Second Promotion Exams - Oni Against Yuki-Musume: Onimitsu vs. Sakuryu


Goh, Sakuryu, Onimitsu, Sanado, Taiki, Tsiro, Isra, Daisuke

Date: December 14, 2012


Sakuryu and Onimitsu go head to head in the semi-final round of the Second Promotion Exam.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Second Promotion Exams - Oni Against Yuki-Musume: Onimitsu vs. Sakuryu"

Dammed Arena - Floor


At the foot of the great march of bones that dams this tall canyon of blue-gray granite, under the shadows of the stands: the Kirigakure arena. Rivulets of water still escape the base of the dam and dampen the gravely bed of the dry river. The length of the canyon is limited by a raised platform at the south end featuring the referee's post and a large display board announcing the details of the match.

Thousands of spectators in the arena peer down at the floor, waiting for the next fixture to begin. There is a constant buzz of chatter amongst the watchers, discussing various things. This talk then begins to quieten, before in a nigh instant, things on the floor happen. The very ground of the arena floor shakes violently, as if an earthquake was about to hit.
In the next instant, the ground splits. And out from the earth erupts a gigantic salamander! Sixty feet high at the very least, the giant creature erupts from the ground and into the air, as if it's a whale who just came out of the water. So high that it's on the same level with the people sitting up in the upper-stands, the mighty BOOMs of its feet hitting the ground, shattering rocks and cratering the arena floor beneath.
Taking advantage of the surprise, the giant salamander opens its mouth, pointing the gaping maw up into the sky. And then, rising out of the mouth on the things tongue, is … oh no. It's Goh! Rising up as if he's on some elevator, Goh stands there with open arms, standing on the giant salamander's outstretched tongue. Rapacious applause falls down onto him from the crowd, the cloak he wears billowing dramatically.
He was beginning to become a bit of a cult favourite, which is why he had been invited back a THIRD time. Through popular demand, or so the pickler would have you believe. And why was he accept AGAIN? Well, one should visit the marketplace. Nearly all of the good spots are now his pickled vegetable stalls, given to Goh as payment for his work here. Temporarily, of course, but still his for the moment.
In a single movement, Goh jumps into the air, clear of the giant salamander who burrows its way noisily back into the ground from whence it came. The salamander doesn't leave a giant hole. The ground is merely very … rubble-like now, and much softer.
The pickler lands on the now open arena floor, the salamander gone.
"Welcome! To the next match!" He cries. "Please welcome, Sakuryu and Onimitsu!"
Let's hope he's not invited a fourth time to proctor a match. He surely would not be able to out-do that.

Onimitsu is forced to pause mid-step and place a hand on a nearby wall to steady himself. "Foreboding," He murmured just as the earthquake began to die down. After a several moments more of consideration Onimitsu takes one last deep breath before proceeding down those last few meters into the Dammed Arena. It had been over a year if not more since he last treaded upon these grounds, and even now, memories of the last time he spent here were already surfacing.
This was the place he first became a chuunin…
This was the place he learned of a portion of the Yoshimitsu's origins…
This was also the place he should have been able to watch 'her' enter and leave out victorious…
With a shake of his head, the memory fog begins to lift. Revealing in its dissolution a foreigner as the referee, strangely softer earth nearby, the half-hearted roar of the crowd, and in time his would be opponent. Despite the promise he made to himself Onimitsu still bore the armor like always. "This one is prepared." He stated simply as he folded his arms across his chest and raised his chin up a little higher. As soon as Sakuryu appeared to be the same, Onimitsu would bow respectfully and shift a step back into a basic taijutsu stance.

Sakuryu wobbles a bit as she walks down the stairs "Woah….hope that wasn't him." She frowns before exiting into the arena. She had recovered from her wounds in the swamp and had been training al this time away, hopefully now she could take this person on and gain a true victory for herself. "May the power of the shirayuki guide my hands and make my weapons swift and true…" She mutters to herself as she reaches the center.
Saku was dressed in her battle kimono, a tribute to her cousin and mentor Aoitsuki. Her kimono had the pattern of blossoming flowers and fish on a very fine silk obscuring her arms and hands and only allowing Onimitsu to see her geta and socks underneath. Her hair is currently tied back in a formal fashion to keep it away, her soft features and blue eyes along with her outfit might even get her mistaken for a hostess of an inn.
Sakuryu nods softly to the both of them. "I am ready to begin, I hope you go easy on me." She smiles cutely to onimitsu, beaming as she closes her eyes and bows respectfully, really pouring on the cute little girl show.

Watching as the pair arrive, Goh will withdraw to the side of the arena as he always does. Leaning against the wall, he will fold arms across his chest. "Alright people! Standard rules apply. If you can't fight anymore or concede, your opponent is the winner." He was secretely hoping that one would concede, just like the last fight. Less work for him, then. >_>;
"If one of you is in critical condition and continues to fight, then I'm stepping in to disqualify you. We obviously don't want anyone to die. Yosh! When you're ready."

"That will largely depend upon you young one." Onimitsu stated simply with an eye grin then turned his gaze upon the proctor. "Less flashy.." He murmured thoughtlessly, then after a weary shake of his head he turned his gaze back upon the Shirayuki. Upon noting the ground begin to freeze around her follow by the aura surrounding her form, Onimitsu narrowed his eye and nodded subtly in agreement. She fully intended to give it her all. The only problem that remained was rather or not he would do the same?
"Allow this one to walk this path alone, Yoshimitsu." He stated calmly as his eye drew to a close. After a moments pause is given and no 'reply' is given by the blade, Onimitsu took it as compliance and began to clear his mind.
He could not afford doubt, fear, nor rage to distablize him again. With every cleansing breath that followed chakra is slowly built up…

Sakuryu smiles a little and nods before she feels her chakra pull into her body, the air around her stirring a little as her closed eyes obscured the glittering he would behold if she opened them, the air around her seems to chill and become could the very ground she was standing on grows a creeping frost that begins to spiderweb out. She opens her eyes and sees he's seen through her plan. "Guess theres no fooling you." She giggles cutely her words coming out with a cold mist before taking a step back.
As Saku steps back she nods, her hands flickering through multiple handsigns before she has the water in the air frozen into needle like senbon, propelling them towards the stoic man before a large bank of thick mist rolls in, Sakuryu using the chance to meld into it, her footsteps suddenly becoming quieter

He sunk too deeply into his mind and for that a price was paid; specifically, of the blood and pain kind. Although in all honesty it was a flesh wound compared to what his body was used to suffering. A very cold, wide, painful, and… just cold. T.T The shock at least did his heart some good by getting his adrenaline really flowing. Thus, in switching from sidestepping and insteading leaping out of range out right saved him from suffering another blow.
"Have you forgotten young one?" He called out into the thickening mist, eye closed but every other senses on full alert. "Or simply do not care?" A voice would ask just barely above a whisper behind the young Shirayuki. Presumebly if she turned, Sakuryu would come face to face with the Oni primed and ready to bring down a powerful blow from his hilt upon her noggin. Regardless of rather or not he hits or miss, the former chuunin remained persistant in free up a hand and focusing chakra behind his fist before lashing out at her abdomen. If it lands, the force behind it would pass beyond just flesh to strike at an organ. "Regardless of which, let there be a contest now…" He stated, forcing control of water in the air to try and fade from view as soon as the mist thickened about his already retreating form…

Sakuryu grins a little bit "Forgot what?" She asks, the winds already swirling around her turning into a mini typhoon, blades of the wind whipping around to knock the sword and his hand away Saku sliding away from him as she sees the mist get thicker. "It was my mist first you fool… you just don't get it." She chuckles as she adds her chakra to the mist she already has established allowing her mind to seep through it to see his every move. "I've got you now.."
With a smile Saku goes through the handsigns again, with this curtain of mist she may be able to get at him again, Now comes a heavy rain of those needles, the razor tipped ice coming from all directions as the girl dashes from point to point to throw the icy weapons at him.

Onimitsu had to admit, it was humbling seeing his facade of arrogance get ripped to shred so quickly by one so young. Nevertheless, he knew he had to stay focus and press on. Even in this thick mist shadows could still vaguely be seen. Upon seeing several of smaller ones sprout up around him ONimitsu knew he needed no further clue as to what wasa bout to happen. He only hoped that relying on years of training and honed instinct would be enough to guide him out of the raining needles of death. Sadly, one little mis step came with the cost of tasting another needle. Only this time it buried itself into his shoulder.
"*groans* Not bad youngling.." He muttered as he carefully removed the needle then tossed it away.

'Give in to her at least…'
Onimitsu resolutely ignored Yoshimitsu's voice and focused solely on rushing Sakuryu pointedly. As soon as he was within range the blade is finally partially drawn out. Only the glint from its passing however is all that can be seen to the untrained eye. Each stroke meant to weaken her attempts to evade or think about her next action.

Sakuryu blinks a little as she sees his shape looming. "Hmmm…what!?" She uses her twisting winds once more but gasps as she feels the first strike cut into her. WIth a hiss her eyes glow and she increases the power of her winds to whip and twist about to knock the blade away at every other slice. "Nice blade… too bad it won't taste my soul."
She closes her eyes and dashes farther back, her hands ready to throw even more needles, and just when he would dodge these she would push chakra into the needles scattered about the grounds these in turn twist and grow, the water in the air joining the ice senbon to make the needles bloom out forth into large ice lotuses, the petals of these flowers twisting to grasp Onimitsu and bind him still.

Sakuryu blinks a little as she sees his shape looming. "Hmmm…what!?" She uses her twisting winds once more but gasps as she feels the first strike cut into her. WIth a hiss her eyes glow and she increases the power of her winds to whip and twist about to knock the blade away at every other slice. "Nice blade… too bad it won't taste my soul."

She closes her eyes and dashes farther back, her hands ready to throw even more needles, and just when he would dodge these she would push chakra into the needles scattered about the grounds these in turn twist and grow, the water in the air joining the ice senbon to make the needles bloom out forth into large ice lotuses, the petals of these flowers twisting to grasp Onimitsu and bind him still.

As Sakuryu's eyes began to glow Onimitsu's own flickered red briefly in return before Onimitsu's willpower overcame the spirit within. "This one is afraid that it may already be too late for that young one," The swordsman called out, re-affirming his stance briefly with the swords at his side and pointed at an angle towards the ground. As soon as the Shirayuki went back on the offensive Onimitsu lowered his stance then sprung away the instant he saw her hands whip forward, releasing the needles of ice. Something still felt off however. It was too straight-forward?
Caution drove him to focus internally and manipulate the adrenaline coursing though his body. By the time his foot touched the ground the effects of his technique had already 'alerted' him to the sound of the ice shifting behind as well as added the power he needed to evade them the quickly forming prison. WIthout missing a beat, Onimitsu locked his gaze back upon Sakuryu and charged. Seemingly indifferent about the copies that sprung up around him and charged alongside him. Decoys and dance partners to keep Sakuryu off balance long enough to cut her 'lightly' along the legs and weaken any chance for her to evade getting paralyzed by a few well placed nerve strikes.
If he succeeded, the swordsman would immediatly grab her limp form behind and raise her up with the 'dull' side of the blade rested against her neck. Failure to accomplish this feat would only force the swordsman to cringe at first before pointing the tip of the blade straight out towards Sakuryu.
"Do you concede?"

Sakuryu watches as Onimitsu began to twist and attack at her, using her wind blades to burst around her to aid in her dancing, the young girl graceful in her movements as she spins and dances, the winds blowing around her as she forms hand signs more needles flying out of her Kimono sleeves to cause a wide area spray of the razor like needles.

As she finishes the spin and watches him try to come in to hit her with his hands she would pivot, a grin coming across her face as she pushes her chakra into the needles to make them bloom forth beneath him, working to catch the oni man off balance as he comes close. "Hmmm and why would I concede?" she asks with a slight tilt of her head as she watches to make sure her prison blooms forth correctly. "I have only been hit once… while you have been hit multiple times and look fatigued… I think you should concede." She grins before stepping back again ready to counter and dodge.

As the fight progresses, Goh can be seen where he walked to when the fight first began. As the proctor, he's allowed on the actual arena floor. But it doesn't stop him from standing away from the action! The pickler rests against the arena wall, arms folded across his chest. Black cloak swaying a bit dramatically.
He watches the combat … very carefully.

Unable to sit still anymore, Sanado would run out toward the aisle and up against the railing that gave limited protection against people falling down to their deaths. The boy was witnessing his first fight in the arena and it was definitely over whelming for him. So much to take in and still the fight had only just begun. "Hey mister!" He shout at the top of his lungs to the armored man below, unsure if he would be heard. "Can I have your sword?"

Whatever inner calm Onimitsu had gain through battle meditation is shattered the instant Sanado's question reached his hears. He turned at that point to cry out no, but in doing so he fail to notice two things before being forced to leap away from the ice needles. Too late did he realize the needles transformation ahead of him into a second prison. In his haste to try and get away, Onimitsu made the second mistake of trying to kick off the surface of the prison before it full formed. As a result, beside perhaps his sword wielding arm and head the rest of his body was trapped beneath the ice.
"… This.. is not good." He stated dryly as he struggled to chip away at the ice with the hilt of his weapon.

Taiki had been sitting here quietly, watching the match when Sanado launches past him to the railing. He debated letting the kid fall, but as his outburst disrupted the match he sighs and stands up. Walking over toward Sanado, he grabs the kid's shoulder and squeezes slightly, with both of his ninken bracketing them and Taiki's guards watching on. "Hey kid, sit down and SHUT UP!" he says, barking the last. "You're interfering with the match, and you're likely to snow the guy down there off. If you want a sword so bad… get your own."

Sakuryu looks him over "Please resign now…" she steps a little closer, her eyes glowing softly as she watches him chip away. "I do not want to take this farther than it needs to go but I will if I have to…my honor….my family pride….my life are on the line."

Sakuryu takes in a deep breath before forming her hand signs throwing a barrage of needles at his head and freed arm trying to disable him more than anything. "Please resign now, I will have blood on my hands if I need but I wish not too….. I need to become a chuunin and go on farther so that I may have my family's pride….to prove myself and my strength to them!" She says seeming to get a second reserve of energy

The armored man was caught within the ice and that was possibly the reason he didn't respond to Sanado's request for the sword. "Nuts." He'd pout up until the point that he felt a hand touch his shoulder that forced the boy to instinctively spin about with fists raised to defend himself. "What?" Confused at being told to shut up as he looked about the place and saw the rest of the crowd in an uproar over the fight. Sure they weren't shouting anything like 'can I have your sword?' but there was no way his one question was interrupting a match. "You must be…I don't know. You know this is the part of the tournament where we're allowed to get excited and yell right? You don't have to be so stiff and hold back. Let out a howl!" Seeing the two dogs, Sanado would simulate what he thinks a dog howling would be like. After which the boy would shrug, "I tried to get a sword once, this guy with a massive dog named Atsuro let me hold one of his, but then I gave it back. I should have kept it."

Goh's fingers drum against his arm, the two limbs still folded across his chest tightly. When the ice needles unload, his eyes narrow just a bit. That looked like it would have hurt! "Ho." He gets out, sounding impressed. Yet he doesn't get involved. Not quite yet.
Though Onimitsu was surely hurting after that last blow.

"And you wouldn't have gotten far. Atsuro happens to be my cousin, and my old chuunin-sensei before I got promoted. You would have been in for a world of hurt," Taik growls. He then shakes his head and points back up the stands. "You apparently aren't watching very good if you didn't think your shout caused a distraction. Point is, you don't go around taking people's swords, you work hard and you either buy or get gifted with your own. Now… get back to your seat before you fall over onto the floor and cause real problems." He does not seem in the mood to argue, though he does add, "Feel free to cheer them on all you want, but refrain from saying crap like that again. At least wait until the match is over before trying to get his sword…"

"She understands little…"
"Pride will lead to death…."
"Make her understand…"
"Release him or surrender.."
"Chose.. Onimitsu…"

Beneath the sound of metal being rended, flesh sundered, and the shattering of ice as they impacted into his form, Onimitsu muttered grimly under his breath. Although something had changed in his voice with every phrase spoken. Almost as if two voices were spilling out from the same mouth. "Fine…" He stated weakily and closed his eyes as a strange, violet aura began to spill forth from both armor and the blade still firmly gripped in his now limp hand. Subtly at first, then gradually more violently as it grew to fully surround him. Only those with Doujutsu however would actually see the aura begin to 'erode' the bonds of chakra holding the ice prison together…

Sakuryu nods a little bit as she sees the violet. "I guess there is no choice… I heard you were also here for honor but I guess this is what it must come down to…let's not hold back, and show our true powers." She lets out a hard sigh as her eyes glow harder.

With a grip she forms her handsigns faster, her chakra pulling into her hand to form even more needles, throwing them with new ferocity as she watches them fly taking a few steps back just in case this didn't take down the caged demon. "If you fall…. I shall bring you to the medics…" She looks to goh "HEY! If he falls call it soon! These needles tear apart muscle and organs badly and he'll need to recover fast if he wants to be back on his feet soon!"

Sanado furrowed his brows and crossed his arms, "You make a lot of assumptions!" He was obviously upset himself, unsure why he was being lectured about stuff that wasn't inherently true. "How can I watch when you came up and interrupted me from doing so? So what if I asked him for his sword. If those fighters don't below can't handle a little interruption from a child during a combat scene, then they have no right to be promoted to chuunin when they we'll constantly be interrupted on missions. If anything, I did them a favor and that armored man owes me his sword." Glancing back over the railing to the fight down below. It was a long drop and if those two and even his lizard buddy Goh could hear him, he'd be surprised. The dammed arena must have great acoustics. "If anything you interrupted me and you need to take your seat." Eyeing the other, "This is Kirigakure, not Konoha. You have no right to tell me what I can and can't do. So I think I'll just stay right here!" The rest of the crowd didn't seem to be paying any attention to the tiff the two were having near the railing as the fight was most likely more impressive. "And for the record I didn't take anyones sword so quit acting like I did or would have."

'That's it!'
Aside from the violet toned after-images, a flicker of light from the blade moving about, and ice shattering wherever he stepped no trace of Sakuryu's target can be fully seen. "Very well little girl, if its Murasaki-kun that'cha want, then I shall definetly-…" He paused after finally stopping to stand before Sakuryu, rubbing the chin portion of the helmet thoughtfully. "-Ah yes, then it would be Murasaki-kun you shall recieve. Now—" He narrowed his eye and tilted his head further to leer down at the Shirayuki. "One-quarter, One-third, or a half? OR better yet, are we going for the full body experience?" He asked nonchalantly before belatedly sheathing the blade held carelessly at his side.

Oh, now /that/ was the wrong thing to say to Taiki. But glancing at the security as it was en route to this scene just caused a large, almost feral grin to form on his face. "You know… you're right. This isn't Konoha," Taiki starts, though his voice would indicate trouble and the fact that he knows something Sanado doesn't. "If this were, I'd be on official duty and would drag you to your seat. And since you don't have any markings of any village on you, there'd be little you could do to stop me. No…" he says as that feral grin gets wider. "Nothing you could do would stop me. Nothing at all…" He then shakes his head and turns to head back to his seat. "Instead I'll leave you in the capable hands of the local security. See you later… sport." And with that he side-steps around a Kiri nin saying, "I don't want any trouble… You can handle it from here."

Goh's head tilts when Onimitsu takes on a change, not long after successfully avoiding Saku's attacks. He doesn't say anything in reply to the ice shinobi, instead just watching. Of course he would help the loser. That's the main reason he was here, after all.
In the middle of this, his eyebrow does raise, his head turning slightly to the side, as if something was bothering him. Did he know what was going up in the stands? Who knows. Either that, or a fly is bothering him! Regardless, it doesn't bother him for long — attention turning back to the fight.

Though he was not actually hunting down a criminal, Yari was on duty today. These days kind of sucked for the young man. He had to live his Chuunin life on one side while trying to become a jounin and his hunter nin life on the other. Due to the amount of people he had been asked to stand guard while he was not in matches or recovering from them. Luckily these matches were coming towards the finals. Then he'd be able to seperate his lives once more. For now though he wore the mask that marked him as one of Kiri's feared hunter nin.
As he watched the match in peace he heard a small ruckus that drew his attention. Some Konoha shinobi had a hold of another person who seemed to be really, really into the fight. Yari makes his way over slowly. Half because he was waiting to see how the two respond to each other and half cause he was not fully healed from his last match. Not that they would be able to see the slight fatigue. As he approaches, Taiki moves away. "Is there a problem?" he asks.

Kiri's so spiced up with the exams going on, but it was a welcome sight for Isra. The sounds from the arena could be heard from the entrance sometimes given how crazy the matches could get. She felt like she was missing out on all the action! So, she ran as fast as she could hoping that she wasn't missing out on anything. Upon entering the stands, the sound of the crowd worked her ears over something fierce, but she quickly adjusted to it. With her view from the top going down, she can kind of see what's going on, but not enough. She should probably head toward the railing below. Along the way, she spots a masked person in the crowd. The individual reminded her of Yuri. Speaking of, was something going on here?

Watching Taiki's tone and presence change drastically into something that he might have had a nightmare about caused Sanado to rethink what he had just said. Though it was already too late to take it back as it was already said and he was dealing with the partial consequences because of it. Still, he'd want to say something, anything at all, but he was just too scared to do so. The elder man with the massive dogs by his side could easily tear Sanado in two, so for the first time, he'd hold his tongue. That is until Konoha nin mentions security was coming for him. "Hey, wait! Why would they becoming for me? I didn't do anything wrong? You're the one walking around trying to mark your territory like one of your dogs!" Oops, he had done it again. Said something he should of thought instead. Luckily though…maybe, one of the kiri guards showed up just before Taiki could attack…Unless he attacked anyways. "There might be. I don't know. It depends on if spectators are allowed to watch the fight from the railings with enthusiasm to spare! There are no signs posted that it's not allowed though, so I clame ignorance."
Sakuryu blinks a little bit "Who is Murasaki?"She asks with a little dash back as he comes closer pouring more chakra into herself before she throws even more needles, soon making another wave of prisons breach forth from the ground to grasp and pull him in

Oh ice… there are some days it just doesn't pay to wake up. First, what is meant as friendly advice turns to a confrontation. Then, as Taiki decides to just leave it for the guards, a hunter nin steps up. Taiki wonders just how bad this could get before he sighs and shakes his head. "Not on my end. I was trying to keep the kid from getting hurt, either by falling over the railing or from the participants after the match. Unfortunately, the kid is a bit too excited and decided to take things the wrong way. I just want to watch the fights in peace, if that's all possible." He grimaces at Sanado's choice of words, but then shakes his head. "See what I mean? As I said, I'd rather let you handle it from here before he gets himself hurt." It's evident he's telling the truth, he'd rather just walk away than start… anything serious really.

Yari listens to what the boy yells and then what Taiki states. "Both of you return to your seats." He then turns towards Sanado and adds, "Do so quietly." His hand points towards the seats as his eyes then travel back to the match. He had fought both of these and even had a small investment in the Shirayuki. It was best for everyone involved just to drop the issue and watch the fight. That way his hand was not forced and no one had to miss the end of the match.
From Dammed Arena - Stands,
Isra watched what was happening between the Hunter and whoever was involved. It was a little hard to see with people moving around and stuff, but she thinks she could make out who was involved. She decided to approach and ask the person. Besides, those were some quality seats up there, so to speak. Closest to the action and three times as close to the danger! "Hey, uh, are there any seats available here?" She inquired to the Hunter. She didn't know if he was guarding the aisle now or not, but it didn't hurt to ask.

"I'M MURA-OOW! WHAT IN—OI! Don't just interrupt me!", Onimitsu cried out after taking another needle in still broken portion of his armor. The pain did on the otherhand sharpening his focus long enough to evade more of Sakuryu's traps, but nevertheless, to have his reply interrupted was an offense he did not take lightly! So, as soon as he managed to find and land upon one of the few ice free patches of ground, the only thing circulating through his mind is payback. Just as he half-crouched down in preparation to spring forth and deliver revenge swiftly, another twisted thought occured.
Why not use one of his host moves?

"Oni Style:" He flashed through a quick series of hand signs and took a deep breath. "BAD STOMACH TECHNIQUE!" After patting his stomach Onimitsu released one large exhale of noxious purplish-pink mist poured that quickly spread out to start cover most of the arena in front of him and even to lesser extent, above.

Taiki nods, and seeing as how he was doing just that when Yari came up, he has no issues with complying with the order. He never intended to do anything more than scare the kid into thinking before he opened his mouth anyway. It just wouldn't do to do anything more than that. Besides, the hunter-nin's presence should be enough to get the job done. "No arguments from me," he says as he walks up to his guards and sits down in front and between them.

Confrontation done as far as he was concerned, he turns his attention to the fight just in time to see the mist pour out into the arena. Quickly he pulls out a few bandanas and covers his mouth and nose with them, then does the same for the dogs. "Damn that smells," he says to the guards behind him who mirror his movements. "Glad that doesn't have the effect up here it does down there…"

Before you could easily catch a match and now they are one after another. But at least he did make it to this one and possibly it may be over but still he Hinotori takes a moment to look around and when he noticed who is here he walks over and sits with Taiki if his honor guard would allow for that. "Hey." he says to him then looks to the match, "Who is winning?" he asks.

Yari turned towards Isra as she asked about the seats. There were a few open ones that he had noticed. He points in the direction of one of those seats. "That one has been empty since the start of the match." He was not sure if it was a purchased seat that someone just has not shown or if it was truly empty. He doubted it would matter.
With Taiki taking his seat, Yari focused on Sanado. "Be careful with the mask. Those who wear them are often doing so for a reason. The knowledge they hold makes them targets for others of strength. I would hang the mask on your wall at home." Yari actually had no issue with the kid making souveniers of battles he had seen. It was good for the kid to be a kid. He was glad at least someone in this life might get a chance at that. As well, he had never told the kid he had to remain quiet once in his seat. Although he did hope the kid managed not to upset any of the other locals. He knew Sakuryu was from a noble family in her clan. He'd hate to see him turned into an ice cube by an upset uncle. Either way this was Kiri and people got noisey. That was part of the reason the arena was called the Damned Arena.
Sakuryu pants a little bit with a grasping of her hands "I gotta do one more! one last move to determine the battle!" She says as she Growls loudly, screaming out hard as her chakra rages through her before she moves through the handsigns almost violently throwing a flurry of needles bigger than any of the payloads she's thrown so far. "This is it! With my last bit of power!!" She says before hitting her knee with a hard shuddering sigh.. if these didnt work it would be her losing… this was everything to her… she had to do this or go on in shame.

Finally, after standing still for such a long period of time, the blonde pickler stands up straight. With Sakuryu converting that last bit of stamina and attacking, she was at her limit. Even if she wanted it to continue, Goh would not let it. It's what he was here for!
With his boots squelching across the soft ground, Goh arrives near the fighters going at it. He lifts a hand, eyeing both of them.
"That's enough." He says simply. It's not a booming voice, though it's filled with an authoritative tone.
"By my judgment, Onimitsu is the winner. Sakuryu is unable to continue." He lifts his left hand up, as Oni is standing on his left side. "Conrgrats to Oni. Saku, you fought well and hard. Your clan would be proud. Both of you, go get treatment and medical aid."

"Aww, shucks," Isra didn't even get to sit down before the fight was over. Well, she did come late. Oh well. So much for that. The crowd grew to its loudest as the winner was announced for this round and she winced in response to all the noise rattling her ears. "I guess I won't have to sit down, but thanks for the offer anyway," she stated to the Hunter.

Sanado thought about that for a moment, hanging the masks on his wall at home, but he enjoyed carrying it. He enjoyed carrying a lot of the things he crafted, picked up if it was left behind, given for free or in some sort of trade.. This actually brought an idea to the boy about using some sort of seal storage so he could have everything with him without worry about upsetting someone over a mask or any other item he had on his possession. "I don't know about a wall at home, but you've given me an even better idea." Fist pumping in excitement, "Thanks Mr. Masked Guard!" Now he simply had to figure out how go about learning seals. Goh probably knew, but said he wouldn't help him with anything until he graduated the academy. Seems like he'd have to ask someone back in Kumo…when ever the exams finally ended.
From Dammed Arena - Stands,
Taiki shrugs and said, "It went back and forth, but it looks like Onimitsu-san won," he says to Hinotori. He doesn't even bother to watch Sanado return to his seat, or anything else for that matter. The kid may not believe it, but he truly was trying to keep him from getting himself hurt. "I think there's another match coming after this one, not too sure though," he says with a shrug.

Murasaki's eye narrowed as he peered into the fading mist. Had he done it? Had it actually gotten his admittedly petty revenge?! "Whoa!", He exclaims, narrowly leaning his head to the side just in time to evade the first needle. Growling and grinning, Murasaki lowered his stance and reached up to take hold of Yoshimitsu hilt before dashing forward at Sakuryu. Weaving, leaping, and spinning whenever necessary to avoid her attacks without losing too much ground in the act. As soon as he came within strike distance the blade is drawn for one final strike.

"That's enough."
'That's enough!'
Murasaki half-stumbled and slid to a stop in confusion and hesitantly weakened his hold. "But I wasn't even—*winces*… *pant*… Tch, I haven't forgotten Oni-hime, Gin-boke." He muttered darkly then turned his unnerving gaze upon Sakuryu. "…. It'd be better if you take care of things for awhile now Gin.." He added as his eye drew to a close. A silver yet reddish orb replaces the violet once it opens once more. And although confusion and pain is evident in that eye, 'Onimitsu' manages to focus after a quick shake of his head. "I'll be best if we take it from here," He would say to any of the medics who might've gotten impatient, if not goh himself for approaching Sakuryu, then kneel at her feet and flashed through a short series of hand signs. "It'll be okay Saku-chan, just let me draw that nasty poison out of ya and take ya on the fastest route to the hospital, okay?", He asked in confusing mix of masculine and feminine double tone before tilting his head to the side and grin with his eye.

Saku looks at Goh as if he had told her she was stupid "NO! It's not over…. I can fight!" She stands shakily, her hands forming into fists "I have more chakra! I can win! I can still fight I can be a chuunin!" She says with a fire in her eyes, though her body was shaking a little bit, her breath ragged from pushing herself this far, the Shirayuki transformation was already hard on her being so young and not too physically great so she was at the very edge of passing out, her rage and guilt making her twitch more as she tries to move, her feet cemented in the ground unable to truly move.

As Oni came close to her she shook her head "I….I was going to win….I..I lost only because they stopped me…I could have taken it another step farther and won…" She growls looking at herself with only a tear in her kimono and Onimitsu with severe evidence of the needles she rained into him. "I was supposed to win…. I was going to be a chuunin." She just looks away standing up. "I've taken the chain brothers poison and the poisons of the swamp, you barely even got me… let me just go back to the springs to rest."

"Well then, I guess I ought to take this time out and go to eat. Who's with me?!" She called out. "Eh, anyway, I'm heading out. Catch you all later! I'll be in the marketplace if you all wanna join me. Whoever wants to, that is," she shrugs and leaves out away from the aisle and to the exit.

Someone mentioned food and Daisuke stomach let out a loud roar of victory, only to be settled down by Daisuke. The fight was over, it seemed to have lasted a whole day, but now he could go and grab some more food! Quicker than most, he exited the arena.

"You are mistaken if you believe that victory assures the chance to become a Chuunin Sakuryu-chan," Onimitsu stated as he stepped up closer. "Besides that, as a medic I can not allow you to walk out of here without treatment. So please—" Unless stopped one of Onimitsu's hand would fall upon Sakuryu's shoulder. "Rest." Without any further warning he strikes at a nerve to try and knock her uncouncious, then catch her and reposition her to make it easier for him to bow his head to the crowd. "Uh.. uhm… Ja.. ne?", He emitted nervously before turning away. Soon after both the form of and color tone of his armor shifted from violet to silver, then to crimson before beetle like wings sprung out the back plate.
With a simple leap and the wings instantly starting up, Onimitsu's and Sakuryu are gone within moments.

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