action. What I'm going to do is put you on cargo duty. You're gonna spend the rest of the night in here." The man nods to Fuuta and ushers him into the room. There Fuuta could see something wrapped in cloth on top of a barrel. "Cancan I have something to eat before you lock me in here?" The man rolls his eyes. "Your still a fat reef. I'll send somebody. Look alive, we're counting on you." And with that Fuuta is locked in the cargo room. He goes to investigate the object wrapped in cloth and sure enough it's the Ocean's Tear stolen from the Shirayuki Clan. Fuuta sighs and sits down on a crate. "Now it's up to you Raindrop."

Sakuryu sighs a little and groans. "I hate getting knocked out." She adjusts herself, tugging at the ropes before thinking a little bit. "One way being small helps…" She says as she takes in a breath, pulling her knees to her chest before pulling her arms down a little bit, groaning as she slips the knot in front of her, wincing at the pain of the adjustment. Taking another breath she tugs at the bonds with her teeth, getting them untied in a pretty decent time soon sighing and massaging her arms to fix herself up, looking around the room slowly to devise her plan, looking for a discreet way out.

If Sakuryu checked the contents of her shirt one of them was an explosive tag. The other was a note. Should she read the note it would say "Heya Raindrop. The GREAT Yoko Fuutama strikes again! So this tag is chakra triggered. I trust you know what to do with that. Now when you get out I want you to notify the Clan. Bring them back to the ship. After which I can take care of the rest. P.S. I know you want to thank and probably hug me right now please be professional, we're on a mission right now. P.P.S. If you run into some trouble remember you're not alone….and it's ok to call for help."

Sakuryu sighs a little bit, taking in a deep breath as she looks the room over settling on the door. She'd take out her Kunai before carefully carving a square inside a circle and cutting the square in half, making sure to get as deep as she could with the kunai and near the door handle. With a grin she would slowly build her chakra, letting her body slowly turn colder, allowing her chakra to manifest as a new form for her, her eyes glowing as she moves through the handsigns, a deep cold in her stomach starts to rise. Saku lets it build rapidly, pulling and focusing her chakra more and more before letting out her icy breath, letting it out long and slow to freeze and weaken the door. This pattern would allow for an easier break, The different angles and structure should break after being weakened by her icy cold breath.

As she lets her breath finish she calms herself back down, looking to see the strength of the explosive tag, hoping it was a weak one in case this didn't work. As she looks at the door she takes her kunai back out, aiming it at the dead center of her carving she jams it in hard, giving it a little extra force and a twist to try and bust the hole as quietly as possible.

"Hey! Did it get cold in here?" One of the pirates patrolling the hallway outside of Sakuryu's room asks. He meets up with another and they both venture closer to Sakuryu's door as they can hear the weak wood. They look to each other "Who did we put in there?" The guy eyes the door "That shinobi we caught." They get ready on respective sides of the door waiting for Sakuryu to emerge. Her tactics seems to working just fine. Her cold breath weakened the door even more and she'd find little resistance as she jammed the kunai in the dead center of the carving. Meanwhile Fuuta waits in the cargo room. "Hmm….I wonder if she's out yet? I don't hear any commotion. Wave maybe she'd too clever for her own good." Fuuta thought as he peers back at the tear.

Sakuryu takes a breath, it seems she was right in her planning and now there were people outside of her door. She takes a step back, she reaches into her bag, getting senbon ready for the moment she needed, And with that she jams that Kunai in harder, twisting it along with forcing her body weight however light at the mark, hopefully throwing herself through the hole, the girl grabbing her senbon to throw in both directions, hopefully hitting the pirates. Regardless if they hit or not she would start down the hallway and away from the area. She had planted the seal near the door, knowing that any ice would give her away though she didn't want to be caught in an explosion. The tag was set with a long fuse and if her timing and direction were accurate she'd be well away from the explosion in time.

"She's escaping!" one of the pirates shouts as Sakruyu tossed herself through the hole. They prepare to attack her but have to avoid her senbon. In doing so she was able to get past them. Her explosive tag would go off while they were bickering and discussing a plan of pursuit. There is a rumble as the explosion was well it was a standard explosive tag. In the cargo room Fuuta smiles. "There we go. Now they should be here to move it in any second." Fuuta crosses his legs and play patient a little bit longer. Meanwhile Sakuryu would have to move fast. Every door she moved past it seemed was opening with another pirate emerging to stop her from escaping. "The prisoner's loose! That shinobi is out. Tell the first mate." things were nowhere near as quiet when they first arrived.

Sakuryu got her tools ready pulling them from her bag as she dodges around. Fighting without ice was like a handicap to her, this was all very annoying and ifficult as she threw the senbon left and right, dodging around to make her way above deck and off the ship taking to the water to look as if she were going back to the village.

After she was a decent distance away from the ship she would move back towards the castle, hurrying to tell the elders of what she had ground and to gather the rest of the Shirayuki shinobi.

Sakuryu made it out alright and the pirates gave up chasing her after she escaped from below deck. Meanwhile returning to the cargo hold was none other than the first mate who Fuuta had made good friends with while under the guise of Doru. "That shinobi escaped. I don't know if she knows about the item but it won't hurt to move it." Fuuta nods and stands handing the man the cloth which should contain the Ocean's Tear. Then Fuuta pulls back "Wait on second thought let me handle this." The first mate inclines his head at Fuuta. "Why you? What do you have planned Doru." Fuuta shakes his head "Hey hey I've been on a roll today. Captured a shinobi and everything. Trust me on this one?" The first mate eyes Doru and sighs "You better not screw this up man." And like that Fuuta or Doru is entrusted with hiding the evidence.
When the Shirayuki shinobi and Sakuryu return to the ship listening to Sakuryu's claims the first mate and a few other crewmembers including Doru would meet the shinobi on the top deck. Of course once they're there the two unconcious pirates are noticed including the unconscious half naked Doru. The first mate eyes the Doru that stands next to him now. "Who the deep are you?" Fuuta looks to him and lets the henge fade. "Relax I have this covered. Trust me ok?" The first mate growls at Fuuta. And before the Shirayuki shinobi Fuuta presents the Ocean's Tear. "Found this aboard the ship. Looks like none of these guys knew anything about it though." Fuuta points to the Doru who is sleeping and freezing. "He's the thief though." The first mate looks to Fuuta and inclines his head. He pulls Fuuta off to the side "Aren't you a shinobi of the mist?" Fuuta smirks "Do you want these guys to rip you and your captain to shreds or do you want to pin it on just one man and make it out of here alive? If you do this though keep in mind that you can never return here. Well you can return but don't bet on leaving alive." The first mate considers it for a moment or two and turns around. He deeply apologizes for Doru's 'thievery' and willingly submits Doru to the Shirayuki. Fuuta returns the Ocean's Tear to one of the Shirayuki shinobi.

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