Okumo Report: Murky Justice


Naoya, Sei

Date: February 28, 2016


The Okumo assistant leader reports the creation of illusionary justice and by the end of the meeting additional projects were discussed and assigned.

"Okumo Report: Murky Justice"

Land of Water, Ancient Temple

During morning of week's end, Sei wouldn't gain a summons but a forward warning that Naoya was seeking him out. The young man would transverse the ruins for a time before entering the temple itself. Those with keen noses such as the spiders would be able to smell thick amounts of remotely fresh bile and blood but not from the young man's torso, namely around his arms, close to his elbows. Within his vestment that he wore on his hip was oddly filled with scrolls, messages but none of them held a seal from the administration building.

Sei was of course there, working as he normally would. The 'warning' was accepted with curiosity. Sei's brood ranged. Naoya's approach noted and as he got closer, Sei would go to the roof of the temple to meet him. The harps were already playing.. but at least this time it wasn't anger at him and Kiji, right? Either way, Sei would await Naoya's approach, patient and focused. It was obviously important, by what he carried. Now to find out the rest of the story behind it.

The sound of notes isn't resisted and when Sei is seen directly, the young man's head lowers almost to a bowed state. "Sei-dono.. There wasn't much time before this news might of been brought to you by another." Moving a hand low, Naoya withdraws a scroll but held it securely in his hand, but then he didn't offer it to anyone. "This last eve during the tormenting storm I executed four individuals, three males, one female. The crime was the execution of the genin during this past winter.. I believe you know that these four did not actually perform the deed." Lifting his head, his gaze looks down to the scroll in his hand before a faint smirk appears on his lips, "Though that isn't truly important. The matter has been left unresponded to for almost two seasons now. This method should increase moral while we continue to work.. Do you agree sir?"

Sei's brood would attempt to retrieve the scroll from Naoya if he would give it up. Although the brood doesn't press if resisted. Sei listened to Naoya as he reported, before a slow nod was given. "It's an interesting ploy. Use others to draw out those actually the true killer. We-Sei thinks it is a good idea and good bait to be used. We'll monitor the situation and apply additional resources if necessary to assist with the bait." If the scroll is given up, Sei's brood would bring it to him, allowing him to take it and unfurl it to read the contents.

When the other brood approaches, Naoya yields and offers it up to them freely. "If they do not stand up, their impact and 'fear' is dismissed. It is difficult to fear those that need to group up to defeat a single child. Much less when they are in turn slowly killed and fed to the reef." Looking down at his empty hand, he slips it down to his side, shifting his stance to a lower more firm stance yet at the same time less tension was lingering within him. "While this chaos continues, please don't let these 'facts' get in the way of any true investigation. It just seems odd no one before me has tried to 'close' this matter. Your praise on the topic though has eased some of the possible worry."

Sei nodded with a whistle. He'd read the missive, then roll it up and have his brood return it to Naoya. "We-Sei has had plenty of internal.. situations.. to handle. While they were of Kiri.. they were not Okumo. It is a delicate balance. One We-Sei would not order another to do.. but will not hesitate to support it's action. We believe you can understand?" Sei would look at Naoya curiously a moment. Finally, he'd start pacing lightly. "We-Sei also wishes you to know, as the second in the clan, of the plot unfurling with Okumo Okami. She is bringing a potential experiment subject. They have to come willingly or We-Sei told her do not force it. We have also been explicit in the path that must be used.. to implicate Iwagakure. If it resolves this way, then we will need resources for the subject. Do you have any potentials you would recommend?"

"Iwagakure?"is asked somewhat confused but also curious to the largely isolated village. "If she has a subject to experiment on that needs that level of twisting.. that will prove interesting." Turning his hand upwards, Naoya exposes his palms, though in turn, his brood would expose itself, three at a time before scuttling back within his sleeves. "We have yet to master a operations, it has so far left many subjects disfigured.. though we could work on the tactic of changing one's appearance and identity. While I do have other subjects of my own.. none reach that far out regretfully." Closing his eyes, his brow furl though is eyes continue to twitch under their lids. "It would take some time to spark a replacement or even a false body with traces of that village I know little about personally."

Sei nods slightly. "We-Sei knows it to be a Uchiha she is trying to turn. The lead to Iwagakure is to entice Konohagakure to seek them, not Kirigakure, for restitution. There is time before the conclusion of the transfer. We-Sei requests as a secondary task, you work within the Okumo to obtain the required resources to assist with their dissapearance in Iwagakure."

"Hmm.. to disappear.. There are a few within our clan that specialize in such tasks. I will investigate how many with soil manipulation." Opening his eyes partly, Naoya's gaze was still distant, several ideas were keeping his focus heavily elsewhere but in time a soft smile appears on his lips and his head bows again slowly. "Yes, I know of a few files of promising experiments that should prove an advantage for giving false appearances of those stone shinobi. I will see which are trustworthy and design false assignments for this task, they will not know the true reason, just like the Land of Stone and Fire will not know who is truly at play. Is there anything else I should be working on sir?"

Sei nods with a whistle. Naoya did have the resources, good. "We-Sei has taken an interest in some of the students. One of them is of Kiji-san's former clan. We-Sei wishes them watched.. assisted as possible. This is easily a task assigned to Kiji-san as well. We-Sei wishes you to know of this interest so you can keep tabs as necessary when working within the village. This is all of the current activity that We-Sei has without going into specifics of political activity we continue in the village."

"That one.. Shimizu Ren, often beside the frail Shirayuki Mizumi.." Nodding lightly for a moment, Naoya bends slowly with a bow towards Sei before standing upright again. "Those two are often under the eye of Kiji-san, their monitoring is close, but I will pay attention to his personally." While it is faint, a smirk appears on his lips at the mention of politics adding, "I am a Hunter, I will leave the civilities to you sir. If there is a time to end things with action and not words, I will always answer. With these things needed to be settled, I will set the plans into motion. I will wait for Okami-san before scouting the territory personally."

"We-Sei and We-Brood hunt.. we just have to use a different form. The nest is grown, the web spread. Threads applied for later use." Sei would nod with a whistle. "We-Sei rely on that, Naoya-san. We are impressed with your work and will continue to work with you. If you hear anything, please report it. Otherwise you are dismissed." Sei would give a small half-bow of respect to Naoya, letting him return to his tasks.

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