Of Wings and Impersonation


Yuriko, Kiji, Kiyoshi, Terumi, Isra

Date: March 4, 2014


a group of Genin gather in the arena for various reasons and Isra has to break up a fight in the making.

"Of Wings and Impersonation"

Kiri Arena

Today, Yuriko is training on her own.
Sort of.
She's certainly practicing the dance of the kaguya while also attempting to tackle the obstacles of the obstacle course, twirling and dancing through carefully through the first two with relative ease, but… the third knocks her away. The young girl lands on her backside, blinking her bright eyes once before making a face to herself. Adding a random twist or twirl every now and then in no particular pattern. However, the significant exception today (compared to any other day at least) is the pair of long butterfly wings that the little girl seems to have sprouted overnight.

Kiji seemed to have been napping again, though the truth of it was more that he'd over-used his blood abilities in an attempt to duplicate Terumi's mist attack… He was paler than usual and his hair was fanned around him on the ground where he'd landed. He had fallen asleep while waiting for his body to regenerate enough to move.. or rather enough to make him care if he moved…. He turned his head as Yuriko came in, watching the girl go through the obstacle course, clearing the first two hurdles nicely and land on her butt with the third…. Aaaa~aah, he thought.. maybe he should build his resistannce to physical exertion more and concentration on his kekkei genkai less… He sat up blinking as he noticed the wings ont he young Kaguya and he tilted his head curioiusly, his previously pearlescent eyes shifting to purle as he watched her…

Terumi returned to the arena this time recalling why he came. After he handled that bit of business he found himself once again playing witness to another obstacle course 'attemptee'. Also once again he finds Kiji sleeping in the arena. "Does he not have a home or something?" Terumi said with mild disgust. Though after considering Kiji Terumi disgusted expression changed to pity. Hesitantly he worked his way over to Kiji.
He gives his cousin a slight nudge…in the form of a discomforting kick. "Wake up." he insisted as he did so. He'd give Kiji time to come to his senses and watched Yuriko for the time. She looks familiar. Terumi swears he's seen her before but he was also a bit doubtful of this seeing as he would most definitely remember someone with a pair of wings such as hers. "Who's the mutant?" Terumi asks.

Yuriko makes a face to herself, but not for long as she pushes herself to her feet, fully intending on trying again. Dance, stamina, strength, and speed. They're all key and if not balanced, she'll never completely learn to dance like a real Kaguya kunoichi. The young girl uses her tiny hands to dust herself off, wings fluttering as if instinctively as her bright aquamarine eyes glance up to spy Terumi and Kiji. Older boys. Teenagers even. Though neither one is really familiar. Yuriko frowns again. "Hm." Oh well. Her butterfly wing open up a little bit, as if she were a real human butterfly, while she moves back to the beginning of the course. Exhaling a short breath, the girl tries again, dancing through the first obstacle, though the second… she lands on the matting again…

Kiji let out a little grunt of complaint as Terumi kicked him, but he was sitting up once again soon enough. He glanced at Yuriko when Terumi asks his question. "Uh.. actually I think I heard her name was Yuri…something…a Kaguya, i know that much. She's not bad for such a small thing…." He stood up, dusting off his pants as he did so. The girl went through a second time and fell ont he second obstacle. Kiji tilted his head a little and cracked his neck before walking over to the course himself. He sent a look at Yuriko like 'watch this' and then went through. He made it through the first and missed the second, comming to land on one knee, a hand ont he ground to balance himself. He hadn't been trying to impress the girl as much as show her she was doin pretty good. He climbed out of the way so the next person could go through it.

Terumi nods "A Kaguya…" first time he's ever seen one with wings….or anyone with wings for that matter. Shrugging the mystery off Terumi just watches both Yuriko and Kiji take another attempt at the course. Their physical prowess and energy was infectious. Terumi almost got the urge to give the obstacle course a go. Almost. "Seems like people can't get enough of this thing." Terumi remarks. "Is there a reward or something for completing it?"

Yuriko blinks as Kiji starts to approach the starting point of the course, though a slight smirk tugs at her lips when he doesn't even make it past the second obstacle. "And you're not even dancing." She pushes herself up to her feet. Hearing Terumi though, her gaze shifts to the other boy, pausing for a brief moment before her smile brightens. "Well, you /could/ try to get to the end and see for yourself. I've already done it all. So it really depends on if you can beat me or not."

Kiji can't help but snicker at Terumi's question. "Yea, blood and broken bones, Itoko." But his attention turns to Yuriko when she admonishes him for not 'dancing'. He tilted his head at the winged girl, purple eyes growing brighter. "Dancing? I don't dance….I don't think I know how." He runs a hand through his long hair, tossing it over his shoulder. "Besides,I know better. I know my limits. I'd prefer to push them without the risk of a hospital visit."

Kiyoshi may have been still fatigued from his time with Isra, but he could not afford to put off everything else on his table to rest. He'd do plenty of that when he was dead… Which hopefully won't be for awhile yet. He enters from the stands, meaning to scope out the dammed arena before making his move. "Huh?" He murmurs before crouching down and sneaking the rest of the way to the railing. Quietly and cautious, Kiyoshi peers over the railing and spies the others. All were familiar to him but it is the smallest of them that elicits a curse, and then a heavy sigh. "Time to make another fool of myself." He mutters darkly to himself before clamoring over the side before walking along the side with his hands stuffed in his jacket pocket.
He doesn't announce himself, but he's no longer going out of his way to hide himself. 'Just keep your eyes on the ground 'nd nothin else…"

"You have?" Terumi says trying to sound impressed. He looks back to the course. He could try and hope he did well…but if he failed. He looked to Yuriko. She couldn't be any older than most academy students. She has skill though. Terumi shook his head "Nope not today." he'll hang on to his pride for just a tad bit longer. "But good luck though." Terumi looks to Kiji now. "Speaking of blood and broken bones, have you shown our Mizukage your impersonation of him yet?"

Yuriko grins brightly up at Terumi. "I have!" Rather proud of it too. Though it hasn't stopped her from trying again. It's all for fun after all! She giggles to herself and her butterfly wings flutter behind her back. "You would dance if you were a Kaguya." The seven year old sticks out the tip of her tongue at Kiji from between her teeth. Playful. "It's okay though, I don't blame you. Not everyone can heal like us. But sensei says I need to practice my dancing, so I figure I'll do that on the course too."

Kiji chuckledas Yuriko stuck her tongue out at him and told him if he was a Kaguya… "Well I'm a shimizu. we just bleed a lot." He was kidding of course…mostly… He noted Kiyoshi and remembered thier mail mission — and the plum ice afterwards… He was about to say something to the other boy when Terumi asks if he'd shown Meruin his impersonation yet. Did the kid think he was completely suicidal? Well.. maybe a little… But not completely….. Okay more than a little nuts then. "you mean this one?" His hands flew through the seals and .. Henge! The Mizukage was back, self-braiding hair and swirly eyes and all. He crossed his arms over his chest….

"We…do more than bleed." Terumi noted glancing at Kiji. "But not dance. Well not like the Kaguya." He almost lost that feeling of pity for Kiji right there. He sighs and looks away for now. "Oh…another one." Terumi points out as Kiyoshi walked up. "Yo." Terumi greets before Kiji goes ahead and does something incredibly suicidal again. "Yeah that one." Terumi chuckled a bit and folded his arms. "It's pretty good. I think you might actually get him to think about almost smiling."

Kiyoshi flinches at the sounds wafting up. Nevertheless, he keeps on walking until its time to leap off the wall before having to do more walking then necessary. Kiyoshi is in for a start after rising from his landing, for where once stood three children (Kiji included of course!) now stood two AND the Mizukage. The sight paralyzes him on the spot for a moment. He gulps, then relunctants keeps moving on… AROUND them. As in, as far as possible without look to conspicious about the whole attempt. If his luck held all would be well. Maybe…

Yuriko giggles again. "I can bleed too." Again, rather proud of the fact. Which is odd coming from a young girl with a pair of butterfly wings. Though as Kiji transforms into the Mizukage… or was he the Mizukage all along?… she narrows her bright eyes at him suspiciously. Her wings flutter as she jumps from the padding and sprints smoothly towards fakeMeruin, peering at him with a critical eye. "Hm… not bad…" Yuriko allows. "But I know why you would never pass for him." she smiles again. "You don't have any spiders."
Spying Kiyoshi as he leaps from the stands and lands inside the arena, she littlest Kaguya smiles at her teammate and lifts a hand to wave in his direction, greeting the boy.

Meruin noted Kiyoshi's avoidance of the group and raised a single eyebrow at the boy, his eyes swirling in blues and reds. Behind him his hair was slowly braiding itself. His face was as stoic as ever despite the raised eyebrow. He watched Yuriko walk up to him and waits, knowing she called Meruin sensei so she would be the one to know how good the henge was… Hmm.. Spiders.. He pondered being able to henge spiders… the idea was intrigueing but he figured it would cost a lot more chakra and stamina to pull off. None of this showed on his face of course….

His gaze flickers over to the littlest Kaguya in passing, but he neither slows down or returns the wave. Nope. So long as 'Meruin' was about it'd be best not to draw too much attention to himself. Although that doesn't mean he didn't try to keep on eye on Meruin too until he reached his destination. A moment or so is taken to access any new changes to the obstacle course; including the aftermath of an overzealous genin or, dare it be said, Jounin even. "ALright, just like before. Nothing fancy…" The trails off into silence and went about getting himself ready. The cleaver on his back is buried into the ground. And then, he's off…

"I don't like spiders. They're creepy. Perhaps the Mizukage is being considerate of me?" Terumi says clearly amused. Terumi shakes his head at Kiji as he continues to keep up this silly charade again. "So little one I have to ask. What's with the wings?" Terumi finally asked Yuriko while Kiyoshi took on the course. Terumi only caught his start and from what he saw this guy was well on his way to breezing through this course.

And Yuriko isn't entirely convinced that Kiji /is/ Meruin-sensei, even if Kiyoshi seems to think otherwise. The young girl scoffs and crosses her arms against her chest, continuing to eye Kiji while Terumi joins in on the charade. His question catches her off guard though, and her bright aquamarine eyes blink up at him a full pause before she frowns. "You know, you're not that much older than me. And it's only a matter of time before I'm older than you." Yup. She's being serious.
Yuriko lifts a hand from beneath the enveloping sleeve, flicking a hand as the wings shimmer behind her. The frame begins to collapse into itself, forming an ivory ball which soon comes to float in front of her. "I can control my bone even after it leaves my body. Any shape or size I want." Her other hand points to the obstacle course as Kiyoshi runs it. "I made that."

Meruin's gaze never left Kiyoshi as the boy made his way through the course. There was a far more realistic set to his jaw then as he was seriously studying Kiyoshi's moves and motions, where the boy lacked and excelled. He didn't even comprehend Terumi's comment about being considerate of the other Shimizu. He wondered why Kiyoshi was avoiding — or appeared to be avoiding — Meruin… He was also watching Kiyoshi's hands closely, as if expecting something to happen to them.
Yuriko's attention tore his mind away from Kiyoshi, though and he looked down at the girl as she declared that she was going to be older than Terumi soon…. He would have laughed but the girl appeared quite serious. He pondered his own experience in that matter and conceeded to himself it could be possible… maybe…. "You did a good job." He finally says seriously to the little girl.

Leap. Duck. Tuck and roll. Climb. Back-step. Side-step combination. Another leap. Spin evasion and — CRASH! He slams almost head long into the wrong column and spirals off the course. The safety netting saves him, but for a boy who can withstand multiple explosive notes going off in his face, the net is more of a hindrance then a welcome relief. At whatever point he manages to free himself, Kiyoshi stays collapsed there, panting and sweating behind the mask after only one run through.
"Pa.. thetic.."

"So do you know how the whole aging thing works yet or are you trying to be adorable?" Terumi asked in clear disbelief of what Yuriko just told him. Though he did believe she constructed the course. The demonstration of her peculiar talent was irrefutable proof. "Oh." Is all Terumi can say. "Good job is a bit of an understatement. What's your name?" he asked. Suddenly then his attention was snatched away by Kiyoshi. "He's still going?" Terumi announced shocked. But shortly after that Kiyoshi's run was over. "Almost." Terumi calls out. "It was a good run."

Yuriko gives Kiji a mildly flat glance, clearly not appreciating being laughed at, but nothing more than that. She's rather used to being underestimated by adults at this point, and right now, Kiji is an adult. The ivory sphere hovering a few inches above her hand begins changing shapes, into a heart, into a teddy bear, into a kunai. "Thank you." Yuriko murmurs. And Terumi… he earns a flat glance as well. Adults. "Of /course/ I know how aging works. And I'm always adorable. Duh." Who wouldn't think she's adorable? How silly.
Turning her snowy head, Yuriko glances towards Kiyoshi as she watches him a full moment's pause. "My name is Kaguya Yuriko-tan. And that's my team mate, Moto Kiyoshi, if you haven't met him before." she murmurs softer. "A while ago we were attacked by a shinobi. Targeted even… outside the village walls. Me and a few other kids were targeted and sealed. It it… well, it's making us age faster."

Kiji noted the look on Yuriko's face, apparently his confusion had shown through on his expression. But he wasn't trying to laugh at the girl. Her words about being attacked and held by some shinobi, then the part about being sealed… It all jumbled in his head for a moment before he caught onto the last part: it was making them age faster…." Interesting…" Kiji dropped the henge and went down to one knee in front of Yuriko, his purple eyes on that ball of bone she'd produced. "You can make it into any shape? How about a spider lily?" Obviously she'd been making it into various shapes, but the Shimizu had a thought… "Or a rose, your choice."

Terumi nods "Ok ok just making sure." he says trying not to laugh at Yuriko. "Well ok, Yuriko-tan right? I'm Shimizu Terumi." he looks from her back to Kiyoshi. Experimenting on children…that's low. As disgusted as he was with that Terumi didn't let it show. "Sorry to hear that. Growing up isn't something I'd want anyone to rush towards." to lighten up the mood though Terumi tries to make light of it. "Even if you do get older than me one day I'll still be more mature in the head. So you still must respect me as an elder." he mimicked her earlier teasing gesture towards Kiji by sticking out his tongue. And finally Kiji undoes the henge jutsu. "Bout time." What was Kiji up to now though he wondered.

Yuriko watches Terumi for a quiet moment before shrugging her small shoulders. "I'm a little happy though it's not just me." She doesn't want to grow up by herself after all, as selfish as that sounds. The next part he says though, she frowns at that before scoffing. "Think that all you want." And she then mirrors the sticking out of her tongue, wedged between her teeth. Yeah, that'll show him how mature she is.
Her bright eyes glance back at Kiji, giving the other boy a curious glance while his purple eyes in turn watch her. "Sure. Any shape." Yuriko pulls the sphere in front of her in the air and with both hands gesturing, separates the ivory into two smaller spheres. She sculpts the first into the spider lily (she things), until she moves her attention to the second ball, turning that into the shape of a budding rose with a long stem.

Kiji held up a finger to indicate Yuriko should hold still and watch. He knew from the obstacle course that Yuriko's constructs could not only last but were also quite sturdy.So this should work.. Bone was porous even in it's hardest form…. He reached down and cut a small cut on his wrist with the sharp piece of jewelry. The blood gathers, hovers, and becomes a small cloud of mist. She had made both flowers, though he'd been aiming for just one, 2 would do just fine.. He focused his chakra and the mist travelled up to the bone flowers, carefully layering and painting and seeping into the white material at just the places a flower would hold the color. He pulled the excess blood away from the girl carefully and allowed it to soak into the well-stained dirt at thier feet. He concentrated a little more and the blood hardened, coagulated, quickly enough so that the surface of the 'flowers' were still shiny. He glanced at Terumi and Kiyoshi before turning back to Yuriko, his purple eyes already a sky blue. He smiled.

If he had the strength to he would've been up faster than a bolt of lightning to cover Yuriko's mouth as soon as he picked up on where she was headed. But… that was not case. Plus, she >was< only telling Meruin — "Wait just one sec…" Kiyoshi rolls over and forces himself. By the time he's managed Meruin is appearantly long gone. He starts to turn to see if the Okumo might've snuck up on him for whatever reason, only to jerk to a stop and snap back to the group. Dark eyes narrow and hands are clinched into tight fists.
So lost in his own growing resentment for Kiji is he that he almost misses the display of artistry shared between the Shimizu and Kaguya. Still, by that point he has already stomped his way over with a malevolent aura lingering about him.

Terumi pats Yuriko quickly on the head like an adult would a child, teasing her of course. He then watches as Kiji uses his blood to paint Yuriko's bone flowers. It pleased Terumi to know that Kiji could do more than make mischief. Terumi tried to hid a smile and turned away. "Maybe there's hope for you yet." He glances back though feeling something tense in the air. The feeling leads him towards Kiyoshi who doesn't look like a happy camper at the moment. Hard to tell through the mask but not impossible. "I really should be going. Play nice." he waves to Yuriko and Kiji. He then clears his throat and directs his eyes towards Kiyoshi, deliberately so that Kiji and Yuriko would notice. "I think he likes you." Terumi said with a smirk before making his exit.

Yuriko blinks her bright blue green at Kiji with silence curiosity as he holds up a finger, but she doesn't move, simply holding up the two flowers while she watches the older boy. He makes a small cute on his wrist, and she blinks at that with surprise. As the blood gathers and hovers in the air like a cloud of red, a smile instinctively flickers across her lips. It's only after that the blood starts to coat and paint each flower does she breath, "Cool." And it is. "You can do what I can do. But with blood." His smile makes hers grow more. "Do you want one of them?"
As Terumi moves past her, Yuriko blinks up at him, frowning a little with evident confusion. "Who does?" Her frown deepens. "And he acts like /he's/ the older oniisan…"

Kiji smiled brightly, his blue eyes shining happily, glad he'd made the girl smile rather than dwell on such dark thoughts as she'd been speaking of. But then Kiji glanced up at Kiyoshi, and his blue eyes slid into a purple ringed in orange as he sensed the dark aura around the boy. Terumi had been no help of course…. And he would not seek aid from Yuriko — even if he should. The thing about Kiji was that typically he would just look at someone that reacted badly to a joke with an innocent face as he truly did not understand the intricacies or the implications of impersonating someone tht could wipe out all the shinobi in the village. Apparently, Kiyoshi felt he'd been made a fool of, but that wasn't what got through to Kiji. It was the dark threatening aura that made the boy's eyes shift so swiftly to orange and purple. He was on his feet so fast his hair swayed about him like a storm. Despite Yuriko's obvious ability, the Shimizu boy couldn't help but drop a hand at around chest lovel, protectively trying to ward her back as he instinctively sensed a confrontation and he did not wish there to be an accident with Yuriko taking damage. While he did not understand the reason for Kiyoshi's mood, he understood threat when he felt it.

"Helloooo, people!" Isra chimed upon wandering into the area. Seemed like there were about the same amount and almost the same people today as it was the day before. "What's going on over here?" She wondered. "Good things? Hopefully good things," she states only to see what appears to be some sort of issue going on. What… "Hey," she began to command attention. "I need an answer to my question now. At first, I was thinking everything was well, but now I'm not so certain. Someone explain to me what's happening?"

Terumi made the "list", if only just barely. Vengeance against him would be ice cold by then perhaps, but nevertheless Kiyoshi would be back for him soon enough. Shifting Yuriko behind him only seems to aggravate the boy more. Not visibly to most perhaps, but the air did grow heavier with malice. He starts to peel of the mask, and then… Isra appears! The mask is down back in an instance. "… Nothing, Isra-sensei." He mutters without letting his gaze waver from Kiji. "I merely intended to inform Kiji here that impersonating our new Mizukage is not something he'll get a slap on the wrist for… Ain't that right, Shimizu-san?" He asks evenly.

Yuriko just frowns with confusion as she glances between Kiji and Kiyoshi, not sure what's really going on, or why she's pushed by Kiji in some sort of protective gesture. She blinks her bright eyes and the frown only deepens. "Uh…" Yeah, Isra's guess is as good as hers. She lifts a hand to scratch the side of her snowy head, the blood-painted flowers still hovering in the air through her influence. Kiyoshi's answer earns a frown. "It wasn't as if he was trying to replace the Mizukage, Kiyoshi-san. Everyone knew that he wasn't Meruin-sensei. He didn't even have any spiders."

Kiji could easily sense the air grow heavier as he moved protectively toward Yuriko and a look of confusion crosses the Shimizu's face, but he didn't lower his guard. He met Kiyoshi's gaze steadily, those oddly colored eyes slowly slowly deepening in shade. He wasn't sure what that mask did for the other boy, nor the significance of his attempting to remove it. But Kiji /was/ aware of the danger roiling off of Kiyoshi and he would not back down or relax his position until there was no more threat. Isra's question mirrored his own in a way. He wasn't sure exactly what had set off Kiyoshi either. However, so that Isra knew he wasn't simply ignoring her, he would speak calmly. "I seem to have upset Kiyoshi-kun." He kept his eyes locked on Kiyoshi, never dropping the other boy's gaze…

"I hope not," Isra remarked, mostly for the others benefit. "Let's try and keep all the issues to a minimum, eh?" She grinned. "We don't need to go at each others necks around here. We reserve that right and obligation for other people," she snickered. "Alright, now that that's been settled, let's get back to what we were really here for which is…I don't really know, actually. What are you guys here for, anyway?"

Kiyoshi just folds his arms across his chest with a roll of his eyes. Leave it to Yuriko to ruin his chance at revenge. He opens his mouth to speak… only to let out a weary sigh. "Nothing, sensei. Just passing the time." He turns to say, then stuffs his hands into his jacket pocket. "Anyways, I probably should be getting back to my brothers, so… Ja ne." He says openly, though the last part gets murmured as he started trotting away. If allowed to leave unimpeded, he turns back only once to check up on Yuriko and the obstacle course before moving on.

Yuriko narrows her bright eyes on Kiyoshi as the boy shoves his hands into his jacket, before making his way out. She doesn't stop him, but she crosses her arms over her chest. "He's always like it. So annoying…" the girl mutters to herself. Exhaling a long breath, she turns her blue green eyes to Isra, never hesitating to smile as she lifts a hand to point at the obstacle course that's been set up. "We were here for that."

Once it was clear Kiyoshi wouldn't act up with Isra there Kiji backed up a step and turned back to Yuriko. He answered her earlier question of if he wanted one of the flowers they'd made. "Suure. You choose which one you want to give me." He offered the girl a smile, but he remained aware of Kiyoshi and his eyes remained ringed in orange.
He looked up to Isra's last question, what were they there for? Kiji had trained himself into a stupor earlier… "When I woke up Yuriko-tan was running the Course. Kiyoshi-kun tried it too. As for me…" He gestured behind him where the dirt — and a few dummies — were covered in drying blood from his earlier practice. He nodded to Yuriko's similar answer, though.

Isra nodded slowly to the replies she received. "The course, that's right. That makes sense…" She looked toward the dummies that were marked with blood. "Oh yeah, I forgot about that blood you use. How the heck do you manage to live doing that?" She questioned. "I can't even imagine what it'd be like trying to use my own blood for something. I mean, minus various seals and contracts, but /that/ much blood is hard to conceive of," she shook her head. "Nope, not at all." She watched Kiyoshi walk off, figuring she might try and reach out to him later.

Yuriko smiles easily at Isra, "Probably the same way that Kaguyas use their bones." she murmurs, not really bothered (or irked out) by the concept of using one's blood as a weapon in combat, despite her being seven and a girl. Her small hands reach up to pluck both flowers from the air, long kimono sleeves falling from her toothpick-like arms as Yuriko turns to hold out the rose for Kiji to take. "Here."

Kiji smiled as Yuriko handed him the rose and kept the spider lily for herself. he carefully set it down by his bag off to the side of the arena before returning to the two girls sides. "Well, Isra-sama, I regenerate quickly.. this," He indicated the long scarring mark on his forearm that looks a few weeks old. "I made today. But I was working on a different technique that Terumi-kun showed me. It takes a lot more blood than I'm used to and I kind of passed out." He laughs at himself, flushed in embarassment. "I can show you if you want…" To Yuriko he nodded. "Yes it's probably very similar to your bone manipulation."

"Yeah, but you guys can restore your bones. It's almost like they come in bulk or somethin'. I mean…" Isra really tried hard to describe the Kaguya stuff and quite frankly, she wasn't sure how they survived theirs, but they just /could/. That's how she always knew them to be. They just look like they could survive anything and in most cases, they did. "But I mean bones compared to the heart, eeeh, the winner is clearly bones," she frowned. "I have a souvenir bone from one of you guys, but I can't remember who I got it from. I should get these things signed or somethin'," she added offhandedly. When the scar was brought up she was almost wondering if that supported her argument or justified his. "I don't see the similarity. Nope, just doesn't work for me. I have never seen a Kaguya pass out from pulling bone. At least, I don't think so…Do they do that?" She asked of Yuriko.

Yuriko blinks up at Kiji curiously for a few moments, pondering how he could have passed out from being low on blood. She tilts a little bit closer and asked in a hushed voice, though loud enough that Isra could have overheard the tiny kunoichi. "Do you need orange juice?…" Yup. She asked.
Her attention is then pulled towards Isra again, and Yuriko smiles. "Well, Kaguya are able to push chakra into our bones to grow them as quickly as we need them to be. I kinda think that it would be the same for the blood. At least I would hope so, otherwise fainting in the middle of a mission or a battle would make things very difficult." She nods sagely. The Swordsman's question earns a small frown, putting serious thought into it. "Hm. I don't think so. Not that I know of at least. Maybe if it's the first time and the person isn't used to it, but really, the clan does it things with bones. How would it really come as anything of a surprise?"

Kiji doubted that kaguya would face the same kind of threat from over-using thier bone ability since it seemed to be more of a generation ability where as the mechanism in Kiji's blood was simply a chakra enrichment. He waited curiously for Yuriko's answer, though and his eyes visibly shift again, losing that ring of orange that had encircled his pupils when kiyoshi had confronted him. Now they were simply a bright purple. "You're right, Yuriko-tan, normally I wouldn't have had as much of a problem. I should run out of chakra before I pass out from blood loss but i was too focused on what I was doing earlier and I used it too much. My body just couldn't keep up… " He flushed faintly and scratched his cheek. "I'm still pretty new to these abilities…." His expression grew into one of curiosity then. "So, what do your wings do? They're fascinating! Really beautiful too!"

"Hehehehe," Isra chuckled. "I'm just glad I don't have to deal with none of that. I'm normal as they come," sort of… "All I work with are seals…and explosions. Yep, pretty normal," she grinned. "Compared to you guys, at least. Bones and blood. The most critical things a person can have for their life and you both use them like they're just tools. More power to you, though. I can't do it, just can't even imagine. Nope," she shook her head. "But yeah, what are those wings for? If you admit you can fly, then I'll just add that to the list of Kaguya things and call it a day. You guys will be taking over the world at this point. Land, sky, I bet you can make special bones to breathe in the water if you wanted. You get all those and you'll be unstoppable."

Yuriko giggles as she lifts her right hand, crossing it over her chest and touching the exposed part of her shoulder. Her fingers barely sink into her flesh there before pulling away and releasing a stream of bone that serpentines into the air. It loosely wraps around her chest and arms, the ivory soon expanding and stretching up behind the girl with a transparent pair of butterfly wings. "Right now they're only cool looking. I think maybe I can fly one day, but I haven't really tried too much yet."

Kiji watched, fascinated by Yuriko's display of her Kaguya abilities. It was too bad the wings were only for show for the moment. "You look like a little pixie, Yuriko-tan." Kiji chuckled. It was a fairly good day despite nearly running into trouble with Kiyoshi-kun. He reached out carefully to run a hand over one of the wings lightly, hoping Yuriko wouldn't mind his inquisitive nature. "They're smooth….er.. sorry, Yuriko-tan." He stood up again sheepishly. "I couldn't help it they looked so cool i had to touch.."

"They do look nice. I like them," Isra grins. "Different, but that's great," she complimented. "If they have scales on them, I want one as a souvenir," she joked, but was mildly serious. She really did want a scale if they had any. "And then you'll sign it or…carve it or whatever you guys do to initial or sign things on bone." She observed the course momentarily and then looked back towards the exit of the arena. "Ah, I should probably get going. I've spent enough time here, I think. I'll catch you all later." She starts to head off, mostly in efforts to go and see if Kiyoshi is alright.

Yuriko giggles along Kiji as he reaches out to touch the fabricated wings. "Oh it's okay. I don't feel anything. And it's made out of my bone so it's harder than diamond. You won't break it easily." Despite the wings looking so delicate. Her bright eyes then blink up at Isra, giving her a curious and thoughtful glance. "Scales? Like a snake?" Why would a snake have wings? "Um, probably ask my mommy for something like that. A signature I mean. She does that pretty often I think." Being a Seven Swordsman an all. Still, Yuriko smiles brightly, looking so young and innocent. A mistake made by many. "K! I'm gonna try to see if I can get through the obstacle course again."

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