Okumo Report: Sharingan Potential


Okami, Sei

Date: February 23, 2016


A Okumo Chuunin reports on their progress of collecting a genetic donor of a prominent rival clan to the Okumo leader.

"Okumo Report: Sharingan Potential"

Land of Water, Ruins

Sent ahead of Okami is one of her brood. A swift, troopering male portia, of black carapace and white hairs with a tiny white postman's cap atop his head. Behind him he'd been lugging a carefully wrapped slip of paper, enveloped in silk to the ruins. Upon arrival, near the entrance to the temple, the little one begins diplomatic search for the Okumo head while his nest makes her way into the ruins as well.

Sei was there at the ruins, a portion of it reconstructed as well as amended with the additions the Okumo wanted. Nesting, meals, it was being turned into a base. Although the process was slow and steady, just like a normal spider's web could be done, slow, steady, built to last. The one carrying a package was seen by several of Sei's brood, the many falling in with the one to make sure they were arrived safely to where Sei was at. The package was studied while Sei would wait for Okami to follow the trail left for her and report to him. They had plenty to discuss.

The postspider's letter was simple- a forewarning of Okami's arrival, and a request to discuss a potential mission- one that had potential to benefit Kirigakure and is not simply a personal request, and that upon delivery, thanks should be given to one 'Postspider Pat' were it of acceptable timing and presentation. Perhaps five minutes later, Okami would flicker into view behind Pat, a finger lowered beside to retrieve him- having him crawl in under her fingernail and vanish.
She then straightens up and adjusts her komon, eyes glancing up to seek her leader.

Sei eyes the letter curiously, before shrugging. It is returned to the named spider, a small nod given as he'd wait. Around him, Sei's own brood would start crafting those harps, the instruments how Sei's voice would be heard and would start playing only after Okami shows up. Sei studied her as she'd show up and offer her hand for the small spider. Sei watched and waited, once she was standing again, he'd motion for her to speak with a whistle and a hand wave.

Okami bows politely as she's acknowledged, bringing herself to seat where she is, the letter reigned in by more of her brood and hidden away within her komon. "Sei-sama." she greets, "In the spirit of brevity, I want to propose a mission to kidnap one of Konoha's Uchiha for my experiments." she states plainly. "If it is important, I already have a method which I can use to bring him into neutral territory, alone and without suspicion. The only reason I bring this before you, is that I think he may not willingly defect from his village and fear I may require assistance in pacifying and transporting him undetected."

Sei watched Okami sit and listened patiently as she spoke. Finally that genjutsu would be engaged, the voice of a thousand whispers, the hive mind shown to those who it affects from Sei reaches for her, enveloping her in that voice as he'd start pacing slowly. "We-Sei wishes to make sure it is clear. This is the Uchiha you have engaged with in activities after your main mission in the Land of Tea. The one who fell asleep with you innocently?" Sei's head tilted to the side. "You wish to lure him out again, kidnap him and bring him to Kirigakure for experimentation. This sort of act would be a declaration of war with them.. at the very least with the Uchiha, if not Konohagakure, We-Sei believes. What benefits do you believe you will receive for experimenting on this person?"

Okami responds with a nod to Sei as he makes this question. "If he leaves for the neutral territory unannounced, or is made to give Konoha reason to not suspect an extended absence, as I would suspect he might to avoid having his illicit meeting with myself unnoted in the first place, a quiet taking of his person would not arouse Konohagakure nor the Uchiha's ire for some time. Enough that it is likely for him to just be considered a runaway, with no leads on where he has gone." she explains, "If our initial collection is done properly. As for the experimentation, it is no secret that the Uchiha have an advanced kekkei-genkai, one that if we did correctly, could breed an additional clan to serve Kirigakure, or use information about to strengthen our numbers. There is also the potential to convert him to our village and serve as one of us as well, as not to waste his individual talent." she explains. "There are many things to be gained, if this is done correctly."

Sei contemplates it for a moment, continuing his slow pacing as he did, his hands clasping behind his back. "Are you offering to be the breeding receptacle for the subject in an attempt to unify clan capabilities?" Sei would watch Okami as he'd walk, the black gaze giving away nothing from the question. "Also.. while there could be an initial delay.. they would eventually look. Unless he snuck out to start with.. which would have them look anyways, they would find the point of contact. It's still a potential of war. Not that We-Sei wish to step back from war.. Konohagakure owes Kirigakure blood, however We-Sei is not in a position to allow us to go to War. This is for the Mizukage to determine." He frowns slightly, shaking his head. "If he can be turned, then extraction is acceptable. Coercive results would have a low resolution of acceptable output. If you can turn him, we will help. Otherwise, no."

Okami's expression remains steady throughout the response, "If necessary and no other appropriate receivers are available." she begins replying in order. "Eventually, it is without a doubt he would be unmissed, this is why the initial proceeding must be done within neutral territory to avoid trace. As well, I have taken to using a remote network to send my parcels, dropped off and received through the land of Tea rather than within the land of water. I have put considerable thought to how Konohagakure may respond, but if there are no ties to Kirigakure, they may attempt hostilities towards the land of Tea rather than Kirigakure. I admit, my order of preference for this meeting was Mizukage ue-sama, Yoichi-sama, and then yourself, Sei-sama. As the former have the.. political deliberation for such espionage and gravity of this situation." she pauses, "I hope you received the genetic sample I had sent- it was thought you could use it for similar purpose I had mentioned of interbreeding and strengthening the village." curious.

Sei would nod slightly. "Although if you had come to We-Sei first, we could of assisted it going up. We-Sei presumes you did not get a meeting with those mentioned?" Sei stops pacing to face Okami with a small frown. "The land of Tea has been shown to be an ally of Kirigakure. You should route through the Land of Earth. That's the best way to avoid them coming at Kirigakure.. have them go at Iwagakure."

Okami nods, "Very well, I will forward my messages through Iwagakure, though there will be a greater disparity in time I can schedule for with additional routing." she admits, "I will also either ensure the summons can be traced no further back than Iwa, or have it prepared to destroy itself shortly after being viewed." she hisses in addition.

Sei nods solemnly. "It will need to go this route. It's the best chance We-Sei sees of avoiding a war We-Sei can not say to begin." Sei muses for a moment. "If they agree to come willingly, We-Sei can see about a safe location for storage and allocation of resources for experimentation. We-Sei advises not allowing into Kirigakure.. as there are clans that will kill and take his eyes on sight." Sei nods slightly then looks at Okami. "Is there anything else?"

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