Oooooo... Right in the Pride!!


Sekisetsu, Daomi, Tsiro, Nori, Satsukiyami

Date: September 11, 2011


In a place where ninja via for the spot of 'Top Dog', a little girl rises to the occasion, proving that even Genin can have a day in the sun. Nori and Satsukiyami meet once again, thinking they will have another showdown. However, Satsukiyami seems to have to wait his turn, once Sekisetsu intrudes in upon the meeting.

"Oooooo… Right in the Pride!! "

Valley Cliff Wall [Land of Water]


The valley comes to a sudden halt with a great wall of rock surrounding the path forward. There appears to be no way around with the top of the cliff vanishing in the thick mist from above, not allowing one to view the height of this enormous structure. In the mornings it blocks out the sun completely leaving the area dark. The area is cold with a constant wind blowing from all over. The source of the wind coming from a small hidden cave entrance set behind a thick shrub of bushes.


The sounds had been echoing all morning across the valley. Every now and then, a loud crash would echo like thunder. There was no pattern, no rhythm, nothing. Just out of nowhere, another blast that would let the birds have an excuse to panic and fly.

The cause? On the far end, Satsukiyami was not truly practicing but rather working on aim. A rock would be dislodged from above, and with a simple clap of his hands…a jet of water shoots from his mouth and blasts the rock to pieces and against the valley wall, causing the shaking sound.

He was actually just repeatedly using an almost elementary water jutsu…just to keep versed.

Meruin had been gone for a while now. Exiled… The news was still quite unbelievable, even for Sekisetsu. She even now seemed to linger about the small boy's old hangouts. This just so happened to be one of them. She had been out here for only a few ours, before suddenly she heard the sounds of noise in the distance. She looked up. It wasn't raining any. Then her eyes lit up before then lowering, her head looking to the ground, crestfallen. "Meruin doesn't make impacts like that. He stings and drinks." She made one step then two before hand seals moved, causing her to flash forward, disappearing in a flicker, and reappearing on a tree branch above. She kept this up for a while, moving at high speed until she got to the valley's edge, where the noise was loudest. Looking down, she saw a jet of water, and then its source. Recognizable. The last time she even saw someone similar to this guy, there were three of him.

She continued to watch for a moment, before then shouting, "You know… The valley has amazing dumb echoing. Great way to draw attention."

The noises had drawn Tsiro's attention. He made his way out to investigate just what the cause was. For some odd reason the young Kaguya boy seemed strangely curious. As he walked he would look up to see the blonde haired shinobi practicing. Then he would spot Sekisetsu. For a moment he would simply grumble and watch.

Nori was high above, on the cliff face. Or rather, he had suddenly appeared there, descending down the wall. As a blast of water intercepted the wall ahead of him, the Shinobi paused, studying Satsukiyami a moment. With a grin, Nori flips off the side of the wall, descending behind the rock as it was torn to pieces in front of him. Satsu might have a moment to prepare, and perhaps step out of the way, as Nori descends towards him in jack-knife position. Of course, Nori had aimed to the side of the bounty hunter, and came to land on both feet beside the other shinobi. "Oi, that seems like pretty boring exercise. Rocks all fall the same way, not a lot of variation for real practice," he comments.

"I'm too dangerous to actually practice against you homestead-nin."

Satsukiyami says, still looking up at the valley wall. He just was using that answer to brush it off. Would these barbaric Kiri-nin know that it is truly in fact repetition that develops a jutsu so far that it can be used without any preparation? Course not. For now though, he dislodges another boulder and forms two hand seals quick. Breathing deep…and again the slicing jet of water shoots out of his mouth and this time…misses.

Distractions, he could always mess up more when people were around.

He turns to look a bit where he heard the shouting, hollering back to Sekisetsu.

"Better here than by your precious ocean, I got assaulted there too many times."

"…Don't ignore me!!!!", was shouted by the small girl to Satsukiyami. The young girl then jumped down, walking and bumping into Nori as she passed him up. Stepping uo, small and bold she'd stare up at Satsukiyami, and say, "I don't care how in the hell dangerous you claim to be, when a beautiful woman greets, you, be a gentlemen and say 'Hi'!

Tsiro watched as Nori appeared. He seemed slightly unimpressed at this point. Though his attention on the new comer and Nori was interrupted when Sekisetsu gave her speech about being a beautiful woman and the newcomer should act like a gentlemen.

"Nine years old, not even developed physically and claiming to be a beautiful woman. Someone must have used a few too many Genjutsu on that girl." Tsiro's words were extremely quiet and said under his breath. He really did hope that psychopath did not hear him.

Nori chuckles as he takes in the little lady and her speech. "Well, the lady thinks you're a gentleman, Satsukiyami." Nori's eyes narrow. "Though, what I think? I think you just like to whine. Moved your camp because you couldn't stand a little heat? And then you claim to be too dangerous, so you hide and kick rocks and make lots of noise doing it so everyone pays attention to you." He twitches, and an ivory kunai appears in his hand, which he twirls around in his fingers a moment. "Course, you could always prove me wrong… Though I doubt you have the guts or the skill." The kunai suddenly appears in the ground at Satsukiyami's feet, and Nori crosses his arms, his chin tilted up just so, a taunting look on his face.

"Even if you had tried hitting me with that, you wouldn't have."

Satsu was about to dislodge another rock before he blinks down twice in surprise. He stares eye to eye with 'all that is mighty short'…Well this was awkward. He would just stare down at her for a full minute with those black and blue eyes…and simply just cock his head to the side.

"I am no man."

Tsiro's words were heard and Satsukiyami inwardly agreed. Were these genjutsu effects? However, he just forms two seals and then calmly leans his head back…

They'd soon feel rain drops landing on top of their heads…soon the area experiences a sudden downpour.

"You couldn't land a hit on me before, Nori."

"Aahh.. Kiri at war time.. You gotta love us.", was said with a childish giggle and snort, before Nori was simply eyed. Seki would rub her chest, staring Nori in the back, hoping he'd die from it, before then looking back, to see her other favorite Kaguya. His words weren't the type she'd hear often and to them she'd laugh. That laugh was accompanied by a very quick rise in temperature around the area for which they all stood. Not to mention, Seki's entire expression had turned from smiling and laughing little girl, to angry, rage filled succubus. Tsiro didn't know what he had just did. "Keep in mind. …Yuuka isn't here to protect you or to give you pointers, No-Tan, so keep it zipped or you'll be flambeau."

Nori's words came of little shock at all. He'd get a sweat drop, a gum-chew and two eye-rolls, before being told, "Awwww… give it a rest, Butch. You just jealous because you ain't the only beef cake around. Besides, you could have had me a long time before he did… if you didn't decide to put a /hole/ in my damn chest!!!" Seki's arms would flail as she shouted, before she then peered at the weapon of Nori and sighed. "You know… If you want him, you going to have to get through me first, Nori-chan…" Combined with the rain that came down, the area started to get really really balmy, steam being caused by a mix in both creations of chakra. When Satsu would claim what he had not been, her own smile would appear, devilish and sweet all at the same time, before she'd say…

"Hehe… thats awesome… I stopped being a little girl a /long/ time ago."

Tsiro more or less grumbled as it seems everyone and their mother heard that. He looks upwards at the rain falling from the sky. Definitely seemed like it could be a useful jutsu. Then as Seki reminds him that his sensei is not here, he remains quiet though his mouth moves, mocking the girl as she seems to be rushing off to battle. 'Girls…' He then takes a seat towards the ground and watches. This would be a good time to gauge the strength of the two people he's often pissed off most and the newcomer.

Nori chuckles lightly at Satsu, his hands sprout another kunai, and he lobs it deftly at the foreigner with a little extra oomph behind it. It whizzes through the air, aimed to clip Satsukiyami's jaw line and give him a stinging cut should it strike. "So, is this rain like some sort of logier you've launched into the air for us?" He grins, glancing at Sekisetsu. "Do you really want me to fight you too?" He crosses his arms, considering her a moment.

Satsukiyami was lowering his head that moment it was thrown at him, his eyes haven't even reopened…then he notices the blur in front of him. He just raises an eyebrow in that second.

The blur Satsu had saw was really a scroll, unrolling of its own accord, and glinting metallically in the air, as it came to the forefront, shielding him from the attack. But while the Water Release user hadn't suffered a blow, Seki had…. The force of the sharp had been quite powerful, enough to cause the shield of paper to rebound and smack her upside the body really well. A cough, would be followed by a giggle as Seki said, "Yes…" as a one word reply. The small girl then removed the shield, already hand sealing, and inhaling. When the paper had been gone, an extremely large fireball, in all its might and promise, would defy the rain, and head right into Nori's direction. Meanwhile, another attack was heading for him as well… One unseen.

Tsiro's eyes followed Nori as he moved to attack. Then they watched as Sekisetsu got between them. Though it seemed she took a hit, she also seemed to recover fairly well. Then a fireball in this rain… "That’s kinda neat." is all Sekisetsu would manage to get from Tsiro.

Nori's grin broadens as Sekisetsu interrupts his attack and takes the brunt of it in return. There’s a dangerous flicker in his eyes, and suddenly lightning is swirling around him and jumping off of him to climb spider like along the ground near his feet, his blue eye flickers lightly. Bone spikes emerge from his joints and two small horns appear on his forehead, trickling blood. "Good, this should be exciting," he says, as he sidesteps the fireball.


A hand would clap down on tiny-Seki's shoulder. This one firm, but not assaulting. He would actually step past her in the moments that Nori was shifting his body about. A Kaguya technique, he was used to seeing it. Mind games? Of course. Satsukiyami would just narrow his eyes a moment at Nori…watching him.

What Nori will see though is uneasy to recognize at first…until what looks like bones begin to pierce out of his own joints and horns from his forehead as well. Was Satsukiyami using the same style!?

"Now then…"

Despite being in this appearance, he just brings his hands up…slowly breathing in and the rain literally begins diverting into his mouth. His chest literally expands before he finishes the seals and breathes out.

"Water Style: Violent Water Wave!"

The very jutsu he had been practicing…on a much more wider scale.

Nori's transformation came as no surprise to Seki… another boney Kaguya. Big whoop. She looked to the man hand sealing and readying her neck move, smiling as if she held a secret only she knew of, when suddenly… she'd feel a hand on her shoulder. As she felt, and heard the man, Seki shouted, "Yeah, right… He owes me… wait in line!!", while still moving in her seals. Then suddenly, someone /else/ grows horns, causing her to say, "Hey! You can't do that!! He's mine!!!" Seki's rage burned, enough so where rain turned into steam at a more constant rate. And when the man attacked, Seki would erupt, suddenly transforming in her own right, her body seeming to be engulfed in a pillar of flame and fire, as Satsu began attacking Nori with water.

Upon the inferno ending, Seki now had her own horns made of flame, as well as a pointed tail of the element. Her skin had became red, with black veins appearing in her form, and her eyes were now /non-existent/ replaced with a black flame in each socket. Her voice, metallic, and lusty would say, "I want him!!! He's mine!!", as fire descended from her form, moving in five lines across the ground to surround and keep Satsu at bay. Whether the water user had been pinned or not, Seki's primary target, Nori, still had it coming, with an attack allot more invisible to the others around her.

If successful, Nori would suddenly feel paralyze with fear of making any moves. Any step he took would cause him to become nauseous, and panicked, as if the next step he made would cause him death itself.

The eyes of Tsiro watch the people. It would seem there was more going on than he could possibly see. He would try to stay alert, though he was certain there was a genjutsu or two at work here. Course he had very little evidence either way on it.

unreasonable or not."

Nori watches the blast of water stream forward, and appears to simply take it… to the face. Stone and rubble explode from beneath his feet as the impact rocks him, and then Nori grins, his hair hanging in wet ringlets about his face. That is, he was grinning until Sekisetsu's attack overtook him. Something was wrong, and Nori was sure what, his eyes shifted about as he tried to figure out what it was. A trap? Foreign shinobi? Something was out of place, and the next step could mean his death…

It was a reaction he had been preparing since he made the mimicry…even though it was almost ignored by Nori that he had perfectly copied his bone growth. The flames shoot around him, catching him by surprise and immediately the bones lose their color, changing translucent and immediately shoot in each direction…grabbing at the flames. Of course, flames aren't tangible…until Satsukiyami is caught in the flaming spiral and he steps back and forth within in surprise.

His eyes are forced to shut…thankful for a certain link. He feels the burns…causing water on his skin to evaporate as he's caught.

As Seki attacked, stopping both ninja in there tracks… She looked to Nori, who had been quite still and quite confused. She'd whistle as she made her way over to him, hand sealing, and causing her large scroll to open. Seals would poof, causing two bouncing balls to appear before the girl. Each was caught in one hand, only for her, in her deviled form, to come skipping over, smiling. Upon closer inspection, any one would notice that the balls were each made of explosive tags, and plenty of them. "Its Genjutsu, Nori.", was said with a whisper and a wink, as the balls were sat between his legs. With a hop, the girl would kiss him on the cheek and say, "And now, we’re even…", before walking toward Tsiro, and hissing into his ear. From a safer distance, Seki would shout, "Payback’s not a bitch… Its me, Sekisetsu!!", and hand seal, causing the explosive tags to go off…

Tsiro's eyes would show pain as he watched what was happening to Nori. Maybe this little girl wasn’t a girl after all. She was more like a demon in a child's skin with a really bad attitude… combined with lots of social issues. Tsiro would gulp deeply as she walked by him and mentioned pay backs. Hopefully his training would prepare him better than both Nori and this stranger.

As Nori looks around, it suddenly occurs to him that there’s something else wrong here. "Why should I care if I'm going to die?" The simple question was enough to cause him to focus again, though its too late to do anything about the explosive tags that suddenly surround and cling to him. His eyes narrow as he focuses his attention on Sekisetsu. "You're going to pay for this," he says solemnly just before they explode. A cloud of dust surrounds him as the explosions stir the earth and cliff face. Did Nori survive?

By now, the fear was gone. Satsukiyami was enveloped in the spiraling fire still, completely out of sight. His eyes were shut but he could feel everything that was going on outside. He could only barely hear the shouting though from the roar of the flames…

He takes a breath…eyes still shut as he just gauges his situation.

He's waiting for something.

"Meh… he acts like that’s the worst pain he's taken. I mean sure… the bombs were near his Koodie-parts, but he can make those bone too… right?" The last part of the question was cut off as a violent explosion caused a mushroom cloud to plume overhead. The shockwave of such could blow back hair and clothing, even block out any other sound. Once it was all over, Seki smiled, before letting a single hand seal go… A release seal, it should cause the pillar surrounding Satsu to disperse, only after it shielded him also from the blast, as well as kept him trapped. He'd be released, just in time to see the scorch marks of another explosion. Once he was visible, Seki would say, "There… now you can have the leftovers..", before cackling and running off.

Tsiro continues to watch. He simply cannot look away. This was brutal. Two guys matching sizes just got their asses handed to them by a 9 year old girl. Tsiro tries not to laugh as he waits for the other battle to get started now that Seki left.

As the dust settles, Nori appears, hardly the worse for wear. What remains is the anger, and its prevalent upon his features, the furrowed eyebrows and the gritted teeth. His eyes glance about as he searches for the girl, murder in his eyes. "I don't care if you're a kid," he growls, still searching for her. "I'm going to strip your skin off and hang you out as bait for the wolves." Its obvious he's fuming mad, mad enough to kill.

Satsukiyami only would hear the roar of the fire end. He would open his eyes afterwards…seeing the blast marks and the state Nori was in. If Satsuki had the ability to laugh he would. Oh wait, he does. A loud cackling, almost like a cracking sound fills the air as the Rain nin grabs at his stomach. He's laughing full bore. The fact that was funny? He says it.

"The runt catches me off guard and stomps the local bully! I love it!"

Satsukiyami's got a wide laughing smile on his face. A baby is crying somewhere.

He keeps snickering as he claps his hands once, causing the rain to fall even harder around them.

"Now I needed that."

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