One's Own Hell



Date: April 12, 2012


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Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"One's Own Hell"

Unknown location

As Maikeru awakens, he finds himself in a world of ruin. The sky is
blackened, the ground scorched and broken. The sounds of thunder are
constant, lightning striking off in the distance. There are no trees, no
grass, no signs of life around, only of its end.

Picking himself up, he shakes himself and looks around groggily. His
eyes narrow as he looks over this wasteland of a world, trying to figure
out exactly what is going on or what may have happened. Has he died and
gone to Hell? That would be too easy. Perhaps he was in some sort of coma,
and the world ended while he slumbered? The more he thinks about it, the
more grim the possibilities seem to become.

As he looks around, Maikeru spots something in the distance… a person?
After a moment of attempting to focus his eyes, he takes off toward the
figure. The closer he gets, the clearer the figure starts to become, but
he never expects what he sees. "Aika?" he whispers out in a confused voice
as he runs toward her. His heart bounds at the sight of her, albeit still
confused, but quite happy. However, as he approaches her, her forms starts
to fade away. He lunges to attempt to catch her, as if somehow that would
keep her from leaving, only to land on his face in the broken earth. A
single tear rolls down his cheek as he digs his fingers into the earth
then pushes himself up to slam his fist down on the ground. Whatever this
Hell is, it's starting to become too much.

"Cruel, isn't it, son?" a deep voice rings out from behind Maikeru, a
voice all too familiar…

"… Jigoku?" Maikeru asks, eyes widening as he turns his head to look
over his shoulder, only to have his suspicions confirmed. The face of the
man who ravaged the Land of Demons, the man who killed his mother, who is
the reason he has been hated and feared his entire life… And who he now
knows was his father. As he pushes himself to his feet and turns around,
his dark blue eyes meet the demon's eyes as black as sin.

"What, you're not happy to see your father?" Jigoku asks with a dark
chuckle as crosses his arms over his chest, looking down on Maikeru with a

"How the imp are you here?" Maikeru asks, clenching his fists as he
stares into Jigoku's eyes, burning with rage. "Can't you just stay dead?"
Just as he raises his fist to strike, a flash of red lights the area, and
an invisible force pushes him down to his knees. He places his hands on
the ground and tries to get back up, but he can't seem to budge himself up
no matter how hard he pushes.

"It's true my soul is gone, but you've been lying to everyone and
yourself ever since that day, haven't you?" Jigoku's haunting voice rings
out as he looks down on Maikeru, shaking his head at his plight like
watching an animal attempting to escape a cage. "For twenty-three years, I
tried to guide you down the path to power, my voice in your ears day and
night. Even when my soul was taken, you still heard my voice in the back
of your mind. The more you tried to deny it, the stronger it became. You
could have sought help, but you chose to try to push my voice back as if I
would simply go away because you didn't want anyone to see past that armor
you put up so well and act as if you are always in control. Well, son, I
can see straight through you…"

Jigoku points his hand down at Maikeru then lifts it up, causing his body
to be lifted up in front of him and arms spread out as if he were being
crucified. He visibly tries to fight against his invisible restraints, but
his body is completely unable to break the hold.

"You are weak," Jigoku says as he clenches his fist, causing the
invisible restraints to squeeze down on Maikeru and him to let out a groan
of pain. "You make excuses for these weak humans after all the pain
they've caused you. The one person who actually cared for you and saw past
what you are, they killed just to try to get to you. Those that you should
have been able to call family and lean on did their best to try to destroy
you. The entire world looks at you as nothing more than a danger, and they
would have you gone if they could, but you just want to let it all go in

Just as Maikeru is about to speak, a wave of invisible energy collides
into him and sends him spiraling and crashing to the ground. While he
tries to pick himself up, straining his muscles and panting, Jigoku walks
over and looks down at him, simply shaking his head in disappointment.

"And that is why you unconsciously brought me back. My soul is gone, but
the thirst for blood and vengeance that you try so hard to bury away
recreated me. I have been reborn in you, and soon I will overtake you.
There is no fighting it."

"No, sulfur it! I will fight you back again!" Maikeru growls out as he
tries with all his might to bring himself up to his feet.

"Sorry, son. You're just not strong enough."


On the ship he is riding back toward the Land of Water, Maikeru wakes up
in a cold sweat, his body sore and shaking and eyes red as if he has not
slept in days. He attempts to sort this out as simply some sort of dream,
but the voice… Jigoku is still there. That was a trip into his
subconscious, a meeting place of what has become two sides of his mind…
How can he stop him? Is there a way? He lifts a shaking hand to his face
to wipe away sweat and push his hair back a bit, wondering if he will be
able to survive this time, or if he'll at last be overcome by the demon he
now knows as his father and part of himself…

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