Old Injuries - An Unexpected Encounter


Odin, Miyo

Date: February 9, 2014


A mysterious girl who seems to have some history with Miyo and her family finds her and swiftly causes dangerous trouble.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Old Injuries - An Unexpected Encounter"

Hantsuki Clear

+ Miyo exists… as all Miyos do. But what does a Miyo do? A Miyo does Miyo-things. Miyo things are things such as relaxing, playing, and causing mischief. But most notably, Miyo likes to… well, doesn't like to, but tends to get lost. Miyo is currently lost, even though the area should be familiar to her. Lost or not, a Miyo never shows signs of fear, nor does a Miyo appear to be lost. No, a Miyo must always appear it control, and as such, the Miyo is not panicking, she is not asking for directions, but is seated under a tree, eating the last big of food she had stashed away within the pockets of her garments. A Miyo loves snacks.

But there were more than just Miyos within the area. Many things more than the Miyo and her tree. There were small animals and smaller insects, these in the skies and in the trees and in the grass and below the earth. There were people whose lives were tied to the huts in the area and people who simply passed through on their way to training, the village, or what was once the forbidden path.
But what may easily have been the most important thing in Hantsuki was the girl a distance away, getting closer as she walked closer to the young Uzumaki. Black hair, dark dusky skin and deep blue eyes peek over the high collar of a black collar that sits open at the front to show her simple red clothing as she strode forward. It also allowed the hilt of her blade to be seen with ease. She looked to be about Miyo's age.

+ Even if there were other things than just the Miyo in the area, the Miyo is definitely the most important - at least in the mind of the Miyo! Either way, as is finishing her snack, Miyo notes the girl approaching her. She was unfamiliar, someone that that Uzumaki did not recognize. That was unfamiliar for her, especially since she spent so much time wandering around Konoha and even giving tours to outsiders. That made Miyo curious, and as the suspicious girl came closer, she gets to her feet and waves. "Hey!"

The suspicious girl doesn't immediately respond to Miyo's friendly greeting. Instead, she simply drapes a wrist over the hilt of her blade, hand comfortably hanging off. She allows time to pass, clearly walking in the Uzumaki girl's direction now. When she's close enough to speak without putting too much effort into the shout, her voice raises above the collar covering the bottom half of her face.
"Are you Uzumaki Miyo?"

+ The wild Miyo is taken by surprise and does not seem to know what sort of reaction is appropriate. What she does muster is somewhat of a half-smile half-…something… that makes her look like she is about to sneeze. "H-hi.. and yes, yes I am! I am Uzumaki Miyo!" She strikes a bit of a pose, drawing attention to herself as if she was someone important.

Apparently, Miyo was someone important.
You could tell by the way the girl deliberately drew her blade.
Weapon in hand, she immediately started dashing towards the young girl, snarling out, "Harutobi says hi you stupid tart!" Her hand vanished into her cloak only long enough to whip it back out in the Uzumaki's direction, sending a pair of shuriken towards the girl.

+ Miyo is surprised, to say the least, that the random girl begins attacking her. However, what confuses her most is the fact that she was just called a tart. "Isn't that a pastry?!" She demands while she is pelted by shuriken. Fortunately for the Uzumaki, her robes are thick enough that something like the shuriken merely bludgeon her uncomfortably instead of stick her like a pig. "W-what are you doing!?" She squeaks as she gets closer, but even though Miyo seems confused by the sudden attack, she prepares to assail her opponent if necessary.

The unknown assailant rushed the girl, face drawing up into an angry snarl as she brought her blade to bare, the weapon glinting in the sun. She moves swiftly, enough that her hair whips behind her from it, leaving her blue eyes free and fierce. "I'm /getting/ REVENGE!" she shouts just before she comes upon the small girl, whipping her blade in a swift downward diagonal slash that would strike the chest before it quickly shifted into a stab towards the solar plexus. This was no play, and there seemed to be no intent to keep her alive.

+ Miyo's eyes widen up as the sword slashes down to her, however, the girl sways to the side, narrowly getting out of its path. The Uzumaki apparently neglected to take her opponent seriously as she is almost skewered by the girl's sword. Only the twisting motion of Miyo's torso and the density of her armor keeps her from being shredded by the sword, but she'd have one impressive bruise when the battle was over.
With a loud grunt, the Uzumaki leans in, pressing forward and thrusting her left arm out. The hand held a seal tag in it, and judging by the forward motion of the girl's body, as well as the fact that Miyo had her sword trapped between her body and her arm, she figured it would be easy enough to tag her with it, stunning her, before delivering a swift kick to her legs to topple her and wrench her sword from her grip. At least, that was Miyo's plan.

The kenjutsuist's eyes narrowed in a short-lived victory and intent, soon widening slightly as they saw the tag. She let go of her blade, jerking her hand away but moved too slow to avoid it from being placed on her. Very suddenly, she found quite a bit of energy being leached from her, an abrupt malaise settling into her fully long enough for Miyo to kick her in the legs and send her to the ground.
The girl twisted as she fell and rolled with what seemed to be reflex, coming out of it in a crouch and glaring at the Uzumaki. She spit on the ground beside her before rising up to her feet. Once more those hands slipped into her cloak and lashed out at Miyo, sending shuriken into the air. But these ones connected near the target in a way that sent them separating towards a leg and towards a shoulder.

"Wound you for this…"

+ As the girl goes down, Miyo twists, yanking the sword free of her hands before her fingers curl around it, turning it into her own tool of combat for the time being. Either way, Miyo knew that there would be something else on its way. The girl was angry enough that simply knocking her to the ground would not be enough. No, submission would be required. The Uzumaki's generally friendly and smiling face hardened in a rather foreboding manner.
Her free hand darts out as the assailant attempts an adhoc ranged attack, a string of seals wrapping around her and creating an impressive blue-chakra barrier, stopping the shuriken with little issue. The mere instant the shuriken halt in the air, the barrier is gone and Miyo is moving forward. With her new sword held in a reverse grip, she thrusts it forward towards the girl's skull, intent on knocking her senseless before delivering a duo of harsh blows to sensitive regions of her chest. You know the ones.

The unknown girl's face grows darker herself as Miyo streaks in towards her, seeming unperturbed at having to fight someone who'd just disarmed her and taken her weapon as their own. When the hilt of the blade came in, a swift jerk saw her head moving backwards and out of range, her blue eyes not even seeming to leave Miyo's as she evaded it. "With my own weapon?" she growled as she evaded the second blow with a sidestep accompanied by an immediate pivot. A leg is brought around as she turns, lashing out with a kick that would not only deflect Miyo's arm but strike the girl in the head.
And the assault wouldn't stop. She'd follow through with the kick in whatever manner necessary, bringing her leg suddenly down and using that to take her weight as she followed up with a strong side kick, calling "I'm not even going to stop with you." Again, quick withdrawal of the leg and she was rushing forward, kunai suddenly in her hands as she gets very close, small blades being used to try and stab through the girl's armor. "When you're done, I'll have to see how /ma/ and /pa/ are doing!"

+ Miyo never expected such simple techniques to land on the girl, who had proven to be at least somewhat competent. "It's not your weapon if you cannot even hold on to it." She chides, before tossing it to the side as she ducks beneath the kick to her head. "A true warrior never lets go of their sword."
Miyo's defenses may seem a bit sloppy at times, but she doesn't seem to be taking any real lethal damage, despite her more labored breathing from the bludgeoning she had taken. Even as the assailant attempts to bring her leg down in another attack, Miyo is gone, vanishing from her sight, appearing just to the side. Unfortunately for Miyo, she is a bit too slow to get out of the way of the first Kunai's attack. Even as Miyo is stuck with the first blow, the Uzumaki throws back her head and laughs wildly - maniacally, even. Chakra washes over Miyo's body, covering her in a protective barrier that deflects the piercing weapons of her assailant with no problem, but Miyo is not done there. She follows up immediately by releasing her seal matrix, surging chakra through her body and bursting with light.
"If you can't even defeat me, my parents would destroy you." The Uzumaki's fingers dance together in a set of seals even as she throws herself forward, uncaring, and with incredible speed. A suicide attack? Perhaps! Either way, as the girl's hands move in to contact with the girl's body, even the slightest brushing of skin onto clothing would cause a seal of black ink to spread across the girl, enveloping her before spreading across the ground in a rapidly growing matrix.

The random assassin girl growled and hopped backwards as her second kunai was stopped dead in her tracks, flicking the small amount of blood she'd managed to draw from the first one. She scored hits but her attempts at anything truly damaging continue to be diverted by the frustrating Uzumaki.
The somewhat unbalanced laughter has an odd look pass over the cloaked girl's face, but one that's swiftly replaced with continued determination and a readied stance. "I don't need advice from you, worthless trash," she spat, only hardening at the light suddenly emanating from the newly empowered Uzumaki girl. She makes no response to her comment of her parents, simply preparing for the assault that was sure to come. In this way, she managed to control herself, awaiting until Miyo reached out and she… dodged at the final moment, leaping to the side and rolling to her feet.
She tosses both of her kunai towards Miyo with another leap backwards, hand already reaching into her cloak for another shuriken. Next to last one. It is tossed, the spinning blade whirring faster than the other two moved. It bounced off of the top one, sending it thudding into the branch of a tree above. Then it hit the second, spinning blade hitting it a couple of times as though riding it before they separated, the kunai heading towards Miyo's foot and the shuriken heading towards the collarbone, which usually end up being the neck after the kunai strikes — a maneuver she was very proud of.

+ Miyo, having missed her attack, stumbles forward and finally regains her footing. "Worthless…" She breathes, turning to face the assailant, gazing at her with her strange, yellow eyes. "Worthless…" She turns slightly, staggering forward. "Soon… I'll reduce you to nothing… soon… you'll be worthless…" She cackles as she tips to the side, apparently an attempt avoid the Kunai that connects with her shoulder, twisting her somewhat. Another unsteady step and Miyo has righted herself again, only to continue a slow, zombie-like approach. "It's over for you… Worthless…"

The cloaked teenager only clenches her teeth as one of her weapons manage to strike home and all the girl does is stumble, stagger and moan like a weird… /idiot./ Stepping forward and calling her worthless. The girl clenched her fist, drawing on anger to temper the unease that was moving through her before she darted forward. "Shut up you idiotic FREAK!" she called out before she launched into a vehement punch that she leapt to make, the whole of her body behind that single strike.

+ Even as the assailt approaches, Miyo staggers forward, but just as she moves into melee range, a sly smirk appears on the left side of Miyo's mouth. Malicious, evil, dark. "You're mine." From within her cloak she twitches her fingers, seals bursting around her and creating a wall to stop the girl from delivering her blow. As the wall comes down, Miyo moves forward. Her hands come together, thrusting outward to deliver the seal. Even if the girl happened to get out of the way, she'd follow through, dropping to the ground to place it there. It did not matter to the Uzumaki. The seal, once deployed, was massive. And dangerous.

The girl's face draws down into a serious expression as her fist slams into not Miyo's face but a sudden barrier erected before her, knowing just where that put her in this battle. But she landed without being harmed. Swiftly, she backpedaled evading the Uzumaki's reaching hands and moving successfully out of range…
But not out of range of the seal that erupts from the Uzumaki's hands once they hit the ground. Abruptly, the assailant finds herself falling to her knees with a pain-wracked cry to the sky, echoing after the birds that had long since fled the area. She felt it, her energy, her chakra, her very life force being torn from her and drawn down into the assault, and her pained scream lasted just as long as the seal did.
And when it vanished, she fell forward onto her hands, simply sitting there and gasping. Three breaths, the each of them blurry eyed… and then she suddenly heaved herself to her feet — pure willpower — and dashed into the forestry of the Hantsuki Clear, attempting to hide herself from Miyo.

+ The disappearance of the angry girl did not seem to bother Miyo. She merely stood there, eyes on the forest. Hiding from Miyo was one thing, but evading her attacks would be an entirely different feat all-together. "I'll find you…" She whispers to herself and steps forward, straightening up. "And then I'll show you… worthless…" Her fingers dance together and then she vanishes. Few were as fast as Miyo with her seals open, especially those her age. With her body-flicker technique, Miyo closes the distance on the panting girl. "Found you…" She twirls around, hand flying out towards the girl's throat as if she were going to pin her to the tree, but that was not the case. No, Miyo was not done yet. She was going to make sure that this girl was going no where without her approval.

The girl had her back pressed against the trunk of a tree, sweat on her forehead, trying to gasp as quietly as possible while still catching her breath. And then Miyo was abruptly there in front of her again, causing her to flinch. But as the seal user whirled around, the girl in the cloak lurched to the side, avoiding the hand streaking towards her neck, hearing the tree she'd been leaning against get partially splintered by a seal's chakra emission as she rolled. Gasping, fatigued and desperate she simply continued trying to run away, to escape the girl.

+ Miyo growls and retracts her hand as the girl disappears again, running off into the forest. She twirls around again, ready to pursue. A mere glimpse of the retreating target signals the direction of Miyo's persuit, and she is off, dashing after her, vanishing periodically from sight to change vectors of approach, flickering across her foe's peripherals until she feels confident in cornering her. Another bodyflicker and the Uzumaki is on her, prepared to take her down with yet another of her dangerous seal-techniques.

Now the hunted rather than the hunter, the fear fetid girl runs through the forest as best she can, beginning to feel her lungs press against her rib cage with her breaths. She could sense Miyo about, approaching from this direction, approaching from that and suddenly she was there. A small sound of surprise left the assailant before she leapt onto a tree, kicking off of the trunk and landing on her stomach onto a tree branch. She pulled herself up after half of a second and continued running, attempting to vanish into the foliage once more.

+ Yet another failure for the Uzumaki. The girl was very slippery, that was definitely true, but Miyo's chakra storage had run out. Even though she knew where the girl had run off to, she was unsure if it was worth chasing. No - it was. But confrontation was not. Miyo sets off, stalking her. Miyo may have run low on chakra, but she did not have to let her opponent know that. She made sure that her presence would be known. Following, just out of sight. A noise here, a quick glimpse there. Fear would be her weapon. The Uzumaki had seen, and heard the condition her assailant was in. It would only be a matter of time until she ran her into the ground. Time… Miyo had plenty of that. Her schedule was free for at least a day or two.

It was beginning to look like the nameless girl wouldn't be able to escape Miyo, the Uzumaki simply dogged in her pursuit. She was running further and further away from Konohagakure itself, and maybe only doing so to some tucked away corner that would end up becoming her grave. "Worthless…. trash," she gasped between labored breaths in infuriating frustration. She changed her path, zigzagging and doubling back and such in an effort to lose the girl trailing her.

+ To the grave it may be, but Miyo had no intention of making it her own. No, it seemed like she was intent on turning the entire forest into this suspicious girl's demise. Previously content with just following, Miyo stepped up her game and began assailing to assailant. Kunai would fly from behind trees, bushes, and out of the corner of the girl's eye. None were in blind spots, but all were designed to harass and cause panic - each came from an area that could be seen, but just barely. "Stop your running… I have questions for you…" Another Kunai would so gracefully hiss through the air towards her.

The girl would be gritting her teeth if that wouldn't make it so difficult to get the breath that she needed. And to top it off, the Uzumaki /bitch/ started throwing kunai at her. She evaded the first as it came streaking in, easily doing so despite her fatigue. As the second came hissing at her, she evaded that just as easily. And on she ran. When the third kunai came flying her way, she abruptly whirled about and snatched it out of the air, continuing her spin and redirecting it right back at Miyo. Using that as a distraction, she cut to the side, attempting to vanish into the underbrush.

+ Miyo chuckles to herself, even after the kunai she had thrown strikes her, causing her to stumble and even stop her pursuit. The girl was as good as gone, or so Miyo figured, and she was calming down. Events were blurring together, and soon the Uzumaki became delirious - uncertain of where she was. "Hm…?" She pats herself down, wincing as she comes across the bruise where she had been stabbed. "Owie…" Miyo looks around her, curious as to where she had ended up, then begins navigating her way home.

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