Okumo Village: Clearing the Way


Sei, Hitomi

Date: April 7, 2016


In an effort to relocate the Okumo to a place of their own with more security, Okumo clan head Sei and his mate Hitomi scout potential prospect locations, only to find bandits have set up shop in the deserted ruins of the Koumorite village.

"Okumo Village: Clearing the Way"

Koumorite Village [Land of Water]


The Koumorite Village is built near the west coast of the Land of Water, and seems to be situated on a number of rocky cliffs as well as the uneven terrain that lies at the bottom of said cliffs. Caves and tunnels in the cliff walls were once the primary residences of the Koumorite Clan, and were of some use in the past, though in the present they seem forebodingly empty and lined with cobwebs about their entrances. The clan used to dwell mostly in typical wood and rice-paper houses with tiled roofs that have been built on the ground since moving from the cliff-face, however no obvious signs of human inhabitance is apparent. Various intricate bridges and pathways lead up to the caves still, but few outsiders dare to venture along the rickety-looking bamboo ramps and stairs and walkways that are suspended so high above the earth in a state of general disrepair and decay.
Though the structures of the Koumorite Village are fairly traditional and typical of the smaller establishments of the Land of Water, there is a proliferance of bat and demon-themed statues, idols, carvings, and similar decorations. For those who knew of the special ability of the Koumorite Clan, this is not that surprising. To others, it is typically seen as odd, distasteful, or perhaps even frightening. In their abandonment, the decoration of the village has fallen to disrepair and varying degrees of weathering and dust have filled in what was once regular and healthy maintenance. No people are seen living here, and an overabundance of cobwebs litter most of the surfaces in the village, some entryways entirely covered in dusty remants of arachnid replacement of human residents.
Silence fills the air along with a gloom, the day showcases an almost total lack of life and perfect stillness. Though any that visit at night, or venture into one of the buildings will find that this village is still very much thriving with an array of spiders of all ages. They all do seem to belong to the same genus.

A path leads south along the coast, and through the woodlands of the Land of Water. To the east, a path up the cliffs leads deeper into the forest, and away from the ocean.

07/05/14 A.F. - Friday - Year of the Tiger

With the oasis and subsequent use of the ruins not useful due to the regular traffic of non-Okumo into the area, Sei set time aside with Hitomi to check another potential place that could be obtained. Using a map of a village center that has since been wiped out, Sei would lead Hitomi towards that old village. There, Sei would slow with Hitomi at the base of the cliffs, his brood already up the wall to go searching, but also finding a surprise. There seems to be some bandits in the village that have moved in. Well. That's an issue.

Hitomi follows Sei to what remains of the long abandoned Koumorite Village, a hand loosely tucked at the crook of his arm. Not that she needs to, but rather wants too. Her bandaged eyes seem to peer in the direction of the cliff, where both brood are already climbing, scouting ahead for their hosts. Her brow furrows beneath her long bangs as her pace slows just slightly. Just like Sei, Hitomi had detected them too. The bandits. "Maybe it really is infested. Just not like I thought." she murmurs lightly.

Sei would look to Hitomi curiously, a light whistle given in question. She had gathered some information from others. So there were loose tabs kept on up there.. No knowing if they are now or not. Sei gives a light pat to her hand and would continue up the path with her, casually strolling as if there isn't a care in the world. The brood would work in tandem with Hitomi's own, infesting the houses, slowly replacing the spiders that were there.. with the hive mind controlled broods. Not that those spiders were allowed to get away, they'd be herded off to a separate area for study and potential use of growing the strength of the brood.

The young woman on his arm lightly nods at his whistle, but falls quiet as she listens, moving with the brood as they work together to steadily replace the spiders that were already occupying the village. But… something felt off. It took Hitomi a moment or so before she frowns at the realization. "I'm not detecting another Okumo." she murmurs. Had Okami disappeared somewhere? There were only bandits that she could tell.

Sei would nod lightly. He'd trace out on her hand with a finger as they walked along. ~Okami is under guard in Kirigakure for the Mizukage to decide the fate of. This is remnants of her brood that have gone feral. I have moved them out as best as I could while not giving away our approach the bandits. We need to remove them.~ Sei would shrug slightly after his last writing, they were getting to the top of the path and at that top were two men lounging around. They stood up at spotting Sei and Hitomi walking towards them. "Hey! Ya'll ain't allowed up here. Turn around and go back!"

The last of the words written on her hand elicits a slight smile, drawing at one corner of her mouth. "Of course." she murmurs lightly, just enough for only Sei to hear just as they're spotted. Her expression falls with disbelief, disappointment even as Hitomi's attention shifts from the new people to the boy escorting you. "You said you were taking me somewhere where we could be alone, just the two of us." she says wistfully, leaning heavier against Sei's captured arm. "I guess we'll have to make do…" Her brood were already scurrying from behind, crawling up their pant legs and biting what flesh they find. Injecting the bandits with the numbing toxin.

The bandits would leer at Hitomi. "Well.. if you want to stay, we can show you a good time alone…. what the?" They had a look of confusion as their legs would give out after a few moments, the toxin spreading further as the brood continued up as well. Sei would hang his head, playing along. Then he'd click his tongue and shake his head, starting back up along the path to lead Hitomi further on into the village. The two bandits would start yelling in pain as Sei's brood went for the tender bits, ripping into their faces. Eventually the yells would cut short as the brain was ate from the inside out.
Further ahead, the 'village' of bandits, about 20 of them, were stirring because of the yelling of the guards. Sei's brood went wide, just out of sight within the wood those web walls were being formed, the barriers thick enough to not allow people to flee. Sei would draw on Hitomi's hand again. ~If you go low, I'll go high. I count 20. This should take about 15 minutes. Are you ready to flex your brood, mate?~ Sei would stop with Hitomi at the edge of the village as the group of men started approaching. They had been having an afternoon siesta and that just got interrupted. Two of them in the back said to a third. "Get the boss!" what the others approached Sei and Hitomi. "You two are in big trouble now!"

Hitomi hums lightly and continues to follow Sei as the pair of bandits behind them scream in pain, devoured by the brood regardless if they feel it or not. Ahead of them the brood were stirring, creating layers of web to trap the alerted bandits inside the village. Not that this matters to them at the moment, as they approach quickly with heavy boots. The slight smile on her soft lips easily becomes a darker smirk. "Mmm, I do love it every time you call me that." Hitomi murmurs to Sei beside her, slipping the hand from his arm. "Hm, agreed. Just a little disappointing to get worked up for nothing."

Sei's brood, within the roofs of the houses, would start making those harps, to add that genjutsu to the mix, although the music wouldn't start until after the boss showed up to glower at the two Okumo. "You killed two of our guys! That's gonna cost ya yer lives. But I'll tell you what whelp. you'll get to stay around long enough to see us enjoy your girl before you both die.. bwhahaha!" Sei shook his head with a click of his tongue, although he didn't say anything else. That one guy in the back that was always with such groups and would recognize such things went pale suddenly. Overhead, Sei's brood started gathering webbing, the look that of the sky going overcast. Sei would smile and with a small half-bow, motion for Hitomi to begin.

Hitomi faintly tilts her pale head at the word 'whelp'. "Hm. That was a mistake. If you weren't dead before, now you are." she murmurs passively. The light touch from Sei at her side is enough of a gesture, a signal to her while her brood begin to dot out the sky. Her own scurry in unnoticed while the bandits are distracted, and silently a half a dozen spiders climb up pant legs of every single target. The fast acting numbing poison injected into their legs and spreading quickly through their bodies.

Sei's head tilted to the side slightly as he'd stare at the leader with unblinking black gaze. The confusion oaths and mutters, men slapping at spiders would start as Hitomi's brood started in on them. Sei's brood dropped down from above. grouping of silk, a heavy weight would slam into heads or chest. That webbing was sticky, thick, clinging to the person as the mass of spiders within it would scatter over them, biting and injecting Sei's own venom. While Hitomi's numbed them.. Sei's venom was all about pain. The men started panicking, the leader ignoring all of it as he'd walk closer to Hitomi and Sei. The man was large, rather heavily muscled too. Sei's genjutsu would finally take hold, the music increasing in volume. Sei would touch Hitomi first. "We-Sei thinks there's plenty that can be done after this minor exercise." Sei glanced at her with a knowing look. The man laughed down at them. "A mistake? Pah! The runt that had been using here is gone. We'll remove you two as well! Now, prepare to die boy!!" The man would pull from his back a rather large axe and start that swing to attack Sei.

A soft, feminine chuckle comes from Hitomi as his brood fall from the sky, right on top of the unsuspecting bandits like a spider bomb. Through this the heavy pair of boots approach without being affected. The boss evidently, laughing down at them. "And keep on making mistakes…" she murmurs lightly. Shifting her weight she pulls Sei with her to the side, out of the way of the heavy axe as it's swung.

Sei was actually curious what Hitomi would do in defense, so had left the guy alone it seems. He'd move with her easily. aided by the brood as well, they'd shift to the side, the axe thudding into the ground with a heavy crunch of metal on stone. Sei shook his head with a click of his tongue, the voice something only Hitomi could hear, amidst the screams. "They don't learn. The count is now 10 bandits left. Do you wish the rest of them? It is always quite interesting to watch you work, mate. We-Sei does not wish to spoil your fun." The man has recovered his axe, growling as he'd stalk them. Bandits are now trying to scatter, finding there is only the cliff jump to death, or the webbing as their escape.

A hidden brow lifts under the bandages, "Ten left…" Hitomi murmurs thoughtfully. "Well, since you offered." Her smile returns. A second wave of her own brood emerges to swarm what bandits are trying to flee for their lives, injecting paralyzing poisons and devouring large chunks of flesh. "Mm, I suppose you can take care of the large one."

Sei would nod lightly with a whistle. Sei didn't actually react to the axe being lifted, nor it's swing. At least, not physically. He didn't have to. The axe would suddenly slow, slow, stop.. the gathering of silk that was in the way suddenly thick and heavy, a barrier that wasn't quite there a moment before. The axe stops short of Sei by about two inches, the man straining with the force he's trying to put into it. Sei smiles briefly to Hitomi, then looks at the man with that deadly black gaze. Suddenly around him that brood would shift, coming out of buildings and from above to latch onto limbs, pulling him out, spread eagle, leaving his head free to move about, although silk was taunt against his throat. Sei reached out then with that genjutsu, touching the man while maintaining contact with Hitomi. "You are trespassing. You have threaten We-Sei's mate. We-Sei and We-Brood will destroy you." A sudden thick mass of silk comes soaring over Sei's head, slamming into the man's chest with a meaty thwack. He'd wobble slightly in the silk, cursing at Sei for a moment then he'd start screaming. The brood and what that mass held went to work, burrowing spiders digging into the man's chest, depositing the purple hued spiders that would spread and consume. That neurovenom more intense than anything seen in nature, it would ravage the man as Sei turned away. All but the one man who had recognized Sei and Hitomi at the start was being hunted down by Hitomi's brood, they'd reach the web wall and try desparately to get out as they're attacked and consumed. Sei would try to take Hitomi's hand then walk over to the one man, that link made again as he'd point at him. "You. You recognized the proper owners of this area. You are to spread the word. Any hostile entity that enters this area becomes food for the broods." Sei would motion to where his companions are being consumed. "You will leave. Now." The man stammers, wets himself and gets up to take off, a portion of the webbing opens for him to get out so he can run away.

Her sightless gaze seems to follow the sole survivor as he escapes frantically through the only opening made in the web, the heavy stench of urine in his wake. The corner of her soft lips tugs slightly, fingers curling through Sei's, "That was rather sweet of you to let him live." Hitomi murmurs. "You know, every time you call me that it makes my chest beat quicker. Makes it difficult to keep from being lovey-dovey and concentrate on the task at hand." Despite her teasing chastising, she squeezes his hand tighter and leans more of her weight against him. "So," the sound of her voice changes, attempting seriousness. "Okami moved out and these low lives took over. The buildings here seem structurally sound, just neglected for a long time."

Sei watched the rest of the men eventually fall silent, death claiming them as the broods went to work on converting them into food for the masses. Sei nodded slightly and turned to Hitomi. "You are We-Sei's mate. You are what We-Sei and We-Brood protect the most. You are important to both heart and home." Sei shrugs slightly, shifting on his feet. He'd look around at the buildings and nod slowly, his own brood starting to take down the walls that had been created of webbing. "We-Sei thinks you are right. We are a fisherman.. not really an architect. We-Sei will need to get others to verify integrity. We-Sei and you can go over plans for the village to organize locations and homes as well."

A small chuckle escapes her and Hitomi grips his fingers a little tighter. "You say this so matter-of-factually. And well, yes it's the most natural thing in the world for you to think this way. But the word still has an effect on me." she hums softly. Again her attention is drifting away. Exhaling a deeper breath she turns forward, the brood had wrapped up what it didn't devour to save for later, plastering the remains to the closest cavern wall. Now they spread out and were exploring deeper parts. "Hm. There are more tunnels and caves. It looks like the village was actually larger than what you see from the cliff face." Hitomi lifts her free hand to absently brush at her bangs, briefly revealing more of the bandages beneath. "We don't necessarily have to use the houses here if we don't want to. I think there should be enough room to make burrows. But to be honest there are many types of spiders so it might be difficult what kind of dwellings would be suitable."

Sei would chuckle silently at her comment, a brief squeeze of her fingers given back. Walking with her, he'd look around, nodding slowly as the range of the harps was reached. It'd be harder to maintain the genjutsu, so he'd pause there. "We-Sei agrees. This variable terrain should actually give the widest potential for the broods to grow. We-Sei thinks this will be a good spot for the Okumo to expand into and take over." Sei would look around, studying the surroundings for a moment.

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