One's Own Hell - The Demon Inside



Date: May 3, 2012


None given.

"One's Own Hell - The Demon Inside"

Unknown location

As he awakens once again in the world of ruin where he last met Jigoku,
Maikeru pushes himself up off the ground and looks around. His eyes glance
up to the scorched sky as he takes in a deep breath, knowing he is once
again in the meeting place within his soul where he and his father
commune. As he looks back ahead, two closed caskets appear in front of
him, one to his left and the other to his right. He ponders who they could
be for a moment before approaching the one on the right to place his hand
on it and lift the lid. As this reveals Aika's bloodied form inside the
casket, Maikeru's eyed widen, and he falls down to his knees to look more
closely at her.

The sound of approaching footsteps rings out while Maikeru stares down
at his lover's corpse, coming from behind. He looks over his shoulder just
in time to see Jigoku approaching the other casket before bending down to
open it. Inside this one is Maikeru's mother, Jigoku's wife. "Still trying
to extend mercy when you are meant to be a vessel of destruction?"

Narrowing his eyes as he looks up at Jigoku, Maikeru lifts an eyebrow
and asks, "Have you not been paying attention? Why do you think I'm back
in the Land of Water?"

Letting out a dark chuckle, Jigoku stands up and turns to face Maikeru.
He shakes his head and looks down at the man kneeling by the casket in
disgust. "You are attempting to retain some shred of humanity, fight for
the innocent and save them from the evil Mizukage, right?" Suddenly, he
leaps forward and plants a foot directly into Maikeru's face, knocking him
on his back in front of the casket. "Pathetic."

Down on his back, Maikeru attempts to get up, only to have Jigoku put
his foot on his chest and throat to hold him down. "I am… going to…
stop… him," he coughs out. "He.. deserves… to die…"

"Yes, he does, but you are still trying to fill the void she left in
you, trying to cover up that you want to just want to slaughter anyone who
had anything to do with her death. You pretend to blame me, but you know
they were coming for you. They killed her just to try to get in your head
and get a shot at taking you down. Power and vengeance are all you have
left, no matter how much you try to fill that void with other things. You
are just like me, and your mind will continue to crumble until accept what
you are and stop being so weak."

Before Maikeru can respond, Jigoku vanishes into thin air, finally
releasing his throat. "… But what is power without purpose?" Maikeru
asks to the air then sits up and looks between the caskets of Aika and his
mother. Just like him…

"Wait… That's it."

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