On cruise... ehrm, mission?


Satomi, Daisuke

Date: May 13, 2013


Daisuke and Satomi get treated to a cruise… Or so though though! WARNING: Parental advisory: 16 Reason: Mild adult insinuations.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"On cruise… ehrm, mission?"

Southern lands

So after that rainstorm the sun finally picked up. Satomi is standing by the gates, wearing a cute dress and sunglasses. Looking all ready to go on vacation-y…. She glances at the shadows … "Where's that guy, we're going to miss our…. mission." She chuckles at that idea. Guarding a cruise while undercover. Issues highly unlikely. The only thing is that the guests are a rich delegation that are against ninja villages, but hey who cares! They're just guests there anyways… Satomi can already imagine doing all the fun stuff. Going swimming, going to the spa… the buffet! *sighhhh*

While she's all fluttering in fantasies she's not even paying attention to her surroundings, allowing a perfect sneak attack! Anywhoo, once they rendevouz and go through their whatever way of greeting Satomi hops onto a carriage. Headed for the docks where a large experimental western cruise ship has laid anchor. She couldn't wait! THANKS Hokage for giving us such an awesome mission. This was a piece of cake, better yet, the pay was great! Like a paid vacation!

When Daisuke had been informed of their next mission he was a little upset. Not truly upset but disappointed that he never got to find that one mission to the five star resort that he had suggested they look into. Instead, a mission came down that gave them the opportunity to 'vacation' on its own. Regardless of his pride, Daisuke had taken the opportunity to pack, especially sea-sickness medicine because Daisuke on a boat was not pretty.
Right on time arriving at the gates (Satomi must have been early), Daisuke notices that Satomi wasn't paying attention to her surroundings, thinking it was a perfect time for a sneak tickle attack. Looking around to see if anyone was around that could be embarrassing to be seen tickling someone, he doesn't notice anyone before he attacks. He reaches over to grab at her sides and try to tickle her, and at the first sign of squirming or even turning, he would just wrap his powerful arms around her and whisper in her ear. "Ready to go?" before chuckling at her reactions.
Once they were ready to go, Daisuke hops into the carriage with Satomi and heads for the docks, eyeing the boat as they drew closer and closer like it was their enemy. "I guess we got our vacation that we talked about, huh?" he says as they arrive, getting out of the carriage. "This is a good time to tell you I'm pretty seasick in the usual wooden boats we use, though I brought medicine this time that should help and I hear they don't rock as much the larger they are."

Satomi flinches when he tickles her before she squirms and falls into his arms, laughing and rolling around in his embrace… "Surf I hate you.." She says before leaning up and giving him a long drawn kiss. When he asks her if she's ready to go she nods, starting to stroll in the direction of the carriage.

"Woah! Look at the size of that thing!" She says… chuckling while tickling Daisuke on the stomach. "If you pull a 'thats what she said' I'm going to kill you." She grins while observing the massive ship that keeps getting closer. And when he informes her of his sea sickness she bursts out laughing! "Haha, you're what? Seasick? What's that even!?" She rocks herself back and forth a bit. "Rocking back and forth so bad?" She looks at him and kisses him. "I'm just kidding, I have heard of worse afflictions."

She chuckles as the carriage stops and she grabs his hand. "Come on.. lets go check it out!" She walks into the cruise ship on the large broad steps created for getting in and out. Tons of tourists are getting off here, and new ones are getting on. Satomi shows her tickets to the suit wearing security guy. "Hmm a suit.." She hisses, locking arms with Daisuke. "Why don't you ever wear a suit?" She's awefully teasy … The boat is - huge - and seems to have a sporting center … swimming pool indoors and outdoors… "Ohh a twenty four hour buffet.." She looks at Daisuke. "Not so bad after all huh?"

"That's w- aw, you are no fun." Daisuke says as Satomi almost immediately capitalizes on what would've been a perfect use of that line. And to top it all off she starts making fun of his sea sickness, which was no joke. Daisuke crosses his arms over his chest, not looking amused, before she kisses him and pretends it was a joke. "Don't laugh, I'm completely useless in one of those small wooden boats." he says.
As they get out of the carriage Daisuke looks up at the ship while Satomi seems eager to get on board. He immediately pops one of his medicine capsules before he follows Satomi onto the ship, where he again gets pestered about his inferiority! "I was actually wearing one the night of your birthday under the robes, but you seemed to like them so much that I didn't bother revealing it." So that is why they looked a little bulky. At the mention of the buffet Daisuke smirks, "Unless the medicine doesn't work and the boat is super rocky, then the fish off the port bow will have a 24 hour buffet." he points out.

Satomi chuckles while he's all offended by her teasing. And even more when he calls her no fun. "No fun huh? That's not what - he - said…" She throws him a challenging gaze. When he mentions he was wearing a suit she facepalms. "We went to your place after my birthday…. remember? I even complimented you on it!" She grins, squeezing his bicep playfully before entering the boat. "Lets go check out our cabin… drop out stuff and explore around a bit!"

Their cabin is pretty sober. Nothing special, Satomi just dumps their stuff… "Hmm, one bed…" She says while shrugging. Already on her way out of the cabin. "Okay… so there's lots of stuff to do, why don't we go for a swim at the indoor pool, then head for the spa and buffet after that?" She's wearing a thin summerdress which is translucent mostly. So he can see her black bikini underneath. Little do they know… now they're out at sea.. hell is about to break loose!

"Ha ha ha, not quite up there with good uses of the phrase." Daisuke points out to her attempt, nodding his head as she remembers that night. "Aye, I remember that night quite well, thank you very much." he says with a wink before he gets shipped off (no pun intended) to go visit their cabin with Satomi, who seems as giddy as ever, taking in everything she can a second at a time. It was quite interesting to watch but at least he knew she was excited.
"One bed should be standard for a vacation like this, should it not?" he asks her as he drops of his stuff along with hers and listens to her itinerary. "You want to swim, in a pool, on a boat, on the ocean." he says to her, pointing out the fact that they were literally on the biggest pool in the world and she wanted to swim! Of course he wouldn't complain because he could see her bikini flashing out from beneath her dress, but still. Either way he throws his shirt off and reveals just how much Taijutsu training he had been doing lately with Atsuro and by himself, tempted to kiss his own bicep like Atsuro would probably do, though he resists. "Let's go then."

"Oh no? I think I'm pretty accurate." She mimics his face before bursting out laughing. And indeed after she took everything in (essential if you want to spent the rest of your time napping) she drags him along to an indoor pool, laughing at the irony he points out. "Hey, stop complaining!" She blushes as he takes off his shirt… "Keel you should keep doing that training with Atsuro! Look at you!" She kissing him in the chest before hugging him close, giving the next one on the lips. Walking into the swimming pool area backwards, dragging Daisuke along…. she drags off her dress and places it on a chair, taking a towel before turning around, showing off her bikini (and body) before hopping into the pool. "Awesome!" She muses..

*BANG* … * BANG BANG * … The whole boat suddenly shakes… before everything suddenly calms. Satomi looks around a bit worried. But everything calms down and so does she.. "Probably the engine or something.." She says, starting to float around in the water. "You joining or what?"

"Glad you like it, I will let Atsuro know." Daisuke says with a smirk as she drapes on his torso to kiss it, Daisuke finding that funny. He waits for her reveal, though, preferring the sundress off rather than on. As she finally discards it Daisuke lets out a low whistle. He claps his hands together a few times as she shows off her body, "Just as visually appealing as when I first met you that time in the hotsprings, or maybe even more now." he points out with a smile before she hops into the pool.
The sudden loud banging and the boat lurching causes Daisuke to crouch down a bit to, instinctively, secure his footing. He looks around after the shaking, listening to Satomi. "Really? Don't you think since our 'goal' here is to 'make sure' we have a good time, we should investigate?" he says, there were other people around and they were undercover, after all, so he couldn't just say we should probably check.

"Let Atsuro know… you do that." She chuckles and blushes as he gives her a low whistle. "Daisuke!" She says, urging him to stop with all those people around. Though after he seems to worries she sighs. "I guess we should take a look.." She slips out of the pool, still dripping she grabs her towel, wrapping it around herself before there's two more bangs! "What the!" She says, nearly losing her balance as the bangs resound through the boat. She slips on her sandals and just exits like that, leaving her summerdress there for now. Not like it's going anywhere. "Come on.." She says, while she makes her way through the belly of the ship, through the maze of cabins.

"Go-go-go!" A small squad of five black clad and masked Shinobi enter the boat from below the waterline! Must be some water jutsu! Someone closed off the hole with some strange jutsu too! And it seems like this isn't the only team. Satomi presses herself up against a nearby wall. Peeking at the team who are entering, most of them wear the same gear. Fully black clad, masks and a single short-sword on the small of their backs. "Tsunami, ruining my vacation!" She whispers, four people go the other way… though one of the shinobi is heading directly at where Satomi and Daisuke are hiding!

Daisuke chuckles at her reaction to his 'cat-calling', finding it super cute, though when the bangs come his mood has shifted to normal serious mission time. Once Satomi is out of the pool and the two new sounds ring out, Daisuke is about ready to say 'I told you so,' though with all the shaking, even through the medicine his stomach feels a bit queasy. "Man, lets hope the shaking is done for now." he says as he walks through the ship with Satomi, everything looking the same to him. As Satomi uses the wall as cover to peak at who was doing this, Daisuke moves over to the wall Satomi is pressed up against, his body pressing up against hers, the only way to get a good look down the hall at the black masked shinobi.
"One? I guess I will deal with this quickly." he says as he reluctantly pushes off from being pressed up against Satomi, walking down the hall to divert attention and handle the situation. Still in his shorts, the young Senju spots the masked ninja and says, "Oh hey, I was wondering where all the staff had gone. I'm trying to find my cabin, 21-A, and everything just looks so simi-" he says as he moves towards the shinobi, acting like a civilian until he is close enough to reach out and slam his head into the wall, creating a small, head sized hole in the wall. He kicks the door open to the nearest cabin, finding it empty thankfully, though not reassuring as the people it belonged to may be in trouble. He dumps the shinobi there and ties him up good and tight, Senju apprenticeship master knot tier at work! "Thanks for your help." he says to the unconscious man before he closes the door. "I'm not seeing too many guests around here, are you thinking hostages?" he says as he walks back down to Satomi.

Satomi smiles while he mentions the shaking. "Come on…" She says, dragging him with. She blushes as he presses up against her. Did she just grope? Never mind.. there's more important issues going on. Daisuke succesfully subdued the ninja… Satomi facepalms. "We could have interrogated him.." She says.. "Do you think before you do something?" She asks, a little annoyed. *KGG: "Team 2, hall way one secure. Team 3: Secure… … … Team 4? TEAM 4?" KGG* … "Well what'do'yanno, what's us.." She says, handing Daisuke the man's radio. "Come on.. put them at ease.." She urges him, while she goes about semi-fixing the door to at least make it look better.

Daisuke certainly did feel a grope, but he was ok with it as his reason for pressing up so closely to Satomi was to keep her in her good mood that she had been since they arrived, nothing like a little flesh on flesh to help. After he returns from his stunt, Satomi chews him out much to his surprise. "Well I didn't kill him, so you can go talk as much as you want to him, but I'd prefer to end this quicker than that and carry on with our trip. Thought you would too, was I wrong?" he asks her, playing a bit on her excitement for the cruise itself to motivate her to do things his way for now.
Daisuke is handed the small radio and copies team 3, lifting it up to his mouth before saying "Team 4: Secure. Had an issue with a passenger, it's dealt with." He shrugs his shoulders, not really needing to say much more.

Satomi blushes as he seems some comfy with it all. And when he finally explains she sighs and nods. "Fine.." She smacks the masked nin in the face after taking off his mask. Calmly rolling up the pillow sheath and stuffing the ball into the man's mouth. "This is called the nodding game.." Satomi says. Reaching for a big water bottle. "Here is how it works.." She pours a little water onto the ball that's stuffed deeply into the poor man's mouth. Who's already having trouble breathing. "I'll ask a question, you answer.."

[NPC System]: Satomi roll(s) Torture from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 20. - Rolled by: Satomi
[NPC System]: Nin roll(s) Torture resistance from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 17. - Rolled by: Satomi

She pours a little water on the ball. "Lie to me, or don't answer, and I'll add water." She pours some more. "Got it?" The man nods furiously. Eyes wide open. "Good.." She's practically waterboarding the poor guy. "First question, are there more than five of you on this boat?"

The man nods. "Ten?" She asks… he nods again… "Fifteen?" The man stops nodding… "Thirteen?" The man nods… "Fourteen?" The man nods again. She looks at Daisuke and smiles.

"What are they after?" She looks at him… "Money?" … No answer. She drips water onto the ball untill he starts shaking his head, his body shaking and kicking. "Hush… we're almost done…" … "What? Power?" The man nods… "A guest?" The man nods again. "Are they going to take hostages?" The man half nods… "What does that mean? Will they kill the hostages when they're done?" … The man nods… "Mast.." Satomi says, pressing down onto the man until his jaw breaks, before knocking him out on the bed, leaving the ball stuck in his mouth.

"Come on… splitting up might not be the best idea. We need to find out where they're keeping the hostages, get them out and take out these guys. They're squads of five…" She drags Daisuke out and runs up the stairs… where a team is kicking in doors, dragging out people and collecting them by the end of the hallway. "I bind them, you knock them out?" She asks…. waiting on Daisuke for confirmation.

Daisuke watches Satomi's handy work, making a mental note to bring Satomi on all missions involving torture, as all that broke during her way was the man's jaw. "That was pretty good, see, my way wasn't so bad." he remarks, having been the one to secure the target in the first place. As they knew the general numbers and that the group was targeting a guest, they had a good idea of what was going on. "Only fourteen, would be so much easier sometimes if we didn't have to worry about hostages." he says as he move, finding the next group of ninja. "Do we still need these guys alive?" he asks Satomi, figuring it would probably come to a point where they may not have that option. Either way he nods at her plan.
As Satomi slides her shadow across the hall to stop the men in their tracks, Daisuke walks up to them, punching each straight in the face and breaking a few noses as they crumple. "6 down 8 to go." he says as he turns to the civilians, motioning them back into the cabin.

Satomi holds the men in place until they're all down. "Next… time … keep one standing…" She grumbles while sighing and just following his work. Suddenly, loud screaming from the dining room! Lots of people! They must have already taken the rest of the boat hostage! Satomi looks at Daisuke and rushes up the stairs… though suddenly the boat rocks immensely. * CRACK-SPLIT * …. the wood in the walls begins cracking and water starts seeping through. "Sail.." Satomi says, while looking at Daisuke a bit worried now they're rocking as much as a rubber boat on 200 horsepower out at open sea during a storm!

Daisuke gives Satomi a sheepish look. Though he wasn't too worried about these five anymore, he ties them up anyway just in case. As he was finishing the last knot the screaming from the dining room area reached his ears and he stands, moving up the stairs behind Satomi. That was until the boat lurched and Daisuke had to brace himself on the side rails, holding on for dear life. No amount of medicine could stop his stomach from this nonsense, though the medicine did help in keeping him mobile for now as he walks up the stairs slowly, one step at a time, holding onto the railing for dear life and telling Satomi "Go on ahead and scout out what's happening."

Satomi nods, rushing up the stairs while feeling sorry for her poor, poor boyfriend. Rushing over the wooden floors bare footed. "Rudder!" Can be heard as Satomi rushes back. "There's a hole in the hull of the ship, water is rushing through! We need to get this thing closed or…" The metal on the ship makes a loud screech while bending inwards. "Deckdeckdeck… do you know any jutsu that can close this?!" She asks, remembering his lave release, snapping her fingers. "Blast the hole with lava. The water should turn it to a solid material!" She says, hoping her theory proofs correct. "It should plug the hole, at least while we get everyone to safety!

"If it doesn't burn down the whole boat. We will need to get further away, though. Lava tends to release a toxic gas when water hits it." Daisuke says as he trudges up the stairs diligently. Using Satomi as help, he is shown to the hole of rushing water, making sure to stand far enough away, though with the water rushing all around that was hard to do. "I'll do this and use my cloak so that I don't inhale, you go find out what's going on with the others." he says as chakra begins to leak out of his body and surround him. Daisuke waits for Satomi to leave and his cloak to finish sealing him inside it's cushion before he summons stream after stream of Lava from his mouth, the water hissing all around him at the sudden reaction, hydrochloric acid forming just from the heavy chloride in magma meeting the water. At first it doesn't seem to be working, small clumps of dried lava getting washed down the water along the hall, but as Daisuke gets the idea that he had to start small, he begins to harden the flowing water first, the direction of the water being pushed to one side instead of flowing in both directions. As the makeshift wall of Lava pushes onward, eventually the seal would be completely set, the Earth influences of the ninjutsu holding strong as a makeshift seal.
Daisuke looked exhausted, and to top it all off, the sea sickness had begun to hit him hard. He had left his medicine in his shirt back in their cabin, thinking they were just going to the pool. With a hand braced against the wall, he slowly made his way back to where Satomi should be.

Satomi nods solemnly and goes on ahead. Leaving this issue for him to solve. She can be found by the doors of the dining room, observing just how things are looking. There's two ninja walking among bunched up groups of guests, all tied up while a single, larger ninja is checking out each individual with some sort of chakra scan. It looks like quite a sophisticated jutsu. Satomi looks at Daisuke once (if?) he arrives. "Looks like they're looking for a specific guest…" She gazes at the middle of the dining room and gasps…

"Paperbombs…. a lot of them!" … They're planning on blowing up the boat! With everyone still inside! She squints her eyes. Using the shadows to her advantage while slipping inside, hiding among the tablecloths. Underneath a table while making a set of seals.

Her shadows quickly lash out to a single guest, before she stretches her leg, making the guest do the same thing. Causing one of the captors to trip… seems like he's angry and causing a ruckus! Just what Satomi was waiting for. She makes new seals, going for the boss-man, the shadows curling around him while she quickly and quietly tries choking him out, before dragging him underneath a table. Yep… this had to be done stealthy. If they were caught, there's no telling what could happend to the guests!
Daisuke had one had on the wall and one around his stomach as he makes it back to Satomi, crouching down beside her to scan the area. His cloak was still flickering, keeping up with the low state of his own chakra to supplement itself until safer. As Satomi does her handiwork, Daisuke looks around at what he could do. He could probably branch off enough chakra appendages to take everyone out…. if he were in a better state physically. For now, he whispers to Satomi, "I'll snatch the bombs." he says before she moves inside, it was probably the most he could do currently.

Daisuke observes the patrols of the men and uses key opportunities to snatch some paper bombs with an extended chakra arm. After but a few minutes the room is cleared with the guards none the wiser, and Daisuke moves from the room at his snails pace out onto the deck to deposit them into the ocean, looking like he was mortally wounded or something when really the sea sickness was doing the crippling. As the bombs were deposited in the sea, Daisuke watches them float away as he hangs on the railing, depositing his own 'bomb' into the ocean as the sickness finally catches up with him and he hurls up his breakfast over the boat. "Gotta make it back." he says as he looks towards the door he came from with a depressed look like it was 1000 miles away and not 20 feet.

Daisuke had one had on the wall and one around his stomach as he makes it back to Satomi, crouching down beside her to scan the area. His cloak was still flickering, keeping up with the low state of his own chakra to supplement itself until safer. As Satomi does her handiwork, Daisuke looks around at what he could do. He could probably branch off enough chakra appendages to take everyone out…. if he were in a better state physically. For now, he whispers to Satomi, "I'll snatch the bombs." he says before she moves inside, it was probably the most he could do currently.
Daisuke observes the patrols of the men and uses key opportunities to snatch some paper bombs with an extended chakra arm. After but a few minutes the room is cleared with the guards none the wiser, and Daisuke moves from the room at his snails pace out onto the deck to deposit them into the ocean, looking like he was mortally wounded or something when really the sea sickness was doing the crippling. As the bombs were deposited in the sea, Daisuke watches them float away as he hangs on the railing, depositing his own 'bomb' into the ocean as the sickness finally catches up with him and he hurls up his breakfast over the boat. "Gotta make it back." he says as he looks towards the door he came from with a depressed look like it was 1000 miles away and not 20 feet.

Satomi nods while he does his handiwork. It was impressive, especially in his crippled state. Satomi was focussed, looking at the other two men. Waiting for them to face eachother. Before making a set of seals. Moments later, both the ninja find themself in a world full of horrors. But it seems they know what's going on… 'KAI' … they both say in unison. But it's too late. Satomi had already cloned off into an earth clone. She herself was standing in front of one of them, and her clone in front of the other.

* THUD … KAPOW! * …. two more ninja taken care of! She sighs while catching her breath… "Room secure.." She mentions, grabbing a kunai and starting to untie the guests. "Where are the rest of the ninja, and who are they after?" … Half her question gets answered for her as three ninja show up in the doorway. "Swab.." She mumbles while getting charged by three tanto wielding enemies. "Wave!" She says, trying to fade out of the way of the first one, before using a make-shift shadow skin to catch the next attack.

Daisuke makes it back into the dining room with one hand braced on the wall like it was his lifeline. He sees evidence of more of Satomi's work on the ground as two others lay unconscious, a smile on his face despite his condition. He catches the attention of the guests and waves them over to the exit, one by one they make it over to him and he tells them the way to the exit and the lifeboats. He knows his seal isn't going to hold much longer and the boat will eventually buckle, so getting everyone safely to the boats was first priority, especially if someone 'special' was on board. Assuring the guests that they would be safe and he was from the Leaf, they made their way out on deck towards the boats, leaving the room empty except for Satomi and the three others.
"Now then, it's time to surrender if you value your lives, everyone else of your team has been taken out, and you are all that remains." he says in a loud voice, crouched down with his face not visible to look extra intimidating though he was really just getting through a bad period of sea sickness, making sure they would hear his words as they fight. Daisuke bleeds Son's chakra a bit to make his cloak look just massive, claws, horns, the works, and the finishing touches, Son's glowing yellow eyes and, in Son's deep, as-evil-as-you-can voice. "Your move."

The three men just … ignore Daisuke? Satomi tries fading out of the way of the first guy, which seems to be a succes, until he body flickers and kicks her in the stomach which causes her to double over. The next one comes in, she has her shadow skin up, which protected her mostly, though he manages to stab her good in her arm, dragging his tanto back out. Satomi sighs, adding more to her shadow skin while her clone rushes around, clasping her hands around one of the assailants, choking him out. The next shadow skin holds… and it better! Since if it would have hit … it would mean Satomi could kiss her pretty face goodbye!

In all this Daisuke gets completely ignored. Sure he might looks scary, but they passed it down as another of Satomi her genjutsu. That and they haven't actually seen him do anything but walk away and come back. So meh.

Ignored? Son would have none of this. 'Rip them apart' he suggests to Daisuke, who is still driving and shakes his head. 'We haven't killed one yet, Not going to start if needed.' Daisuke's cloak arm reaches high into the air before it shoots out towards the first man who ignored him, one second he would be there raising his weapon towards Satomi, then next he would be gone, high up in the air near the chandelier, if Daisuke was successful. From within the extended arm shoots another arm which would attempt to grab the other, and one more to grab the third. "Never…ignore…the pissed off…monster." Daisuke says through breaths as he keeps himself composed through extra effort.

Satomi grits her teeth, happy Daisuke comes to the rescue. And when he shows off his fearsome power she just eeps: "SEGOOOIIII!!" She smiles at Daisuke, feeling sorry for him already. "Almost there…" She watches him dispose of the last of the nin. "Do you recognice them?" She asks, blinking at Daisuke. "Oh right… your meds!" She says, looking around.. "Lets get off the boat and walk back.." She suggests. Patting down every nin she can find.. finding a sealed scroll with one.. "Hmm, sealed.." She doesn't even dare open it.

Daisuke lets down the now unconscious ninja, strangled by his demonic chakra. and asks Satomi to tie them up as he braces himself against the side wall again, another onset of sickness. "We should get our luggage first, I figure we have probably 15 more minutes max before that seal breaks and we start sinking again." he says, looking up as Satomi finds a scroll. "Nothing good comes from sealed scrolls, lets leave it for the sealing corps back home." he says as he looks around at the unconscious ninja. "Do we leave them here? Or?" he asks, not sure of what to do, there was so much to do before the boat sank!

Satomi grins… nodding. "You go on ahead… I'll go grab our luggage." She walks up to Daisuke, considering kissing him, though by the smell… she high fives him instead. "We'll get back to kissing after you brushed your teeth.." She gives him a bit of a disguisted look, though it wasn't personal! She rushes down the cabins, headed for their luggage and items. The boat was already sinking, though before half of it submerged Satomi hops off of it, ending up on the sea, handing Daisuke his stuff… "There, now… lets head home!" She smirks. "Race you there?" She asks…

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