Of weddings and revenge


Minori, Katama, Yuuto

Date: January 22, 2014


After the bonfire Yuuto and Akane recieve a new mission

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Of weddings and revenge"

A shack int he woods/The Nambu Estate

Katama's crimson eyes would flutter then open slowly, though she does not make any sound. She takes in her surroundings, eyes landing on Yuuto in a chair nearby. She shifted slightly, releasing some pressure on her hip and turns her head so she can watch the younger man sleep. She had one bouquet of a headache but she could not help feeling a warm kind of relief that Yuuto could look so peaceful at times. Again she feels the conviction to protect him well up inside her chest, though she had failed at doing such this night. No, tonight she had been nothing better than bait dragging him down into an abyss.
Images of the things she'd seen flash before her as memories and she shivered as she once again saw her brother. The man she struggled everyday to leave behind her… and everyday she seemed to fail. But she swore to herself she would get stronger so she could protect Yuuto even if it meant pulling him away from the edge or allowing him some sort of punching bag when he was frustrated. She had felt protective before but after his actions this night… she felt even moreso. She sees a glass of water on the stand beside her and she reaches out with a half numb hand trying to pick it up and almost knocking it over instead, the glass making a light clinking sound as she finds her hands aren't working properly.

With the clinking sound, Yuuto would stir and look up at Katama. "Take it easy. That stuff really takes it out of you," he says before standing up and going into a nearby pack to grab a canteen and a straw. He picks the glass back un then unscrews the cap on the canteen to fill it up, recapping the canteen and then placing the straw in the glass. "It should be wearing off soon enough, I think," he says as he holds the glass out for her. "Be glad you didn't end up under it for a prolonged time. It turns from just hallucinating to your own personal Hell inside your mind."

Katama winces as she wakes Yuuto up. "Sorry I did not mean to disturb you.." When he suddenly starts fussing over her, making it easier for her to get a drink by adding the straw and handing it to her, she blushes faintly. "Thank you…" The water was heavenly to her parched throat and she draws on it greedily for a few moments before taking a deep breath as her friend speaks. She nods and looks at her lap before looking back up at him. "I can see it progress into that if I'd gotten a higher dose. It came close." Setting the water down carefully she pushes herself into a sitting position more readily and regards Yuuto with concern. "Are you alright?"

"It's alright. I wasn't that tired," Yuuto says as he holds the glass for her. "You're welcome." Once she takes the glass, he would grab another to pour himself a drink from the canteen. He stands back up before pouring it, looking down at her with a smirk. "I'm fine. No urges to rip someone to shreds in the last few hours," he says in an almost joking tone as he brings the glass up to his lips to take a sip, setting the canteen down on the table.

Katama looks hesitant as Yuuto jokes about what had happened then chuckles herself softly. "Well I'm glad you haven't gone on a murderous rampage. Most of those people were just there to get drunk. I assume the party was over quickly after you took out those two." Obviously, she was unaware that she'd been drugged and nearly kidknapped by 6 men. It was a testament to just how far under the drug she'd been at the time. No more drinking parties unless she knew more people there, she decided suddenly, sipping the water again as Yuuto pours himself a glass.
The girl's color had returned to normal and she'd stopped trembling as she sat there quietly, her mind lingering ont he visions she'd seen. At first when they had been shadows and sinister apapritions she'd thought it must have been similar to what Yuuto saw every day of his life.. But then the drug had dug deeper into her psyche, presenting her with the one image that could shake her entire being…. She shudders and looks to the side, embarassed to have openly shown fear as she had. And then…
Her head snapped up. "Where's Tenjin-san?! The woman with me. She was dosed as well. What happened to her? I… I remember she was in the room wiht me.. And she crawled out…." Of course she's speaking of Minori.

"Two?" Yuuto asks, quirking an eyebrow at her. "There were six of Scarecrow's men after you. I killed four of them. Two got away. Their plan was to drug you and take you away to find out your weaknesses and use them and you against me." He moves to sit back down in his chair, taking a few more sips of his water. There is still something of a dark look in his eyes, but he is at least relaxed at this point. "Her? She's fine. She'll probably have a hangover, but her clan has a knack for dealing with poisons."

Katama /blinks/ as the true number of assailants is revealed and she shakes her head, rubbing her temples. Furthermore they had planned to take her and find her 'weakness'? Use her against Yuuto? That shouldn't be possible…. He'd have to give a ring… She looks at him warily for a moment as though trying to figure him out. The fact that Minori should be fine only allows her more thinking room to contemplate the import of what Yuuto was telling her. "But no one could have seen what I did so how would they know?"

As Katama looks at him, Yuuto would quirk an eyebrow. Things may just be slightly awkward since he had to pick her up and carry her away like that, but he still wonders why she's looking at him that way. "Well, they probably hoped to record your actions and use context clues to figure it out. They're a science-based organization. To them we're rats in a maze, simply experimental tools they want to use further themselves and gain power…. I wonder if he hoped to awaken something else by trying to take you, figuring he'd make me relive a vision of the night I was taken."

Katama and Yuuto regard eachother with curiosity and a hint of suspicion as each tries to figure out the other's motives. But his explaination was a valid one. It would not be hard for someone with a brain to extrapolate what she'd been hallucinating about if she hadn't been told firmly by Yuuto that it was all imaginary. "You telling me it wasn't real was the only thing that let me keep silent." Granted she'd bitten her lip bloody, but she hadn't spoken aloud about any of her visions or what appartition had been tormenting her. So they would have had to work a bit harder to find the one thing that could be used against her. The one thing from her past anyway. She looked back at Yuuto and flushes again. Shespeaks softly, but neutrally, testing the waters with her next question tentatively. "Your demon seems protective. Do you think another attempt would be made?"

"I'm glad I was able to help," Yuuto says with a nod before taking another few sips of his water. The flush from her causes a slightly tilt of his head, as he's not quite sure what to think of it, whether it's embarrassment over something or something else. "Knowing him," he starts to answer her question, pausing a moment in thought. "… This is only the beginning. His strikes will get stronger… and more precise. He is very patient, like a surgeon working on your brain without ever having to physically touch it to get the effect he wants out of you one bit at a time."

Katama loses the flush and the youthful curiosity in her expression as Yuuto tells her what wil lmost likely happen again and again until Scarecrow is happy. She seems to digest this thought carefully, her usual stoic nature comming back to aid her in thinking this through logically, strategicly. If he wants to force Yuuto further into becomming a demon, the best way that Katama could think of is to locate a vulnerability, anything strong enough to elicit a response from the boy, and exploit it over and over. And she knew one thing that had been revealed this night. "So now because you had to protect me I'll be seen as one of your weaknesses."
She does not seem to be upset about this, rather that annoying flush returns to her cheeks. "You told me once that you saw your mother and the girl you fancied killed before you…. Perhaps he thinks such a bond exists between us. Perhaps that is why he came at me, to test if such a thing existed…" She's thinking aloud. But of course he had had a pretty extreme reaction to katama being drugged with a non-lethal drug and Scarecrow would have had to have known that the men he'd sent weren't nearly up to par for putting up a real fight against Yuuto. Katama waits expectantly but quietly for Yuuto's response.

"I suppose that may be a conclusion they'll come up with," Yuuto says, taking a sip to finish off his water before setting the glass back on the table. He seems to think hard over her words for a few moments, perhaps considering how he should respond more than anything. "Well, considering you call me 'Shishou' and our age not being that far apart, one could only assume what he's testing for is the more… intimate of the possible relationships." With a low snicker, he says, "An unusual way for a man to find out if his son has a girlfriend."

Katama nods as Yuuto speaks and when he suggests that the conclusion might indeed be reached that they had a more intimate relationship she can't help a small chuckle. A grin crosses her face as he jokes about it being an odd way for a father find out if his son has a girlfriend. She sets her own water down and jokes back lightly. "Well, not to be forward, a Nambu Princess must never be forward. But you would be worthy of my attention." Was she flirting or joking? She gave him no clues as to that answer. Seriousness returns to her tone and expression. "I call you Shishou because i was taught to call my teachers that. If it makes you uncomfortable I can try to stop. I certainly respect your skill in battle." Even moreso after he took out 4 of 6 attackers just to protect her. "But we are friends first and foremost. And this friend owes you a debt for your aid." She smiles once before she looks at the hole in the wall she'd created trying to take out a 'demon' the night before. "Is it important what I saw last night? Should it be discovered, could it be used against you?" She doesn't know how to ask if he needs to know the information for strategic reasons.

Worthy of her attention? Yuuto thinks that over a bit, smirking slightly, though she begins speaking again before he responds. "You may call me whatever you like. Shishou is fine if you prefer it," he says with shrug of his shoulders. He seems about to say something else, but she begins talking again, and he seems plenty obliged to stall to go to the other conversation with her. "Potentially, yes, but I don't think they got any information out of it since I put you underground before they could walk away. As far as they know, all you're scared of is midgets peeping at you from the woods."

Katama nods and keeps quiet allowing the conversation to fade for a bit. Then, she slips her feet over the side of the cot, determined to test her legs. She stands up carefully and remains there for several seconds before she starts showing strain and is forced to sit down again. "Not quite there yet. Can I have my satchel please?" She looks at the bag half way across the room by her armor. As Yuuto responds to the request she would speak seriously again. "I know you told me one of the things that act as a trigger for you." Like the night he watched his mother and that girl die. "So if you need to know mine I trust you with it."

Yuuto is silent for a bit as well, thinking things over while she stands and tests her legs out a bit. When she asks for her satchel, he gives a nod before standing to walk over and retrieve it. He walks back to hand it to her, holding it out to either drop it in her hands or her lap if she's not able to hold it yet. "If you are ready to share it, you may. There is no pressure, however."

Katama takes the satchel and digs around in it drawing out a small box and a silk bag. She roots around int he bag for several seconds, digging like a girl through her purse before she pulls out two vials. Uncapping one she downs it in a single gulp. In explaination she says, "It's just a simple energy booster, do you want one?" Offering him the second vial. Then she opens the box, pushing a few things aside and pulling out a photograph of a man probably 20 years her senior dressed in formal attire. "That is my Lord Brother, current head of my clan. The day I was born I was chosen to become a Kuroyari and as I am half demon I was not trained as a child would be traned. Much more was expected of me. He made certain I would never break under torture." And that's where she stops, let Yuuto ask questions if he liked, and infer what he wanted. "He is what I saw."

Yuuto watches silently as Katama digs through her bag, simply waiting. At the offer of the vial, he would take it to peer at it curiously. "Energy booster, huh?" he asks rhetorically as he examines it, a slight smirk coming to his lips, perhaps an amusing thought he keeps it himself, before he looks down at her again. His eyes study over the presented picture for a few moments as she speaks before looking up to meet her eyes again. "You lost him then, or was it a vision of harsh training?"

Katama eyes him as he keeps a thought to himself. Then she has one of her own.. She was offering him an ambiguous liquid right after she herself had been drugged by a seemingly innocent liquid. Either way she feels it starting to work on her and wakes her up more so she's prepared to answer when Yuuto looks at the picture of her brother and asks if it was her losing him or harsh training. Her eyes grow darker and she looks at the photo. "His idea of training was not fit for a child, demon or not. He reminded me everyday of my sins." If looks could cause harm the picture would be ashes by now.

Yuuto drops his hand to his side, keeping the vial in it for now as he looks at the picture again. "Ah, so he is the target of your vengeance then?" he asks as he looks back up to her eyes. "If that is the case, perhaps you and I should vanquish the cause of your dread some day so that it can no longer be used against you." With that, he would pick up the canteen to fill his glass again, asking, "Would you like another glass of water?"

Katama takes a breath and brings herself under control again. She could taste the anger in her throat. "Yes he is my vengeance, but it will be a vengeance I cannot execute. He was the one who I made my Blood Oath with." She sighed. "I killed my mother and brother the day I was born." She looks at her hands, hesitantly and then seemed to prepare herself as though she was concerned that Yuuto might judge her right there for that fact.

"Ah, so you wouldn't be able to take him on personally due to your creed," Yuuto says, watching curiously as Katama gets a bit riled up then calms back down. At what she says about her mother and brother, he lifts an eyebrow slightly and blinks a few times. "Ah, so those are the sins he reminded you of… Well, a casualty or two around a demon is somewhat expected. It's not like people don't die around me as well."

As Yuuto comes to understand her dilemma, that she wants her brother dead but tht she can't kill him and retain her honor, she relaxes a little and when he shrugs off her 'sins' she sighs in relief. Replacing everything in her bag she tries to stand again and this time she is more steady. She walks carefully across the room and back. "Well I can walk at least." She sits down again. "The legend says that the demon child is one of a pair of twins who devours not only the soul an dlife force of it's sibling but also that of it's mother. Both my twin and my mother died the day I was born. So I was marked for my Lord Brother to trade to the Kuriyari for some political gain or other. Once chosen as the Kuroyari I was trained mercilessly. I could wield a sword by my 5th birthday. Then I was sold to Sunagakure and I was forced to make my oath. Perhaps one day I will find a way to get revenge on my brother without breaking that oath."

Yuuto is silent as Katama does her pace across the room, glad the effects of the drugs are wearing off. He listens to her story, taking a seat again as well as he lifts his glass to take a few sips of it. "I see," he says, mulling it over in his head then smirking slightly as he says, "Maybe your Shishou should pay your dear Brother a visit some time and get you your revenge."

Katama freezes as he offers to take her revenge for her. "Why would you do soemthing like that?" She sounds utterly confused, as though this was the last thing she could comprehend. Revenge by Proxy…. Well, if that wasnt a new concept. Still she did have to wonder why he would go so far for her when she was the one learning from him. he seemed to be doing all the giving in this relationship. She wondered what the price would be she would have to pay, it was written all over her face.

Yuuto looks a bit confused at that question, fully quirking his eyebrow at her this time. "Why would I not?" he asks. "You are helping me with my vengeance, and I… uh…" For once, he's the one to cut himself off, though he doesn't blush. "… I want to help you too." With that, he goes silent again, sitting back in his chair a bit and glancing around.

Katama watches in sheer suprise as Yuuto cuts himself off before he says something he might regret. She notes the way he acts, though he doesn't blush — that would floor her entirely…. But she tucks the thought away quietly to examine later at her leisure. For now she gifts Yuuto with a small smile and a bow. "Thank you then for your assistance, my friend." She had meant what she'd said earlier about him being worthy of her attention, though as she thinks back on it… she sounded pretty haughty saying that.

"You're welcome," Yuuto replies, a faint smile tugging at his lips as he returns her bow. That said, he sits down and picks up his own pack, retrieving a brush and a scroll from it, opening the scroll as he would start to draw everything in front of him, including her. "You wanted me to see what was outside the darkness last night, did you not?" he asks as he pens down what his eyes currently see, taking it all in glance by glance. "These eyes are a funny thing. I can still see the darkness and all the creatures of my unending nightmares as clearly as I ever have… yet I can also see what lies beyond them, byeond all the hate and bloodthirst."

Katama tilts her head as she watches Yuuto pull out a scroll and his ink. The moment she realizes that he's even drawing her she keeps still, watching him work. Artists had always fascinated her. How they saw the world was always different, though Yuuto was quite unique in her experience. It was an interest that had driven her brother to distraction as it would not help her in the shinobi world (or so he'd thought) But as soon as she was free of his control she'd gathered quite a collection of art books and hidden them in her apartment. So now she keeps still fdor Yuuto's drawing and blinks as it becomes apparent that he'd known that she was trying to keep him from seeing or being in just darkness…..

"It may sound a little odd coming from me," Yuuto says as he continues to draw, eyes glancing between her and the paper. He seems very focused on detail at this moment, enough that one might wonder exactly how he's drawing her. "But I do appreciate the concern, and I will return the favor if the time comes." After a few more minutes of drawing, he would survey the picture for a moment before turning it around. What she would see is a very detailed picture of her, this time lacking the demonic presence he normally draws around her to show more of her natural graces. "Because we can't let the darkness just completely envelop us, right?"

Katama shakes her head as he suggests it would be odd comming from him. "Just because you've experienced the darkness doesn't mean you have…" She's stopped mid sentence as he shows her the picture of herself and there it is, a full on blush. "You took a lot of artistic liscence there, Shishou." She laughs a little, embarassed by the gracious way he'd portrayed her sitting ont he cot. To cover that up she quickly moves to her armor and starts putting it on piece by heavy piece. But once she's down to just tying the gauntlets closed she sighs softly. "I'll pull you back whenever you need it, Yuuto." Yes, she used his NAME. And informally. Een if she had to be a big sister to the kid, she would protect him as best she could. She'd resolved that long ago.

"I wouldn't be considered much of an artist if I didn't do so," Yuuto says with a light smirk as he turns the paper back around and sets it on a clear spot on the table to allow it to dry. "Besides, I've pretty much done that in every drawing I've made of you." He blinks a few times as she actually starts putting her armor on because of it, shaking his head. "You strip down to that the whole time you're hanging out with those two at the lake while I complete our mission, but you freak just because of something of you I capture in a picture?" he asks, seeming to find that rather ironic and amusing in a way.

Katama scowls at him when he points out that she's reacting defensively to a picture drawn of her when she had stripped off her heavy armor when surrounded by many possible enemies. "Perhaps I'm just suicidal." She shrugs it off with that, her cheeks blushing as she feels the embarassment well up again. "So glad I amuse you." But she was also not the kind to be a poor sport. He'd managed to land a 'hit' on her twice now. "Perhaps I will sit for you in full armor someday, or a kimono. You can send it to my Lord Brother." There's a kind of acid behind her tone when she says that last bit.

Yuuto quirks an eyebrow slightly at Katama's bit of show of anger, though he smirks a bit as he says, "Sure. That way he'll know who's my reason for ripping him apart." With that, he rolls the scroll back up, tucking it away before looking back up at her. "Besides, I thought you liked the fact that I'm intrigued with you. Did you think that only meant I was only interested in the piece of you I put in that picture of you I drew in the market?"

Katama grabs her bag as Yuuto rolls the scroll back up and asks her what she thought he was interested in…. "Yes. Actually." She blinks at her own response, curious as she had just realized that yes she figured thierr only connection was the possible sharing of demon blood. She opens the door of the shack and steps outside into the forest, into the morning sunlight and she sighs. "Where's the nearest water source, we should fill our canteens…." She was quite obviously interested in puting the strange conversation behind her.

+ After the debacles Minori had faced over the last few days, she was tired, her nice clothes were dirty, she was dirty, she was hungry, thirsty, and her entire body ached like she had been bludgeoned for hours. Her movements were slow, more of a trudging than walking, and as she comes into viewing distance of the old shack, Minori feels a sense of relief. Perhaps she could find some food or at least a place to rest peacefully for a few hours. That was, at least, until Katama exited the building. At first, Minori didn't recognize her, but it meant that there were other people around and that did not bode well for a good night's sleep… which she desperately needed.

"Ah," Yuuto says, blinking a few times then shrugging his shoulders and gathering his things up to put them on his back. Finally, he grabs his helmet and clasps in back on, going back to his disguise that doesn't allow his eyes to be seen. "It's not too far from here. Just follow me," he says as he steps out of the shack as well, dropping the conversation happily as he resumes his usual cold, mysterious demeanor. As he glances around, he spots Minori coming their way, quirking an eyebrow as he ponders if they should actually stop to check on her or just keep moving. He's really ready to just get back to the village.

Katama looks up at Minori comes intot he clearing and blinks. /What's she doing here?/ she wonders to herself before turning her head and calling to Yuuto tha they had company. And that company looked like she might just pass out right there… And as Yuuto comes out with his physical and proverbial masks both firmly in place, she makes up the descision for him. She drug her mind for the name.. "Tenjin-san!" Moving quickly — especially now that she was fully armored again — Katama goes to Minori's side, concerned. She knew that the other girl had gotten a dose of the drug as well. "Are you alright?"

+ Minori is thoroughly surprised by Katama's reaction to her pressence, but then it dawns on her… the girl did sort of make some moves on her at that party. The Tenjin smiles in return. "Oh, "Nambu-san, it's nice to see you again." She chuckles a bit. "Been better, but I'm good now. Just tired."

As Katama takes off to the approaching girl, Yuuto would roll his eyes a bit under his mask. Looks like they're going to be here a while. He folds his arms over his chest and moves to lean up against the shack. Whatever concern he may have had for Katama, he's apparently not one to spread his concern much toward those who aren't close to him or a part of Sunagakure.

Katama takes the smile stoicly only to turn and dig in her satchel for an energy 'potion'. "You look terrible." She holds out the vial to the girl. "This should help. Forgive me for getting you involved last night. You were only drugged because you were with me." The girl admits the truth, felt that Minori deserved the truth…. She looked back at Yuuto and couldn't help but roll her eyes as he acted as cold as ever. "Don't mind him. Come on, have a seat." She guides Minori toward a stump.

+ Minori chuckles. "I've probably looked better…" She winks at Katama and then glances across the area to Yuuto. It seemed the two worked together, or at least travelled together. "Hardly true, I was drugged because I accepted drinks from strangers. Not usually a good idea." Minori plops down on the stump without hesitation and lets out a sigh and then drinks the potion she had been given. "It seems you two were just leaving, don't let me interrupt you."

Yuuto stays back as Katama checks on the girl for a bit. When she starts to guide her to the stump, he decides to at least help a little, especially since the girl is encouraging them to leave. He quickly forms a hand seal, making pieces of earth rise up around Minori to create a somewhat comfortable resting place.

Katama watches her shrug off her own involvement in Minori's drugging and then see she girl drink the potion. It would perk her up and make her feel more awake at least. She would have to buy more of those things before they left again. Yuuto's irritation at being stuck there wasn't lost on the girl, but she jsut ignored it for the moment. They could fight about it later. So when Yuuto steps forward and creates and earthen resting place for the woman Katama turns and offers him a thankful smile before looking at Minori again. "There you go. We need to go get some water, give me your canteen and I'll fill yours as well." She accepts the item and turns back to Yuuto, motioning that he should lead the way to the river.

+ Minori is completely surprised by the hospitality of the pair. "Well, this is extremely kind of both of you." She smiles pleasantly, hoping to convey her appreciation and she fidgets with her equipment and eventually hands her own canteen over to Katama. "This drink you gave me was quite helpful, I'm already feeling more energized. I should be good in a couple of minutes, I think."

"I suppose it's the least we could do with you getting caught up in that… incident," Yuuto says, at least showing some courtesy, though his voice is as cold as ever when behind the mask. He offers a quick nod to Katama as she takes the girl's canteen before turning to dart off toward a nearby fresh stream. Though he is showing some form of decency, he is still silent as they move toward it.

Katama chuckles to herself and follows Yuuto into the woods for the stream. Once there she proceeds to fill each canteen while amazingly not sinking to her hips into the mud of the bank due to her armor… She fills Minori's then uses a tree to pull herself back up the bank. "Where are we going next, Shishou?"
While the two suna shinobi were gone dealing with thier canteens, Minori is left in the clearing… and she's being watched. From the tree line a pair of eyes peers down from the tree limb, watching the woman and being indecicive about whether to approach or not. He'd watched his target leave the area but he would lose time going around the clearing… and he had heard the target say that they would return.. so he waited…

+ Minori is left alone. Not that she minds, in fact, it was nice to be able to take a moment and possible close her eyes for a nap, which she attempts to do. Within moments, the sleepy Tenjin is out like a light. Despite her slumbering state, she would be easily awoken if anyone bothered her for some reason, even a louder approach of Katama and Yuuto, if they were to make much noise, could alter her again.

Filling his own canteen, Yuuto is silent until Katama asks a question. "Home to Sunagakure," he replies simply. "We'll rest for a day or so, and then we'll probably receive our next orders." Once done filling it, he would stand back upright, giving her a moment to finish filling her canteens before turning to move swiftly back toward the spot where they left Minori by the shack.

As Katama and Yuuto re-enter the area, A shape drops from one of the trees and starts walking boldly, openly toward them. Katama notes the motion then tenses up when she sees the man. But he's wearing the markings of a Sungakure messenger and he stops well out of Yuuto's melee range and drops to one knee, holding up a rolled piece of paper. Katama narrows her eyes at the message and heads over to Minori to return the now filled canteen. "Looks like we don't get to go home."

+ By the time Katama arrives at Minori, the Tenjin has snapped out of her micro-nap and glances over to her, grinning slightly. "Well, thank you very much for that." She pushes herself to her feet and moves to meet Katama in order to take her canteen and drink a good deal of the contents. "Ohh… that's better."

Yuuto doesn't flinch as the man drops from the tree, eyes narrowing behind his mask. The man kneeling in front of him is a little confusing, as he's not really used to anyone besides Katama giving him much regard due to his history. "So it seems," he says as he walks over to the man, accepting the paper and opening it to look it over and see what their new orders are. "I suppose Kuroki-sama is liking our work thus far."

Katama watches Yuuto approach the messenger and take the paper and the messenger disappears just as fast as he'd come, leaving Katama wondering what they would have to do for this mission.. not that she'd helped much with the last one…
Yuuto would read the orders, however, that would be much different than what he'd expected. The words on the paper were simple. "You will escort Nambu Katama to her family's home to meet with her brother, Lord Nambu on a family matter."

+ Minori looks from Katama to the messenger, then to Yuuto and back to Katama. "Looks like you two have something you need to take care of." The Tenjin returns her canteen to her equipment and smiles. "Well, it was very kind of you to… you know, take care of me here, even if it was just for a few minutes. I imagine we'll be parting ways, now."

Yuuto seems to pause for a long moment as he looks that note over before tucking it into a pouch on his side. "Well, Princess…" he starts to say, slowly looking back over to her. "It seems you yourself are the client of the next mission, and I'll be getting to meet my newest target a lot sooner than expected." He goes silent then as he walks over to and somewhat past the girls, figuring Katama will pretty much understand the idea that he is escorting her home.

Katama looks up, suprised that Yuuto would call her /princess/ of all things, followed quickly by an expression of confusion at being named the client….. And then she freezes in place, the color draining from her face as the realization comes over her of just what he's saying. Several seconds tick by before she finds a voice. A shaky harsh voice. "You have got to be kidding me. Stop playing around!" She hid quickly behind a shield of anger. "Give me that so I can read our real mission!" She takes several steps forward, reaching for the pocket he'd put the paper in.

+ Minori frowns slightly at their reactions. Apparently something was going on and it might end up being something Minori doesn't want to get involed in. "Uhm, what is going on?"

"You assume I'd joke about such a thing just because I'm insane?" Yuuto asks, his voice flat as he allows hers to take the paper from his pocket. "Consider this a way for me to get a good luck at my target and learn some of his behaviors. These are our orders, so we have to get going." At Minori's question, the black-masked shinobi cuts his gaze to her quickly. "This is official Sunagakure business. You are a civilian. I suggest you stay away." With that, he looks back to Katama, waiting for her response as well as for her to begin leading the way toward her homeland.

"I never said you were insane." Katama growls at him as she retrieves the paper and unrolls it. Her expression goes from her shield of anger to an expressiont hat makes her appear weary. "Bride him." Yuuto's words cut through her consciousness and she comes out of her own thoughts just enough to sigh and hand him back the paper. Yes this could be quite useful for Yuuto to meet the man she was aiming to have killed…. She suprised herself at the thought, it had taken 17 years but she finally acknowledged that feeling inside her chest: hatred for her brother. Yuuto's comment toward Minori makes her sigh and rub her temples. "Indeed, you do not need to be caught up in my Lord Brother's foolish politicing…."

+ Minori nods slowly. "Ahh… I see. So, it's going to be dangerous. Well, I'm not completely helpless, and I do need to get somewhere else other than here, so… maybe I could tag along partway, at least?" She shrugs. "Protection on the road would be preferable, at least."

"It's a mere fact," Yuuto says with a shrug. He waits for now as Katama seems to contemplate, and Minori appears to be trying to invite herself along for the trip. "It is your choice as the client, but I do not imagine your brother will be happy if someone besides you and your appointed guard show up at his gates."

Katama seemed open to Minori tagging along on the road but she looked at Yuuto silently to see what he would say to the girl. But instead he turns to Katama herself and tells her as the client it was her descision.. And his final words set her choice in stone. "You're welcome to travel with us for a ways, Tenjin-san." She's suddenly /smiling/. It seems a bright smile at first, but as she turns to Yuuto he would see the dark gleam in her eyes. "And my Lord Brother can supply an extra kimono for my trouble."

+ Minori smiles and nods. "I think traveling with someone for a change would be quite nice." She looks over to Yuuto and gives him a grin. "Your concern is appreciated. If it will be so dangerous, I could easily enough part ways before we get that far. I need no travel the full distance."

"Not the best tactical decision if we don't want to get attacked at the gates, but I suppose, if that happens, kicking in a fortress would give me a good chance to really test how hard I can throw that ability I showed you the other day," Yuuto says, seeming somewhat exasperated, but giving a shrug before turning around to face the girls. "Very well, Oni-Hime… Let's move." It seems Katama's gaining more nicknames as he goes along, perhaps something he's chosen to do to distract himself from some of his own thoughts.

Katama gave him a sarcastic look at the new nickname but turns and studies the sun for a moment before heading in the direction of her family's estates. She's quite silent for a distance, even walking so carefully so precicely that she's not making footfalls and if her vision could ignite a fire, the forest would be aflame around them. Finally she comes out of it and all emotion drains from her face, her eyes cool considerably and she change how she moves, less warrior, more graceful (a feat in the armor)… Though the average person would assume she moved differntly because of her armor, any shinobi able to see or sense her chakra would note the crackle of energy rolling over it as she set her mind to the task of dealing with her brother.. Or more specifically, trying to figure out what he's up to…..

+ Minori follows along, silently, not wanting to cause any sort of problems. She could see the way Katama looked - not in a good mood, perhaps. Very volatile, to say the least. And Yuuto? He didn't seem like someone worth pestering in the first place, so she just did her best to stay quiet and out of the way. Eventually, when Katama seems to calm down, Minori relaxes a bit. "So, where are we going, exactly?"

Yuuto is silent for the journey as well, likely none-too-happy about having a straggler along for this mission for more than one reason. He'd thought they'd ditched all the weirdos from that party finally, but it looks like one has latched on. At least it's not Uyeda, though… He really should have killed that guy when he had the chance. Then none of this would have happened… at least not last night, and they'd have been more prepared… On top of that, there's at least some chance they're walking into an ambush. That guy who bowed to him could have been bidding him a potential farewell… Oye, too many questions. This intriguing woman may get him killed some day yet.

Katama had been considering what her idiot brother was up to… She had come up with a couple of possibilities as she'd walked silently. As she had contemplated and brooded, Yuuto might have seen flickers of that demon face once again, her crimson eyes were loaded with potential violence. As she walked, however, the further they got the more she smoothed into a more noble manner, even fussing with her short hair for a few lengths. When Minori asks where they are going Katama answers her with a cool voice. "To my home. We are not too far from it now, so if you want to escape…" She looks directly at Minori in all seriousness. "Now's the time, my friend." She continues walking, picking a handful of berries as she moves past the bush. "But if you stay you'll be treated well or my /Lord Brother/ will have another dagger in his shoulder…."

+ "Oh… I see." Minori contemplates for a little bit. "Well, I'm not completely helpess, so I think I would like to tag along, if you don't mind? I certainly would love to see your home and meet more of your clan." She smiles pleasantly and eventually digs into a pocket and pulls out some dried foods which she begins to nibble on to apease her appetite.

"Sure. Today's as good a day as any for a suicide mission," Yuuto comments sarcsatically. "I hope you two've recovered enough from the old man's drugs that they don't think I'm walking a couple junkies up to their gates." Seems he's brooding in a different way, though preparing mentally for what could potentially turn into all-out combat.

Katama chuckles at the suggestion that they look like junkies. "Don't worry, Shishou, attacking you would only put bad blood between the Nambu and Sunagakure. He wouldn't risk it." Which leaves the question of what the nuptial her brother's up to … "He might be checking up on me or he might want to ask someone what i've been doing.. Certainly he wants to force me into formal clothing." She sends a look at Minori, warningly. "You too." So when she looks back at Yuuto as he broods, she shakes her head. "No killing, Shishou… not yet anyway. I'm only a Chuunin so there should be no honor in my execution. And there would be none in yours since they hired you to bring me home." She sounds confident in that fact.

+ Minori laughs a bit. "Junkies? Beautiful Junkies, if nothing else. Everyone loves those…" She then smiles over at Katama. "Well, if he wants to get you into some formal clothes, it might be my chance to dress you up all nice and pretty." She winks at her. "I'll make sure you look absolutely lovely!"

"Do I seem worried?" Yuuto asks of Katama as he looks back at her, likely quirking an eyebrow at her again. "We are shinobi on a mission. If situation calls for it, we bail out and report back to Sunagakure. Failing the opportunity to escape, we fight our way out. If there is no trouble, we simply follow orders as planned." At the next conversation, he pauses a moment. "Like she doesn't already?" he mumbles to himself as he looks back ahead, continuing to move forward. Of course, the nobility thing is a new side of Katama he hasn't seen yet. It should at least be interesting to observe, something new to add to his collection of pictures.

Katama turns slowly to regard Minori with a look of betrayal on her face. "Not you too! Have you ever had to wear those things? They're /heavy/." This comming from the girl in plate mail…. "And he makes me wear a wig every single time because my hair's not lady-like enough for him. Well maybe he should have thought of that before he sold me to the shinobi!" She noticed every bit of Yuuto's teasing and she huffed. She storms forward at a faster pace, looking every bit the warrior charging forward into battle.

+ Minori scurries up next to Katama and bumps up against her playfully. "Oh, hush, hush. I'll pick out something you could totally enjoy wearing. Something lady-like, but not too much, perhaps?" She chuckles and claps her hands together before rubbing her palms. "I will definitely have a good time with this…"

Katama shakes her head at Minori's chiding. "We won't get much choice on apparel, usually just on color. But I'm sure you'll find something you like." Yuuto's question is answered as the treeline breaks and they see the town before them, at the center is the castle.
They come to the gates of a castle soon enough and between them the guards manage to recognise Katama. "Lady Nambu." They bow and regard her companions with questions in thier eyes. She answers them imperiously. "The shinobi ordered to escort me and a friend. Opent he gates or shall I open them for you?" Her tone had gotten low and both guards jump into attention personally pulling opent he side door for the three to enter. Once inside they are escorted to separate chambers, Yuuto to one where he's allowed to freshen up as he sees fit and the girls to another…
Maids explode into action the instant the door is shut behind them. Katama wasn't kidding abotu the formal attire. Three formal layered kimono are waiting, one black one, one red one and a pink one, for Katama to choose from. As a maid starts trying to untie her armor Katama actually slaps the girl. "Do not touch my armor." Proceeding to strip it off herself while the maids, used to such treatment from others, move on to fuss over Minori. One maid even gushes that the pink one would look great on the woman.
Katama rolls her eyes at the maids but makes a motion with her hand and the maids gather around Minori. "Enjoy it if you can…." Finally free of her heavy armor she strips off her leather armor and the maids steal her away for a quick bath much to Katama's dismay. She did manage to keep it quick, however…
Meanwhile in Yuuto's room, there is a short knock before an older lady calls that she's comming in. An old maid enters with a tray and closes the shogi door behind her. "Lord Nambu offers you refreshment as you await Katama-dono. As you are her escort, of course you will be allowed in the room when she speaks with her brother. Do you require anything else, sir?"

+ After Minori has been shuffled into the room with the maids, she finds their fussing something she is not used to. She has always handled most of her own apparel and changing, but after seeing the one get slapped Minori does not put up a fight. Instead, she nods her agreement that the pink one might look nice, and watches as Katama is shuffled off to get bathed, slightly jealous, perhaps. "Yes, the pink one would look nice."

While the girls are escorted off, Yuuto walks to his own room and sits down. Whether or not he is impressed with the castle isn't really visible under his mask, and he's given no such notion… And, while the girls get young maids gushing over getting them dressed, Yuuto ends up with an old woman bringing him some kind of drink… As if taking drinks from a stranger has worked out well for this team the last couple days. "Thank you. That will be all," he says simply, waiting for her to exit before he would strip out of his armor to freshen up a bit and clean some of the blood off of his armor from the prior night's… festivities.

Katama is led back into the room wearing a nagajuban, her hair still damp and she proceeds to kneel and hold still with a sigh. The maids move in and paint her face, though they are a bit more creative with the red around her eyes, giving her a kind of Kabuki-style demon look over the white face and crimson lips. Her eyes grow darker as they paint her face and pull her hair back. Next she indicates the red kimono and stands with her hands out to either side as the maids put it on her layer by layer then the obi and finally an elaborate wig.
Minori fares better. They do her hair in a simple but lovely bun and put a sakura kanzashii in it, putting the pink kimono and the proper obi on her before doing her makeup in a simple but elegant way. Katama looks at her and takes the heavy fan fromthe offered tray. "At least you don't look like a Noh actor…" She eyes Minori a bit before she adds a jeweled comb to the girl's hair and hands her a fan.
Finally they are dressed and Katama orders that her Lord Brother be told they are prepared. Soon enough Yuuto would find himself being led to the audience chamber where the Lord Nambu sits on the raised dias looking far more broody than katama ever could. Minori has been asked to sit behind Katama and both of them are behind a screen. Yuuto is asked to sit in the back corner of the room. His view of Katama is a sideways view as he cans ee behind the screen from his vantage point.
The girl holds her fan up as though protecting herself from anything that might be flung through the screen and her posture is perfect. She looks like a doll, painted and still… but her eyes promise a swift death to any who cross her.

+ Minori seems to enjoy both being dress as well as Katama's distress at the same procedure. "A noh actor? You look lovely!" Minori chuckles into the sleeve of her Kimono and prepares to leave. When they arrive in the audience chamber and take their places behind the screen, Minori sits where instructed, maintaining a similar posture to Katama, showing years of courtly practice. She does, however, remain silent.

As Yuuto is led back out to meet the girls, what he wears might be a bit shocking to both girls. Rather than his normal armor that makes him look like some kind of crazy Hell-spawn, he comes out in what appears to be a much more formal version of his normal attire, a sparkling white coat, black undershirt, black pants, and black boots. A clean black pack holds his normal articles and satchel to his back, his attire like night and day from before, his hair even tamed a somewhat. He moves to the back corner of the room as instructed once he reaches it, arms folding over his shoulder as he waits for the meeting to begin.

Katama looks over as she hears Yuuto enter and she BLINKS. Since when did Shishou wear white?! She was looking at him with wide eyes and for once she was grateful for the thick makeup she was always forced to wear, though Minori might catch the blush on her neck from her vantage point….
She frowns as she hears her brother enter the room and the screen is still there. What could he /possibly/ be wanting that would require the females to be hidden? She nods supportively to Minori then turns back as she hears a second group enter the room. Not possible…. The skin at the base of her neck is the only part of her that is not painted or covered and Minori can see.. and the girl sees it pale then flare a dark red.
A second group of formal men enter the room, two behind the first, evidently a high-ranked family s well.
Finally the Lord Nambu makes a motion and the screen is removed, revealing Minori and Katama. The latter is full on crackly aura when she lays eyes on the samurai that just entered the room with bodyguards. The man bows formally to both Nambu and Katama and the body guards end up sitting in similar locations as Yuuto.
Katama snaps her fan open and covers her face in a courtly manner .. mainly to hide the fierce scowl on her face.
The man is introduced as Lord Kijimura of some town or other. Clearly Lord Nambu wanted trade rights with nother clan…. Otherwise he wouldn't have set up an engagement….. Katama swallows hard once then closes her fan and perfectly bows to Kijimura, dainty and proper. The man bows his head only, an indication that he thinks such a formal bow would not be appropriate for a woman to recieve. But he is certainly happy with what he sees….. Katama frowns and sits back up, fan open and looking every bit the haughty female. Yuuto might notice that she's a hairs breadth from mass murder….

+ The entire ordeal thusfar was a bit familiar to Minori. She rarely ever attended court beyond what she did back in Kitsuki village. There, however, she had always worn the guise of the Tenjin heir, and here she was just herself. Regardless, she observed and logged detail after detail on the people around her, and when Katama gave a formal bow, Minori did as well. Best to appear like she had some reason to be here, if nothing else.

Yuuto smirks slightly at Katama's reaction to his attire, amused by that a good bit. There is still a faint red hue to his eyes, though not enough through the black that one would be able to tell it's from Sharingan more than just a really weird coincidence of DNA… He is quiet through the ordeal of the man coming out, seeming rather solemn and unimpressed as men pile into the room. When at last Kijimura is introduced, his eyes narrow, and he sort of starts to piece together what is going on by Katama's reactions and the way the man looks at her… This really isn't good. Had he really led her here to be put into an arranged marriage after nearly admitting… Katama's fan would suddenly pop back open in her hand, seeming to react to her anger somehow, though it would appear to just naturally open to anyone else. What would be there for Katama to see is ink forming a message in Yuuto's handwriting. 'Gather yourself. We will find a way out of this.'

Katama jumps when her fan opens suddenly and she looks down at it, seeing the words written there…. She blinks at them and glances to Yuuto. She sighed once before she did something stupid and turned back toward her Lord Brother and her new suitor. Groom the man to the 9 hells. She wasn't stupid however, and she trusted Yuuto to at least try to help her out of this. She leans back to Minori and whispers, "If something happens just run or swear i forced you to follow me." She looks back to her betrothed and frowns with sudden attitude. "Lord Brother, this is the man you wish for /me/ to marry? Does he know /who/ exactly I am?" Lord Nambu frowns at her "He knows you are a princess of the Nambu Clan, sister, now be silent." Katama fanned herself, hiding behind it again, mostly hiding her gritted teeth from her brother. Lord Kijimura, however is confused just as Katama had wanted. "Who she is? Why she is your younger sister of course."

+ Minori waits and watches. Things were a little tense, she could tell. When Katama informs her that there might be danger, Minori lets out a little sigh. Of course she was in danger, she never wasn't, it seemed. However, she nods her agreement and then observes the exchange between Katama and the men. She was hoping nothing went bad, she didnt really feel like fighting anyone.

With the words between the samurai, a rather mischievous idea comes to Yuuto's mind… He's really… really…. REALLY going to get in a lot of trouble for this… But he can't let this happen to her. A marriage forced by the man they're plotting to take down would be way too much to allow. Yuuto's plan would start to come into motion as the words on the fan change instantly to say: 'Stand up and follow my lead then prepared to run. Put on a good show and we'll get out of here okay.' Yeah, Sousa's gonna be #red|betrothed##. So much for becoming a Chuunin, but at least he won't be giving her up to this douche.
Yuuto would give a moment for Katama to put things together before a Genjutsu would be forced out on all the samurai, intent on causing them physically weakening fear while merely giving Minori and Katama the image of it without wearing on them. What would basically be seen is Katama's countenance beginning to shift, her skin turning an ashen gray and showing cracks that resemble one about to burst into lava. A set of giant bat-like wings would then sprout from her back along with long black ram-like horns from her head. The sounds of thunder rocking the area around them ring out, red lightning crackling out from here like an aura and beginning to spread out within the room.

Katama reads the instructions and stands motioning with her hand for Minori to get ready. As the visions would surround them she smirks darkly, unaware of all the details Yuuto had thrown into the 'costume' but she lifts her chin and as the samurai cower in fear, dishonoring themselves as they did so, she would speak in a dangerous voice. "I am the Demon Princess of Nambu and I belong to no man." She turns her head, taking full advantage of the illusion, glowering down at her brother. "You chose me to become Kuroyari to fulfill my lineage. That removed me from your hands forever, /brother/." She then strides forward, leaving each of the men to scamper out of her way as she glances at Yuuto wondering if she was doing a good job here…

Yuuto grins as Katama does a pretty good job of playing along with the images he's giving off. Her visage would grow increasingly demonic, the lightning strike all around the cowering samurai. Yuuto would motion for Minori to follow along as he begins to step behind Katama's path. "Pitiful mortals," he says with a chuckle as they walk out, the thunder seeming to rock the entire castle around the samurai as they go.

Katama leads the way to the rooms they were in before and strips unceremoniously, helping Minori as much as she can as well, grabbing several expensive hair decorations and getting back into her armor before going back to meet Yuuto in his room. The maids just know that the crazy princess was storming through the castle again. Honestly rthey'd expected it, knowing what had been ont he day's schedual… So they stay out of everyone's way. Guards are called to rush to the audience chamber and Katama opens the window in Yuuto's room. "This way. I used to sneak out here all the time."

Following the woman down the hallway, Yuuto grins and gives a nod. He follows her out the window, hoping Minori has the stamina to follow. "Not much for staying in your room and following the rules, eh? I guess we had more in common than I thought." Landing outside, he'd waiting for Katama's next instruction on their getaway or for her to merely lead the way. Either way, they'd better get moving pretty quickly before the samurai realize they're no longer in 'danger'.

Katama simply leads the way out of the castle by way of the river tht runs behind it. once across the river she sprints into the woods and continues running until she finds a small bunker in a hill. It was probably a win celler or soemthing but it's been abandoned by now and it was relatively hidden. Once inside, though, Katama's surge of adrenaline from the ploy turns into a hard knot in her stomache. She keeps her back to Yuuto, leaning one hand against the wall for support.

Yuuto follows Katama down the trail, rather amused with this chase. He hasn't really had this kind of fun since becoming a shinobi again. Sure, he'll pay for it when he gets back, but it's worth it to spare Katama being pushed into a marriage she wants no part of. Once they get inside, he glances around before looking at her. He blinks a few times as she keeps her back to him, pondering a moment before he steps forward and places a hand on her shoulder if allowed, one of few times he's initiated physical contact outside training or helping her out of trouble… maybe the first. "I think we lost them. Are you alright?"

Katama's body tenses up so much from the touch that Yuuto can even feel it through all her armor. The shot of adrenaline was heigtening her emotions and she couldn't seem to get them under control. That must be why her heart beat faster at the touch. she takes several shallow panting breaths before she lets out a frustrated shout and puts all the weight shes wearing and her strength into a punch, slammming her armored fist straight into the stone wall and shattering the brick that was unlucky enough to be struck. If she hadn't had her gauntlet her hand would undoubtedly be crushed by the impact. But then she leans back just a little against Yuuto's hand, a silent acceptance of the touch, allowing it and trying to convey that she wasn't upset with him. Several moments pass and she still desn't move except to hang her head. She speaks gruffly. "Thank you… again."

Yuuto blinks at Katama's shout, though he doesn't move his hand even when she punches and shatters the brick of the wall in front of her. Her leaning into his touch brings a faint smile. "You're welcome," he responds, stepping a bit closer. "Pity we didn't know what the meeting was beforehand so we could've just skipped it, but the good news is, I don't think we'll have to worry about running into the guy your brother wanted you to marry again."

Katama swallows hard and finally lifts her head, the remnants of her makeup making her still appear pale with the red highlights, in her armor sh elooks like a samurai lord ready for battle in some old play, but her eyes shine through in a way that tells Yuuto she had been pushed to an edge. "He knew if we'd known that I would not have come." She shakes her head and turns, letting her back clank against the stone wall. "How many times does that ring-bearer intend to sell me? Ugh." She looks at her left hand, still in it's gauntlet and she suddenly loathes the scar beneathe. There was a plus side though. "That message ordered you to escort me, nothing more, Yuuto. So neither of us did anything to damage the shinobi and my brother looked like he was quite the believer after that show so he shouldn't try anything similar any time soon…. Kijimaru.." She shakes her head. "Poor guy, he's ajerk but he didnt deserve that…well maybe he did…. My brother won't be happy but it's now between him and me and Kijimaru won't press for the contract. He's a coward." She was calming herself slowly by talking but her eyes showed that deep down she'd been shaken pretty hard.

"I suppose that's true," Yuuto says, sighing a bit as he glances away for a moment before looking back to her. "So long as your Shishou is around, he won't be allowed to sell you off again. I'll rip the earth out from under his feet and cast him into the depths of Hell before I allow that to happen." He ponders over her next words a bit, chuckling a bit and saying, "Well, in my book he deserved it. He looked at you like a piece of meat or a trophy that would be in his case whether you liked it or not, not even bothering to try to see the soul I've seen. I'd say he deserved to have that contract shoved down his throat."

Katama blinks at Yuuto as the man promises to basically protect her from her idiot brother's schemes. As long as he's around… It was an odd feeling for her and right now she didn't trust herself with it so she tried to shove it down.. Hard. Again her eyes betray her and a hint of that mental blush seeps through in her expression. When he states his reasons why Kijimaru deserved every bit he got she has to admit he's right. He might have been a Lord but he was a Rank A jerk.
Outside there'sthe sound of feet and armor clamking past the door of the cellar, and then nothing. The soldiers were unaware of this place, she knew, because they'd never found her there before. She turns to Yuuto, looks away then back before she simply leans forward to thunk her head on his shoulder. It was a touch but if need be it could be shrugged off as from one comrade to another. "You saved me again…"

Yuuto is silent for a bit, allowing Katama to process the information and calm down a bit. His eyes cast a glance toward the outside as the soldiers pass by, relaxing a bit more once they are gone. When she turns and puts her head on his shoulder, he looks a bit surprised, though he doesn't pull away. Instead, after that moment's pause, he would bring his arms up to wrap them around her to hold her. "Well, I suppose I can be good for something once in a while," he says with a slight grin, looking down at her as he tries to cheer her up a bit.

Katama is astonished once again as Yuuto brings his arms up around her. Not just by the action but by her own reaction to it. She'd never been one to accept or recieve affection so this is entirely new territory for her. At least her mind isn't on the debacle that they'd jsut left behind. A couple of minutes pass and finally she lets out a deep, cleansing breath. "I wish I could have seen the look on my brother's face better… It must have been priceless." She speaks but doesnt move out of his arms just yet. "I know more of how you feel about Scarecrow now. I never thought I felt emotions this strong but I /hate/ him. I want him to die thinking the Nambu Demon has consumed him. Entirely." She's talking of more than jsut an illusion this time.. a desire to route every single one of his resources before taking his pathetic life….

Yuuto silently holds Katama for a bit. It's a little awkward with her not hugging him in return, but she doesn't seem ready to move just yet, and he's not necessarily in a hurry here. "It's a powerful thing, that thirst," he says with a smirk. "If that is your desire, we'll make it happen. Genjutsu is apparently his weakness, so, with me at your side, we'll make his kingdom fall all around him before you deliver his much-deserved fate."

Katama accepts the hug from Yuuto without wanting to push him past his limits. She knew he wasn't used to being touched so she'd kept herself from returning the affection. But finally she shows that she is thankful for the hug as well as a bit of feminine affection in return by placing her hand on his chest lightly. Silently she nods to his offer to help her rip her brother's world to shreds around him. Let him meet the real Demon within his sister…. She leans forward a bit, her armor keeping her from getting too close, but she felt safe like this and that was a good feeling for the girl. Her hand presses lightly against Yuuto's chest and she sighs again, releasing some tension, much calmer now.

Just when Yuuto had thought she might want him to let go, Katama actually makes the embrace a bit more intimate. His eyes look down at hers, a light grin touching his lips. "So you're beginning to experience emotion? I suppose hate is a start if that's where you must start, but there are better things beyond that." Of course, had she been pushed into Kijimaru's arms, she'd have never been able to find out any of that. Perhaps that is part of the reason he was so quick about saving her from such a fate.

Katama looks up and sees the grin on his lips and finally, the white makeup fails her. She blushes so deeply that it can be seen at the roots of her raven hair. She manages to keep herself under control though as he speaks of feelling hatred but also other things not so dark… She felt one of those right now but she wasn't sure why or what it was even so she pushed it into a bottle to study later. "A start is better than no start I suppose."

The intensity of that blush causes that grin to tug just a bit wider on Yuuto's lips. She would almost seem like a normal princess in the arms of a normal suitor if it weren't for the rather insane circumstances surrounding this. "Indeed… I suppose this is another way I should teach you. Emotions can be just as necessary as your mind when it comes to making the right move on a mission, after all." His hand opposite her hand on his chest would leave her waist to gently caress her cheek, eyes looking into her own still. "There is a lot more you can be than just the demon we're going to make your brother fear."

Katama scowls at his grin, knowing full well that he'd seen her blush. As his hand comes up to caress her cheek she tenses up again, eyes going wide. The pulse in her neck betrays her heart beat fluttering too fast, her breathing practically stops and her face gets even brighter. Her first instinct had been to lean her cheek into the touch (which made no sense to her at all) and though she completes half that motion, she's caught like a deer in headlights after that, frozen like a statue, not breathing, mind blue-screening… And suddenly her eyes weaken, glaze and … she faints.

Yuuto watches Katama's reaction curiously, which seems rather pleasant.. and then she actually glazes over and faints. It's a good thing he kept one arm around her, as this makes it rather easy to scoop her up and keep her from hitting the floor. "That was unexpected," he says, seeming rather amused as he holds her up, glancing around the room for somewhere he could set her or sit with her to rest. Either the last couple days have been too much, or he may have just kind of broken his demon companion.

Katama is layed out on the soft earthen floor and she stays out cold, her breathing returning to normal. She seemed entirely calm in sleep, her face showing none of the strain from the last few days, none of her usual 'mask' either. She's still out when soft footsteps sound behind them at the bunker's door. Just inside the door (and out of everyone's sight but Yuuto's) is a woman several years older than Katama wearing a simple but elegant kimono, her hair up in a respectable bun. She looks much like the younger girl and concern crosses her face when she sees Katama unconscious. She turns to regard Yuuto. "I suppose that would be the reaction to such a display of demonic power…" She looks entirely serious, a hint that the castle had been utterly decieved by the genjutsu. "Was she harmed?"

Yuuto waits patiently as Katama sleeps, sitting on the floor by her while allowing her to rest up. After all, they've got a long trip back to Sunagakure ahead. When someone actually opens the door and walks in, he reaches to his back to place his hand on a sword sheath, prepared in case they've been fond. His eyes lock onto the approaching woman, studying her a bit and glancing back and forth between the two before he finally drops his hand back down to his side. "Well, the display was fitting in that situation," he says with a shrug of his shoulders. "She's fine, just resting… Who are you?"

The woman bows to Yuuto. "I am Aoi, Katama's elder sister. There is no need for weapons. I was the person to show her this hiding place after all. I certainly will not tell my brother about it." She looks at Katama again and shakes her head. "I never thought she would be so open about such a thing. Certainly the deal with Lord Kijimaru is going to be cancelled." She looks at Yuuto again. "Rest assured I will chide my brother for this foolish action. Of course he could not offer her in marriage. Both because she is one of /you/ now and she is not human. What kind of children could they expect?" She scoffs at the thought. "She will get out of this foolish mistake easily enough but rest assured there will be consequences to having embarassed my brother so openly." She sighs and pulls a small box from her sleeve, setting it on a ledge before turning around. "If she is unharmed then I shall go find my brother and have the guard recalled. You should have a clear path soon enough." And with that she turns her back and leaves. A few moments later the voices of the guards can be heard returning ot the estate.

"Ah, so there are sensible members of the Nambu family. That's good to know… I'm Yuuto," Yuuto says as he relaxes a bit. He lets out a sigh, glancing down at Katama then back up Aoi. "I'm sure we'll be hearing from him again at some point, though I imagine he'll have to do damage control from today's stunt. I hope you're not the one to end up stuck with that clown when we get out of here. Good luck." With that, he looks back down to Katama, wondering how much longer he'll be able to let her nap… Of course, he could always just make some kind of creature to ride out of here on and just carry her with him.

A short time later Katama groans and puts a hand to her face as she wake sup groggily. "Ugh my head…" She opens her eyes and looks around her, stopping at Yuuto's form and gulping as the last images of her memory resurface. Yuuto's hand on her cheek…" She flushes deeply but manages to grab hold of her typical shield with both hands. "What did you do?!" She sits up and checks her armor, eyeing Yuuto warily for a moment. She looks around… her eyes landing on the box Aoi had left. "What's that?" She stands, approaching the box warily, eager to skip the subject of her blush entirely.

As Katama finally wakes up, Yuuto is silent but smirks as she starts to freak out about the earlier incident. "I only did what you saw me do, except for catching you and setting you down to rest when you fainted on me," he replies then looks up at the box. "Your sister left that. She said her name is Aoi. From what she said, we should be able to sneak out of here pretty soon with a clear path. She's having your brother recall the guard chase… if he listens."

Katama sends Yuuto a glare when he tells her how she fainted, huffing but allowing the subject change. "Aneue Aoi…. More likely she'll order the guards to stand down then face my brother alone. She's scarier than any demon could ever be…." Katama picks up the box carefully, opening it. She stares at the contents before she closes the box and hands it over to Yuuto. "She left it for you."

"Ah, so the frightening trait runs in the family, huh?" Yuuto asks rhetorically, wondering exactly how scary that woman really is, though it's probably better NOT to find that out personally. When the box is handed over, he blinks a few times, almost wondering if he should open it by how Katama looked at it. He pauses just a moment in that thought before opening the box to see what exactly Aoi would have left for him.

"yes. the frieghtening trait runs int he family." She shakes her head ruefully. "My mother…." She pauses then continues in a more controlled manner. "My mother was said to have had it as well." Inside the box is a rather intricate pendant styled aftera sword who's blade is bent in a knot, giving it a shield-like appearance. Katama explains with a bit of a smile. "It's like a medal of honor given to personal bodyguards and such. It's pretty rare and made of katana steel. Aoi-aneue was thanking you for protecting me."

"Quite an interesting family," Yuuto says as he looks over the pendant curiously. He finally sets the box down and pulls it out of the box when Katama starts to explain what it is. "So this makes me your Shishou, your bodyguard, and your friend, huh?" he asks with a smile before looking back to her with a slightly mischievous grin. "Any more titles you'd like to give me?"

Katama tilts her head and eyes Yuuto a moment. "You're a Jackass." She sounds quite serious.. for all of five seconds. She shakes her head and walks over to him. "But that doesn't change the fact we're friends." She smirks at him and pats his cheek with her hand. She was still trying vainly to cover her embarassment about fainting on him by being overly 'nice' or 'playful' like she was just 'one of the guys'. It was a facade she'd tried to use a long time ago and had given up on because she wasn't that good at it. Yuuto should be happy he'd managed to get her to react at all.

"I suppose I am," Yuuto says with a grin, blinking a bit at her as she pulls a rather… weird facade on him. "Oookay then," he says with a quirked eyebrow. "Remind me to bring up how cute you look when you're sleeping while you're patting my cheek like a kid," he sort of retorts, attempting to make her blush again as he tucks the pendant back into the box then tucks it away in his coat.

Katama /blinks/ at Yuuto when he speaks of telling her she's cute when she pats his cheek… MEN! Her hand snaps out trying to slap him one across the face, though he manages to catch her wrist before impact. She blinks again several times before looking down and taking a few breaths to calm herself. It always took her a while to get out of 'Hime-Mode'.. Slapping a servant was an everyday occurance in her family, but she'd just tried to slap Yuuto and as that realization settles in on her she looks quite revolted by her own behavior, not struggling against his grip. She'd never honestly appologized to anyone in front of Yuuto before but that's what he's getting now. "I…I'm sorry. That was uncalled for."'

Yuuto's eyes would suddenly get rather serious when Katama almost slaps him, his own hand opposite hers reaching up to catch it. As off his rocker as he is, he's definitely looking at her as if he's questioning her sanity right now. There might even be a hint of a look of feeling betrayed in his crimson eyes briefly, as the one person he's allowed physical contact outside combat just tried that. It goes away rather quickly, though, once she begins to apologize, possibly by choice. "… You are forgiven," he says with a nod, though that amused smile is quite gone now as he inspects her eyes, almost as if peering at her soul. "I am fine with joking, sparring, and all that… But do not try that again."

Katama looks up at Yuuto as he speaks sternly to her, ordering her not to try that again. She nods, the look in her eyes every bit that of a student afraid she might have upset or disappointed her teacher. It seems she's capable of feeling sad as well, though the expression on her makes her look younger. She forces herself to look him in the eyes and twists her wrist out of his grip before bringing it to his cheek carefully, touching where she had been aiming to strike him. Her fingers stroke the skin there and she lowers her eyes again before leaning forward and pressing her cheek to his gently.'

For a brief moment, Yuuto's eyes could probably burrow a hole through a titanium wall. There is more to it than he has said, but he's just going to leave it be for now. The look starts to soften again as she touches his cheek more gently, his ability to stay angry with her showing to be a bit lacking. He looks a bit confused as she leans forward, though the feeling of her cheek pressing to his seems to break down his anger a lot more. After a brief pause, he lets out a sigh and stretches his arms forward to wrap them around her again, remaining silent for a bit now and letting things settle.

Katama half expected to be pushed away if that look in his eyes was anything to go by, so when he softened and wrapped his arms around her she smiles and lowers her head to his shoulder, secure in the knowledge that he'd honestly forgiven her. It was a thought that she found extremely necessary, just as breathing was necessary, she needed him to not be angry with her. This time she easily reaches up and wraps her arms around his back, one wrapping loosely around his waist while the other arm wraps up his back,her warm palm on his shoulder blade. It was a nice feeling… One that she knew really couldnt last but that didn't mean she couldnt wish it would.'

Yuuto is rather pleasantly surprised as Katama wraps her arms around him in return and leans her head on his shoulder. This is rather new, something he hadn't really expected to experience with… well, anyone, much less a girl who thought she had no emotion. He is still for a moment before he'd lean his head down a bit, brushing his cheek against hers again as if testing the feeling again. For her being one who didn't think she'd have emotion, the past couple days have been something of a rollercoaster pertaining to it.

Indeed the last few days had worn her out mentally as well as physically but she was a warrior and she would be wed if she'd fall before they finished thier mission and returned home. So she was shoving all of that strain down as best she could until she could collapse in her apartment in Sunagakure. When Yuuto presses his cheek to hers again she increases the pressure just a bit. It was like a cat bumping it's head against someone's hand, instinctual affection offered freely from a person that gave nothing without cause. Her hand tightens in his shirt and she speaks softly, hesitantly. "Thank you.. for saving me twice now…Yuuto."'

Yuuto tilts his head slightly at the tightening of Katama's hand on his shirt, smiling at her words. "It's my pleasure, Katama," he says, squeezing her gently in his arms. "I couldn't exactly stand by and let someone else… Umm… Let them force you to marry someone… who doesn't love you nor vice versa…" He seems to be having a /little/ trouble picking the right words there, perhaps the wear and tear of the last few days getting to him too, or maybe something else…

Katama sighed and rested her head against his shoulder for a moment longer, loathe to break the embrace. She's pulled from her peace by his words. Why was he having trouble getting a sentence out? The strangeness of his tone and the words makes her memorize them in an effort to possibly understand them later. But Yuuto seems to be slightly disturbed by something if his pulse was anything to go by so she slowly lets go of him. "We should be safe now if you want to try and make it out of the area. I think we both need some time off."'

"Yeah," Yuuto says with a nod, smiling down at Katama before standing up and offering a hand down to help her up. "Let's get home, shall we?" With that, he would quickly gather his things, preparing to get out of the bunker the way they came in so they can try to get away without being spotted by the guards. "It'll definitely be nice to be back in a familiar bed for a day or two."

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