Opening the Gates to the Heart, Figuratively


Eremi, Rise

Date: November 10, 2013


Seeking to repay Rise, Eremi accepts her wish to Learn the Gates. But… there's a snag in the form of her chakra control, so things are side-tracked with a bit of impromptu water walking training first!

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Opening the Gates to the Heart, Figuratively"

Northern Hill then scene progressed to The Waterfall

Northern Hill [Land of Fire]

Landing at the top of this small hill, all bushes die out and is replaced with a total area surrounded by long burnt yellow grass, large rocks and even boulders. The most amazing sight within this entire hill is a single large tree standing right at the center; at first glance it seems to be the biggest and thickest tree that one has ever seen. Further down the path more confusing directions can be taken, however, to the east, where the bushes open up again, there are signs of buildings. Perhaps even a town.


A day or two, if not more, had passed since the duo had left the village that started this whole journey. It was an experience the likes which won't likely be forgotten easily, especially not for Eremi, but at least Rise was there every step of the way to make the task easier and it was something Eremi appreciated greatly. He had no clue how he'd repay the girl, but he would, some how.
The forest would briefly part, opening up to a wide clearing about 100 ft or more in length and surrounded by trees. Eremi would take a few steps before clutching the strap of his backpack and turning to Rise, "Why'd you leave Kumogakure?" It was a little out of the blue and quite personal, but sometimes Eremi didn't know boundaries.

A day or two passes and still the image of the little girl refused to leave the forefront of her mind. She may not have wanted to forget, but with something like that on the mind, it is difficult for her to focus on anything that required higher thinking. If not for Eremi being around Rise might've spent the past couple of day just purely going through the motions until her heart was finally settled. Instead, She devoted as much energy as she could to keep him from wondering and worrying about the effect seeing the village on her. As it turns, this may have been for the best. Mostly.
"Huh?" Rise starts, then peers up at Eremi in confusion. It takes another moment or two more before her mind catches up and a smirk to be given as the initial answer. "I don't even know n'emore… but I remembered it had something to do with finding something. Something that I couldn't get to if I remained a part of a hidden village…. Why do you wanna know all of a sudden?" She asked curiously, and by the look in those heterochromic eyes of her, she would not take half-answers or none at all as a reason.

"I was hoping that after this was done, if there was something you needed help with, I could assist you." A positive outlook on the situation that assumed the both of them survived this or even stayed friends afterwards, time changes things. "But if you don't even know why you left anymore, why not just return? You made it farther than I did in the exams, so you're obviously a skilled ninja and you could make more of yourself within a village, no?"

Rise smiled at first when Eremi mentioned assisting her in return for all that she did. But when he turns around and begins questioning her again, the young girls expression immediately begins to darken. She closes her eyes and clenches the straps holding her backpack to her body tightly for a few moments. Then releases it after with a heavy sigh. "I, can't. Not as I am." She states as she paces thoughtlessly forward. "Skilled don't mean squat without drive. And… nothing back there will do me any good." She glances back with a ghost of a smile playing upon her lips. "I don't exactly got a lot ties there too. Not like you have with Konoha, Eremi-kun… I'd protect Kumogakure if they absolutely needed me, but beyond that…" She simply shrugs.

It was a bit of a puzzle watching Rise's behavior shift so suddenly based on what Eremi said, as if he brought something up he shouldn't have, but it only made him want to dig deeper, "If not as you are, then what are you striving for?" Following with Rise as she continued on, but stopping the moment she turned around to look at him with the facade upon her face, "My ties to Konoha are purely to its people and my friends, not the village and what it stands for. If Konoha ended up in another needless war, I'd be there to protect those I care about, but not to help Konoha win." Stating clearly with planted feet, an ideal of his he would never budge on, "You aren't a part of Konoha, but you're still a part of my life. Besides just being there for you, which if I can, I always will be. How can I help you?"

She shakes her head. In the past, Rise would have declared with absolute conviction that what she strove for was "power", so that never again would she have to feel like that helpless little girl that couldn't summon the strength to save her parents; and yet, when her own life was in danger, she found the power to protect it. The guilt that such memories tended to bringing flickers briefly in her eyes. A second too fast for most. Whatever she felt, Eremi's words buoyed her spirit, saving her from descending to past the breaking point of the facade. "Your gonna make some lucky girl a good hubby one day, Eremi-kun." She smiles a genuine smile, cheeks tinged pink. She quickly turned away after that, too embarrassed to say more until the heat died down in her being. "…. The eight inner gates. Teach them to me."

Eremi was speechless by the comment about being a good hubby some day, he wasn't sure how to respond to it and was just counting his blessing that Rise turned away first. In order to be a good hubby, he had to find some lucky girl first and that wasn't really working out for him. Running away from a village filled with ladies made it hard to meet people. Though luckily he didn't have to think about it long as Rise quickly changed the subject around. "You…want to learn the gates?" Eremi inclined a brow, "Why would you want to learn those? They're a pretty deadly technique, for the user and their opponent." Not that Rise didn't already know this from seeing Eremi in action, but he felt it necessary to say, sighing, "Considering your skill, it would be relatively easy for you to learn. You're already well conditioned."

Rise glanced back and nodded in reply to the first. Then turned back fully to face as he continued, obviously doubting the girls skill and knowledge by the way he took her request. Relunctantly, she heard him out to the end, arms folded just beneath her breasts. Her patience pays off, though she cannot help shifting uncomfortably in place as a result of his last statement. 'Why did she have to feel so self-conscious now of all times' she wondered.
"Thanks, I guess…" She murmurs, then peered up at Eremi. "I wanna learn'em because… well, its kind of hard to describe, but… I wanna learn'em because its less dangerous compared to my other option." Kind of. Or so her eyes said as much as soon as she stopped speaking. With that said Rise popped open her back-up supply pouch and plucked out five pills: One grey, one burgundy, one black, one white, and one blue-ish. Each of which were roughly the same size. Soldier pills, of a sort. "The only way I can come close to competing with others is with these things. One of which requires the other just to keep me from dying afterwards… Or so I was told." She says with a careless shrug. "So, I wanna try for something different." There is more, her body language hinted at such, but Rise couldn't bring herself to say just yet.

Eremi wasn't the most observant individual when it came to reading another's body language. It was easier for him if others just told them what was on their minds, but that never happened. So often he was left in the dark, though this wasn't one of those times. Rise was pretty apparent in her stance, like an open book, Eremi just wasn't sure how to read it. "I didn't many anything against it." Not sure how to alleviate the situation, he'd watch as Rise continued on, producing pills. At least one he was sure he had seen her use before during the exams.
"The gates can be pretty detrimental to the body as well. The last one even having a guaranteed chance of killing the user." He'd glance at the pills once more before looking up at Rise, "But if what you're telling me is that you need pills to compete with others, the gates might not be the right thing for you." Sliding the strap of his backpack from his shoulder and holding it in one hand, "I just find it hard to believe you actually need supplements when I know what you're capable of." He'd toss the backpack to Rise with a single throw. It had the weight of a large man to it. That on top of what he was sure were weights in the girls own backpack, would be decently heavy, but it was nothing she couldn't handle.
"I'll teach you the gates, but you have to stop doubting yourself. You've proven what you are capable of time and time again so doubting yourself in anyways is putting a barrier up you won't be able to pass through simply by learning the gates."

Rise bites back all retorts and firmly clenches the hand holding the pills, hiding them from sight a second after Eremi glanced at them a second time. He takes a step too far by doubting her ability to handle the gates. Unfortunately before she has a chance to finally counter, Rise is forced to defend herself instead. Instinct demanded that she evaded the tossed backpack, but she was too angry at the moment to listen to that. IF Eremi wanted proof she'd give him proof! She shifts into a basic but subtle and more defensive kata as it flies, arm cocked back at a low angle, palm facing the sky, and eyes narrowed in anticipation. She strikes, seemingly without mercy but in truth the 'attack' was perfectly measured to cancel out the force behind the throw. Before it can fall to the ground, her hand is clutching the center most of the bag, holding it aloft.
"… Hai, Eremi-ku… Eremi-sensei." She grins toothily. Without further warning the the grin, Rise chucks the weighted back back at Eremi.

Eremi wasn't surprised Rise was able to catch the weights with ease, he expected her to, but wanted her to know that she could as well. It wasn't much of a challenge, but that would come soon enough with learning the moves that followed with unlocking the gates. He'd smile when Rise would bother to call him sensei, a name he never figured would follow his name, but it was a thought that didn't linger long as the backpack was already coming back his way. Though instead of catching it, he'd shift out of the way, allowing it to fly past him and bury itself into the ground from the weight. "Um, you're going to be carrying that, not me." His smile growing wider as he stretched his arms out, feeling the freedom of no longer being burdened by the weight. "I have the perfect place to start as well. Let's get going."

Rise eyes went as wide as saucer after hearing the news, and then narrowed to dangerous slits. "Why do I have to freak'n carry his stuff," She murmured amidst guttural growls as she grudingly carried out the task. She glares at Eremi along the way too, though the intensity behind it wanes after passing him. "Uugh, mmm… ompf!… Lead the way O-Eremi-sensei," She says sarcastically and breathily from the strain that came with the new found weight on her backside. She swore under-breath that if Eremi turns this into a ten mile trek to a place resembling the exact same area they were already in she would drop kick!

Eremi didn't think much of it as he had Rise carry his belongings. Compared to what he went through before starting his training for learning how to open the first of the chakra gates, this was nothing. So how ever she felt, he simply ignored it as they made their arduous trek to the spot he had intended. Was it 10 miles away, possibly. Considering where they were to where they were going, it was possible, but this was a test to see how Rise would over come and endure. Testing her stamina and resolve in the most simplest of forms. If she couldn't even manage this, she wasn't ready for the gates and he would tell her once arriving at the place if that ends up being the case. "Not much further now." He'd jokingly reply as he walked ahead. "Let me know if that gets too heavy for you." That might have been pushing it.

It's official. Whatever butterflies may have danced around in her stomach for the young man leading her on this crazy trek are all caged and buried by what felt about the mid-way point. Sure as time went by she managed to find that sweet spot to better manage the extra load. And sure it roughly paled in comparison to the crazy things she tended to put her body through over the past eight years of her life.
That still doesn't change the fact that its still annoying playing pack mule or that it does getting kind of exhausting after awhile. She wast tempted at a few points to try and at least slip a soldier pill down her gullet, but refrain. If this trek happened to be apart training necessary to unlocking the gates then she would do it clean. Otherwise she'd better off allowing her life to be ruled by drugs and the peculiar effect that had on her body beyond what is to be normal expected.

Occasionally Eremi would glance over at Rise with a half smile plastered upon his face as she continued ahead, not giving up. He wasn't surprised she was pushing forward and he didn't want her to quit either, even if the gates are deadly. If she wanted to grow and improve and felt the gates were the way to do it, then who was he to stop her. "Hey Rise. Can you tell me why you don't use Ninjutsu?" It was an important question actually, so hopefully she would answer it truthfully. If Rise knew the area well enough, the forests were starting to look familiar and in the distance, the sound of a waterfall could be heard.

Rise is still miffed about the whole pack mule issue so she's a little reluctant to answer. After a pregnant pause, she sighs in exasperation as she re-adjusted her loads back in place. "I gotta reading during my first year at the academy. Turnz out my chakra is all whacky or some such nonsense, so I didn't bother getting all that interested in it beyond those pills." She explained briskly. Rise regrettably isn't all too familiar with the Land of Fire so her surroundings don't give away much except trees, trees, and more trees. The sound of a waterfall ahead does peek her interests. "… Plus, I prefer being more direct when I wanna hurt somebody. And most of that fancy ninjutsu just won't do. Even the simple stuff…. I…. I also don't wanna forget." She ends on a solemn note, gaze distant as she stared ahead.

Hearing the explanation, Eremi would come to an immediate stop, "Your…your chakra is whacky?" Well that could be problematic for someone that wants to use the CHAKRA gates. Shaking his head, Eremi would cross his arms over his chest and shift in his stance, "I don't know what that means, but you do know how the chakra gates work right? If your chakra isn't working right, you won't be able to learn the gates." The rest of what Rise said, Eremi had heard and it made since that she didn't want to forget the simple stuff. :P "This is probably something we're going to have to figure out the meaning of before we continue the training." Knowing Rise would be upset about this he was trying to be as sympathetic as possible. "Listen Rise, I care about you and I don't want you to get hurt over something I teach you. The gates are deadly enough on their own, but if your chakra system isn't working properly, this could make matters even worse."

Rise comes to an immediate stop right after Eremi and give him a funny look in response to the question. "Uh, yeah." She confirms, wondering what was the big deal now. She isn't stupid. She knows chakra is required for the gates and probably a aorta load of it too. However, as far as she was concern, so long as she just focused and used a bunch in one place — Pop! — instant power boost without none of the nasty attitude side-effects the pills had on her.
"What?! What do you mean I can't learn them!" She yells, realizing now that the whole reason Eremi crossed his arms over his chest was to protect himself from her! Bitter, Rise drops the extra weight Eremi forced on her, and is just about ready to stomp up to him and punch him in the face if he didn't come up with a solution for her fast! THe fact that he admitted to caring about her gives her pause, but only just long enough to hear the rest he had to say. She's still pretty miffed by the end. But…
"So, what? What do we do now?" She asks testily.

Eremi would watch his backpack fell to the ground and stare at it for a bit before allowing himself to look at Rise once again. She could be pretty intimidating when she wanted to. "First, pick that back up." Waving a hand at his pack, "Second we figure out what exactly 'whacky' chakra means. What happened when you tried to use ninjutsu in the Academy? That's probably the most important question so depending on what did happen, will determine our next step."

Rise glances at the backpack, then at Eremi, brow held aloft as if to say, "Really?" Grudgingly, She does inevitably follow the command with an exasperated exhale. She made him wait though until he was actually ready to question her more though because she didn't one to test him too much. Not yet, anyways. "Nothing." She stated bluntly. "Most of the time I got nothing for my efforts. The other times… *cringes*… The other times things got explosive.

Chuckling, Eremi would bring his hands up to cover and rub his face, "Rise!" Throwing his hands out in front of him. "Explosive?!?" Laughing so more as he shook his head, "Your chakra system is so whacky, that when you tried to focus it, things got explosive and you expect me to teach you the gates?" He shook his head, crossing his arms over his chest once again, "You've got to be out of your mind. What if I teach you how to unlock the Gate of Opening located in your brain, you try to utilize it and things get explosive again?"

Rise gritted her teeth behind her lips as Eremi went from chuckling to outright laughing at her condition. It's not her fault she was born wierd like that! Gotta be the Toujitakumi blood in her. Yeah. Well, no. Truth be told she has no idea if she even belonged to a clan like that. Her earlier memories have either eroded to the point that only sharp points remain intact, or are buried under the barriers she erected to keep from wanting to get herself killed doing something reckless over the years.
"Yeah, I do." She states, blowing away her bangs in frustration. "I dunno, geeze…." She bowed her head and to the best of her ability given the extra back pack, folded her arms beneath her breast. "Look I don't got a lotta options here. It's either take the gamble of getting brain damage every time I get into a serious fight, or I end up becoming a monster because I took a pill just to keep up." She sighs. "Worst part is, it don't matter how safe the pills are supposed to be. The same.. atrium, keeps happening to me anywayz.."

Eremi would uncross his arms as he slowly walked up to Rise and brought a hand up to place upon the girls shoulder while the other reached out under her chin and lift her face , "I don't know if I ever told you this or if you just figured it out on your own, but do you know what my Nindo is?" His hand would slip to the strap that was attached to his backpack, pulling it free from Rise and taking it back to himself. After which he'd take a couple steps back, "The one purpose I carry on is so I can protect those close to me no matter what. I train hard and do what I do so that those I care about don't have to suffer. It's obviously not a goal I have been able to accomplish yet and probably never will, but I'll never let go of my goal. Some day….I'll make it so no one I care about is ever hurt again. Not so long as I can help it."
He'd offer a smile to Rise, "Come on. We're almost to where we'll be training." Walking ahead, shouldering the weight of the backpack now. Rise had been through enough emotionally, he didn't need to add to her torment. "So what's your nindo? Why do you put your body in harms way? What is your purpose and goal for sacrificing your very being like you are?"

Rise starts at the contact and immediately looks towards the hand on her shoulder. It as which point her gaze is turned upon Eremi, a hand at her chin, guiding her instead of forcing her. Thus, she turned without resisting. Rise listens, still raw from the feelings that were stirred by her own admission. As much as she was allowed to move Rise shook her head negatively in response to the first question. If he's told her at some point or another she has long forgotten. A good thing perhaps, since this also meant hearing what could only be a clearer, more refined version of Eremi's nindo compared to that unknown time before.
Again, she does not struggle when Eremi chose to make his next move and take back his backpack. Her grip remains tight on it though until her subconscious felt that he had the weight well under control.
"Huh? Oh!" She starts again. Thankfully, her recovery is much quicker this time around. "Nindo?… Hmm…" She cast her head down, readjusting her own backpack again as she mused over the question. In the end, Rise answers honestly and says, "I wasn't… I ain't like you Eremi. I ain't that… selfless." She takes a breath. "My nindo… is to never be helpless again like I was back then… To never have to rely on others, to get strong enough to never have to… to have deal with disappointment again, like when I my mom… my dad…" She bit down on her bottom lip and shook her head softly. She refused to go down that route again.

Eremi shook his head, "I wouldn't call it 'selfless'. It's pretty weak of me. I do what I do because I'm not strong enough to be able to deal with someone getting hurt. The emotions I feel when someone close to me gets hurt is so painful, I can barely go on…" Leaving it at that as he walked on, listening to Rise's nindo. It was admirable enough, not wanting to rely on others. "I can accept that." He was curious about the part with Rise's parents, but didn't think now was the best time to ask about it, "Listen, I'll teach you how to open the gates, but if it looks like your body can't handle it, the lessons are over."

"And if you keep taking those pills in front of me, I'll put you down myself."

Considering she wasn't allowing him to drink, it was a fair trade.

Rise frowned and opened her mouth to interject about the selfless part; only to stop herself and let it go. For now. Excitement flooded her eyes the instant Eremi conceded to teaching her the gates. Finally, no more having to run out at a critical time or wait weeks for a refill! :D She could accept the conditions as well, understanding that she was already asking for much from a guy who had a problem with seeing those he care about suffer. Her only hope is that Eremi didn't give — "What?! Why?" She yells at him, speeding up now so that she's walking besides the Satonezu. "I mean, I know what I said was bad n'all but until I get the gates down I still need those."

Snickering, "You won't need them anymore. I'm here. It's time to quit your dependency on a drug with such horrible side effects." Snickering only because Rise's anger just made him chuckle, he couldn't help it. "If you're worried about being helpless without the gates, we better get to learning them then." Walking through the path, the waterfall was finally in view. "This is where you'll be training." Turning to face Rise, he'd slide the strap off his backpack and allow it to fall to the ground. "Now you're in top physical condition, I won't need to train you in that. So we'll go right to the mental exercises." A finger would point at the rocks near where the water was falling. A lone rock sat that was being gently sprayed by the water, but untouched by the pressure of the falls itself. "That's where you'll sit and meditate."

Once again Eremi manages to rile her up and keep her that way with his snickering over her reactions. Her cheeks burned from the indignation and embarrassment. She wanted to… to explain that the drugs were not at fault but her wierd as body. She could prove it too. But no, she knew he wouldn't hear of it; especially not now. So, she stayed quiet and made it a point to keep her eyes from meeting Eremi's own as they made their way tot he falls. The fall felt vaguely familiar. Almost as if in another life, it was her home.
She shook her head to clear out the weird thoughts that threatened to overtake her. "… *double blinks*… Are… Are you serious?", She asks warily. Gallons and gallons of mind numbing cold water falling upon her noggin. Just a fun time waiting to happen! :D -.-

Tilting his head while raising an eyebrow, "Now why would I joke about this? You're acting like I'm asking you to carry me across the water or something." Waving his hand at the rock, "Now just walk over there and sit on the rock. Geez, you can water walk can't you?"

Rise jerks back as if struck. "Fine." She states between gritted teeth before looking back towards the rock. After a careful few moments to try and judge the distance between the rock and shore, Rise stomps her way to the closest point between the two, slipping off her backpack along the way. Once she reaches the preferred point — which still turned out to be a ways off from the rock itself — Rise spares Eremi one last glance over the shoulder before focusing all of her attention to the rock. 'It ain't that far girl, no need to psyche yourself out over this' She thought as she worked her way through a few warm-up stretches to get limbered up.
After a few steps back are taken Rise bursts forward and leaps….


A foot. She misses it by just that much. Literally, her foot landed on it only for the slippery rock to get to her.

Straightening out, Eremi would watch in a bit of confusion as Rise did a bit of a routine for what ever reason, "You're just meditating, it's no big deal. Walk over there alr….." Then Rise jumped toward the rock only to fall into the water. "Are you kidding me?!" Walking toward the edge of the water only to walk on top and over toward where Rise dropped in. He wouldn't wait for the girl to tread water or whatever as he reached in to grab her by the arm and pick her straight up out of the water. His grip was firm, but didn't dig into the girl. Regardless of any resistance, he'd put the girl on his shoulder and walk back to dry land before dropping her off. "Did you seriously just try to get me how to teach you how to run before you can even walk?" He was a bit upset, "You are going to kill yourself trying to skip necessary steps just to gain 'power' so you aren't helpless anymore. If you keep this up, you'll end up crippled and need everyone's help."

Maybe if she sucked in a lot of water and drowned she could avoid having to face Eremi's disappointed look. Yeah, right. In any case, the option is stripped from her when the powerful hands of her master pulls her from the water. For a moment she thought he intended to punish her by dragging her back to shore. A watery cough escapes her lips after being placed upon Eremi's shoulder. Apparently she might just be shown mercy today? Again this theory is proven wrong as soon as he dropped her off on shore, coughing and breathing heavily as the words rain down up her. It may be hard to tell due to how her waterlogged bangs kept clinging to her face, but Eremi isn't the only upset over the whole ordeal. A dam breaks within. She slaps the ground besides her. "So… What?!" She forces her upper half up until she's slouched over. A few more intakes of air later. "I'm tired… of waiting… So, freaking tired…" A shaky hand is raised, and then driven into the ground at her side. "Tired…" Three years and little to no progress weighed down upon her.

Eremi would stare at Rise in silence for a moment, letting every thing she's going through just pour out as it needed to. The wall she put up needing to crumble, so she can rebuild it as needed, but stronger and more well built the next time around. "Alright…." Bending at the knees, he'd hunch down to Rise, "Getting from where you are to where you want to be will always take time. There's no easy road around it. Shortcuts are out there, but they don't make things easier, only harder when you reach the next road you need to go down only to find out you can't because you skipped something important by taking a shortcut the last time."
He'd shake his head, knowing it wasn't something Rise wanted to hear, but needed to. How she got this far already was impressive in itself, "If you want to grow, I'll help you. In any way that I can, but the basics and fundamentals are important." Eremi would pause briefly as he thought hard, straining his memory to remember something important. "Goh, right…That was the guy you were following? I met him a few times, my earliest memory was when I was fresh out of the academy. Now that's a ninja someone could look up to…You think he took short cuts or just woke up one day and had every thing he wanted? Of course not. He fought and struggled until he became what he is now. A legendary ninja known throughout the lands."

Rise listens… and listens… and listens. Ultimately, her heart just was not in it. Everything Eremi spoke of were things she already knew of by now. Don't take shortcuts, basics and fundamentals are important, these things take time — She's heard it all in one form or another and at this point she was sick of it. Ten years since she started studying martial arts. Six long years of building and breaking her body and mind, over and over again in the hope of finally fufilling her nindo. And still, after all this time it, after facing someone like Tsiro, Naru, and Eremi, all of which could just barely keep up with her when they first met or were on equal terms skill level at those times, and then in a couple of years, being left behind by those very same people….

Gradually, Rise pulls her legs in tight, shifted them under her, then rose to her feet. The entire time her bangs shadow her eyes and what can be seen is blank. She sniffles, and as a tear began to drift pass the shadows cast by her bangs, Rise quickly wiped it away with the back of her hand. "So, where do we start?" She asks, finally inclining her head back, smiling broadly with her eyes closed. After that she brushed past Eremi and walked up to the water, smile strained. "Ain't no time like the present, right?"

As Rise stood to her feet, Eremi would as well and even though she was quick to wipe her face with the back of her hand, he was still able to see the tear that started to fall. There was a chance he would have seen more were the girls eyes not sealed shut while plastering her face with a distracting, fake smile only to finally brush past him and walk back over toward the water. Eremi could only turn as she walked by, speechless as he had no clue what the right words to say would be. It was obvious the only thing the girl wanted to hear was, 'OK, let's get this started.' but that would only hide the real issues, allowing them to resurface later.
If he was a better teacher or even friend, he'd know exactly what to say or do, but this wasn't something he was used to dealing with, but it wasn't about him. "Where do we start?!" Crossing his arms over his chest, "Well, I think we need to start with you learning water walking, but even before that, I'm wondering if you need to get out any built up aggression…Maybe take it out on me? You're welcome to if you want. A spar could be good…If you want to, just come at me…Though if you want to learn water walking, just…give a thumbs up :D"

If Rise had been in her right mind she probably would've started from the yell or turned back and maybe yelled back her answer. Instead, she only nods softly in response, eyes remaining firmly set on the river as she does so. Her next response is slow to come. A brief spark of amusement, perhaps, had flickered in her eyes before being drowned out by self-pity and doubt. Sure it'll feel good to wail on something living, knowing it could take it. But what if he fights back in earnest? What if all she has to show by the end is physical proof she hadn't come as far as she thought?
What ifs flew around in her head like a horde of angry hornets. Piercing her fledgling bubble of resolve at every turn. No. She won't take that chance. She needed… she needed to try something more constructive first. Something different for a change and possibly less harmful to her ego.
She extends her hand out to the side and gives a thumbs up, holds it up for a few seconds, and then let it fall like a puppet whose strings have been cut.

"Your lack of enthusiasm…" Uncrossing his arms and allowing them to fall at his side as he started to walk toward Rise, "It's like, why bother teaching someone that's so down on themselves, so unsure of their own abilities. What's the point? Half of what it takes to learn something is believing in yourself, no matter what. If you can't do that, it'll take twice as long if not longer to grow." As he reached Rise, he'd lean back and tilt to once side before bringing a hand up to flick the girl in the forehead, "So get your head in the game or we'll just do this some other day and don't come at me with another fake smile or a show of exuberance. I get that you want to grow so you are no longer useless, but right now you're not doing yourself any favors."
Assuming learning was still on the table, Eremi would move toward the edge of the water, "Now, water walking is slightly more complicated than tree walking. Tree walking requires a constant stream focused at your feet, you know this already. But to walk on water, you must constantly adjust the rate of discharge to maintain your balance on the waters shifting surface…You might already know this as well, but never actually attempted water walking or failed beforehand. We won't be giving up until you get it though. If your with me that is. I don't give up and neither will you."

Numbness is what she sought. But while lingering on the edge between that and feeling, Eremi says something that causes her whole body to grow tense. She listens in spite of her feelings, eyes wavering as her desire to look at the young man battles with the stubborn need to keep him shut out. "Ow." The flick settles the debate, stoking the flames of the hot-headed side of Rise. It is that side that glares at him weakly as spoke. "Tch!" She whips her head away. What did Eremi know of—… And then it hits her. She distinctly remember having a similar conversation with the boy a year or so ago. The contents were askew in her memory, but the feel of it remains firmly rooted to her soul. She turns to face Eremi, eyes intensly focused solely on his eyes, searching the pools of emeralds.
Her eyes widen upon finding what she was after.
"Ya know, a girl would get the wrong impression with all that pep talk your throwing about." She states, smiling a geniune impish smile before turning away, awaiting for the Satonezu to get started. "Got it, O-Eremi-sensei!" She says jokingly. And she really did get the lesson. Mostly. Still leery of the prospect of failure, Rise takes a deep steading breath before forming the ram seal. Chakra stirs and gradually trickles down until the soles of her shoes are covered in an erratic film of the stuff. Boldly, she takes her first steps out into the water with her head held high. Although her control over the jutsu makes her walk a little unsteady, she manages to hold it. For now.

Eremi's eyes widened for a moment as he thought about what impression a girl might get based off of what he said. Thinking about it, the boys cheeks would blush slightly, but with a simple shake of his head he disregarded it and simply focused on what Rise would do next. He'd watch the girl as she began to focus the chakra before taking one step and then another until she was balancing on the water. "You're…making that look a little too easy." Remembering back to when he tried, it was an instant failed attempt, one after the other.
"Here" Eremi would toss a roll of bandages that he had retrieved from one of his pouches at the girl. Something just to throw her concentration off a little bit if not completely. "If you do get wet, don't lose hope. It happens to everyone. I don't think a single shinobi has ever not fallen into the water….As you practice and use water walking more, it becomes second nature like walking on the ground and you can easily shift from one to the other." Exhibiting this as he went from water to land without making the hand sign for focusing his chakra to his feet.

Rise grins back at Eremi. "Maybe it's easier than it sounds? Er, looks?" She giggles regardless and was tempted at taking a chance by dancing around on the water, just to mess with Eremi. Sadly, any thought of doing that is quickly shunted when a flying roll of bandages comes sailing towards her. Chakra fluctuates from panic! And yet, by some miracle she manages to stay atop the water and even catch the roll. Impossible!
"Whew~ That was a close one Eremi-kun." She sounds genuinely at ease. A little sweaty perhaps and wet in the legs department, but overall at ease. "Hm? Ooh, How long did it take ya to learn how to do that?" SHe asks curiously as she meandered closer to him, idly juggling the roll along the way.

A hand would come up to rub his chin, "And then again, I guess you might just be the chosen one…" Wondering where all of Rise's self doubt was coming from when she seems to be completely capable of doing one of the most difficult abilities that build the foundation for future techniques…might be with the fact she skipped it to focus on other things…Imagine if she learned it first where she'd be at.
Smiling before chuckling some at Rise's quick change in attitude, "Don't get too complacent…" Watching the girl's focus shift on juggling the roll and away from where it should be, on her feet. He was starting to think she did know how to water walk and was just pulling his leg -.- "Oh well." Scratching at the back of his head, "It took..a little…" Mumbling something incoherent, "It took several months for me to learn properly."

Rise smile falters a bit. She hated the chosen one types with a passion. Always having things handed down to them from above and rarely, if ever, having to work at earning what's necessary to fulfill there so called destiny. Granted, there are a few exceptions that shine above the rest. Nonetheless those are too few and far between. But then again, Rise does have the tendacy to be attracted to the wrong type of books with those types in them. :|a
"I won't." She murmurs, still thoughtlessly juggling the roll, though this time between both of her hands. "Hm? What was that?" She asks off-handily when he starts to mumble. The surprise that follows causes rise to mess up and drop the roll. Did she hear him right? And if so, wasn't she embarrassing him by catching on so quickly? Truth be told, she >has< tried to learn this technique in the pass on-and-off again back in Kumogakure. Each time she either sunk or something worst happen. "Mmm…. That, uhm, that pumps… cuz, ya know, that means it'll take me probably twice as long to get down like you have it now, right?" She asks in attempt to assuage Eremi's bruised ego.

As the roll dropped, Eremi's feet would shift across the surface of the water without even losing contact as if he was skating only to allow him to quickly scoop up the bandage roll before it fell deep into the waters, "Hey, these don't grow on trees you know." Standing up and placing the roll back in its appropriate pouch before shifting away to give the girl just enough space, "Yeah, well. I didn't exactly have any teachers, so I was mostly learning on my own and when you try to learn things by yourself without the help of others, it would naturally take longer to get right. You don't have to worry about it taking you twice as long or anything, you have a teacher and probably have before. You'll get this down in no time."

Rise peers at Eremi flatly. Lips part slightly as if she intended to interject, then close as a look of confusion crosses her visage. She honestly did not know if they grew on trees or not. By a technicality that is. Rise did grasp the concept that certain materials were made from certain other materials, unlike the whole 'where did babies come from?' one. Although she did have her father to blame for messing with her on that one. Honestly, What a cruel man he was to do that! What if she did the thing, with the person, and then that happened? Then what!
Using her index and middle finger, Rise applies pressure to the side of her temple, hoping to quiet the inner rant going off in her head. "I had some but… it ain't the same like it is now." She says, blissfully unaware of how her chakra was becoming increasingly more settled beneath her feet. Maybe things won't turn out horribly, horribly wrong like those other three times. :D
She bites down oner her bottom lip. "Eremi-kun..?" She asks tentatively.

"Oh?" Eremi thought on the comment, curious to what other teachers Rise might have had. Of course there were the ones from Kumo, but considering she was a wanderer now, must have meant they weren't that great. Then of course there was Goh. Was that a teacher student relationship or something completely different c.c;;; Regardless, it wasn't his to judge and decided to stay focused on the fact that Rise was indeed, water walking. Some what flawlessly at that. He'd give her a dunk, but the fact she was wet from slipping off the rock before and that it wouldn't help her ego much if he did that, figured it'd be best to leave it as is. "Yes?" Noticing the rare change in honorifics…What does it mean D:

Rise doesn't elaborate. Not on the sensei list at least. Going down that route now would've distracted her from the now, so she willed herself to focus solely on just the now. Well, more specifically on the what she wanted — needed to say to Eremi, and has been admittedly been trying to do so for some time now. She fidgets at first, eyes cast downward, and scowls over whatever thought put a sour taste in her mouth. "I… I…" I love you?!
A confession!
Wait. Is that /really/ what she was trying to get out?
She takes a deep calming breath, then looks up sharply. "I just wanted to say thank you." She states in a rush. "I'm, not really good at things like this… But.. I'm grateful that you've put up with me so far.. And for agreeing to teach me." She explains in a more controlled manner, if only just. "I know I ain't exactly the easiest person to get along with and… I'm… Oh, Just accept my thank you already! Aight!?" She exclaims, stomping her foot and nearly sinking down fully into the river as a result. All those years of taijutsu training pay off however, because she manages to regain her footing not long after.

Eremi shifted his weight from one foot to the other while he bobbed up and down on the water, waiting for what Rise had to say. It obviously had to be something important and not easy to get out as her behavior sure had changed, but what did it all mean? "You what?" He'd ask, tilting his head some, staring curiously at the girl that not too long ago he once longed for only for him to consider that ship having long sailed away by now. "Was that it? You don't have to thank me for that at all." Offering a broad smile, "We're friends and to me, that's what friends do for each other. And besides, this was the least I could do considering you're practically risking your life following me around like you are…Whoa.." His hand would reach out to catch Rise as she was about to sink into the water, but he pulled back the moment she corrected her footing. "I think you're ready to move on to learning the first chakra gate!" Waving a hand at the rock for Rise to begin meditating on.

Bits and pieces is all she catches due to annoyance and embarrassment. One of the bits is Eremi reaching out to help her at the last second. It's an image that doesn't fade from the forefront of her mind easily. "Huh?" She shakes her head rapidly. "Oh, right.. yeah." She murmurs as she went to follow Eremi's directions. Before so much as plopping down on the aforementioned rock Rise makes certain that's comfortable enough to even sit on in the first place. Nothing says 'that's gonna make ya sore' like sitting on a misshapen rock for hours on end. "So—" She slips into a seated position on the rock. "How does this work, exactly?"

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