Of Mice and Fuutas


Fuuta, Ishino

Date: April 20, 2013


Ishino requests Fuuta's help with the question of girls

"Of Mice and Fuutas"

Namami Resturant

Fuuta got a request to meet Ishino at that resturant for dinner. A private booth set off to the side, Time Keeper was out, in all of his puppet glory, to make sure no one came close enough to disturb Ishino while he sat within the booth. Quietly, he'd pull out that gold watch, contemplating the time as he'd wait for a response from Fuuta. While flamboiant in nature, Fuuta still generally had a good head on his shoulders and.. well.. Ishino didn't really have anyone else, did he? A wry smirk at the watch given as he'd shake his head slightly. Meruin was not a person to talk to about this.. that's for sure. Closing the watch, he'd sigh softly and wait patiently. It was all he could do, for now.

YAAAWWWN~ Rising out of his bed with hair as wild as a lion's mane Fuuta prepares to greet the day…..or evening. This was the one day he got to sleep in but he couldn't spend all day in bed. There was something prodding him at the back of his mind but Fuuta wouldn't pay to much attention to it. "I feel like there's something….something I'm supposed to do." It doesn't dawn on Fuuta until he's ready to go get something to eat. "Oh…shhhhino." FInally the young man remembered and picked up the pace. He arrives at the restaurant catching a few glares because of what he did last night. "Hello. You guys still playing nice?" Fuuta asks a few with a haughty grin. After that finding Ishino wouldn't be too tough. "Ishino!" Fuuta says while walking up "Ahem. I hope I didn't make you wait too long." FUuta says with a sheepish grin.

Ishino would stand as Fuuta walked in, Time Keeper's gaze was even flat as Fuuta would approach. "24 minutes, 33 seconds." Shaking his head slightly, he'd motion across from him at the booth. "Please, have a seat.. I've ordered some food and drinks to arrive when you got here. They should be here in 3 minutes 21 seconds." If/when Fuuta took a seat, Ishino would sit as well. Contemplating the gold watch in his hands, Ishino would be quiet for a few moments, obviously there was something big.. but.. how to begin.

Fuuta grimaces a bit but it becomes a smile soon enough. "24 minutes isn't so bad…." Fuuta remarks having a seat. He gestures at Time Keeper "You had someone to keep you company until then at least." Fuuta grins softly but it becomes wider as he prepares to speak "But no one's company can compare to the company of the GREAT YOKO FUUUUUUUTAMA! I feel your grief my friend. But rejoice! Ore Sanjou!" during that little speech Fuuta didn't realize that he had stood up and taken roost upon the table until he finished. It was a bad habit, he often had to position himself on some sort of a podium or stage. Fuuta blinks and gets down rather hastily. He dusts off the table briefly and clears his throat. "So. What's on your mind today?"

Ishino eyes Fuuta at his display, more than a few stares going that way, with Time Keeper's own stare in response reminding them to not pay attention to that booth. He was going ot ask him? Sighing softly, Ishino shakes his head. May as well get to it. "Ahh.. Yoko-san.. I am asking for your assistance with.. girls." Ishino watches Fuuta for a moment. "I.. am maybe having a date.. and.. well.. I'd rather get it right."

Fuuta gives Ishino the same stare everyone just gave him when the man mentions 'girls'. Fuuta rubs his eyes sits back and folds his arms. He nods softly "You came to the right person. I am GREAT. Any woman in their right mind would be instantly smitten. It's a burden sometimes but I've learned to cope with it. That being said I've had to learn the ways of their hearts so as to keep them intact when I refuse them." Fuuta leans forward on the table and stares at Ishino. "It's good that you're being serious about this Ishino. Women can be fragile. Their scorn can destroy a man and reduce him to nothing but an empty husk of depression and decay. They're bewitching and hold great power. But you must not succumb to this power of theirs! Yet at the same time you must respect it." Fuuta holds up a finger "This is the first date yes?"
The young jounin sighs heavily "The first date is the most important. An impression needed to be made. This impression will pretty much determine your relationship with the woman….it can end it or it can cause it to blossom into something beautiful. Now Ishino for your ease try to think of dates as missions. THere is procedure. But above all you must remain calm. And if you ever find yourself in a bind you simply have to think….what would Fuuta do?" (WWFD bracelets on sale now at local retailers ;D)

"yell at the top of his lungs while climbing to the highest point that's easily handy within the area?" Ishino raises a brow as he'd watch Fuuta, a soft chuckle given with the dry retort. "It.. sort of is the first date.. more the offical first date.. We've had lunch together.. and she agreed to further rondevues at a later point in time from there." Ishino shakes his head slightly. "She's also.. got her own particular issues in life. So it's not an easy thing for her to even relate to other people anyways… Not.. that we don't have a clan of them with the name of Kaguya or anything."

Fuuta smiles "Ah-HA so you do pay attention?" He remarks to Ishino's retort. "It may seem silly but trust me. I'm just setting myself up for GREATNESS." Fuuta shakes his head "But never mind that. Never mind me at the moment. You'll only see your inadequacy in comparison and thus diminish your self-confidence. And Ishino if you don't remember anything I say today make sure that you at least remember this: A man without confidence is a lonely man." Fuuta nods "This won't be too bad. You've already had 'pseudo' dates. Think of them as Mission Scenarios. But the real thing is NOTHING LIKE THE ONES YOU'VE HAD BEFORE!" Fuuta says point at Ishino. "I'm going to explain three basic concepts to you that will aide you. But they by no means what so ever guarantee that you'll make it through this.
"You may take notes if you wish." Fuuta starts "First thing's first. Most think that they need to impress a woman to get her attention. To knock her off her feet. Dazzle her, hehehe imbeciles! If you want a woman to take interest in you you must take interest in her! Now it sounds like you know a bit about here. Gooooooood. But you can't rest easy yet. You said it's difficult for her to relate to other people, but what about you?" Fuuta asks. "A connection must be established Ishino. Like on a mission you must know your enemy. Well this woman is your enemy…an enemy you wish to romantically ravish!" Fuuta blinks "Or whatever it is that you do I don't really want to know. ANYWAY. Perspective, place yourself in her shoes. Sympathy is the most power tool we have against women as men! Use it damn you, but don't abuse it. That make sense?"

Ishino stares at Fuuta for a moment. "It is kind of hard to miss.. I.. may or may not be the first to say this to you.. I'm not sure.. but.. in general the shouting kind of makes you look silly, Yoko-san." Shaking his head slightly, Ishino chuckles softly. "As for a connection.. I think one has been made.. although that was during a training incident.. I think in part, that's the only reason she agreed to go, is due to that connection.." Ishino would muse, filtering out the Fuuta-ese to get to the core of what his friend was actually saying. "So.. be sympathetic.. but don't over do the reaction to things?"

"You say silly but that's because you don't have the same eyes as I do." Fuuta winks. "Again! Not about me. This is about you! Focus Ishino." Fuuta wags a disapproving finger at the puppeteer. When Ishino gives his understanding of what Fuuta tried to explain to him Fuuta blinks at Ishino "You're not making any sense at all man." He responds after sitting back. "Think it over if you have to. Just don't be too sympathetic. Which brings me to my next point! Confidence. While you don't strive to impress women you still need to have some qualities about you. Confidence is the greatest quality. It show security and strength of character. But not only that…it's contagious." Fuuta smiles "WHen you're both rather confident then the real sharing can begin and the real connection can begin. Not just the kind you get in a simple training incident. You're just connecting as comrades, shinobi, and 'buddies' if you will. This connection will be on the personal level. She'll open up to you and will start to trust in you." Fuuta leans over to get a good stare at Ishino "She MUST feel, despite all her insecurities and worries or past encounters, that YOU ARE A SAFE AND TRUSTWORTHY MAN. And you must not damage that trust. May the gods, or myself, help you if you do…Ishino." Fuuta sits back down now. "You see now why I am so irresistible. My confidence is unrivaled throughout the entire village. It can be intimidating sometimes. Be careful how much you lay it on."

Ishino raises a brow at Fuuta. "The training incident involved her having to kiss me.. Yoko-san. The first kiss.. for both of us." Ishino shakes his head slightly. "This isn't a normal scenario.. which is why I think part of what you're talking about isn't as accurate. You are correct though.. showing myself to be trustworthy is important. It took that sort of show to enable her to accept the date to start with." Musing, Ishino would go quiet as the food and drinks showed up, some nice finger food and a small bottle of sake with glasses for both of them. The tender got a nod before Ishino would eat some. "I don't plan to ruin that, Yoko-san.. trust from her is more delecate than glass."

Waves his hand at Ishino and chuckles "Ahaha oh a kiss. You poor fool." Fuuta points at Ishino "You think that seals the deal!? You think that kiss, that first kiss, means that it's smooth sailing from here on!? Fool! It's not the first kiss but the LAST kiss that tells the tale of a strong deep rooted love! You better hope that wasn't your first AND last kiss from her." Fuuta shakes his head. "Listen Ishino, all these things I've mentioned aren't just a one and done kind of thing." Fuuta stated looking to their food. "It's a perpetual process. You're gonna have to build on it. It's good that you understand the trust is important. This last thing then will be all you need. Then my work is done." Fuuta nods. "The most important thing to remember is the power of authenticity. Think of it as the love child of trust and confidence. Authenticity binds the relationship as it is the reason it lasts. Ishino…as your friend I can tell you this without a bias. You're not nearly as good looking as me and you probably never will be. BUT you have one of my great qualities which will be more than enough." Fuuta crosses his legs. "Through authenticity she understands what she's dealing with at the very beginning. Through that she'll grow comfortable with the idea of you," Fuuta nods "You see Ishino it's the little things that appeal to women. They're weird like that. But it seems you genuinely care for her. If that's true then that's all you need to demonstrate. She'll literally do the rest." Fuuta sighs "Now take what I've given you, my child, and go forth. Trust in yourself. Be yourself. Don't compare yourself to me. Do that and you'll be successful."
Fuuta peers around now more hungry that he's had that talk with Ishino. "Man all this wisdom sharing sure has given me an appetite."

Ishino would muse, watching Fuuta for a moment. Finally, a small nod of his head was given. "With the Fuuta-ese aside in what you're saying, Yoko-san.. Confidence, respect and authenticity. The three components needed to be in a good relationship." A slow nod given and Ishino would stand, Time Keeper shifting in his stance. "More food is coming now. Have your fill of what I bought. It should cover a reasonable meal for you." Ishino smiles slightly. "And.. thank you, Yoko-san." A small nod given and Ishino turned away, heading for that exit to leave, Time Keeper in a shadowed lock step behind him.

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