Oh when it all comes home...


Usagi, Shintaro, Mushi

Date: November 20, 2012


Mushi and Shintaro argue, Usagi interrupts and tries to help make amends

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Oh when it all comes home…"

Nara Village, Shintaro and Usagi's House

Boy when she says she'll deliver….

Usagi was coming into the house, looking back at Mushi with a small smile. How this had come about would be another story for another time, but she looks back at Mushi for a few moments before she opens the door to the house.

"He's…well, I'm not quite sure how to put it, but he's likely going to be skeptical, Mushi…I'm mostly going to stay out of this, but…" She sighs and shakes her head. "Just…well, be ready alright?" She gives a small smile, then

opens the door. "Nee-san? We have company"

Mushi had come to Konoha as suddenly as she'd gone before. And this time she didn't loiter around the village. Instead, she went straight to the Nara Village with her pack and everything still on her back. She looks a little

tired, a little worn, but otherwise just fine. She does smile slightly at Usagi's words. "You told him that I was here, huh?" she says dryly, "and that I didn't come to see him." How long had she been gone? A day? A month? Without

realizing it, Mushi sucks in her breath and holds it in anticipation as she goes in to greet Shintaro with a smile.

Shintaro definitely isn't expecting Usagi to actually deliver Mushi, especially not actually today. When she comes into the house, she wouldn't hear anything in return at first. However, when Mushi speaks, the two would hear a

ceiling tile above them move. "Yes… She did," Shintaro's voice rings out dryly, perhaps a bit darkly, as he looks down at them from up in the ceiling. "That you didn't want her to says a lot… and that you took off and passed right by

the road to this house without stopping." With that, he turns back around, his head going out of view, and one would hear the banging over a hammer echoing as he nails some kind of fixture in place.

Usagi pauses a moment. "Mushi, let me get that pack for you, I'll go set it in the living room" She moves to get the pack from her, if allowed, and take it into the living room. "What are you putting in up there, nee-san?"

Mushi would hand her pack overto Usagi to take. Her eyes are all on Shintaro, but if she notices the darkness in his tone she doesn't respond with any darkness or nervousness of her own. "Yeah, I thought to see you right after I

visited with her," she says, "but things don't always go the way they're planned. What does it say alot of, Shintaro-kun?" she asks. She'd go into the room he's in, looking upwards to try and spot him. She may look just a little

apprehensive at this visit. And she'd add, "Come down." Her tone is more of a request than a command.

"Just some racks to hold some things we need stored and in case of emergency," Shintaro replies, placing a hand on the fixture and attempting to move it a few times before moving across the attic to the next. To what Mushi says,

he waits a few moments before replying. "That is a fabric answer. You were in the village, and we're not far from the entrance at all… It says a lot about your priorities. I think keeping the promise about us always knowing the other

is alive is worth a five minute walk." It seems for a bit that he's not planning on doing as requested, but he finally does slide another tile back and leap down to the floor below. Looking to her, his expression rather stern, he bluntly

asks, "Where have you been?"

Usagi winces slightly at the tone her brother's taking right now, and she sets the pack in the living room for the time being. She makes sure it's all secured, and goes about looking to see if anything needs to be restocked, and

taking inventory down so that Mushi could have a good comprehensive list of what was needed. But first…. "Hey Mushi, there any pockets you don't want me looking into? Or all of it, I'm just taking stock and seeing what can be useful

for you" She mutters softly under her breath, giving Shintaro a look.

"I've told you where my priorities are many times," Mushi says, a little angrily. "It's your choice to doubt them every time we meet up." She pauses when he asks her where she's been. This isn't something she's looking forward to

saying, but when she does it's very clear and quiet. She sighs. "Two of Goh's salamanders showed up," she says. "They said Goh was about to die, and I was the only one who could help him. He was trying out his Sage training again, the

same stuff he'd failed at last time. I showed up in time to help him in a deadly battle, and then I've spent the past weeks socking the senjutsu chakra out of him."
Then she'd sigh again. "Anyway I didn't tell you because…what would I say? I had to hurry and anything that came to mind sounded…well, I kinda hoped you'd assume that I was okay. It's not like it's the first time I left you

high and dry, and /those/ times you weren't afraid I was dead or alive."

Shintaro just stares a Mushi as she speaks, quite angry himself. When she mentions that she actually WAS with Goh, the look in his eyes intensifies a bit. "With Goh, of course…" He seems to not really care that Goh was about

to die, if he really even believes that was the case. "What would you say? How about the truth for once? At least you being honest enough to tell me before you disappeared, this time with no way for me to contact you or find out if you

were okay at all, would have helped since even your Center thought you were here… Instead, let's go with the great idea of disappearing for a month then letting your boyfriend know that you ran off to your ex." Taking a deep breath, he

turns to walk into the kitchen, trying to calm down and thinking rationally… He's wrinkled off enough that that really ain't cutting it right now.

Usagi gives Mushi an apologetic look, stopping her inventory on the pack to head into the kitchen after her brother, pausing to look and see what he was doing. She only takes a moment to reach out to place a hand on his shoulder,

giving him a hug and whispering to him after a few moments. She sighs softly and backs up, then moving to head back into the living room. "Mushi, you know where everything is….please make yourself at home for the time being" She offers

a bow, then back into the kitchen with her.
You whisper, "Easy, brother…please…" to Shintaro.

"Yeah, because that would've /really/ brought an understanding glint to your eye, right Shintaro-kun?" Mushi asks sharply. "All the times I've mentioned Goh's name, you've said 'Oh you mention Goh, but don't worry I want to

reassure you I think you're perfectly faithful and I'll nevermore hint at the fact there's something going on between you two.'" Her tone only gets more savagely sarcastic. "You've always been /perfectly/ reasonable when it's come to

him. But let me get this out in the open…AGAIN. I'm dating you, I'm not dating Goh." She presses her lips together, and her voice drops as she says, "So tell me this Shintaro-kun…tell me that you'll promise to never be suspicious of

me doing or being anything with him, and I'll be completely square about it. Look me in the eye and say it."

Shintaro goes silent for a bit, trying to calm down still, but it's not just working too great at the moment. As Usagi speaks, he glances over to her and gives a nod, though Mushi's words aren't exactly helping him keep that in

mind. "… Let's put this in perspective," he says, his tone not calming down at all as he turns back to look at Mushi. "You disappear for a month without telling me and come back to tell me that you ran off to your ex, and to top it

off, you want to come in here making demands about what I should think when you just up and disappear. I'd love to see YOUR response if I disappeared with Hiroko for a month."

Usagi looks at the ceiling for a few moments, then closes her eyes and shakes her head. Oh this was going to be good. "Ok, both of you just take a step back for a moment" And this time she actually does stand between them,

standing sideways so she can look at them one at a time without having to turn either way, just her head. "It's obvious you two care about each other, otherwise you two wouldn't be ticked off at each other for what's going on. Mushi,

Shintaro has a valid point. You left with your ex without warning, and while that's understandable, he was more worried you'd died than anything. He's mad not just at you being with him, but that you never left a note or anything. That

needs to be avoided in the future…even if it's just sending a note, to either him or me" That was one side.
"Shintaro, she also raises a point…yes, I know you have a right to be mad right now, yes, I know you 'are' mad right now….but she didn't have to come back. She didn't have to tell you, but she did…I'm not going to be all

'let's be friends, hearts and roses', but I honestly think you 'can' trust her….and should" Oh was she stepping out on it now. "Mushi….you have to show you 'can' be trusted. Coming here and telling him's a good start, don't get me

wrong. But please…a note isn't hard to send, and if the salamanders can come get you, then one of them can contact us in such situations again. Or at the very least, leave a note somewhere that we'll either get, or know where to get

to….that's all I can ask, and I think that'd work for Shintaro as well" She looks at her brother with a questioning look, and praying this worked.

Mushi actually looks a little taken aback when Shintaro talks about Hiroko. She purses her lips together, as if considering that very possibility. Her eyes widen, and then narrow, and she glowers at Shintaro though she doesn't

really explain her shifting expressions. Besides, her attention is soon diverted by the intervening little sister. And she has to look a little impressed at Usagi jumping in at this moment, though mostly just annoyed.
"Usagi-chan…" she says patiently. Then, she takes a deep breath. "No, she's right. I'm sorry, Shintaro-kun. I don't really think of people worrying about me or thinking much of me. If I knew, I would've found a way to contact

you. As it is, I foolishly thought that if anything was bad on your end, you would've, er, well…" She glances at Usagi. "…you know. Your sister might've been there for…er…maybe see if she could…hmm. I guess I /did/ tell you not

to contact me unless it was life or death, heh."

Shintaro listens silently for a bit as Usagi speaks, pondering her words. He lets out a deep breath, calming himself as he listens. Then when Mushi speaks, he just about snaps at her again but calms himself before. Just as he is

about to say something, Mushi says something about contacting her to Usagi, and his eyes narrow again. "Hold on… What now?" he asks, glancing between them with an eyebrow lifted. "/How/ exactly are you supposed to be contacted when

it's life or death? I must have /missed/ that…" It's clear he's starting to get annoyed again, though he is at least trying to hold it in.
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"That you did…." Usagi brushes the green feather on the band on her right arm. "And I kept to that word that I would only use that if I or Shintaro were dying. Though you have no idea how tempted I was to try and contact you

through it" She looks at Shintaro a 'tad' guiltily, sighing. "We really need to establish lines of communications for when we're separated…" She leans against the doorway for a moment, crossing her arms now.
She looks to her brother again, apologetically. She again brushes the feather, the one facing him. "….fill it with chakra, and it's basically a distress call to her" He's more than smart enough to figure out what she's talking

about, so she doesn't bother. "But….that's about it. I'm sorry nee-san…." She lowers her gaze at this point. "I gave my word I'd not use it for any other reason"

Mushi looks a little sheepish when Usagi points out the feather she got. "Your sister would be more level headed about using it than you," she says. "If I gave you a feather, you'd use it just to call me up for fun, and the ones

I give out are ones I assume will be life or death calls." She she rummages in her pocket and pulls out a long feather. This one is half dark purple, half snow white that glimmers even in the dim light. She'd hold it out to Shintaro. Not

placing it directly in his hand, just offering it to him if he wants it. Then she says, "I'm going to have to go soon anyway. I'm going to be helping out at the Exams."

As the two starts to explain, Shintaro's eyes narrow. A dark, thoughtful look crosses his visage as he glances between them, now having yet another reason to be pissed off. When Mushi explains her…. 'reasoning' for not giving

him a feather to call her before and presents another one, he stares at it for a moment. He doesn't reach out to take his, face as cold as stone. "… I need a drink," he says, letting out an aggravated sigh and turning to walk for the

door. Rather than just walk, he actually dives into the shadows to disappear unless one of them manages to stop him first.

"In this case….I'd suggest something else. If you're getting worried after a time, a small, single pulse could be enough to just sort of 'ping' the other person, and in response, another small pulse should be given just to know

that they're ok and still about…Unless the feather doesn't differentiate between a small pulse or filling it full" She raises a brow to look at the two of them. She's more looking to this option for them, not for her. As for shintaro

leaving, she makes no move to stop him, closing her eyes. "Knew this was going to happen…." She sighs a bit forcefully, then looks back to Mushi. "Though….it went a bit better than expected. I'd honestly say leave it on the

bed…he'll come home when he's calmed down some" She raises a brow. "Oh, so you'll be heading there too….I'm enrolled in the Chuunin exams, Mushi. and when I get back, I've received notice that I'll be accepted into specialized

medical jutsu training" She raises a brow. "Which means I'd like to learn more from you too….when we both have time"

Mushi almost breathes a sigh of relief when Shintaro doesn't seem to want the feather. Now she won't be getting any life or death calls that turn out to be emergency snuggle time. Not that there's snuggle times anywhere in the

present moment. She tucks the feather away carefully for now, and takes Usagi's advice to let him go. Though she may have done it a bit differently if the sister wasn't around. When they're alone she turns to Usagi and then she'd grab

her in a headlock and give her a brief, fierce noogie. "Why you brat, you have some balls on ya," she says. "Getting in between that. Show those kinds of smarts and you'll be Chuunin in no time."

Usagi gacks as she gets taken into a headlock, and then noogie'd. She swats at Mushi's arms trying to stop it, but she grins at her once she's released. She brings a hand up to fix her hair, shaking her head. "Cooler heads have

to prevail, Mushi. I know you two care….and I didn't want to see that lost" She looks at Mushi putting the feather up, then sighs. "I'll make sure nobody messes with it on his bed, Mushi. Please…just leave it there for now, give him

the option. If he doesn't take it…it'll be on him then" She takes a deep breath and nods. "Sides…I'd prefer what I have. Balls can be….problematic" She winks at Mushi at that one.

Mushi laughs lightly. "Don't worry, Usagi-chan," she says. "It'd take alot more than this for us to break up. We've been through this way more than we should have. And if it gets too far then I can beat some sense into him. Didja

know, I'm pretty strong. Remember, if you're a medic, you have to make it cost for a person to attack you." She sinks down into the chair with a deep sigh, and leans back suddenly as if exhausted. "It's funny. I kind of thought that

Shintaro-kun would like to hear about my time down there. I saw a salamander as big as a hill, and all sorts of crazy caves and temples. Ah well." She lays the feather down on the table.
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Usagi nods and takes a seat as well, leaning back. "Oh, I am. You know what he can do? He's going to teach me that…eventually. I'm also going to do a few things of my own. I chose a weapon, once I have the time to practice" She

pauses for a moment, then smirks. "A scythe. Collapsible if I can have it that way, scroll stored if I can't. A weapon like that, wielded well, along with shadow control….I could literally turn myself into something from someone's

nightmares" She pauses. "And that would make for a devastating genjutsu, or even just ninjutsu if I pull it off right" She winks. "Sides…if I can make shadowy wings….scare the hell out of people before they even reach me"

"Scythes…" Mushi says. "Those are unwieldy. But the intimidation factor might be an advantage in battle, as you say. A scary Nara, hehe." She gives a nod to Usagi. Then she'd say. "Well…I just came to…hmm. Actually, I need

to go rest. But I'll be here for a bit if Shintaro-kun wants to see me before I go." She does look tired. She stands up, and then she smiles at Usagi. "In the Exams…make your clan and your brother proud," she says. "I look forward to

the time after when you become a full fledged medic nin. If you want you can contact me just once…for any reason." Then, she'd turn to find a place to rest.
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"Unwieldy, yes…but if used well, that can be made up for. I just have to be careful, and practice a 'lot'" Usagi smiles and nods. "It'll be fun, at the very least…." She pauses as Mushi says she's tired. "Take my room. I've

been using the hammock outside since it's been cool lately" She shrugs a bit. "It's really comfy" At the mention of the exams, she nods. "I intend to. And as for contacting you….it'll probably be to make sure everything's alright. I

know you're busy, Mushi. And while I'd love it if you could stick around Konoha, I know you have other obligatios. Just drop a line if you're coming by, we can meet for lunch or something"

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