Once Upon A Time - Oni The Huntsman?



Date: August 13, 2011


Onimitsu is a Hunter, but he does not hunt. To hunt would imply the possibility of failure.

"Once Upon A Time - Oni The Huntsman?"

The Woods

"Ohayo Silent brothers I seeith now-yo!
In your being, repayment-shi!
Though no wonder to you, no-mi!
For ages you offer-tsu!"

A lone, crimson armor bearing and axe wielding man's words echo throughout the surrounding forestry as he emphasis each exclaimation with a swing of the unfamiliar weapon, and a shift in his stance. By the final time the final practice stroke completes its arc through the air, Onimitsu finds himself so enraptured by the poem that new words bubble out his mouth before he can stop. Nor is he free from his body instinctive movement into a more complex and strange spinning dance as he continues; almost completely unaware sudden increase in brightness in the small glade wasn't just from dizziness or euphoria but from the sun finally breaking away from the horizon.

"So with thine brother-oni~
Rekindled by stranger hands he be-mi!
To aid sacred ceremony-tsu~
And fell—"


Caught off guard by the sudden cry, Onimitsu staggers until falling onto his bottom; inadvertantly letting fly his axe directly above him. For a short few seconds it simply hangs in the air at the height of its flight, then like a menacing light catching meteor comes falling down promising a clean cut to anything in its path! *Thunk!* Needlessly to say, Onimitsu nearly passes out at the sight of the axe being embedded in the earth just centimeters short of nicking something precious. Another cry from well beyond the glade merciful refocus him, and without any further hesitation save to pick up the axe and draw out his katana, the yoshimitsu, Onimitsu takes off in the direction of the sound. Literally cutting the shortest path on his way as well as transforming himself into nothing but a red blur against the surrounding forestry. At first the sight of a little girl running out of the doorway of small cottage within another glade causes him to slow, but when the girl is suddenly snatched up by a furry, clawtipped anthromorphic that yanks her back inside, Onimitsu accelerates. Never once slowing down even when the door slams shut before he reaches within a meter. "Che! Another thing to thing to repay kindness, but no time like the present to test this out..", He whispers before leaping, spinning, and tucking his arms outstretched above his head.
Either by instinct or fear of Onimitsu cry of, "Shaaaaaaarrrrrk Attaaaaack!!" from outside the door, the wolf side-steps away from the door then breathes a sigh of relief. Unfortunatly, such relief is short lived thanks to Onimitsu's diving a wee bit off target then intended and crashing straight through the very same wall space that the creature stood behind. As if tto make matters even -worse- for the predator, the armor toting man forgot to sheath his weapons before the dive; thus skewering and hacking everything above chest. Finally free of the wolf's grip and resolute in searching high and low for her grandmother instead of investigating what exactly was the source of the awful sounding hacking noise that came with the wolfs death.
Meanwhile, Onimitsu slowly comes out of the dizzying effects of his attack to find one half his body hanging outside the cottage, and other blanketed in a deeper shade of red then, bone fragments, and fur. "…. Uuuuugh… Need.. *heaves*.. Work on, that landing.", He manages to spit out before passing out without pulling himself free first.

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